Will It Snow On Christmas Day 2023 in the UK? Latest White Christmas Odds

Will It Snow On Christmas Day 2023 in the UK? Latest White Christmas Odds

Christmas Day is finally upon us, and a lot of people are wondering if there will be snow this year. The UK has had a white Christmas in three consecutive years, so how likely is it going to snow in 2023 as well? The bookies think that there’s a good chance it snows in Scotland on that day.

White Christmas in the UK in Previous Years

The last widespread white Christmas in the UK was in 2010, as 83% of the stations spotted snow on Christmas Day, according to the Met Office. The last year was also a white Christmas in the UK, with 9% of the stations recording snow falling, and that was mainly in Scotland and Northern Ireland. There was no snow in any of the UK cities in 2018 and 2019, but there’s a good possibility that 2023 will be a white Christmas like the last three years.

2023 White Christmas UK Odds

Here are the odds for which UK city will have snow on Christmas Day 2023:

  • Edinburgh @ 2.25 (5/4)
  • Glasgow @ 2.25 (5/4)
  • Aberdeen @ 2.50 (3/2)
  • Newcastle @ 3.25 (9/4)
  • Leeds @ 4.0 (4/1)

The best UK betting sites have Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen as the top favorites to have a white Christmas. Three different places in Scotland had snow last year on Christmas Day, so the same could happen in 2023 with one Scottish city at least.

Newcastle and Leeds are the two cities that will have good chances of snowing in England. The forecast said that it’s more likely to have snow there in January to March than December, but it’s still a possibility. It is highly unlikely to snow in London.

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