2023 LCS Spring Finals Betting Odds, Predictions & Winning Tips (League of Legends, March 23 – April 9)

League of Legends 2023 LCS Spring Finals Betting Tips & Predictions

The first split of the League Championship Series (LCS) Spring event is approaching its champion. The question is which team that will be. You may also want to learn it to place bets for the highest prizes. So, below are our expert’s 2023 LCS Spring Finals predictions and betting tips that can help you get the maximum bonuses on your bets.

LoL 2023 LCS Spring Finals: Key Info

Esports Tournament: League Championship Series Spring Finals 2023, League of Legends
Venue: Riot Games Arena, Los Angeles, USA
Dates: March 23 – April 9, 2023

You can catch the event’s live stream at LoL Esports’ official website, YouTube, and Twitch channel. To bet on League of Legends major tournaments like this one, check out the USA Esports bookies and make sweet bonuses on online your online bets.

2023 LCS Spring Finals – Bettings Odds for Favorites

After an exciting group stage, the top six teams are ready to compete for the title. However, since you cannot underestimate anyone, it will be hard to pick the outright winner. Below are the top five favorites according to bookmakers (before the group stage):

  • Team Liquid to Win @ 3.00 (2/1)
  • FlyQuest to Win @ 3.25 (9/4)
  • Evil Geniuses to Win @ 4.50 (7/2)
  • Cloud9 to Win @ 5.00 (4/1)
  • 100 Thieves to Win @ 11.00 (10/1)
  • Golden Guardians to Win @ 81 (80/1)

It is important to mention that these odds are not fresh, but there was no assured update before playoffs. You might consider, so why do we populate them here? Well, the old odds analysis will tell us better which team has performed according to the numbers and which team has against them.

For instance, Evil Geniuses were the third most likely winners, but they are currently in the lower bracket quarterfinals. On the other hand, Counter Logic Gaming had the odds at 41.0 (40/1), but they are scheduled against Cloud9 in the upper bracket semifinals (with 10 victories in the group stage). Surprisingly, Team Liquid, the biggest favorite, is out of the finals.

So, according to previous LoL odds, their current performance in the group stage, and their players’ forms, below is our expert’s LCS Spring Finals 2023 betting preview on the top three betting picks.

FlyQuest to Win @ 3.25 (9/4)

First on our list is FlyQuest, with their odds of winning the 2023 LCS Spring Finals should be around 3.25 (9/4). FlyQuest has been the team performing according to their odds and was dominant in the group stage by winning 14 out of 18 games. It means one can continue picking them in all the playoff matchups.

Their key players will be Impact and Spica. Impact is the top laner and mostly played with KSante, with a 67% win rate. While the jungler, Spica, is phenomenal with Vi, winning all four games with the champion in the event. Hence, both will play a significant role in the squad’s victory if they choose their champions wisely.

Cloud9 to Win @ 5.00 (4/1)

Cloud9 is sharing the winning score of 14 victories with FlyQuest in the group stage and is at the top. Additionally, their odds were at 5.00 (4/1), which means they even overcame overall expectations, and now their chances are even brighter. So, you can easily bet on them since Cloud9 is among the heavy lifters of the LCS Spring 2023 too, and ready to prove the odds.

Blaber will be the main player to focus on, according to our League of Legends tips. He dominated the group stage with his MonkeyKing, Maokai, and Elise champion picks. He also has the highest LCS player win percentage (among players with more than 1 game). So, in our opinion, Cloud9 will be the safest to bet on, with Blaber on their side.

100 Thieves to Win @ 11.00 (10/1)

100 Thieves are the top guns, finishing the group stage at the third spot but winning ten games (losing 8). So apparently, they’ve played somewhat against their initial odds at 11.00 (10/1). However, they won 4 of their last 5 battles, which means Thieves are pacing up their victory theft and capable of keeping up their streak. That’s what really matters in the playoffs and for successful online betting live, and it shows their consistency.

We look at 100 Thieves in more detail due to Tenacity and Doublelift. Both are performing superbly in the season. Tenacity has the second-highest solo kills (10) of the event, while Doublelift leads the most champion kill count with 104. So, if they keep up their game, you can get amazing bonuses if you choose to bet on 100 Thieves in the LCS Spring Finals 2023.

History of LCS Spring

The event was first held in 2013 as Riot Games’ major tournament for League of Legends. Before 2013, Riot Games organized the LoL tournaments in compliance with third parties, like IEM and MLG. The most successful team is Cloud9, winning five titles.

Last 5 Winners of Spring Seasons

  • 2022 – Evil Geniuses
  • 2021 – Cloud9
  • 2020 – Cloud9
  • 2019 – Team Liquid
  • 2018 – Team Liquid

2023 League Championship Series Spring Finals – Overview

Before you bet on League of Legends finals, it would be great to understand the event a little, which may help you to value your bets.

Structure & Format

This Esports LoL tournament is scheduled in two phases, Group Stage and Playoffs. After the completion of the double round-robin group stage, playoffs are in the double elimination style, where participants will compete in the best of 5 format.

Playoff Qualifiers

From the group stage, the top four teams qualified for the semifinals, while the 5th and 6th place teams cleared for the quarterfinals or simply the lower bracket (with no chance for a mistake). The Finals teams are:

  1. Cloud 9
  2. FlyQuest
  3. 100 Thieves
  4. Counter Logic Gaming
  5. Evil Geniuses
  6. Golden Guardians

Dates, Venue & Prize Pool

Round 1 of the Finals will be held on March 23-26, while round 2 is scheduled on March 30 and 31. All matches will be held in Riot Games Arena, Los Angeles, CA. Finals will take place on April 8 and 9 in the PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC. The prize pool for the finals is set at $200,000, and the winner will get $100,000.

2023 LCS Spring Finals – Expert Predictions

You’ve known the outright winners, but won’t it be great if you also earn some bonuses from the semifinals? Here are our LoL Spring Finals betting tips on the initial two games. Check out the online bookies for the LoL betting on the semifinals, and don’t miss the live action.

100 Thieves to Beat FlyQuest @ 2.75 (7/4)

Although FlyQuest is flying high, 100 Thieves will not be a sitting duck for them. Instead, we predict the latter can beat FlyQuest with highly anticipated odds at 2.75 (7/4). It is mainly due to the better form of Thieves’ Tenacity and Doublelift than Quest’s Impact and Spica.

Cloud9 to Defeat CLG by 3:1 in Maps @ 3.00 (2/1)

On the second day, Cloud9 is an obviously dominating team against Counter Logic Gaming due to their great form and better LCS Spring Finals 2023 odds. However, betting on C9 outright winning may not be profitable enough. So, you can bet on their victory by 3:1 in maps at 3.00 (2/1). CLG will likely lose, but reaching the semis is not a joke. So, we suspect they are decent enough to strike back in one game (and lose the three).

Our Final LCS Spring Finals 2023 Predictions

Our final 2023 League Championship Series Spring LoL predictions are:

  • 100 Thieves to Beat FlyQuest @ 2.75 (7/4)
  • Cloud9 to Defeat CLG by 3:1 in Maps @ 3.00 (2/1)

According to our experts, 100 Thieves played better against their odds and are pretty likely to be picked in playoff matchups. Of course, taking the title for them will be tough, but the odds should be pretty attractive. They have great players, are in amazing form, having brilliant individual performances. So, select a bookie to place your bet if you are agreed to our LoL predictions and win decent, free bet bonuses.

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