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NFL 2023 Draft Predictions, Betting Odds & Picks (April 27-29)

NFL Draft 2023 Betting Tips & Predictions

Two months after the Super Bowl and the end of the last season, the 2023 NFL draft is heating up the expectations of the whole season. A lot of great quarterbacks like Bryce Young, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson are getting drafted this year. It’s interesting to know which direction the teams will be taking in the NFL draft, and it’s always full of surprises.

2023 NFL Draft Betting Guide

The NFL draft for this year will run for three days. The event starts with the first round on Thursday, then the second and third rounds on Friday, and the final four rounds on Saturday.

The Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, will have the event held in their hometown, Missouri. The Carolina Panthers will have the first pick in this year’s draft, followed by the Houston Texans and then the Arizona Cardinals.

ℹ️ Tournament: 2023 NFL Draft, Annual Pre-season Event
🏟️ Venue: Union Station, Kansas City, Missouri
🗓️ Dates: Thursday, 27 April to Saturday, 29 April 2023

Understanding The NFL Draft & Its History

This will be the 88th edition of the National Football League draft. The NFL draft is always held before the start of a new season, and it’s a very important event to add new talented players to their roster. Teams can also use their draft picks for future trades, for example.

The teams with the worst records in the previous season get the first chance at requiring the top players in the draft. Actually, the whole idea of this system is to strengthen the weaker teams, so they have better chances to compete. The Chicago Bears had the worst record in the NFL last season, but they traded their pick to the Carolina Panthers, hence why they have the first pick in the 2023 NFL draft.

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2023 NFL Draft: Odds for Top-5 Pick

Here’s a look at the odds of who are the main stars of the ceremony and who should be the first 5 to join new teams. Thus, the best American football bookmakers came with the following list:

  • Bryce Young @ 1.001 (1/1000)
  • Will Levis @ 1.05 (1/20)
  • CJ Stroud @ 1.14 (7/50)
  • Will Anderson @ 1.22 (11/50)
  • Tyree Wilson @ 1.22 (11/50)
  • Anthony Richardson @ 1.80 (4/5)
  • Jalen Carter @ 2.25 (5/4)
  • Paris Johnson @ 3.50 (5/2)
  • Devon Witherspoon @ 7.0 (6/1)
  • Christian Gonzalez @ 13.0 (12/1)

Bryce Young is the firm favorite to be the first player to get drafted this year, and he will definitely be in the top five. Will Levis is another quarterback that should be drafted early. CJ Stroud is ready to play right now, and the Indianapolis Colts have a lot of interest in the player.

Will Anderson can have a great defensive career with a lot of sacks with a team like the Houston Texans, for example, who have the second pick. Tyree Wilson has the athleticism and power to be a potential star in the league. Those two close the odds to be in the top-5 picks of the NFL Draft in 2023.

The chasing group starts from Anthony Richardson, who is the best mobile quarterback in this class and will have a good chance of getting picked early too. Jalen Carter is the best defensive player in the draft, and Seattle has an interest in the player, so everything is possible.

What relates to even more risky options, the left tackle Paris Johnson offers a great upside for the team that will pick him. Devon Witherspoon is a cornerback that can drastically improve any team he gets drafted into. Christian Gonzalez is the top cornerback in this draft, and he will have great chances to get into the top ten, but what about his presence in top-5 picks?

2023 NFL Draft Predictions for Top-5 & Order Tips

Anthony Richardson to Be a Top-5 Pick @ 1.80 (4/5)

Anthony Richardson is one of the best mobile quarterbacks in this draft, if not the best. He has the athleticism and size to be a great QB in the NFL, but his passing has not been that accurate in the past year. There are a lot of great quarterbacks in this draft, and Anthony offers some features that aren’t in some others. Richardson will definitely be drafted for one of the top ten picks, and he should get in the top five as well, as he is in a Lamar Jackson-like category.

Will Levis to Be the Number 1 Overall Pick @ 6.5 (11/2)

If you want to make a risky bet on NFL Draft 2023, then having Will Levis grab the first pick is a good one to make. Alabama’s Bryce Young is the best quarterback in this draft, but some teams might have a problem with his size, as he is a tiny QB compared to some of the other players in this draft. The Florida Panthers are almost certainly going to draft either Young or Levis. Will had a monster year in 2021, getting Kentucky to the top ten and barely getting beaten by Georgia. Levis has great potential to be a future star with a team like the Panthers.

Bijan Robinson to Be a Top-10 Pick @ 1.90 (9/10)

It’s not usually for running backs to be in the top ten picks in the NFL draft, but Bijan has exceptional talent and will have a great chance to be there. One of the teams that could be interested in Robinson is the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons own the 8th pick in the 2023 NFL draft and have been drafting running backs early for the past two years. Atlanta had the most running attempts in the last season, and they depend on a heavy running game.

NFL 2023 Draft Teams’ Predictions

Seattle Seahawks to Draft Jalen Carter @ 3.50 (5/2)

Jalen Carter is, without a doubt, the best defensive player in this class. The Seattle Seahawks will have the fifth pick in the draft, and they are in need of a great defensive linebacker. The Georgia player has a huge upside and can fit in with this Seattle team quickly, and they won’t need to sign a quarterback after signing an extension with Geno Smith. Jalen usually has off-court issues, but that shouldn’t be a big problem for a player like Carter.

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  • Anthony Richardson to Be a Top-5 Pick @ 1.80 (4/5)
  • Seattle Seahawks to Draft Jalen Carter @ 3.50 (5/2)

All eyes of football fans will be on the 2023 NFL draft in the next couple of days, as this event will influence the whole NFL betting strategy for the upcoming season. There are a lot of talents and great players ready to be drafted, and it should be an exciting event. Make sure to take advantage of the betting bonuses and bet on the online bookmakers to have more fun watching the event.

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