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There are many great online payment methods punters use to fund their betting accounts, but one of the safest and most widely accepted across all sportsbooks are eChecks. This article will take a closer look at eChecks, why this payment method is so popular and great, and answer three key questions anyone who wants to start online betting with eChecks should know:
  1. Which bookmakers accept eChecks?
  2. How to find the best eChecks betting sites?
  3. How to use eChecks to make an online deposit?

List of the Best eChecks Bookies

Many excellent online betting sites take eChecks in 2024, so many that it’s often hard to pick the best one. When deciding which are the top eChecks bookmakers for you, we have to consider several subjective things. Still, most importantly, when picking the best eChecks bookies, we must focus on a few objective factors.

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What Makes the Best eCheck Betting Sites

eChecks betting sites come in many shapes and sizes, but they also vary in quality, which is determined by a few factors. We’ve covered five of the most important factors that make sportsbooks that accept eChecks a good choice. But as we dive deeper into the sportsbooks’ offer, there are a few more factors that must be taken into account.

Criteria Explanation
User Interface Although more subjective, the best eChecks betting sites should have a user-friendly interface. In other words, the sportsbook’s interface must be clean to allow for easy navigation, significantly improving the user experience and satisfaction.
Variety of Sports Betting Markets For a solid experience while online betting with eChecks, a sportsbook has to offer a good variety of sports betting markets and bet types. As of 2024, most betting sites do a fine job accepting bets on dozens of sports, but that often isn’t enough. The best eChecks betting sites will also have betting markets on lesser leagues and competitions and have various bet types, including moneyline, handicaps, totals, parlays, and bet builders, which are extremely beneficial for those who want to create their bets.
Bonuses and Promotions Betting bonuses and promotions are not nearly as important as good betting odds, so if you had a choice between sportsbooks that accept eChecks with excellent odds but fewer bonuses or a bookmaker with the best sports betting bonuses but terrible odds, the former would be a much better choice. Still, top free bet offers and other promotions can offer much value to bettors and shouldn’t be entirely ignored. So when deciding on which sportsbooks that deposit using eChecks we should use and rank as the best, we have to find a middle ground between competitive odds and great promotions.
Banking Options As of 2024, most bookmakers do an excellent job with their banking options, accepting deposits through various payment methods. Still, do a much better job than others, especially with the average withdrawal time and withdrawal charges. Even those intending to bet with eChecks have to pick eChecks betting websites with more banking options since eChecks don’t come with withdrawals. So even though all eChecks gambling sites have other payment options, it doesn’t hurt to check the bookies’ terms and conditions, especially if any additional fees are associated with transfers.
Mobile Experience It has become mandatory for all sportsbooks to cater to mobile bettors due to how prevalent mobile betting has become. And while some sportsbooks are content with only offering a mobile betting website, that is never enough for a solid mobile betting experience. The best eChecks betting sites will have a dedicated mobile betting app, a superior choice to a mobile website, with more features and a more stable platform.
Customer Service Good customer support is often ignored, which is understandable, knowing that not many punters will run into serious issues using the bookmaker and won’t ever need to contact a customer support agent. However, while an underappreciated factor, good customer support usually indicates a great betting site. Not only does it show the sportsbooks’ dedication to providing a good customer experience, but with solid customer support, bettors can rest assured that any issues they run into while using eChecks bookies will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Make an eChecks Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

All bookmakers, including eChecks betting websites, will have bonuses and promotions, with almost no exceptions to that rule. However, there’s a big difference between the best eChecks betting sites with the best bonuses and the rest.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash

The biggest differentiating factor is the variety of bonuses, their value, and the restrictions that come with them. It is most notable with all deposit-reliant promotions, where the sportsbook can decide to make only a few payment options count as a qualifying deposit.

Fortunately, those considering starting online betting with eChecks don’t have to worry about those restrictions since all eChecks sports betting sites will accept eChecks deposits as qualifying bonus deposits. So the only thing we have to focus on when picking the best website for online betting using eChecks is the promotions themselves – how often they are offered and how generous they are.

Welcome Bonuses and Deposit Bonuses

Welcome bonuses, or joining bonus, is a promotion every sportsbook will have available as an excellent tool to attract new customers. Due to their purpose, these bonuses are usually very generous and should be taken advantage of.

The most common type of welcome bonus is the matched deposit bonus. Although the joining bonus can be something else – like free bets or free spins in the casino – most eChecks betting sites will have a matched deposit bonus.

With a matched deposit bonus, the sportsbook matches your first deposit (up to a certain %) and gives you free money to bet with – up to a certain limit. The most common is a 100% matched deposit bonus, where the bookmaker doubles your first deposit, meaning that a $100 deposit will turn into a $200 deposit.

All betting sites that take eChecks and others will also have some rules tied to the welcome bonus, mainly the rollover requirement, which will dictate how many times you must roll over the free wagering cash to be eligible to withdraw it.

Free Bets and Enhanced Odds

Free bets and enhanced odds are two of the most common offers sportsbooks give existing users. So unlike the welcome bonuses, these are available to those with an account with the bookmaker.

As the name suggests, the free bet bonus is a promotion that gives you free money to bet with. The size is typically dictated by your average wager with the sportsbook, so if you regularly bet with $10, the bookmaker will give you $10 in free bets.

Some eChecks betting sites will have additional rules tied to the free bet offer, namely restrictions on which markets the free bet can be used and minimum odds at which it can be used. The former restriction is far rarer, and most commonly, the bookmaker will only set the minimum odds at which the free bet can be used.

Enhanced odds is another form of offer that is highly beneficial and is commonly part of special promotions during important tournaments or games. Enhanced odds promotions run throughout the whole year and on various markets.

The enhanced odds promotion does one simple thing – it increases the offered betting odds on selected markets with no strings attached. You don’t have to do anything to claim the enhanced odds offer, as no deposit requirements or limits go with it.

How to Use eChecks for Betting

Online betting using eChecks is very straightforward, and due to how convenient and widely available this payment method is, it’s also very popular. In terms of its ease of use, it’s no different from any other payment option – you use it to fund your betting account, and just like with any other payment option, there are a few things to remember.

Before you start online betting using eChecks, you must use the best bookmaker for the job. It means we sign up only with safe and legit sportsbooks with good odds, enough betting markets, and other features that lead to an enjoyable betting experience. Outside of that, there’s nothing more to using eChecks for sports betting than verifying the payment with the sportsbook and using eChecks for future deposits.

It’s important to remember that bookmakers don’t allow withdrawals through eChecks, meaning bettors need an alternative method for withdrawing their winnings.

What Is eChecks?

An eCheck is essentially an electronic check, or in other words, a digital version of a traditional paper check. With it, you can do the same thing as a paper check – pay for goods – but far more conveniently, as it allows for online payments.

With an eCheck, money is electronically transferred from the user’s checking account over the Automated Clearing House network to the payee’s checking account. All payments are facilitated by ACH, which is an electronic network allowing companies and businesses to withdraw payments for goods directly from the customer’s bank. Some eChecks are also powered by Deluxe Payment Exchange – Deluxe eChecks.

In the case of using eChecks on online gambling sites that accept eChecks and sportsbooks, the user is technically not paying for goods but simply transferring money from their bank account to the betting account to fund it and have money ready for gambling and betting.

How to Deposit with eChecks

Transferring money with eChecks and making a quick deposit powered by instant eChecks bookmakers is very straightforward, and it doesn’t take longer than a minute to complete. Although the first deposit with online gambling sites that accept eChecks will take longer, once the sportsbooks have your details and authorization, the following payments will be processed much quicker.

Steps Instructions
Request Authorisation Before we can deposit with the eCheck sportsbook, the business (in this case, the eChecks betting sites) must gain authorization from the customer before completing the transaction. It can be accomplished through a phone conversation, a signed order form, or an online form, with which you, the customer, authorize payments to sportsbooks that accept eChecks.
Get Your Payment Set Up After authorizing eChecks bookies for future transactions, the sportsbooks input the provided details into the payment software, which sets up the current and future payments, creating an option for a quick deposit for eChecks betting.
Submit When the information is entered into the payment software, all left to do is to log in, submit and confirm the payment.
Get Your Funds Deposited Once the payment is submitted, the funds get automatically withdrawn from the users’ bank account and deposited into eChecks sports betting sites’ accounts. As soon as that happens, the money you intend to use to fund your betting account should become available for betting.

Requesting Withdrawals with eChecks

Unlike other payment options, eChecks don’t allow withdrawals, meaning those who bet with eChecks need to use another payment option to withdraw their winnings – such as a credit or debit card.

Fees and Limits

One of the biggest advantages of using eChecks for sports betting is that bettors who use this payment method to fund their betting account won’t have to pay any fees. Even though there are always transaction fees, regardless of which payment methods we use, the bookmakers cover those fees.

Few sportsbooks might charge fees if the deposits are large, but this is extremely rare nowadays.

As for limits, eChecks money transfers don’t come with any, making them an excellent choice for all kinds of punters. However, there will always be limits from the sportsbook’s side in the form of minimum and maximum deposits.

Minimum deposits are typically between $5-$10, whereas maximum deposits can range in thousands, depending on the eCheck betting sites we use.

Countries Where eChecks Can Be Used for Sports Betting

As one of the more popular payment options, eCheck is available in dozens of countries worldwide, which is one of the leading factors to why eChecks are so widely used among online bettors.

Accepted Currencies for eChecks

Since eCheck payments are available in dozens of countries worldwide, it also accepts many currencies to provide an adequate service to all its users. However, even though eChecks accept any currency, the most used include US Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and Pound Sterling.

It’s important to note that cryptocurrencies do not work with eChecks, since it’s an entirely different payment method. However, crypto can be used in combination with eChecks as a method to withdraw winnings from eChecks betting sites.

eChecks Betting Apps

In the same way, it’s possible to make eCheck deposits on a bookmaker’s desktop website. Punters can also fund their betting accounts through eCheck on mobile websites and mobile betting apps. However, for mobile deposits, the latter is objectively a better option.

Up to 180% bonus on 1st deposit
T&Cs Apply
100% up to $600
T&Cs Apply

Thankfully, most eChecks betting sites also offer mobile betting apps, which are highly recommended for mobile bettors over a mobile website. Compared to a mobile website, the apps are more convenient, work smoother, and have all the features.

Moreover, some betting sites that take eChecks also run special promotions on mobile betting apps, offering extra betting bonuses for mobile users. That is another reason it’s worth considering a mobile app.

eChecks Alternatives for Betting Online

eChecks is available in most countries, so nearly everyone can access this payment option. However, there are many excellent alternatives to consider for those who don’t and would prefer to use another payment option.

  • Skrill – one of the world’s most popular payment options for depositing money into sports betting accounts and one of the most accessible e-wallets, Skrill is a perfect solution for those looking for an alternative payment method to eChecks. It offers fast transactions, anonymity, high-security standards and is accepted by most online betting sites.
  • PayPal – one of the biggest E-wallets in the world and the most used payment option for online goods – is another great alternative to eChecks. The only issue with betting online with PayPal is that not many sportsbooks accept it, meaning it might not be the best alternative for some punters.
  • Credit or debit cards – a traditional payment method popular among sports bettors for convenience. Credit and debit card payments are, as of 2024, accepted by all sportsbooks – from NJ to Europe, Australia, and China – offer fast and safe transactions and don’t come with any additional fees. The only downside to using a credit/debit card compared to e-wallets is that the transactions are not anonymous.

How to Stay Safe When Betting with eChecks

EChecks is one of the safest payment options of all available payment methods. Offering the ultimate safety and security. When using eChecks for online payments, the service only requires the user’s checking account and routing number, meaning no name or other personal information is needed.

Moreover, eChecks work with high-security systems and are technically just as safe as paper checks. However, to remain safe when making eCheck deposits, you must do your part to keep yourself secure.

The main thing a bettor can do to keep his money and personal information safe while online betting using eChecks is to use only safe and legal betting sites. Likewise, it pays to pay attention to which betting apps we use.

Most importantly, we should only download mobile betting apps from the official source, i.e., the bookmaker’s website, as many fake apps have nothing but malicious intent.

An advice that applies beyond just those who want to keep themselves safe while betting is to be aware of phishing emails, which’s only purpose is to steal your personal information. So never provide any information to email from contacts you don’t know. Scammers will also use email addresses similar to the bookmaker’s official email, so pay close attention to the email address.

New Bookmakers That Accept eChecks

eChecks is one of the most popular online payment methods available across the world, and since it’s so widespread, more and more bookmakers started accepting eChecks as valid payment options. That includes established sportsbooks and new betting sites.

125% up to $1250
T&Cs Apply
check icon24/7 support
check iconSuperb promotions
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Rakeboost bonus
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check iconEasy to use
check iconGreat markets
check icon24/7 support
check iconPrematch line
check iconHigh odds
check iconMany bonuses

We already covered what we must pay attention to when picking between known and established bookmakers, and the same applies to new sportsbooks. And especially when trying to sign up with new betting sites.

New bookmakers don’t have any reputation, but it is still easy to see if they’re legal and safe by checking whether they have a valid betting license. With new bookmakers, it also pays to check whether they have adequate market coverage. Most won’t be able to compare to established sportsbooks and have far worse market coverage.

The same applies to the quality of the offered betting odds; however, it’s common for new betting sites to offer better odds at the start to attract new customers.

New betting sites also have better bonuses and promotions, making them more appealing to new punters. Yet this doesn’t apply to every new bookmaker, so it’s wise to check their bonus offer to see if it is worth registering with the sportsbook.

Is It Worth Using eChecks for Betting Online?

Using eChecks for sports betting is worth it; those who bet with eChecks can attest to it. eCheck does many things better than other payment methods, and it’s easy to see why so many people prefer to bet with eChecs than other payment options. However, as with any payment method, there are pros and cons.

  • There are no fees associated with eCheck deposits.
  • Deposits with eChecks come with much higher limits.
  • You don’t need a credit or debit card to deposit with eChecks.
  • Besides payments, eChecks also allow withdrawals.
  • Many eChecks sports betting sites and online casinos will accept eChecks.
  • Compared to most other banking methods, eChecks’ withdrawal time is faster.
  • Setting up the payment with eChecks sports betting sites can initially be tedious.
  • Although eChecks offer fast transfers, there can be delays in the system.
  • Deposit minimums with eChecks are typically higher.
  • Compared to crypto, eChecks withdrawals are typically slower.

eChecks Overview

eChecks are an excellent payment option for sports bettors, offering a fast and secure deposit option, accepted by sportsbooks worldwide. We have covered everything you need to know about betting with eChecks, but before we end this article, here are some interesting facts about eChecks you might not know about.

  • eChecks can be used for sports betting in dozens of countries worldwide, including the USA, Germany, France, Australia, and Canada.
  • As a payment method that operates across the world, eChecks also work with all currencies, such as the US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, and Australian Dollar.
  • eChecks support many languages, primarily English, German, and French, depending on the country.
  • Some of the best eChecks alternative payment options for online betting are Skrill, PayPal, and credit/debit cards.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers that accept eChecks include BetOnline, Betway, Sportsbetting, BetUS, and MyBookie.

Bottom Line

And like that, we come to the end of our article, where we covered everything a bettor should know about betting with eChecks, how to find the best betting sites for the job, and how to make the most out of online betting with eChecks.

Equipped with all that knowledge, you’re now ready to sign up with the best eChecks betting sites and start betting, but remember to never bet with more than you can afford to lose and be aware of the dangers of gambling addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eChecks?
    eCheck is an electronic or digital version of a traditional paper check. It can be used to pay for various goods and is also an available payment method on sports betting sites.
  • How do eChecks work?
    eChecks work like traditional checks but electronically, transferring money through the Automated Clearing House network from the sender to the receiver’s bank account. In the case of sports betting, eChecks transfer money from your bank account to the sportsbooks’.
  • Can I use eChecks for online betting?
    EChecs are a popular payment option among sports bettors and an accepted payment method on various sportsbooks.
  • What gambling sites accept eChecks?
    Some popular gambling sites that accept eChecks payments include BetOnline, BetUS, MyBookie, EveryGHame, and SportsBetting.
  • Does MyBookie accept eChecks deposits to account?
    Yes, MyBookie accepts eCheck deposits, and with the sportsbook, bettors can also use eCheck deposits to claim the welcome matched deposit bonus offer. Likewise, MyBookie also offers withdrawals with eChecks, without any added fees.
  • Can I claim withdrawals to eChecks?
    Even though eChecks are accepted as a valid payment method on most sportsbooks, they’re not an accepted withdrawal method meaning that punters have to look for another option to withdraw their winnings.
  • Will there be fees charged for making withdrawals?
    No, eCheck doesn’t charge the user fees, and most eChecks sports betting sites won’t charge any additional fees for withdrawals. There are some exceptions with larger withdrawals, but those are rare.
  • Is paying with eChecks secure?
    Unlike paper checks, eChecks have much higher security standards, as all payments are encrypted and protected, ensuring that your financial data isn’t compromised.
  • Can I use eCheck at any online sportsbooks?
    Even though eChecks is a very popular payment method, accepted by hundreds of sportsbooks, it is not available on all betting sites. There will always be sportsbooks that won’t accept some payment options, and eCheck is no exception.
  • Are eChecks Deposits Instant?
    Yes, deposits with eChecks are typically instant; however, they might take a bit longer at some sportsbooks or if there is a delay in the system. Still, those are exceptions that occur very rarely.
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