Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Predictions and Betting Preview of the Boxing Fight (October 29)

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Betting Tips and Fight Odds

While the UFC Fight Night and Bellator 287 are both occurring this Saturday night, all eyes in combat sports will firmly be on another event — Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva bout.

Coming live from the Desert Diamond Arena in Arizona this weekend, the celebrity boxing trend has taken the world by storm well and truly. Despite none of Jake Paul’s bouts having much significance in the boxing world, attention has been drawn in from his large YouTube following, making these matches huge PPV successes. Facing off against former UFC champion and now 47-year-old Anderson Silva, expect nothing different this weekend.

We break down each fighter’s form and advantages before considering the latest Anderson Silva vs Jake Paul odds and offering our expert predictions.

Event: Exhibition boxing fight, catchweight
Venue: From 9:00 PM E.T., October 29th, 2022
Date: Desert Diamond Arena, Glendale, Arizona, USA

Anderson Silva vs Jake Paul Betting Odds

Here’s a quick overview of the Jake Paul and Anderson Silva odds by US bookmakers ahead of Saturday’s bout:

  • Jake Paul to Win @ 1.67 (4/6)
  • Anderson Silva to Win @ 2.25 (5/4)

Betting on a winner from this fight is about as tight as it gets, with the bookies placing these two fighters neck and neck. Jake Paul’s fight betting is slightly more substantial, with odds of 1.67 (4/6) for the YouTuber ahead of Silva’s 2.25 (5/4).

Paul vs Silva: Head-to-Head & Trash Talks

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva are yet to meet each other in the ring, but already there have been words exchanged that add to the suspense of this match-up.

Before this weekend, a film crew followed both fighters to capture highlights from their preparation. During one of these filming sessions, Jake Paul can be heard saying, “knockout of the year incoming,” as he reviews footage from Anderson Silva’s last fight.

Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, is also a famous YouTube star who has been vocal about Paul’s chances.

Jake Paul Form

Having debuted as a professional boxer less than two years ago, Paul has raced to a record of 5-0-0.

Until late last year, Paul was considered a novelty that no one in the boxing world should take seriously. However, his rematch against Tyron Woodley caught the world’s attention when he scored ESPN’s knockout of the year, putting his opponent to sleep.

Paul’s Advantages Over Silva

Paul’s most significant advantage by far is youth. He is 22 years younger than Silva, coming in at almost half his age. Add to this his muscle mass, knockout power, and the confidence of an unbeaten celebrity boxer, and Paul has the weapons needed to damage Silva.

Anderson Silva Form

Silva comes into this fight with a 3-1-0 record in boxing, having won the two fights he had last year. However, Silva’s 34-11-0 mixed martial arts record is more important, where he spent 14 years fighting in the UFC, climbing his way to the middleweight title.

Silva’s Advantages Over Paul

The 47-year-old Silva may be in the twilight of his career, but he still has much to bring to this fight. He has an overwhelming advantage when it comes to experience in the ring and fight IQ, and he also carries a reputation as one of the most fearsome fighters in the UFC. While he is no longer a fighter, he is in his prime. Silva still can land a knockout blow, having done so this time last year against Tito Ortiz.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Predictions

If you’re looking to bet on Jake Paul or have a bit of skin in the game when you tune into the PPV this weekend, then here are three of our expert predictions about the best bets to make on this fight:

Paul to Win by Knockout @ 3.75 (11/4)

Jake Paul has knocked out every man that has stepped in the ring with him in the last two years.

The one time he failed to score a knockout against Tyron Woodley in August 2021, he promptly righted the record by landing ESPN’s knockout of the year against him a short four months later in their rematch. There’s no doubt that Paul’s style is geared towards searching for openings and landing knockout blows, leveraging his big muscle mass and power.

Paul Knockout Woodley in 2021

This is precisely what he will try to do against Anderson Silva this Saturday, and with the veteran’s reflexes beginning to slow at age 47, there’s every chance that Paul will be successful in finding a chink in the UFC star’s armour. With odds of 3.75 (11/4), USD betting sites can convert your dollars bet into a good win.

Paul to Win Round 5-8 @ 8.00 (7/1)

Anderson Silva will be the most experienced fighter that Paul has faced up against.

While Silva is 22 years older than Paul and may struggle to find the motivation to bring his best physically into this match, he still has a depth of experience that can’t be denied. We believe this match will likely end in a Paul knockout; however, Anderson will do an excellent job of initially frustrating and evading Paul.

Expect this one to unfold similarly to Paul’s last fight, where the two are evenly matched and go head to head for the first half before Paul pounces when fatigue begins to set in towards the end. A late knockout to Paul is very much a possibility.

Silva to Win on Points @ 6.00 (5/1)

In saying this, the experience of Anderson Silva is not to be underestimated.

Depending on what Silva turns up to fight, there’s a chance that he will be crafty enough to take a win on points against Paul. He holds a height, reaches an advantage over the celebrity boxer, and has a wealth of experience in the ring. If he adapts his fight style to evade and pick off points, Silva could avoid Paul’s knockout power and overwhelm the younger, less experienced fighter, getting a win on points.

It’s a risk, but with a return of 6.00 (5/1), it is worth betting on.

Paul vs Silva – Bonus Pick

For those who want to gain some status and go for a big return while they’re watching the live stream of this fight, here’s our BetZillion bonus pick:

Paul to Win in Sixth Round @ 26.00 (25/1)

Will lightning strike twice on the weekend?

In his last match, Jake Paul scored a sixth-round knockout that echoed through the boxing world, landing a clean hook on Tyron Woodley to put him away for the night. If Paul manages to repeat this feat, it will be worth 26.00 (25/1).

With the YouTuber overheard saying he would score the knockout of the year against Silva and the balance of youth and experience likely to see this fight surpass the halfway mark, this could be an excellent bet.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Betting Tips

  • Paul to Win by Knockout @ 3.75 (11/4)
  • Paul to Win Round 5-8 @ 8.00 (7/1)
  • Paul to Win in Sixth Round @ 26.00 (25/1)

The best boxing betting sites are available at BetZillion, where these suggested bets and many more are available to bet on ahead of this weekend’s big fight. Can Jake Paul continue surprising the boxing world and prove himself to be a genuine talent, or will the experience of Anderson Silva win out? All will be revealed on October 29th.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva boxing bout?
    This Saturday, October 29th, from 9:00 PM ET.
  • How to watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva fight?
    The match will be a PPV fight and can be purchased on Showtime in the USA.
  • Who beat Jake Paul before?
    Paul is undefeated in his five professional boxing fights since his debut in January 2020.
  • Who beat Anderson Silva?
    Silva was only defeated once in a professional boxing match by Osmar Luiz Teixeira in 1998.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts
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