Kamaru Usman Vs. Leon Edwards 2: High Odds You Don’t Want To Miss

Kamaru Usman Vs. Leon Edwards 2 (UFC 278) | Highest Odds & Betting Tips

The UFC is picking the heat due to the upcoming fight. Bettors are looking for the highest odds for Usman vs Edwards clash at UFC 278 fight night. They will face each other after seven years, and deciding what bet to choose for this clash has been challenging.

Worry not, as we are here for the most underrated odds and betting tips for Usman – Edwards 2nd fight. Here you will know the picks you might miss for the upcoming battle that can make you rich. If you are not a risky man, it’s better to rely on our traditional review – Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards betting tips & predictions.

Kamaru Usman by Submission @ 20/1 (21.00)

Usman, an excellent wrestler, defeated Edwards the first time they met by using his strength and control. In contrast to his past matches against Covington, Masvidal, and Burns, this one will require the champion to use his wrestling skills to prevail.

Usman’s looping shots will be interrupted by Edwards’ length and straight shots (both kicks and punches) from his southpaw stance because Edwards’ striking is too precise, especially in the mid-range. So, there is an excellent chance of Usman winning by submission. This is one of the highest odds for the second fight between Usman and Edward.

Leon Edwards by Points @ 7/1 (8.00)

The physical damage to Usman is what MMA fans are most concerned about. He had to postpone this fight due to hand ligament surgery, is coming off a hard 25-minute battle with Covington, and apparently can’t run because of his terrible knees.

Since the epidemic began, the UK-based Edwards hasn’t had much opportunity to compete in the cage, but it also means the young fighter is rested and hasn’t sustained any damage in his career. With his length, straight kicks, and punches from his southpaw stance, Edwards is too precise with his hitting, especially in the mid-range. If Edwards can land his shots and control the distance, he has a good chance of winning this fight by points. This bet has underrated odds, especially if placing wagers on the best MMA betting sites with high odds.

Leon Edwards by KO/TKO @ 11/2 (6.50)

Despite being the underdog, Edwards won’t walk into the octagon on August 20, believing he has no chance of victory. Edwards has made significant progress since the first fight in this area of MMA, and he’ll be looking to stand and trade with the champion at 170-pounds for the whole duration of the fight.

Since the first battle, Edwards, who already possessed world-class striking, has significantly improved. With the alleged wounds and tears Usman is experiencing, Edwards can win this bout by KO/TKO if he can control the distance and maintain patience.

This concludes our Usman – Edwards betting prediction, which has given you all the knowledge you need to make a wise bet on the Welterweight title clash. With plenty of safer and riskier bets for the fight, here is our list of reliable betting sites for you:

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