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The Best Blik Betting Sites

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The best way to enjoy the fascinating world of online betting is by choosing the right betting sites with the most efficient payment method. An efficient payment method, coupled with attractive betting products on all events, makes betting fun and rewarding simultaneously. 

As Blik betting sites have positioned themselves as one of the best companies that fit the description above, it's only right for smart online bettors to bet using any of them. But before you make such decisions, you must first understand why there has been so much rave about Blik as a payment method within the online betting world. 

In this post, we will reveal this and show you some of the best betting sites that list Blik as a payment method on their platform. Our ultimate goal is to show you how to use Blik for online betting and help you determine the right choice.

List of the Best Blik Bookies

Blik is arguably the most popular payment method in Poland. Using it is as easy as only generating a code to make payments online. With this, it’s only logical for betting sites to list Blik, the best payment method in the country, on their platforms. Below are some of the best betting sites that take Blik: 

Whether you're interested in betting on sports or casino games, the Blik bookies mentioned above are sufficient. But before you select any of them, it's essential you first review them based on the following metrics: 

First, the bookmaker you choose must have a wide range of betting products across multiple sports and casino games. Successful punters typically choose bookmakers with enough options to explore regarding sports and games coverage. It would help if you prioritized this before deciding. 

The second factor is their vast betting markets on all sports and casino games. Using sports as an example, some bookmakers only provide popular betting markets, deliberately leaving out the less popular ones. While Blik betting websites provide an all-encompassing betting market, be sure the one you choose offers the markets you like to bet on. 

Further, the quality of odds a bookmaker provides on all betting markets is another crucial factor. When the odds are reasonable, you only need a few selections to accumulate sufficient odds to wager on. So, ensure the betting site you choose has good odds on all events. 

The final factor to consider is the availability of quality betting features on the bookmaker's platform. The best betting sites add features like live betting, a stats page, push notifications, and live streaming on their platform to help customers enjoy betting more. So ensure the Blik bookie you choose combines these features and many more. When you combine these factors, you position yourself to make the best choice of a bookmaker.

Make a Blik Deposit and Claim Your Bonus 

Betting on any of the top Blik bookmakers requires depositing in your bet wallet. These deposits mostly come with bonuses you can claim to enhance your winning chances further.

Below are some of the perks to expect from Blik bookies:

Popular Blik Betting Sites Blik Deposit Bonuses and How to Claim Them
Rabona Deposit a minimum of 20 EUR in your Rabona bet wallet using Blik for a 100% bonus up to 20 EUR/ 90 PLN. Claim this bonus by betting on a minimum of 1.50 odds.
Sportuna Deposit 20 EUR/90 PLN using Blik on Sportuna to enjoy their three-layered deposit bonus, including a 100% bonus up to 500 EUR, 70% up to 300 EUR, and 50% up to 200 EUR.
Cazimbo Cazimbo has a 100% bonus offer of up to 500 EUR + 200 free spins for all first deposits at a minimum of 20 EUR using Blik. This bonus offer has a 35x wagering requirement you must fulfill to claim it. You can explore other daily bonuses on Cazimbo. 

All these bonuses come with specific wagering requirements and other T&Cs. Ensure you check each one to determine whether they suit your betting interests.

How to Use Blik for Betting 

Online betting using Blik is highly innovative, convenient, and safe irrespective of the Blik bookie you have an account with. First, you must have an account with any bank Blik supports. These banks include Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, BNP Paribas, Getin Bank, Nest Bank, mBank, Bank Pocztowy, Citi Handlowy, and many others. 

The next step after that is to select one of the Blik bookies we have suggested in this post and sign up by creating an account with them. Log into this account and find the banking page on the bookie’s platform. You’ll see the deposit button, which you’ll click to see all payment methods available, including Blik. 

Visit your mobile banking application (with a Blik-supported bank) and select Blik as your preferred option. It'll generate a 6-digit code you'll enter on the deposit page. Submit it and authorize the transaction with your pin to complete the process. You'll get a payment success notification on the Blik bookie as soon as you do this. It is how you bet with Blik on your preferred bookmaker.

What Is Blik? 

Blik is a mobile payment service provider connected with several Polish banks to allow users to have seamless payments across several online merchant platforms. The payment method uses a temporary 6-digit code users generate on their mobile application to make in-store or online payments. 

Online betting using Blik has become popular primarily because of the brand's innovative style. Additionally, incorporating local banks means punters enjoy triple-layered security, including security from the bookmaker, the Blik, and their local bank. Punters can bet with the assurance that their data is not susceptible to cyber theft. 

Making a Deposit with Blik 

You don’t need to create an account to use Blik to deposit in your bet wallet. The thing you must do is ensure your bank is a member of the consortium Blik supports. After this, the next step is to go to the cashier page of your bookmaker to make the deposit. 

Click the deposit button to see an array of payment methods the bookmaker supports, including Blik. The difference between Blik and these payment methods is that Blik hides your personal information while making this deposit, as the transaction will take place on your banking app, where you'll generate a 6-digit code. 

Enter this code in the space your bookmaker provides, and confirm and authorize the transaction by entering your password. Immediately after doing this, you get the amount in your bet wallet. Once you practice this, you'll realize Blik bet is as easy as we have described. 

Requesting Withdrawals with Blik

Unfortunately, Blik is a one-way payment method for punters. You can only make deposits with it but can't process withdrawals from your wins. Punters typically have to source for other efficient payment methods they'll add to their betting account to process all withdrawal transactions. Note that these other brands have withdrawal charges and different withdrawal times, so ensure you check before you select any. 

Fees and Limits 

Most payment methods charge users specific fees for making online payments. While Blik wouldn't charge you for any transaction, your bank may charge you for using Blik. They will deduct between 3-5 PLN from your account. This relatively low fee can increase if you do multiple transactions. 

Regarding limits, all the betting sites that take Blik have unique deposit and withdrawal limits on their platforms. You may have to check with your chosen site to determine if their limits suit your betting needs and interests. 

Countries Where Blik Can Be Used for Sports Betting 

Polski Standard Płatności (Polish Payment Standard – PPS) owns Blik, and they incorporate 90% of Polish banks to offer payment services to users.

It implies that Blik is only available for punters in Poland who have accounts with any of these banks. Unfortunately, Blik services don't extend to punters in other parts of the world. 

Accepted Currencies for Blik

Blik is a Polish brand servicing Polish citizens, particularly bettors, to make deposits on their preferred bookmaker.

As a result, the Polish zloty (PLN), Poland's national currency, is the currency the Blik accepts. 

Blik Betting Apps

The most efficient way to enjoy online betting with Blik is to bet using the Blik betting application. You need to connect to your bank's app to make a deposit. From this app, you'll generate the code you need for payment. The app is popular because it is more secure for Internet banking than the mobile version. 

It is easy to use and comfortable to navigate, allowing punters to make deposits wherever they are. You can bet at home whenever you want if you have an internet connection and a functional mobile device. 

Blik Alternatives for Betting Online 

In any event, if you're unable to use Blik for betting online, there are alternative methods you can explore. Some of them include Maestro, MasterCard, and Visa. Below is a comprehensive list of Blik alternatives.

How to Stay Safe When Betting Blik 

As we mentioned, the security using Blik is triple-layered, involving Blik, users' bank, and any sportsbooks that accept Blik they have chosen. When you download the Blik app, the bank verifies your account by calling or sending a mobile code. It would be best if you authorized all transactions with a standard PIN. 

While Blik has these safety measures to protect you, you must also be cautious when betting with Blik. Beware of phishing emails posing to offer exciting betting bonuses and offers. Your password should be open to you alone, and ensure you access betting sites using the official links.

New Bookmakers that Accept Blik 

Blik is enjoying widespread acceptance as a payment method across several bookmakers. It's even more exciting that some of these are new betting sites that use Blik in the market. They are legitimate, trustworthy, and safe.

Is It Worth Using Blik for Online Betting

Security is a crucial feature punters look out for in a betting site, and rightly so. You want to bet without any worries about exposing your personal and financial information. As Blik offers that and more, online betting with Blik is worth it. But you can personally determine this by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages below. 

Pros Cons
  • You don’t need to create an account to make deposits on your favorite bookie.
  • All transactions using Blik are fast, easy, and secure. 
  • There are so many betting sites in Poland that accept Blik
  • Blik services are limited to Polish bettors with accounts with supported banks.
  • The banks charge customers for using Blik
  • The only currency you can use is the PLN

Blik Overview

You're sure to have a fantastic experience, whether you're having casino games or sports betting with Blik. The payment service provider is efficient and effective for all online betting activities. Below is an overview of things to know about Blik: 

  • Punters can use Blik for sports gambling only in Poland, especially when they have an account with one of the banks it supports. 
  • PLN is the only currency Blik accepts for transactions on any of the best Blik betting sites. 
  • Blik is available in English, Romanian, Polish, and Ukrainian languages. 
  • If you don't want to use Blik, popular alternatives include Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, and PayU. 
  • Rabona, Sportuna, Cazimbo, MyEmpire, and 5 Gringos are the most popular and legal casino and sports betting sites that accept Blik. 

You can execute a transaction on Blik using the recipient's phone number. They will get this transfer if they have an account with any bank Blik supports. 

Bottom Line 

Using Blik as your preferred payment method comes with so much convenience. To get started, select any Blik sports betting sites mentioned in this post, visit their website, register an account, and deposit with Blik to begin betting. 

Need a bookie that accepts Blik?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Blik?
    Blik is a payment service provider that serves as an intermediary between Poles and their local bank to make payments online.
  • How does Blik work?
    Blik offers users 6-digit codes generated through the app to make payments on any online platform.
  • Can I use Blik for online betting?
    You can use Blik for online betting if you have an account with any of the Polish banks it supports.
  • What is a Blik deposit?
    A Blik deposit is an amount you send into an account using Blik as your preferred payment method.
  • Are Blik deposits instant?
    Blik offers an instant and convenient deposit into any of the Blik bookmakers.
  • Do you need an app to use Blik?
    Yes, the app is where you generate the 6-digit code that’s equivalent to the amount you wish to pay.
  • Is Blik legal?
    Blik is a legitimate payment service provider owned by Polski Standard Płatności (Polish Payment Standard – PPS). It’s even one of the most popular payment methods in Poland.
  • Can you use Blik to withdraw money at online sportsbooks?
    Unfortunately, you can’t request withdrawals on online sportsbooks using Blik. You’ll have to explore other options for this purpose.
  • Is Blik safe?
    Blik is a safe and highly secure payment method that leverages the security of local banks to protect users' personal and financial information.
  • What are the fees to withdraw via Blik?
    Blik doesn't process withdrawals on online betting sites. So the withdrawal charges will be determined by your alternative payment method.
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