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The Best Prezzy Card Betting Sites

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Here’s everything you need to know about Prezzy Card and the best Prezzy Card betting sites.

In this article, we take a closer look at Prezzy Card as a highly popular payment method for online betting and gambling and answer three key questions every bettor who wants to start using Prezzy Card should know, including:

  • Where to find the best Prezzy Card betting sites?
  • How to use a Prezzy Card for online betting?
  • Which are the best alternatives for a Prezzy Card?

List of the Best Prezzy Card Bookies

Prezzy Card is mainly used as a payment method for purchasing online goods, but it can also be used to make deposits on Prezzy Card betting sites, of which there are many. Even though far fewer sportsbooks will accept Prezzy Card payments than Skrill or Neteller bookmakers, the list of Prezzy Card bookies is still long enough to give bettors options.

With many bookmakers to choose from also comes the problem of figuring out the best websites for online betting with Prezzy Card. Here are the main things to look for.

Criteria Explanation
Safety Before we sign up with any Prezzy Card bookies, we have to ensure that they’re legal and safe, and the easiest way to do so is to check if it has a valid betting license. The license will always be displayed at the bottom of the website with a logo of the authority which issued it.
Reputation Just as important as a valid betting license is a good reputation. Some Prezzy Card betting sites can be licensed and legal but will have a bad reputation due to their slow withdrawal time, high fees or withdrawal charges, or any other issues the customers have experienced.
Good Market Coverage Top Prezzy Card bookmakers must have solid market coverage, meaning they cover enough sports and leagues, offering their customers a chance to bet on any sport or league they like.
Competitive Odds Good odds are as important as solid market coverage as they ultimately dictate how much profit a bettor can make on a sportsbook.
Mobile App Offer Even though most Prezzy Card online gambling sites will have a mobile app, some won’t, which can be a huge inconvenience for mobile bettors. Prioritize Prezzy Card sports betting sites with a mobile app, even if you don’t intend to bet solely from your phone.
Good Customer Support A good customer support is very important and usually indicates the best Prezzy Card betting sites. Even though most people won’t ever need to contact customer support agents, it’s advantageous to have reliable support available if you encounter any issues.

Any bookmaker that offers online betting with Prezzy Card that checks those marks can be considered a good option to start your Prezzy Card betting journey with. However, having accounts with more than one bookmaker is always more advantageous since this is the only way to access more markets, better odds, and more bonus offers.

Make a Prezzy Card Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

All bookmakers will have some bonuses and promotions available since those have long been considered a norm rather than an exception. So if we’re signing up with a new bookmaker in 2023, it’s highly unlikely that it won’t at least have a joining bonus.

The joining bonus or welcome bonus can come in many shapes and sizes, but in most cases, it’ll be a welcome deposit bonus, with which the sportsbooks give bettors free wagering cash upon their first deposit with the site. These are usually 100% matched deposit bonuses – granted. The percentage can be higher or lower – where the sportsbooks double your first deposit.

All welcome matched deposit bonuses will come with terms and conditions., most commonly referring to the minimum qualifying deposit and the deposit option, which counts towards the bonus.

Besides paying attention to the max and minimum qualifying deposits, bettors must ensure that their preferred payment method counts towards the bonus. Luckily, Prezzy Card punters don’t have this problem since Prezzy Card is typically counted as a qualifying deposit for all welcome bonuses.

The same applies to reload bonuses, and all other deposit-related bonuses, although the rules will differ from sportsbook to sportsbook, so make sure to check the rules.

How to Use Prezzy Card for Betting

Using a Prezzy Card for online betting is very simple since the payment options are straightforward. The only real concern bettors might have using Prezzy Card for betting is finding the best betting sites that use Prezzy Card, which there aren’t as many as Skrill betting sites or Neteller bookmakers.

Nevertheless, even though the selection of bookmakers where you can bet with Prezzy Card is smaller, it’s no less important to emphasize signing up with reputable, legal, and safe sportsbooks.

The most important thing to look for in Prezzy Card betting sites besides accepting Prezzy Card is odds quality and betting bonus offers. While odds are more important than bonuses, the latter offers much value for punters.

Lastly, it’s important to use bookmakers that have any additional features you might find useful and websites that function well without any problems, crashes, or hiccups.

What Is a Prezzy Card?

Prezzy Card is a very popular and flexible payment method for making online purchases or even as gifts. Prezzy Card offers fast, anonymous, and secure payment solutions, perfect for all bettors and gamblers who want to keep their betting activity under the radar and bet safely.

Prezzy Card acts like a VISA card; however, it’s not linked to your bank account, meaning it also comes with built-in spending control, which is another plus for online bettors and gamblers.

Making Deposits with a Prezzy Card

Online betting using Prezzy Card is very simple because there are many Prezzy Card betting sites, and deposits are very straightforward. Since Prezzy Card acts like a Visa credit card, you would deposit it the same way.

  1. Visit any of the top Prezzy Card bookmakers you have an account with
  2. Login to the bookmaker and navigate to the banking tab
  3. Select deposits and pick Prezzy Card as your preferred payment option
  4. Chose the amount you want to deposit
  5. Input the asked details, including the card details
  6. Complete the transaction and fund your betting account

Requesting Withdrawals with Prezzy Card

Regardless of which betting sites take Prezzy Card we use, requesting withdrawals to the Prezzy Card is impossible. Like many other prepaid cards, Prezzy Cards only allow one-way transactions, meaning bettors who end up using Prezzy Card betting websites must find an alternative option to withdraw cash from the bookmaker.

Fees and Limits

Prezzy Card deposits come with no additional fees. While there are always some transaction fees, regardless of which payment option we use to deposit on sportsbooks or an online casino, the gambling site always takes care of those.

But while Prezzy Card doesn’t come with transaction fees, it has 3 types of fees associated with it.

  • Card Purchase Fee – $5.95 per card when bought online
  • Postage and Handling Fee – $7.50 per card for delivery of the card when purchased online
  • Credit Card Convenience Fee – 2.6% of the cared value when purchased with a credit card

Conversely, Prezzy Card comes with a $5,000 daily limit, which shouldn’t be too big of an issue for most bettors. It’s also important to note that Prezzy Cards go from $25-$1,000, meaning that there is a limit on how much money a bettor can deposit in one go. Still, again, since it’s possible to deposit up to $1,000 with a single deposit, that shouldn’t bother most punters.

On top of the mentioned fees, Prezzy Card also comes with other miscellaneous fees, which might not apply to everyone.

  • Card replacement fee – $10 in NZ and $50 overseas
  • Disputed transaction fee – $15
  • International transaction fee -3.5% of the transaction value

Countries Where a Prezzy Card Can Be Used for Sports Betting

Prezzy Card works worldwide since it’s accepted everywhere and anywhere VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

However, most Prezzy Card betting sites are New Zealand bookmakers since it’s a New Zealand payment option.

Accepted Currencies for a Prezzy Card

Prezzy Card works with any currency; however, all transactions made in a foreign currency will first be converted into New Zealand Dollars at a rate determined by Prezzy Card.

So while Prezzy Card works with any currency, including USD, Euro, Canadian Dollar, and other currencies, the payments will always be executed in New Zealand dollars.

Prezzy Card Betting Apps

Mobile betting has become increasingly popular over the last decade, largely due to how accessible mobile devices have become. And due to the increased demand for mobile betting, all bookmakers, including the best Prezzy Card betting sites, have started to offer mobile betting apps.

Some sportsbooks have stuck with only offering a mobile website for mobile users; however, those who prefer to bet from their phones should prioritize mobile betting apps. They’re more convenient to use and always work smoother than a mobile website – not to mention that mobile websites often lack many of the features found on the desktop website or the app.

Since mobile apps work the same way as the desktop website, they also accept deposits, including Prezzy Card. It makes Prezzy Card an excellent choice for PC and mobile bettors alike.

Prezzy Card Alternatives for Betting Online

Prezzy Card is an excellent payment solution for those who want to fund their betting accounts quickly and safely. However, since Prezzy Card might not be accessible to everyone, it’s good to know about some of the best alternatives –there are many.

One of the most obvious alternatives for Prezzy Card is E-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller. Widely known as two of the best payment methods for online betting, Skrill and Neteller are accepted by nearly all online betting sites – including sports betting sites that accept Prezzy Card. They offer quick and safe transfers and even allow withdrawals.

Credit and debit card payments are more of a traditional option for funding betting accounts but no less useful. Accepted by all sportsbooks that accept Prezzy Cards, credit and debit cards have little to no flaws, although they don’t offer as much spending control.

Bank transfers, like credit and debit cards, are widely accepted by all bookmakers, including all Prezzy Card online gambling sites. However, bank transfers are one of the slowest payment options and are slowly going out of fashion.

How to Stay Safe when Betting with a Prezzy Card

Prezzy Card is a very safe payment option, but to stay safe using it, the bettor must do his part to keep himself safe. And that mainly concerns using the best betting sites for Kiwis, which are safe, legal, and legit.

Regardless of how safe the payment method is or how many security measures the companies behind the payment solutions implement, nothing matters if the user registers with shady bookmakers. So it’s critical to pay close attention to which Prezzy Card betting sites are safe and only register with those.

The best way to ensure the bookmaker is safe is to check for a valid gambling license. Besides that, it’s also essential to check its reputation – by looking over online reviews where people share their experiences using the bookmaker. A bad reputation is an instant red flag, and it’s mostly associated with slow withdrawal time, tricky terms and conditions for bonuses, or other incontinence.

Mobile bettors must also pay close attention to which betting apps they use and only download the apps from the official source i.e., from the official websites of sportsbooks that accept Prezzy Card.

Another thing to pay attention to, and can be applied to more than just online betting using Prezzy Card are phishing emails. Never provide personal information to people you don’t know, especially emails from unknown sources.

New Bookmakers That Accept a Prezzy Card

Since Prezzy Card is so popular among New Zealand bettors and because new bookmakers are opening their doors in the country, there is a huge influx of new Prezzy Card betting sites, expanding the list of available bookmakers for bettors who prefer Prezzy Card over other deposit methods.

New bookmakers, while they give us more options when choosing which Prezzy Card sports betting sites to use, can also be tricky to navigate, especially when we talk about new brands.

When choosing which new Prezzy Card betting websites to use, we must ensure they’re safe, legal, and licensed. Since new bookmakers don’t have any history, it’s tough to find reliable reviews indicating how good or safe they are, but it’s often enough to check if it has a valid betting license.

Before you sign up with new bookmakers, check the company behind it. Even though new Prezzy Card betting sites don’t have any reputation, the companies behind them will, and it’s often a good indication of whether the sportsbook is reliable.

In the same way, you would look for the best bookmakers or top online betting apps. It’s important to check the odds, quality, and market coverage of new Prezzy Card bookmakers.

Is It Worth Using Prezzy Cards for Betting Online?

Prezzy Card is an excellent payment solution for online betting and gambling, and while it comes with very few flaws, like any other payment option, even Prezzy Card has pros and cons.

Pros Cons
  • All New Zealand bookmakers accept Prezzy Card
  • Prezzy Cards can be used anywhere to pay with Visa and MasterCard.
  • Due to how it works, Prezzy Card comes with built-in spending control
  • Prezzy Card doesn’t allow withdrawals
  • The cheapest available Prezzy Card is $25
  • Popular, but not as widely accepted as e-wallets

Prezzy Card Overview

Prezzy Card is an excellent payment solution for sports bettors and gamblers after a reliable, fast, and secure payment option. This article has covered everything you need to know about it, but before we come to the end, here are some interesting facts about Prezzy Cards you might not know about.

  • Prezzy Card can be used anywhere that accepts VISA cards; however, it’s primarily used in New Zealand, where it can also be purchased in retail stores. So while it can technically be used anywhere in the world, it’s primarily used as a payment option for bookmakers in New Zealand.
  • Prezzy Card only supports the English language.
  • The best Prezzy Card alternatives for online betting are Skrill and Neteller.
  • The most popular and legal online betting sites that accept Prezzy cards are Betway, LeoVegas, Bet365, and 888Sport.

Bottom Line

It concludes our article, where we took a close look at Prezzy Card, how to use it for online betting, and explained why it’s so popular for bettors and gamblers. Now you know everything there is to know about betting with Prezzy Card and where to find the best Prezzy Card bookmakers!

Need a bookie that accepts Prezzy Card?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Prezzy Card?
    Prezzy Card is a Visa gift card that can be used for online purchases or deposits on betting sites. Unlike a Visa card, however, Prezzy Card has a set value since it is a gift card.
  • How does a Prezzy Card work?
    Prezzy Card works like a credit card, meaning it can be used to buy various goods, including for making online payments. However, since it’s a gift card and is not linked with a bank account, Prezzy Card only allows for purchases up to the value it was bought for.
  • Can I use a Prezzy Card online for betting?
    Yes, Prezzy Card can be used for online betting and is widely accepted by sportsbooks in New Zealand. Prezzy Card is also a great solution for bettors who want to control their spending.
  • Where can I use a Prezzy Card?
    You can use Prezzy Card at any store, retail or online, which accepts Visa or MasterCard. Moreover, Prezzy Card can be used to make online deposits on bookmakers and casino sites.
  • Is a Prezzy Card safe?
    Yes, a Prezzy Card is a safe payment option. Due to how it works, it adds another layer of security, as you can never lose more money than the card’s value.
  • Are Prezzy Card deposits instant?
    All Prezzy Card deposits on online bookmakers are processed instantly, and they typically appear in your betting accounts within seconds. However, the actual wait time will vary depending on the sportsbook and how long it takes to process the payment.
  • Can you withdraw money from a Prezzy Card?
    No, you can’t request withdrawals with a Prezzy Card. Even though Prezzy Card is an excellent choice for online deposits, bettors must use an alternative option to withdraw their winnings.
  • What are the fees to withdraw via Prezzy Card?
    Prezzy Card doesn’t allow withdrawals from online betting sites. Therefore, there are no withdrawal fees.
  • Is there a limit on my Prezzy Card transactions?
    Any Prezzy Card can be loaded between $25 and $1000. However, one deposit can’t exceed $5,000, technically a daily limit.
  • Where can you buy a Prezzy Card?
    Punters can buy Prezzy Cards at any local store, kiosk, or online as a virtual Prezzy Card with a value of between $25,00 to $1,000.
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