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The Best InstaDebit Betting Sites

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It’s almost impossible to overemphasize the significance of a fast and highly efficient payment method in online sports betting. For this reason, punters are constantly looking for betting sites with customer-friendly payment methods they can use. As InstaDebit has established itself as an outstanding payment service provider, it's only fitting that punters choose InstaDebit betting sites.

Here we will show you the best InstaDebit betting sites in 2023. Additionally, you will learn all there is to betting online using InstaDebit.

List of the Best InstaDebit Bookies

Online sports betting is fun and highly rewarding if you choose the best betting platform that provides punters with the best payment methods. InstaDebit becoming a popular payment method on the best betting sites is the perfect indication for you to choose from a list of top InstaDebit bookmakers, some of which includes the following:

Randomly selecting from the InstaDebit betting websites mentioned above is undeniably good. But betting is too strategic for you to make random choices. You should rather make an informed choice by selecting a betting site that will meet all your unique betting needs. To help you through the selection, below are carefully curated tips to follow:

You must first consider the number of sports available on each betting site. The notable sports to check include football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and handball. When you have several sports to explore, you automatically have multiple ways to win while wagering on games in each of these sports.

Secondly, you must evaluate each sport's market range. While InstaDebit bookies typically offer a wide range of betting markets to all punters, some offer more than others. The goal is to ensure you choose the one with the broadest range of popular and unpopular markets on available sports because the more the market, the better your chances of making correct predictions. 

Another tip to observe is the quality of odds for each market. The surest way to win a bet is to accumulate winning odds with the smallest number of selections. So you must ensure the betting site offers attractive odds per market so you can pick only a few games with high chances of returning correctly. 

Lastly, you must check out for website features that enhance betting activities. These features may include push notifications on all games, in-play/live betting options, live streaming for real-time updates on selected games, a stats page for analysis and forecasting, and a comment section. Doing all these for your InstaDebit bets will go a long way in making the right choice. 

Make an InstaDebit Deposit and Claim Your Bonus 

You must deposit funds into your betting wallet using your preferred InstaDebit gambling site. It'll excite you that every deposit comes with attractive bonuses depending on the sportsbook you choose. 

Below are amazing bonuses to expect: 

Popular InstaDebit Betting Sites  InstaDebit Deposit Bonuses On Each Betting Site


Betway offers new punters a 100% signup bonus of $200 when they deposit using InstaDebit. You can use this bonus to wager on different sports on the platform.


All new customers get $100 bet credits when they make a minimum $5 deposit using InstaDebit as their preferred payment method.


A minimum deposit of $10 using InstaDebit offers you a $30 bonus in free bets on 888sport. You'll claim this bonus when you bet on 1.5odds and above within the first seven days. 

William Hill

An InstaDebit deposit of $10 gets you a $30 bonus on William Hill. You can claim this bonus by wagering at least $10 on 1.5odds or more on your favorite sports. 

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction gives a 100% signup bonus that goes up to $500 after the first deposit using InstaDebit. You can use this bonus to wager on any sporting event. 

To claim and use the bonuses provided by each InstaDebit sportsbook, you must fulfill all wagering requirements and the attached terms and conditions. So ensure you check out for those before choosing. 

How to Use InstaDebit for Betting 

InstaDebit is a highly efficient payment method on many Canadian online betting sites. It is an intermediary between bettors and their local banks to deposit funds into their sports betting wallets. Whether or not you're new to betting, online sports betting using InstaDebit is straightforward. 

Select InstaDebit as your preferred payment method, enter the amount you wish to deposit, enter the last four numbers of your SIN (Social Insurance Number) and InstaDebit details, then confirm the transaction. 

All that's required is that you're 18 years old and have an online banking account with one of the Canadian banks that InstaDebit supports. Once you fulfill these requirements, you can go to the cashier page of your sportsbook. 

Funds will drop immediately into your sportsbook wallet. It adds a layer of security to your personal and financial data and your InstaDebit bet. It'll excite you that betting with InstaDebit saves you from revealing any information to your betting operator. 

What Is InstaDebit?

InstaDebit is a Canadian payment service provider that allows users to make payments for online purchases using their local bank's online banking services. Its popularity as a payment method has spread because users don't need to use cards for payments. Additionally, you can swiftly and anonymously make all payments, that's why it's an ideal option for online sports betting.

InstaDebit supports a handful of Canadian banks, including the Bank of Montreal, the Imperial Bank of Commerce, TD Bank, Scotiabank, the National Bank, and the Royal Bank of Canada. You can only use InstaDebit if it supports your banking institution. 

Making Deposits with InstaDebit 

Making deposits for sports betting with InstaDebit is easy and hassle-free for everyone. All you need to do is go to your sportsbook's official website or mobile app and log in to your account. After you log in, go straight to the cashier page, where you will find the deposit button. 

Click on the button, and it will display available payment methods for deposits. Select InstaDebit, and it will load a new page where you'll enter the amount, your InstaDebit details, and your SIN (Social Insurance Number). After this, authorize the payment, and you'll instantly see the amount in your bet wallet. This process works for all the best InstaDebit betting sites listed above, and you can process deposits in USD and CAD.

Requesting Withdrawals with InstaDebit 

Like deposits, InstaDebit withdrawals are easy and conducted virtually the same way. The only difference is that you're receiving funds instead of sending them out. Once you win a bet, go to your sportsbook balance, where the amount won will reflect.

You'll also find on this page a “Withdraw button.” Click on it, and you'll see multiple withdrawal options. Select InstaDebit, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and then confirm the withdrawal request. It may take some time, depending on how long your sportsbook takes to approve it, after which it'll get to your InstaDebit account within 2 – 5 working days. 

Fees and Limits 

Many punters choose InstaDebit because it's affordable mainly in terms of fees and offers decent limits for all transactions. While your sportsbook covers the C$1.95 transfer cost from your bank account, you will pay C$2 for all withdrawals from your InstaDebit account to your local personal bank account. If you don't have sufficient funds in your account, your local bank will charge you to cover the cost of the transaction. 

Regarding limits, all the best InstaDebit sports betting sites have their respective deposit and withdrawal limits. It implies that before you choose a sportsbook, check in with customer support to confirm their platform's deposit and withdrawal limit. It will help you determine whether their provisions suit your betting needs. 

Countries Where InstaDebit Can Be Used for Sports Betting 

InstaDebit is a payment service company whose services are available only in Canada. The brand has been servicing only Canadian users, implying that only Canadian bettors can use it for sports betting on InstaDebit sportsbooks.

These bettors must also be 18 years and above to use InstaDebit payment services.

InstaDebit Betting Apps 

This mobile app is popular because it is very easy and comfortable. So whether you're using an Android or iOS device, rest assured you can make deposits and bet InstaDebit wherever and whenever using mobile apps. All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection, and you're ready. 

You can navigate through the app and access the payment page without hassle. It has a UI that's suitable for all users. The app features are also well thought out to achieve the highest efficiency. Immediately you start using the mobile app version, the higher the chances you wouldn't explore the web version.

InstaDebit Alternatives for Betting Online 

InstaDebit is one of many top payment methods for online sports betting. So if you're a punter and you can't sports bet with InstaDebit, there are other alternatives like PayPal, Skrill, and others:

InstaDebit Vs. Interac 

Interac is one of Canada's fastest payment service providers, competing with InstaDebit. Both methods offer customers anonymous features for all transactions. While InstaDebit offers remarkable security, Interac is subject to phishing. 

InstaDebit Vs. Skrill

Skrill is a world-renowned payment method instead of InstaDebit to fund your online bet account. Like InstaDebit, you enjoy swift and highly secure transactions using Skrill. But the charges for transactions are high on Skrill, while they are very affordable using InstaDebit. So be sure to consider this before choosing sites that accept Skrill.

InstaDebit Vs. Neteller

Neteller is one of the best options if InstaDebit is unavailable on your online sports betting platform. The major perk of using Neteller online bookmakers is that, like InstaDebit, you can conduct a swift, seamless, and under-the-radar transaction. The drawback is that while you can enjoy attractive welcome bonuses after depositing with InstaDebit, you're excluded from it using Neteller. 

How to Stay Safe When Betting with InstaDebit 

InstaDebit helps users conduct easy and swift transactions without losing any information that scammers may use for fraud. When you make deposits on your sportsbook, the brand safeguards the transaction with high-end encryptions. But that does not mean you shouldn't prioritize your safety when betting with InstaDebit. 

You must ensure all sensitive bank information and InstaDebit details are kept safe from other people. You must also be careful of phishing emails posing to offer bonuses and other promotional offers. Your bonuses would be on the official website of your sportsbook. So use only official apps and websites for all betting activities. 

New Bookmakers that Accept InstaDebit 

It's common knowledge that online sports betting is currently a thriving industry. Hence, the influx of new bookmakers is entering the industry. While some of these bookmakers don't accept InstaDebit yet, others do. Below are some of the new bookmakers that accept InstaDebit:

Is It Worth Using InstaDebit for Betting Online? 

As mentioned earlier, swift, secure, and easy transactions are essential for online sports betting. Considering that InstaDebit offers these, it is worth using for online betting. But to determine this, explore the advantages and disadvantages below: 

Pros Cons
  • It has a wide acceptance rate by many of the best online betting sites
  • It offers easy, swift, secure, and anonymous transactions on betting platforms
  • It is available for deposits and withdrawals. 
  • It is exclusive to online sports bettors with Canadian bank accounts
  • You have to register with InstaDebit to use their services.
  • You need a bank account to use it. 

History of InstaDebit 

InstaDebit is a top Canadian payment service provider that has offered outstanding payment services for over two decades. The longevity and popularity of this payment method are because of the quality of its payment services, which reflects why punters prefer it amongst many other options. It's also why many InstaDebit online betting sites have existed over the last few years. 

InstaDebit Overview 

InstaDebit online sports betting is a fun-filled and rewarding activity. All you have to do is to ensure you choose any of the best sportsbooks that accept the payment method.

  • InstaDebit is available for sports gambling in Canada
  • You can gamble using either USD or CAD for all InstaDebit transactions.
  •  You can make online betting transactions with Interac, Neteller, or Skrill if InstaDebit is unavailable. InstaDebit is available for all in English and French languages. 
  • Betway, Bet365, Sports Interaction, and 888Sport are some of the most popular and legal online bookmakers that accept InstaDebit. 

InstaDebit offers outstanding payment services without exorbitant or hidden charges attached to all transactions. So you can use it for all online sports betting without hassle or worry. 

Bottom Line 

InstaDebit is a highly convenient payment method for online sports betting. It's not enough to desire convenience; you must achieve it at every opportunity. So it would be best to go for InstaDebit by registering, choosing a bookmaker that accepts it, and visiting their website for all betting activities. 

Need a bookie that accepts InstaDebit?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to use InstaDebit for sports betting?
    InstaDebit has become the popular choice among sports bettors because it offers a high level of security using 128-bit SSL encryptions that protect users' personal and financial information.
  • Are there any InstaDebit fees for deposits and withdrawals at sportsbooks?
    InstaDebit deposits are free, but withdrawals come with C$2 charges by your local bank, not InstaDebit.
  • How to make deposits and withdrawals using InstaDebit?
    Making deposits and withdrawals using InstaDebit is straightforward. All you have to do is go to the cashier page of your sportsbook, click on either deposit or withdrawals, and follow the prompts.
  • What are the best betting sites that accept InstaDebit?
    Betway, Bet365, 888sport, William Hill, and Sports Interaction are some of the best betting sites that accept InstaDebit.
  • Are some countries banned from using InstaDebit?
    InstaDebit is available only to Canadian punters to use for online sports betting.
  • How long do InstaDebit withdrawals from my betting account take?
    The withdrawal time from your betting account depends on how long your sportsbook takes to approve it. After this, InstaDebit would need two to five working days to transfer the money into your account.
  • Why should I use InstaDebit to fund my betting account?
    InstaDebit offers a fast, secure, and efficient way to fund your betting account. Additionally, you don't have to disclose any sensitive information in the process.
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