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Bankers Automated Clearing System, or BACS, is a payment company responsible for settling and clearing direct debits in the United Kingdom and is one of the most used payment services in the country. Not only can it be used for transactions, it's also a viable payment solution for online betting.

This article will take a closer look at BACS as an online payment method used on sportsbooks that accept BACS and answer the key questions everyone who wants to start online betting using BACS should know about, including: 

  1. Where to find the best BACS betting sites?
  2. How to use BACS for sports betting?
  3. What are the pros and cons of requesting withdrawal and making a deposit with BACS?

List of the Best BACS Bookies

Due to BACS' popularity as a payment option in the UK, it's no surprise that most UK sportsbooks are BACS betting sites, making it very easy for everyone who prefers to use Banker's Automated Clearing System for sports betting to find a website that will accept their deposits.

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However, while locating sportsbooks that accept BACS is easy, not every bookmaker is a good choice. Thankfully, it's easy to find good BACS betting websites if you know what to look for.

  • When deciding which BACS betting sites to sign up with, it's important to prioritize safe, legal, and secure bookmakers. The best way to ensure that BACS bookies are safe is to check whether they hold a valid gambling license.
  • Reputation is just as important as a valid gambling license, so it's advisable to check online sportsbook reviews to see what others say about it and whether they're satisfied with the product. It also pays to check the reputation of the companies behind BACS betting sites and avoid any company with a shady past – not paying customers, long withdrawal time, or other issues.
  • The best betting sites that use BACS have to have competitive betting odds, meaning their prices are better than on other sportsbooks, at least on the markets you bet on the most. Since no sportsbook will have the best odds overall, signing up with several bookmakers is wise.
  • Good market coverage is as important as competitive betting odds, as this will allow you to bet on whatever sport or league you want.
  • Good customer support is often overlooked but is a very important factor. You want to start online betting with BACS on a bookmaker that has good customer support, which ensures that if you encounter any issue, it'll get resolved quickly and efficiently. 

Make a BACS Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

All BACS betting sites will have bonuses and promotions, which is hardly surprising since all betting sites in 2024 will have some bonuses and promotions, including a joining bonus or a welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus is primarily used to attract new bettors to the platform, is typically very generous, and offers a lot of value for bettors. But any joining bonus will come with rules, mainly concerning the deposit method used and the minimum qualifying deposit.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash

Welcome bonuses are usually offered as a matched deposit bonus where the sportsbook matches your first deposit up to a certain %. So a 100% matched deposit bonus will double your first deposit – but only if you meet certain criteria.

All joining bonuses will have a minimum qualifying deposit, which enables the bonus, and all will state which deposit methods can be used to activate the bonus. Thankfully, all BACS betting sites will accept deposits with BACS as a qualifying deposit, so those who bet with BACS should only be concerned with the minimum qualifying deposit amount.

The same applies to all deposit bonuses, such as reload bonuses or promotions that grant you free spins in an online casino for making a qualifying deposit.

How to Use BACS for Betting

BACS is an excellent online payment method for transferring money between banks and as a deposit option on online betting sites. It offers fast and safe transactions and is accepted by most UK bookmakers, making it one of the most accessible payment solutions for bettors from the United Kingdom.

It's also very simple to set it up and start using BACS as a payment option, so the only real concern BACS bettors have is to find the best BACS bookies for their needs. Since it also allows withdrawals, BACS bettors don't have to have an additional payment method to cash out their winnings as they would need to with other payment methods.

So, to use BACS for betting the right way, the only two things to remember are to sign up with the best BACS betting websites and take advantage of any bonus offered.

What Is BACS?

Bankers' Automated Clearing System (BACS), also known as BACS Payment Schemes Limited, is a payment company responsible for settling and clearing direct debits. BACS is a third-party payment service used primarily to transfer money between banks, but it can also be used as a deposit method on BACS sports betting sites.

As of 2024, BACS has reportedly completed over 150 billion transactions, which is a testament to its quality, popularity, and the security it provides. As one of the most reputable payment services in the UK, BACS is also very popular among sports bettors who regularly use it to make deposits on the best online bookies in the UK.

Making Deposits with BACS

Finding sportsbooks that accept BACS isn't difficult since most UK bookmakers have BACS as one of the valid payment methods. Not only is it easy to find sportsbooks that will accept your deposits, but it's also easy to deposit with BACS.

  1. Login to the bookmaker you're using for online betting using BACS
  2. Open the banking tab
  3. Select “deposits”
  4. Pick BACS as your preferred payment method
  5. Input the required details and the amount you want to deposit
  6. Complete the transaction

Any BACS deposit is typically processed quickly; however, it can take up to three working days to complete, depending on the bank and the bookmaker you're using.

Before making a deposit with BACS, check if there is a joining bonus or any other deposit-related bonus you can claim so you don't miss out on the promotion.

Requesting Withdrawals with BACS

Besides being able to make deposits with BACS, this payment option can also be used to withdraw your winnings from all BACS betting websites. It is one of the biggest advantages of BACS over other payment methods since you don't need to use another payment option to take money out of the betting sites.

Moreover, withdrawing with BACS is very easy and quick.

  1. Login to the website that you use for online betting with BACS
  2. Navigate to the baking tab and select “withdrawal”
  3. Select BACS as your preferred payment method
  4. Provide the necessary details
  5. Confirm the withdrawal

It's important to note that regardless of which BACS betting sites you use, you have to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before the bookmaker can process withdrawals. It is due to the rules set by gambling authorities (MGA, UKGC, and others) to prevent money laundering.

Since the KYC verification can take a few days, it's wise to do it as soon as you sign up for the best betting sites that use BACS. This way, you can reduce the withdrawal time, which will be delayed until the sportsbook verifies your identity.

Fees and Limits

BACS payments – direct credit or direct debit – are some of the cheapest methods to transfer money between banks or fund your betting account. However, there are still fees associated with all BACS transfers.

BACS charges from 5p to 50p per transfer, depending on the amount of money you want to deposit, and there might be additional charges; however, the sportsbook typically covers the latter and not the user.

BACS also comes with limits; however, BACS does not set those but rather by the bank you're using. Granted, this shouldn't concern bettors too much since banks typically have extremely high limits on transfers – depending on your account type. The limits bettors should be more aware of are those set by the sportsbook.

Again, most of the best BACS betting sites have very high deposit and withdrawal limits, presenting a problem for most casual bettors. On the other side, high-rollers should consider finding the best betting sites that use BACS and offer high limits on deposits and withdrawals.

Countries Where BACS Can Be Used for Sports Betting

BACS is one of the most popular bank-to-back transfer options in the UK and can only be used in the UK.

That's because BACS' main purpose is to transfer money between UK banks, as it's operated and managed by, an organization in charge of the UK's retail interbank payment systems.

Accepted Currencies for BACS

BACS transfers are only available within the UK for transfers between UK bank accounts and, therefore, only used to process payments with the British Pound.

BACS Betting Apps

Those who prefer to bet from their phones will be happy to learn that BACS can be used as a deposit method on mobile betting apps if the mobile app is provided by one of many BACS betting sites. Even though mobile bettors can technically use a mobile website to bet from their phones, the experience is significantly worse than a betting app.

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Unlike mobile websites, mobile betting apps are much more stable, convenient, and have all the features found on the desktop website. And that includes the option to make a deposit quickly and efficiently.

So mobile bettors who are online betting using BACS should consider using a mobile app, mainly due to how convenient it is to place bets and make a mobile deposit with an app.

BACS Alternatives for Betting Online

BACS is a very solid payment method for sports betting; however, it comes with one major drawback – it's only available in the UK, meaning it's not accessible to most punters. Thankfully, there are many excellent alternatives for BACS.

  • Neteller – One of the most popular E-wallets in the world and a very popular payment solution for sports bettors. Most sportsbooks accept Neteller, work in dozens of countries, and offer safe and secure payments and withdrawals – everything a sports bettor would need.
  • Credit Card – As one of the traditional payment solutions, credit cards are accepted by all sportsbooks, including top BACS bookmakers. Credit card payments are typically fast, very safe, and accessible everywhere.
  • Crypto Payments – Crypto deposits are slowly gaining popularity among sports bettors because they're quick, safe, and completely anonymous. The only downside is that crypto payments are not accepted by most traditional sportsbooks yet; however, even that will change with time.
  • How to Stay Safe When Betting with BACS

    All transactions made with BACS are secure and safe, as it's one of the safest payment solutions on the market. However, while BACS payments are extremely safe, a bettor has to do his part in keeping himself safe, mainly concerning using safe BACS bookies and never sharing your personal information.

    Phishing scams are very common nowadays, but keeping yourself safe from them is also very easy. As long as you don't share sensitive personal information with people you don't know – particularly through emails to unknown senders – it's easy to keep yourself safe from phishing scams.

    Using only safe and legal BACS betting sites is extremely important and easy to accomplish. As long as we sign up with sportsbooks with a good reputation and valid gambling license, you can rest assured that your money and personal information will be safe.

    Likewise, mobile bettors should pay attention to which mobile apps they're downloading and preferably only download them from the official bookmaker's website.

    New Bookmakers That Accept BACS

    BACS is a very popular payment method among UK bettors, so much so that most UK sportsbooks accept BACS deposits. Not only have UK sportsbooks caught on to the popularity of BACS and started accepting BACS deposits, but the majority of new bookmakers are also BACS sports betting sites.

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    So, those who prefer online betting using BACS will have no issues registering with any new sportsbook and using their preferred payment method. However, when signing up with new sportsbooks, remember a few things.

    New sportsbooks usually don't have any reputation, and there are typically no honest reviews on them, assuming the sportsbook hasn't operated in another country before. So, it's wise to check which companies are behind the new BACS betting sites and whether they're reputable.

    Whether deciding which old BACS bookies or new BACS bookmakers to use, it's always wise to check its market coverage and whether it has competitive betting odds. Good odds and solid market coverage are essential for an enjoyable betting experience and essential for all good bookmakers.

    New sports betting sites that accept BACS usually have good bonuses and promotions, mainly the joining bonus, to attract new users. But not all do. So, checking the bonus offer before signing up with any new sportsbook is recommended.

    Is It Worth Using BACS for Betting Online?

    BACS offers secure online betting payments on any betting sites that take BACS, making all deposits safe and more convenient. Moreover, BACS can be used to claim various deposit bonuses, another big advantage over other payment solutions and a big reason why so many prefer BACS deposits over other payments.

    However, like any other payment option, BACS has advantages and disadvantages.

    • BACS is a very safe payment option
    • Customer-friendly
    • Low deposit and withdrawal charges
    • Many safe sports betting sites accept BACS
    • The withdrawal time with BACS can take a couple of days
    • Deposits can take anywhere from a few minutes to three days to complete
    • BACS can only be used in the UK

    BACS Overview

    Before we conclude our article on BACS and why it’s a solid payment solution for sports bettors, here are some interesting facts about this payment method you should know about.

    • BACS is a payment company responsible for the settlement and clearing of direct debits in the United Kingdom and is only available in the UK.
    • Since BACS is a UK payment solution, it processes payments only in British pounds.
    • Because BACS is not an international payment solution, it only supports the English language.
    • Some of the best BACS alternatives for online betting are Skrill, Neteller, crypto payments, and PaySafeCard.
    • The most popular and legal online sportsbooks that accept BACS are N1Bet, William Hill, Bet365, and BetVictor.

    Bottom Line

    It concludes our article on BACS as a payment solution for sports bettors, explaining all the pros and cons of BACS deposits, how to use it as a payment method for bookmakers, and how to find the best BACS betting sites. Now you're ready to sign up with BACS bookies and start betting, but remember to keep your spending under control and never bet with more than you can afford to lose.

    Need a bookie that accepts BACS?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is BACS?
      BACS is an electronic bank-to-bank payment method used exclusively in the United Kingdom. It offers money transfers between UK banks and can be used as a deposit method on sports betting sites.
    • How does BACS work?
      BACS is very similar to a bank transfer; however, unlike a normal bank transfer, BACS allows you to set recurring payments, making it a better and quicker solution than a bank transfer.
    • Can I use BACS for online betting?
      Yes, BACS can be used for online betting as a deposit and withdrawal method on sportsbooks. However, since it's only available in the UK, BACS can only be used for sports betting in the United Kingdom.
    • Is BACS safe?
      Yes, BACS is a very safe payment solution, offering a secure and reliable way to transfer money between banks or as a deposit method on online betting sites.
    • What are BACS deposits?
      BACS sports betting deposits are made from your bank to the bank of the bookmaker, the same way as any bank transfer, but faster and with the option to set a recurring payment.
    • Are there fees for BACS deposits?
      BACS charges fees for all money transfers, including deposits on betting sites. The fees are usually between 5p and 50p. Additionally, your bank can charge fees for transfers, but these typically fall on the bookmaker.
    • Are BACS Deposits Instant?
      No, BACS deposits are not instant. Although some might be processed quickly, within minutes, some BACS transfers can take up to three days to finish.
    • Can I claim withdrawals to BACS?
      Yes, BACS transfers support withdrawals and can be used to cash out your sportsbook winnings to your bank account.
    • What are the fees to withdraw via BACS?
      Yes, BACS does have fees for transfers, including withdrawals from sportsbooks. These fees are usually between 5p and 50p, whereas the fee charged by your bank typically falls on the sportsbook.
    • Is there a limit on my BACS transactions?
      BACS does not have any limits on its transactions. However, as a bettor, the sportsbook might limit you. All bookmakers have some limits on how much money you can deposit or withdraw at one time, granted these limits are usually high.
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