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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Ballon d`Or
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Ballon d`Or
Sergio E
The Ballon d’Or is one of football’s most prestigious events. It is not only an actual ceremony for football players but also a big hit in the online betting world. This article will teach you everything you need to know about choosing the best Ballon d’Or betting sites.

Full List of the Best Ballon d’Or Bookies

Betting on the Ballon d’Or is relatively popular among football bettors, and even though it only comes up once a year, it is one of the most famous futures markets in the online gambling world. As such, betting on Ballon d’Or is available on all football betting sites and even some bookmakers that aren’t precisely football bookies.

Still, while it’s easy to find odds on the Ballon d’Or winner, it’s essential to bet on the Ballon d’Or winner only with the best available betting sites. This rule applies to any form of gambling, as the only way to ensure you’re in the best position to make money from wagering is to use solid bookmakers.

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Any good Ballon d’Or betting site has to be legit, safe, and licensed. This way, you can ensure your money and personal information are secure. But most importantly, using safe and legit bookmakers ensures you can collect your winnings.

Besides checking whether the Ballon d’Or online bookmaker is safe, you must also ensure that it has solid Ballon d’Or betting odds and market coverage. Wagering with competitive odds is extremely important, but so is the availability of the Ballon d’Or betting markets.

Besides the 2 key things, all good Ballon d’Or betting sites will have bonuses, promotions, and other offers. Although not as important as the odds quality, taking advantage of betting bonuses will go a long way, as it offers excellent value for your money.

Lastly, using the Ballon d’Or online bookmaker, which offers a mobile betting app, is advantageous. Even if you’re not a mobile bettor, betting from your phone is a huge plus.

How Our Experts Rank the Best Ballon d’Or Betting Sites

We must help punters find the best Ballon d’Or betting sites with the best wagering odds. We take extra care when ranking bookmakers so we can direct our readers to good Ballon d’Or sportsbooks, and we do so by setting strict criteria which our experts use to rank the Ballon d’Or betting sites.

One of the main things we check is the safety of the bookmakers. We know how important security is to punters, and the only way to bet safely is to use legit and licensed bookmakers.

Besides ensuring that all sportsbooks we recommend for betting on the Ballon d’Or are safe, we also check the quality of the betting odds and availability of wagering markets. Moreover, we consider the availability of extra features such as live betting, live streams, gambling apps, and other features that will improve the punter’s betting experience.

Ballon d’Or Betting Bonuses & Offers

Every sportsbook, including all Ballon d’Or betting sites, has bonuses and offers for new and existing users. However, not all will have Ballon d’Or-exclusive offers.

The most common bonus you’ll come across from all bookmakers is the welcome bonus, which often comes as a matched deposit promotion. With it, the sportsbook matches your first deposit with the site and awards you with free wagering cash.

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There are also offers for existing users, such as reload bonuses, insurance, enhanced odds, and more. But while finding offers isn’t hard, locating the Ballon d’Or betting sites that offer Ballon d’Or-exclusive promotions might be.

The best football bookmakers will have special promotions for the Ballon d’Or, including enhanced odds and even added betting markets, allowing you to access more than just odds on the Ballon d’Or winner. So if you plan to bet on the Ballon d’Or, it pays to find sportsbooks with generous bonuses and preferably exclusive promotions for the Ballon d’Or.

The Best Ballon d’Or Odds

Reading the Ballon d’Or odds is as simple as visiting any Ballon d’Or online bookmaker, navigating to the outright markets, and searching for the Ballon d’Or betting markets. Depending on where you live and which sportsbooks you’re using, the Ballon d’Or betting odds will be displayed in American, decimal, or fractional format. However, you must only know one of the 3 to read the numbers.

Reading the Ballon d’Or betting odds is very simple, but you must know one significant fact as a punter. The Ballon d’Or betting odds on one bookmaker will highly likely differ from the Ballon d’Or favorite odds on another bookmaker.

That’s because bookmakers price the markets differently, and some sportsbooks adjust the odds slowly. But this market discrepancy isn’t foul – on the contrary, it benefits punters.

As a bettor, you should always be on the lookout for the best available odds, and knowing that best VIP prediction site in the world offers different prices makes it clear that you should look around the open markets and place the best with the best prices. The only way to do so is to have accounts with multiple Ballon d’Or betting sites, so you can access as many sites as possible and pick the bookmaker with the best price.

Ballon d’Or Historical Winners Odds

Season Player & Odds Nationality Club
2012 Lionel Messi (0.67/1) Argentina Barcelona
2013 Cristiano Ronaldo (0.47/1) Portugal Real Madrid
2014 Cristiano Ronaldo (0/1) Portugal Real Madrid
2015 Lionel Messi (0/1) Argentina Barcelona
2016 Cristiano Ronaldo (0.22/1) Portugal Real Madrid
2017 Cristiano Ronaldo (0/1) Portugal Real Madrid
2018 Luka Modric (14.06/1) Croatia Real Madrid
2019 Lionel Messi (0/1) Argentina Barcelona
2020 Not Awarded
2021 Lionel Messi (4/11) Argentina Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
2022 Karim Benzema (0.06/1) France Real Madrid

Betting on the Ballon d’Or is futures betting, meaning there is very little wiggle room, and even the best Ballon d’Or bookmaker offers limited betting markets. Still, you can place a bet on a Ballon d’Or bookie in many ways.

Betting on the Winner

If you decide to bet on the Ballon d’Or winner, you’re simply predicting which football player will be recognized as the player of the year. It’s a simple Ballon d’Or betting market, where all you have to predict is who will win the award at the next Ballon d’Or ceremony.

To Win by a Specific Year

To win by a specific year, the Ballon d’Or betting odds offer more versatility when predicting which player will be recognized as the best in the world. Instead of visiting betting sites and placing a bet on who will win the Ballon d’Or at the next event, you can predict whether a particular player will win the Ballon d’Or by a specific year.

For example, you can bet on Mbappe to win the Ballon d’Or by 2030. However, it’s important to note that most Ballon d’Or betting sites won’t have this market available. And often, the only way when betting on the Ballon d’Or winner by a specific year is possible is to request the Ballon d’Or odds on the Ballon d’Or bookmaker you’re using.

To Win in Career

To win the Ballon d’Or in a career is a similar betting market that the one mentioned above, but it includes a more extended period. As the name suggests, with it, you’re predicting if a particular player will emerge as the Ballon d’Or winner by the end of his career.

Since this is a niche betting market, even the best Ballon d’Or bookies won’t have it as a part of the general offer. Instead, you’ll have to request it from the football betting site manually and how they’ll offer betting on the Ballon d’Or winner by the end of your career.

Ballon d’Or: The Runner-Up

As the name suggests, with this bet type, you’re predicting which football player will be second in the race for the Ballon d’Or winner, but it’s important to note that betting on the runner-up isn’t as accessible as the outright winner selection. In the same way, you’ll find the Ballon d’Or favorites odds on the winner. Some Ballon d’Or betting sites will also offer betting markets on the runner-up.

Most of the best Ballon d’Or bookies will have this market available.

Ballon d’Or Betting Apps

Fortunately, today most Ballon d’Or bookmakers provide betting apps, which makes sports betting even more convenient and easy.

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And even if you are not really into mobile betting or don`t like betting in-play, we suggest signing up with a sportsbook with a dedicated mobile app.

How to Bet on the Ballon d’Or

Betting on the Ballon d’Or is straightforward as it doesn’t differ much from betting on any future event. But while it’s simple to start with, there are a few things you need to know and do if you want to set yourself up for success and win.

Before you place your first bet, the first and most important thing is to ensure that you are registered with the best Ballon d’Or bookies. Solid football bookies must be safe and legit and offer quality betting odds.

As noted above, having accounts with multiple Ballon d’Or betting sites is advantageous. This way, you can price shop, i.e., look around the betting sites and find a bookmaker that can offer the best odds on the player you want to bet on.

Before you place your bet, you should do some research, or you can find online betting sites that offer tips and predictions. That’s a good approach at the start, but eventually, you’ll have to learn how to research and make your prediction.

Lastly, it would help if you weren’t afraid to explore other Ballon d’Or betting markets or bet on the underdogs. Even though complete outsiders rarely win the Ballon d’Or, you don’t have to stick to betting with only the main favorites.

Ballon d’Or Live Betting & Live Streaming

Live betting on the Ballon d’Or is extremely rare, and few websites offer it. Since this is a futures market, most of the Ballon d’Or betting is done weeks, even months, in advance.

Not only is live betting on the Ballon d’Or a very niche approach, but it’s also important to note that only a few betting sites offer the Ballon d’Or live betting market. Some might, but there are no clear advantages to placing a live bet on the Ballon d’Or winner, so we advise anyone to stick with betting on the market ahead of time instead of looking for in-play betting opportunities.

Interestingly, while the Ballon d’Or live betting is extremely rare, some bookmakers will offer a live stream of the event, so you can follow the voting and see whether your prediction has hit.

Ballon d’Or Betting Tips & Predictions

To succeed at betting on the Ballon d’Or or any other event or sport, you must learn how to find your bets. That takes time as you have to know where to find valuable information, know how to weigh the collected data and how to make educated bets. But while all that sounds complicated, it’s one thing that gets easier with time.

If you’re new to the Ballon d’Or betting, all that might be too difficult, but there’s a shortcut in betting tips and predictions. Many online websites offer Ballon d’Or tips and predictions, which can be a valuable tool for new and experienced bettors.

New bettors can use predictions and tips to find bets they like. In contrast, experienced bettors often read through betting previews to find valuable information and get a second opinion on the prediction they’ve made. So whether you’re new to Ballon d’Or betting or someone who has done it numerous times, there are plenty of advantages to finding a reliable website with Ballon d’Or tips and betting previews.

Ballon d’Or Bet of the Day

Now that you know how to bet on Ballon d’Or and which popular Ballon d’Or betting markets are, all that is left is to find what to bet on. We are here with our Ballon d’Or Bet of the Day feature to make it easier, especially for you.


This bonus type provides you with our experts` best Ballon d’Or predictions of the day.

Ballon d’Or Winners

The Ballon d’Or was first introduced in 1956, and it has since crowned dozens of winners, some of whom have won it more times than others. But all of the previous Ballon d’Or winners have one thing in common – all were once regarded as one of the best football players in the world.

Ballon d’Or Frontrunners

Every year, a handful of football players are in a tight race for the Ballon d’Or award, and very rarely does it happen that there are just 1 or 2 primary candidates. And even the current football era has a long list of potential candidates who will be considered the Ballon d’Or favorites in the upcoming Ballon d’Or ceremonies.

Kylian Mbappé

Regarded as one of the best football players of the current era, Kylian Mbappé is undeniably a football star who will lead the new generation of football. In 2018 he became the youngest football player to score in a World Cup and has since cemented his status as a football superstar.

Robert Lewandowski

A veteran football player and one of the most prolific strikers in the world, Robert Lewandowski, will always be in the conversation of the best football players in history. As the Bundesliga’s all-time leading goalscorer, Robert Lewandowski transitioned to play for Barcelona, where he continues to impress with his skill.

Erling Haaland

Considered by many the most exciting young football players of this century, Erling Haaland took the world by signing with Manchester City, where he didn’t need long to establish himself as one of the Premier League’s most dangerous strikers.

In his relatively short time competing at the highest level, Erling Haaland has broken many records, which includes scoring 28 Champions League goals in 22 games. And even though it’s impossible to say how far Erling Haaland can go, he is undeniably the future football superstar.


Neymar is one of the most recognizable Brazilian football players and undeniably one of the best footballers in the world. Even though injuries have plagued his career, Neymar has proven his worth over and is the only player to score 20 goals for 2 clubs in 2 competitions – Barcelona and PSG.

Lionel Messi

All-time leader in the Ballon d’Or and – by some – considered the football GOAT, Lionel Messi has long ago secured his spot among football legends alongside Pele, Ronaldinho, Maradona, and other former football stars. Although Messi’s era is slowly ending, the Argentinian football superstar has already won all there is to succeed in the football world, adding his final accolade – the World Cup – in 2022.

Vinicius Jr

A young Brazilian winger and a key player for Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr is considered one of the best young players in the world. Known for his playmaking, scoring prowess, and incredibly high football IQ, Vinicius Jr is already held in high regard, even though his career has only just begun.

Kevin De Bruyne

The Belgian midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, is arguably one of the best Belgian players in history and, even today, one of the top midfielders in the world. Although he doesn’t get as much attention as some strikers, Kevin De Bruyne has proven himself as one of the most consistent players in the world, and a key player for Manchester City, with whom he has won 4 Premier League titles.

Harry Kane

Few strikers in the world can compare to Harry Kane, arguably one of the best to ever play for England –a considerable achievement considering England’s football history. One of the greatest strikers of his generation and holder of many records, Harry Kane, deserves to be in the conversation of the best players in the world.

Ballon d’Or Player of the Year

The Ballon d’Or is an annual football award ceremony since 1956. The idea behind the event is to celebrate the best football players in the world and acknowledge one player’s performances throughout the year, including the titles he’s won, individual output, and other factors that earn the player the tag as the best player of the year.

Ballon d’Or History & Facts

The Ballon d’Or was first introduced in 1956 by the French news magazine France Football and has been held ever since. Between 2010 and 2015, The Ballon d’Or (in an agreement with FIFA) was temporarily merged with the FIFA World Player of the Year – also known as FIFA Ballon d’Or. Still, the partnership ended in 2016 when the award was reverted to the Ballon d’Or.

An interesting fact about the Ballon d’Or – Pele, widely considered a football legend, never won the award during his career. However, he was voted the best player of the century (1900-2000).

The Rules

The Ballon d’Or is an annual award given to the best football player of the year, who is handed the reward based on the number of votes he receives.

According to the rules, the player is given the Ballon d’Or based on his on-field performance and overall behavior off the pitch, meaning that the Ballon d’Or is not necessarily given to the player who scored the most goals. Instead, it considers multiple factors to determine who was the top football player of the year.

The jury of voters comprises captains, national team coaches, and specialist journalists, each given one vote, which they can provide to a select number of football players who got invited to the Ballon d’Or. As per the rules, only one journalist per country can vote, but they can select players who play or are affiliated with their land.

Meanwhile, national team captains aren’t allowed to vote for themselves but are allowed to vote for their colleagues (either in national teams or clubs).

Each voter must pick 3 players in order of their preference. Then the chosen players get awarded 5, 3, and one point for the first, second, and third pick, respectively. Ultimately, the votes get counted, with the player who received the most winning the Ballon d’Or.

Ballon d’Or Overview

That covers most of what you need to know about the Ballon d’Or and betting on the Ballon d’Or. But before we say goodbye, here are some interesting facts about the Ballon d’Or you might not know about.

  • To date, Barcelona has produced the most Ballon d’Or winners (12), largely thanks to Lionel Messi, followed by Real Madrid (12), Juventus (8), AC Milan (8), and Bayern Munich (5).
  • By country, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Argentina all won 7 Ballon d’Ors, followed by Italy, Brazil, and England with 5, and the Soviet Union and Spain with 3 apiece.
  • Lionel Messi has to date won the most Ballon d’Or (11), followed by Christiano Ronaldo (5), Michel Platini (3), Johan Cruyff (3), Marco van Basten (3), and Franz Beckenbauer (2), Ronaldo (2), Alfredo Di Stefano (2), Kevin Keegan (2), and Karl Rummenigge (2).
  • Awards similar to the Ballon d’Or include Golden Boot, Golden Ball, the Best FIFA Player, and the Best FIFA Coach.
  • The Ballon d’Or is traditionally held at Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, France.
  • The most popular and the best Ballon d’Or bookmakers for Ballon d’Or betting include William Hill, Sky Betting, Bet365, Betway Sports, and Unibet.
  • Pele has never won the Ballon d’Or but was awarded the Football Player of the Century award, beating Maradona, Cruyff, Di Stefano, and Platini in the voting, nearly doubling the points of Maradona.

Bottom Line

We’ve covered everything you need to know about the Ballon d’Or and betting on the Ballon d’Or. Unleash success with BetZillion. Equipped with all our knowledge, you’re ready to find the best Ballon d’Or betting sites and start betting on the football award!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best Ballon d’Or betting sites?
    Some of the best Ballon d’Or betting sites include Unibet, Bet365, William Hill, Sky Bet, and Betway. There are other great Ballon d’Or bookmakers, but the mentioned sportsbooks tend to be the most popular among the Ballon d’Or bettors.
  • Can you bet on the Ballon d’Or?
    You can bet on the Ballon d’Or on most online bookmakers. As one of the most prestigious football award ceremonies, the Ballon d’Or is well covered by football sportsbooks and other traditional betting sites, making it easy to find the Ballon d’Or betting markets.
  • What are the odds of the winner of the Ballon d’Or?
    The current Ballon d’Or winner betting markets are on most online betting sites. But if you decide to bet on the Ballon d’Or, it’s advisable to look at several bookmakers and find which offers the best odds before you place your bets.
  • Are there any bonuses for betting on the Ballon d’Or?
    Yes. Some betting sites will offer special promotions and bonuses for the Ballon d’Or wagering. Most common prizes include odds boats, which increase the Ballon d’Or winner odds, but you can also find added betting markets.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts
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