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The Best Qiwi Betting Sites

Top 3 Qiwi Bookmakers

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Most payment platforms work by adopting only one transaction method or option. Some work mainly with cards, some are E-wallets, and others are based on banking transfers. These individual payment methods have their benefits and downsides. So if you select one, you're limited to the perks and disadvantages of the payment method.

To end the need to choose only one payment option, Qiwi launched to offer different payment methods under a single platform. Now, you can access banks, cards, E-wallets, cash payments, and more for a single transaction.

This flexibility in payment choices is one of the key reasons why it is common with bettors who need access to as many options as possible. Here we discuss the best Qiwi betting sites, how to operate Qiwi for betting, the advantages and downsides of using Qiwi, and how to stay safe when making bets with Qiwi.

List of the Best Qiwi Bookies

Considering Qiwi's useful features, it's only logical that you select it as a payment method. However, while there are several top Qiwi bookmakers, picking one can be challenging. But there's no need to worry, as we provide a list of the best Qiwi sports betting sites.

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You can sign up and place bets with any Qiwi gambling site, but it's in your best interest not to choose any random sportsbook. When compiling this list of the best Qiwi betting sites, we considered factors like security, bonuses, feedback from previous clients, and quality of customer service.

Make a Qiwi Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

The best Qiwi betting websites are exceptional not only because they accept Qiwi as a payment method. They are also excellent in other ways, as they offer additional benefits such as bonuses.

Online sites offering sports betting with Qiwi provide bonuses of various kinds, such as:

100% up to €100
Register with BETWINNER and receive a 100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 100 EUR! Full T&Cs apply
  • Welcome Bonuses – given to bettors who join a platform for the first time.
  • Free Bets – which are promotions that bookies offer without requiring bettors to put money down.
  • Reload Bonuses – offered to regular bettors.
  • Cashback – for people who lose a bet to help them recover some of their losses.
  • Loyalty Bonuses – perks bettors get when they have used the casino for a long time.

Most Qiwi bookies give these bonuses to all bettors, whether they use Qiwi or not. On the other hand, some bookmakers offer special deals to customers who pay with Qiwi, although it is rare.

Nonetheless, you must be aware of sportsbooks' attractive perks in their bonus packages. Often, these bonuses come with terms that take work to meet for bettors. To avoid being enticed by these attractive deals, check their details, including the wagering requirements, minimum odds, duration, and more.

How to Use Qiwi for Betting

Qiwi offers a seamless way to conduct betting transactions you can't get anywhere else. Here, we discuss everything you need to know about making Qiwi bets.

What Is Qiwi?

Qiwi is a multi-functional payment platform that allows users to make payments and transfers online. It was established in 2008 in Russia and has since expanded to other Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries. Qiwi offers a range of services, including an E-wallet service, prepaid cards, and virtual cards that can be used for online transactions.

Qiwi combines payment options, such as bank transfers, cards, and e-wallets, under a single online platform. Qiwi is accessible via a website and has a dedicated mobile app available on Android and iOS. As of 2021, Qiwi has over 22 million active users across its various platforms.

Making Deposits with Qiwi

Qiwi offers a quick and easy way to conduct betting transactions, which means that the steps for depositing funds into your betting account are short and easy to follow.

However, note that you need a Qiwi sportsbook account and a Qiwi account.

Steps Instructions
🖱️ Step 1: Start the deposit process from your sports betting account Sign in to your account at the casino and go to the cashier or payments area. Show that you want to deposit funds and enter the amount you wish to add to your betting account.
🥝 Step 2: Choose the preferred payment method At the next prompt, you'll have to choose the option through which you want to make a deposit. Choose “Qiwi” as your payment option, and enter the deposit amount.
👨‍💻 Step 3: Log into Qiwi The sportsbook deposit page will prompt you to log into your Qiwi account. Inside your Qiwi profile, choose from the payment options from which you wish to make your deposit. For instance, if the funds you want to deposit are in your debit card, click on Visa or MasterCard.
✅ Step 4: Authorize and complete the transaction Verify the payment and complete it by entering your Qiwi login information. How long it takes for your transaction to go through will depend on the specific payment option you choose. For instance, a Qiwi deposit from E-wallets and cards should reflect in your account within a few minutes or hours.

Requesting Withdrawals with Qiwi

If you make a sports bet with Qiwi at one of these top sportsbooks and win, you'll need to withdraw your rewards.

Follow this process to withdraw funds from a Qiwi gambling site:

Steps Instructions
🖱️ Step 1: Log into your betting account To have your withdrawals processed by Qiwi, you must access your account at any sportsbook offering Qiwi online sports betting. In the app or website payment section, tap “Withdrawal.”
🥝 Step 2: Select Qiwi as the payment option In most cases, Qiwi is merely one of the multiple payment methods offered by a sportsbook. So, choose Qiwi from the list of Withdrawal options, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
👨‍💻 Step 3: Enter your payment details Enter your Qiwi payment details, including the account number and your Qiwi account name, and authorize the withdrawal. The sportsbook should send the fund to your Qiwi account in no time. However, the time it takes for the money to reflect in your Qiwi account will depend on various factors, including the sportsbook you bet with.

Fees and Limits

Regarding fees, Qiwi doesn't impose any charges when you conduct transactions. Similarly, most sportsbooks don't charge bettors fees when they deposit or withdraw funds using Qiwi.

Qiwi has no minimum or maximum deposit limit; you can deposit as much as you wish. However, most bookmakers will place a limit of €5,000 or €10,000 per transaction. So, while Qiwi doesn't limit you, the limitation may come from your bookmaker.

On the other hand, there is a minimum withdrawal of €20, while there is no specified maximum amount. Nonetheless, bookmakers may impose certain limits on the amount you can withdraw.

Countries Where Qiwi Can Be Used for Sports Betting

For Qiwi to be used for sports betting in any country, 2 conditions must be fulfilled. First, Qiwi must be legal in such a country and used for everyday transactions. Then, sports betting must also be permitted in that country.

Qiwi originated in Russia and has expanded to most Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

Qiwi Betting Apps

Some of the best Qiwi sportsbooks have mobile betting apps for Android and iOS devices. With these apps, bettors can use their phones or tablets to access top-notch betting services.

Some sportsbooks offering online sports betting using Qiwi but have mobile apps include:

100% up to €100
T&Cs Apply
check iconUnique bet types
check iconVirtual sports
check iconEasy transaction

Qiwi Alternatives for Betting Online

While Qiwi presents many appealing features, you may consider other options for various reasons. For example, Qiwi may not be offered in your country. Then your sportsbook may be different from the bookmakers who accept Qiwi.

Instead, you can try the following excellent options:

  1. Direct Online Banking
  2. Debit/Credit Cards – powered by Visa or MasterCard.
  3. E-wallets – PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.
  4. Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

How to Stay Safe when Betting with Qiwi

Even though Qiwi offers the highest levels of safety, you should still take extra steps to ensure you don't risk your security. We've given you some tips that can help keep you safe when you do business with top Qiwi bookmakers:

Tips Explanations
Make sure your betting site or app is safe and reliable Look for platforms that protect your personal and banking information with SSL encryption.
Don't open phishing emails Scammers often use phishing emails to get your personal and business information. Be careful of emails that ask you to click on a link or give personal information.
Use strong passwords For your betting accounts and Qiwi profile, use different passwords for each. Don't put the same password on more than one account.
Keep your software updated Make sure your phone has the most up-to-date apps. Then, you should have the most up-to-date versions of your apps. It will help keep you safe from security breaches.
Keep an eye on your betting and financial accounts to ensure nothing strange happens Be current with what happens to your betting account and your financial profiles, including Qiwi, bank account, E-wallets, and debit/credit cards. Call the bookmaker, bank, or E-wallet provider immediately if you see something strange.

New Bookmakers that Accept Qiwi

Most bookmakers that make it into the list of the best Qiwi sports betting sites are usually older, having been in the industry for a long time. However, it doesn't mean these sportsbooks offer the best services at all times.

Here we cover newer bookmakers offering sports betting with Qiwi:

  • 22Bet

Based in Cyprus but operating with a Curacao license, 22Bet started in 2017 but quickly achieved a decent geographical spread.

22Bet Review

It offers everything from virtual sports to eSports, live casinos, TV games, and many traditional sports options.

  • BetWinner

Another Curacao-licensed sportsbook, BetWinner, started operations in 2018 and is quite popular in Eastern Europe, although it has begun to expand elsewhere, including Asia.

BetWinner Review

A key attractive feature of BetWinner is its in-depth coverage of sporting events, ranging from live betting to casino games.

  • Melbet

A 100% bonus, several game partners, and access to a wide range of games are some things to watch out for at Melbet. The sportsbook started in 2012 and operated out of Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • 888Sport

One of the most popular names in the sports betting world today, 888sport started in 2008 but has achieved global relevance. It gains its legality from the UK Gambling Commission.

888Sport Review

Although headquartered in Gibraltar, 888sport is present in over 200 countries.

  • 1xBet

Present on 4 continents, 1xBet is one of those top crypto betting sites that has quickly become an established player in the sportsbook market. In addition to traditional sports and casino betting, you can access online poker while betting with a Curacao-licensed sportsbook.

Is It Worth Using Qiwi for Betting Online?

Answering whether Qiwi is worth betting online will depend on considering its benefits versus its downsides. Here, we discuss those perks and drawbacks.

Pros Cons
  • Simple Payment Process

Check out Qiwi whenever you need to send or receive money quickly. With Qiwi, you only need to connect your Qiwi profile to the betting account, and you can seamlessly conduct deposits and withdrawals.

  • Quick Transaction 

Since the payment process is simple, you can quickly run through it in no time. With this, you can send funds promptly.

  • Safety and Reliability

You don't have to give the betting site your personal or bank information when conducting a Qiwi transaction. You only need your bank or e-wallet details when sending funds from the bank to your Qiwi account.

  • Mostly Free

You don't have to pay any fees to use Qiwi as a deposit/withdrawal option, unlike you see on other payment platforms. Additionally, most sportsbooks don't charge a fee to process Qiwi payments.

  • Widely Recognised

There are several Qiwi betting sites, particularly in several Eastern European countries. So, you will likely find a top-notch betting platform that offers Qiwi.

  • Limited Reach 

Qiwi is mainly only available in Russia and its environs, with limited availability elsewhere. So, if you're in another location, you won't be able to use Qiwi for betting.

  • Significant Restrictions

To use Qiwi, your bank, E-wallet, or card company must partner with Qiwi. Only then can you connect your account to the Qiwi platform. However, several popular banks and E-wallet platforms are unavailable on Qiwi, meaning there is a high chance that your bank will not be represented there.

  • Legal Issues

With the heavy sanctions on Russia, several betting platforms and payment providers are avoiding anything to do with the country. Qiwi is a Russian platform, and thus, it is heavily affected. Several legal betting sites may stop offering access to Qiwi as the sanctions become stricter.

QIWI History and Core Markets

The QIWI Group provides next-generation payment and financial services covering Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries like Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. The company offers various services, including payment services, money transfers, bank cards, loans, deposits, insurance, etc.

Qiwi Overview

QIWI started as a scratch cards distribution company for mobile phone top-ups and evolved into an ecosystem of payment and financial services for millions of customers and partners. Today, it focuses on enabling payments via bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and E-wallets.

Here are some things to know about sports betting with Qiwi.

  • Qiwi is used for betting in Russia and several other CIS states, including Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.
  • The accepted currencies for Qiwi include USD, EUR, Russian Ruble (RUB), etc.
  • Qiwi supports several languages, but the most common are Russian, English, Spanish, and German.
  • Some popular online bookmakers that accept Qiwi include Betway, Bet365, and William Hill.
  • Alternatives you can consider asides from Qiwi are direct bank transfers, debit/credit cards, E-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

Bottom Line

All other payment platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are slow but promise optimal security. Others offer low fees but need to be more secure.

How about combining all these various payment platforms under a single account? Qiwi provides this and more.

In addition to letting you access multiple accounts under one profile, you also get fraud protection, low fees, and quick transaction processing.

Need a bookie that accepts Qiwi?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Qiwi wallet?
    The Qiwi wallet is a payment platform that combines different payment options under a single account. With Qiwi, you can make deposits and withdrawals from your bank account, E-wallet, and cards.
  • Can I use Qiwi for online betting?
    Yes. Some of the best Qiwi sports betting sites enable bettors to wager on sports, casinos, and Esports.
  • Can I get free bets with Qiwi?
    Yes. Qiwi online sports betting platforms offer free bonuses enabling wagerers to place bets without committing funds.
  • Can I withdraw from a betting account using Qiwi?
    Yes. After making bets and recording winnings, you can quickly remove your funds from your Qiwi sportsbook account.
  • Are there any fees for using QIWI?
    No. Qiwi doesn't directly place any charges on your transactions. However, expect the accounts connected to your Qiwi profile to levy fees for any deposits or withdrawals.
  • How to sign up for QIWI?
    You can start your registration process from the Qiwi website or download their app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Enter your phone number to which an activation code will be sent. Entering the code should get your account opened.
  • How to verify your account with QIWI?
    Verifying your Qiwi account will require you to present your government-issued ID (like your passport or driver's license) and your biodata, like name, date of birth, and other information.
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