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The Best SWISH Betting Sites

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If you're looking for the best mobile payment method with an excellent track record of quality service delivery, SWISH is your best option. For over a decade now, SWISH has undoubtedly remained the best payment method for thousands of people in Sweden. 

The rave about its efficiency has spread into online betting; that's why many Swedish bettors are interested in SWISH betting sites. So, to help you, our Swedish readers, make the best choice, we will offer expert suggestions to enhance your betting experience. 

In this post, you'll find a full list of the best betting sites that accept SWISH, learn how it works for online betting, and discover how to bet safely using it as your preferred payment method. You'll also find some essential things to look at to select the best bookmaker.

List of the Best SWISH Bookies

It's easy to find sportsbooks that take SWISH. What's difficult is determining which of them is highly rated based on the quality of betting products and services they offer. Instead of doing thorough research on that, below is a well-researched list of the best SWISH betting sites for you to explore:

Getting a short list of betting sites is the first step towards betting with SWISH. The next step is selecting the most suitable one for betting. We've curated essential things you need to look at to assist you through the selection.

The first consideration is the range of betting products they offer regarding the available number of sports and casino games they cover. The good thing is that most SWISH bookies cover popular and unpopular sports, casinos, and Esports. But ensure you double-check with the bookie you wish to bet with.

The second consideration is the range of betting markets available for all sports events. An excellent bookie should offer their customers more than enough options. So you must ensure that any SWISH betting websites you choose provide your favorite betting markets and more.

The third factor to consider is the nature of their odds offering. It would be best to bet with a bookie that offers attractive odds on all betting events. The better the odds, the higher your chances of winning. In this case, you only need a handful of selections to gather enough odds to wager on.

The final consideration in selecting one of the sportsbooks that accept SWISH is to look out for essential betting features on their platform. You need features like live streaming, a performance statistics page, a comment section, and a push notification feature to have a fantastic betting experience. So ensure you check all these off the box during your selection.

Make a SWISH Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

You must deposit betting on any of the bookmakers that accept SWISH. The good news is that choosing SWISH as your preferred deposit option comes with attractive bonuses depending on any of the top SWISH bookmakers you choose.

Below are things to expect:

Popular SWISH Betting Sites SWISH Deposit Bonuses and How to Claim Them
Unibet Depositing a minimum of €10 on Unibet using SWISH gets you a 100% bonus up to €50 in sports. Another €100 to bet on casino, and a €200 plus €20 bonus on poker.
Betsson With €10 deposit in your Betsson bet wallet using SWISH, you qualify for a 100% bonus offer of up to €1,000 and 200 free spins for casino games.
Betsafe Deposit a minimum of €10 on Betsafe using SWISH to enjoy a 100% bonus of up to €200 plus 100 free spins on casino games.
LeoVegas Leo Vegas allows all new members to enjoy a €1,000 bonus and 100 cash-free spins for their €10 deposits using SWISH as their preferred payment option.
Casumo Casumo provides a super attractive bonus for €10 deposits using SWISH. You get a 100% bonus up to €300 and 20 free spins on your favorite casino game. There are also Esports betting offers available for you to enjoy.

Kindly note that every bonus has unique terms and conditions. So ensure you check them to see which one is suitable for you.

How to Use SWISH for Betting

Online betting with SWISH is easily the most convenient thing to do whether you're a seasoned bettor. All you have to do is to be a resident of Sweden, have a national ID number, have a bank account with one of the many Swedish banks that support the payment method, download the bankID Säkerhetsapp, and select one of the SWISH sportsbooks suggested above.

After doing everything mentioned, the next step is downloading the SWISH mobile app. It's available for both Android and iOS devices. Register on the app using your national ID and bank account number. Login to your betting wallet, visit the cashier page, and click the deposit button.

You’ll get a list of all available payment methods, including SWISH. Select SWISH, and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Authorize the transaction, and you’ll have the amount in your bet wallet immediately.


SWISH is a payment service provider that allows users to make online transactions using mobile phones. It's a payment method exclusive to Swedish users because you need an account with a Swedish bank to use it.

Online betting using SWISH has become popular because it allows mobile payment from wherever. Punters can easily make betting transactions on their phones without hassle. If you want a seamless and convenient payment method for online betting, consider using SWISH.

Making Deposits with SWISH

You must deposit some amount in your bet wallet to book any SWISH bet. The process is straightforward. All you have to do is log into your SWISH sportsbook using their official website or app, then navigate to the banking area of the bookie, where you'll see the deposit button. You'll have registered your national ID number and connected your bank account with the SWISH mobile app.

Click on it to see all the payment methods available on the platform. Choose SWISH as your option, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and confirm the transaction. You’ll get the deposit in your bet wallet shortly after, and then you can start betting on your favorite sports. Note that your deposit from SWISH to your betting account is free.

Requesting Withdrawal with SWISH

SWISH is designed to be a two-way payment method that supports deposits and withdrawal transactions. But punters need to understand that while the SWISH brand has existed for over a decade, it only recently joined the betting world. It implies that some SWISH sports betting sites may not allow users to process withdrawals with it.

If this doesn't apply to your bookie, you can process withdrawals by following the same steps for deposit. Visit the banking section, where you'll see the withdraw button. Click it to see available withdrawal methods. Choose SWISH and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Wait for your bookmaker to process and vet the transaction, after which you'll get the amount in your bank.

Fees and Limits

The most exciting news about SWISH is that it is free for deposits and withdrawals. You’re not required to pay any amount to bet, but you should know that some Swedish banks may charge you for some transactions. It’s usually between SEK1 and SEK5 for each transaction.

Regarding the limits, your bookie typically determines the minimum and maximum amount you can deposit and withdraw. So ensure you check in with whatever SWISH bookie you choose to ensure their limits align with your betting needs.

Countries Where SWISH Can Be Used for Sports Betting

Sports betting sites that accept SWISH are those available to Swedish punters.

So SWISH is only available for sports betting in Sweden. Punters from other countries cannot use the brand’s services.

Accepted Currencies for SWISH

Betting with SWISH requires depositing money in your bet wallet, and as the payment method is only available to Swedish bettors, the currency the bookies accept is the Swedish Krona (SEK).

SWISH Betting Apps

SWISH is currently enjoying widespread popularity in the betting world because of its mobile betting apps. Betting SWISH is comfortable to use and easy to navigate. You don’t need to be an expert punter to explore the features available on the app. But there’s more to the app than what meets the eye.

The app boasts a high level of security that's multi-layered. All transactions on the app are based on using the BankID, which is efficient for preventing fraud or identity theft. Additionally, your bank's security adds another layer of security to the app, making it one of the safest payment methods in the country.

SWISH Alternatives for Betting Online

Whenever you can't use SWISH for betting online, there are other payment methods you can explore. Trustly, Amazon Pay and Klarna are some of the popular options. Below is a comprehensive list for you:

How to Stay Safe When Betting with SWISH

The SWISH gambling sites and apps offer users robust security that protects all transactions and personal information. But that's not an excuse not to take your safety seriously when betting with the payment method of these bookmakers.

It would help to observe safety measures like browsing with secure links, avoiding phishing emails, and keeping all your bank details safe. Additionally, all your bank details must be accessible by you only. You can also turn on your 2FA on all your banking and betting apps to add another layer of security when betting with SWISH.

New Bookmakers that Accept SWISH

SWISH recently became a payment method for betting but has widespread acceptance from old and new bookmakers. Below are some of the latest betting sites that take SWISH:

Is It Worth Using SWISH for Betting Online?

A mobile payment is the most ideal for online betting. It's suitable for betting on fixed games or live bets because you can deposit whenever possible. On this basis, SWISH is worth using for online betting. But you can independently determine that by evaluating its advantages and disadvantages.

  • SWISH offers users instant deposit and timely withdrawal transactions.
  • It offers remarkably high security through the BankID payment system.
  • SWISH is a mobile-friendly payment method, which is much easier to use than other methods that require logging in via browser or computer.
  • It’s only available to users in Sweden, making it a national payment method.
  • The only currency users can use with it is the Swedish Krona, funded through any of the Swedish banks.

How SWISH Works

SWISH is a payment method that works using a mobile phone application. This app allows users to connect their phone numbers to their bank accounts, making it easy to transfer funds in real time without hassle. All you need is to be a resident of Sweden, have a national ID number, and have an account with any of the banks the payment method supports.

SWISH Mobile App

The SWISH mobile app is the portal in which all payments using the brand occur. You must use the app to bet with SWISH or make other online payments. It connects your number to your bank ID to collect and send payments between parties. It'll excite you that there's an opportunity to get a refund if your payment isn't successful.

Paying with SWISH

Paying with SWISH is relatively easy. You and the merchant you're paying to must have a SWISH account linked to your number and bank ID. SEK is the currency for payment because the brand is exclusive to Swedish. For online betting, the process is also straightforward. You only have to find the banking section of your bookie and follow the prompt.

SWISH Overview

While SWISH is a payment method available to only Swedish punters, all users enjoy seamless and world-class services. The best part is that little to no charges are attached to all transactions. Below is a general overview of everything about SWISH:

  • Sweden is the only country SWISH is available for online sports gambling.
  • SEK is the only currency the payment method accepts for deposits on online bookies.
  • English and Svenska are the 2 languages the SWISH app supports.
  • Klarna, Trustly, Nordea, Amazon Pay, and American Express are some SWISH alternatives for online betting.
  • Unibet, Betsson, Betsafe, Casumo, and Leo Vegas are the most popular and legal online bookmakers that accept SWISH.

“SWISHa” is a popular word in Sweden that means to initiate a payment transaction on the SWISH app. It has become Swedish slang, highlighting how the SWISH payment brand has become a cultural phenomenon nationwide. SWISH for crypto deposits isn't allowed, but users can invest in crypto through the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority-certified Exchange.

Bottom Line

Joining the vast number of punters who use SWISH as their preferred payment method for online betting is a decision you'll be proud of after using it for a short period. So choose a SWISH bookmaker today, visit their website to register an account, and then log in to deposit with SWISH to start betting on your favorite sports and games.

Need a bookie that accepts SWISH?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SWISH?
    SWISH is a payment service provider that allows users to make payments across several online merchant stores using mobile phones. It is only available to Swedish for their payment needs.
  • How does SWISH work?
    SWISH links users' phone numbers and bank accounts to facilitate seamless payment exchange between parties. You must have a Swedish bank account and a national ID to use the brand's services.
  • Can I use SWISH for online betting?
    Yes, SWISH is available for all online transactions, including online betting. But you have to bet on bookmakers that accept the payment method, be resident in Sweden, or have a Swedish bank account and national ID number to be able to bet with it.
  • Is SWISH safe?
    SWISH relies on a multi-layered security system that involves the app and your bank. So you can rest assured all transactions and all personal information are safe. The bankID requirement is a unique option that allows the brand to prevent fraud and identity theft.
  • Are SWISH deposits instant?
    You'll get the amount you enter in the SWISH app for deposits in your bet wallet as soon as you authorize the transaction. Many punters use the brand because it offers instant deposits, among other benefits.
  • Can I claim withdrawals to SWISH?
    Yes, you can claim withdrawals of your winning to SWISH whenever you want. But remember that while SWISH has been around for long, it is new to betting. So you must confirm if your bookie accepts it for withdrawal transactions.
  • What are the fees to withdraw via SWISH?
    Deposit and withdrawal transactions using SWISH are free of charge. However, your local bank may charge some fees for some transactions. It's usually between SEK1 and SEK5 for each transfer. You can enquire more from your bank's customer support to be sure.
  • Is there any limit on my SWISH transactions?
    The maximum amount you can transfer is 20,000kr. But for deposits, your bookie determines the minimum and maximum amount to deposit and withdraw on their platform. So, check to confirm if it aligns with your betting goals.
  • Can I use SWISH on several devices?
    You can use SWISH on different devices, provided you have multiple numbers, and link them to SWISH. But we advise you only to use one account because it's easier to manage and keep safe.
  • What is the minimum amount accepted for deposits at SWISH betting sites?
    The minimum amount you can deposit on any betting site is €10 or SKR equivalent. Double-check with your SWISH bookmaker to ensure it suits your betting needs.
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