2022 NBA Playoffs Odds & Predictions (April 16 – May 30)

2022 NBA Playoffs Betting Tips & Predictions | Odds on NBA Playoffs 2022

Read through our article to find the best NBA Playoffs 2022 predictions and tips with top 2022 NBA playoffs odds courtesy of the most popular NBA bookmaker.

Now that the 2021/22 NBA regular season is in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to check out what the world’s top basketball league playoffs have in store for us. Our in-depth NBA playoffs betting preview provides you with all the information you’ll need to decide which basketball bet you should take.

2022 NBA Playoffs Odds – Eastern Conference Bookies’ Favourites & Predictions

The NBA Eastern Conference will produce an exciting battle between some of the league’s top teams. Even though the Milwaukee Bucks (9/4) are the favourites to win it all, a few other teams in the conference should feel confident about their chances to upset the Bucks.

Milwaukee Bucks (9/4)

Led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks look like a serious threat to repeat their success from last year and claim the clubs’ second championship. And there is no denying that the Bucks are in an excellent spot to win their third conference title.

A lot will come down to the team’s star player Antetokounmpo, which might not sound optimal, but very few teams in the league have the tools to deal with the Greek Freak. And that is the main thing that makes Milwaukee such a scary team.

The only problem Bucks have to address is their defense, which they will need to improve if they want to emerge as the winners again and justify their tag as one of the favourites on the 2022 NBA playoffs odds markets. As it stands now, Milwaukee’s defensive rating is outside of the top 10 in the league; however, we saw the Bucks improve their D-game in the 2021 playoffs, and the same thing might happen again with Brook Lopez back and ready to play.

Besides the Bucks’ talent, their Eastern Conference finals road is relatively straightforward. They are heavily favoured to defeat Chicago Bulls in round one (Bulls are 4/1 underdogs with the 2021-22 NBA Playoff betting odds), which would set them up to face Boston Celtics as the only team standing in their way to the Eastern Conference. And once you’re there, you’re just a couple of steps away from hoisting the trophy.

Brooklyn Nets (7/2)

Brooklyn Nets are very hard to figure out, and the betting line on them has been very volatile throughout the entire year. However, this is an incredibly talented roster, and even though the Nets had a very turbulent season behind them, there is a good reason why they’re priced as one of the favourites to win the East.

The fact that Brooklyn Nets need to win the play-in tournament to even get into the playoffs, and yet they’re priced as the second-favourites to win the Eastern Conference, speaks volumes of how highly online betting sites regard them. Of course, that makes sense since this is a team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who will be incredibly tough to stop for other teams if they get their wheels spinning.

The problem with the Nets is that this team doesn’t have many bright spots besides Durant and Irving. Ben Simmons might return to the court for the playoffs, but realistically, how much can you expect from someone who hasn’t played professional basketball in one year? Moreover, he wasn’t a standout performer for the 76ers in last year’s playoffs.

Brooklyn Nets have the tools to do some damage, but there are way too many question marks above this team for us to feel confident.

Boston Celtics (7/2)

The Boston Celtics will have a lot to prove if they want to justify their tag as the 3rd-best team in the East, and the NBA playoffs bracket they’ve found themselves in won’t do them any favours. Still, you have to give the Celtics some props for turning things around this season.

Boston ended the season 51-31, earning them the second seed,  which is impressive, knowing that they were 19-21 in January. The Celtics went on a 32-10 over the last 3 months to put it into perspective.

Their defense was the key factor that helped the Celtics achieve the unthinkable. They also ended the season with 104 points per 100 possessions, which is the second-best figure in the league – behind only Golden State. As a wise man once said, “defense wins championships,” and the Celtics will be the team to put that statement to the test.

Perhaps we shouldn’t get too excited about the Celtics and their defense since it won’t be at full strength heading into the NBA playoffs bracket. As an NBA predictor, you should know that the team’s best blocker, Robert Williams had to undergo surgery in March, and while he could return to play, we don’t know for sure.

Admittedly, the Celtics still have Grant Williams, Al Horford, and Daniel Theis, but Robert’s absence will be noticeable.

The Boston Celtics could impress, but they still need to make it past the 76ers and Bucks, which might be too much to ask. It is a strong team, but there are better picks out there.

2022 NBA Playoffs Odds – Eastern Conference Finals Prediction

Milwaukee Bucks are easily the strongest team in the East and should have a relatively easy road to the finals. The question is, which team will join them?

There are many great picks, but if we had to pick between the teams and decide on one, it would be the Philadelphia 76ers.

Priced as high as 6/1 to win the Eastern Conference, the Philadelphia 76ers offer plenty of value mainly because they are the fourth seed which puts them in a reasonably favourable NBA playoffs bracket.

They need to make it past Toronto Raptors, which should come easy, and their next opponents will likely be the Miami Heat, who the 76ers should be able to take care of. The strong Embiid-Harden duo will be extremely tough to top, and if the rest of the teams figure things out, the 76ers might even push for the Eastern Conference title.

Are they better than the Milwaukee Bucks currently? It doesn’t seem like it, but the Philadelphia 76ers have a solid upside and might surprise many.

Eastern Conference Finals Prediction:  Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers

2022 NBA Playoffs Odds – Western Conference Bookies’ Favourites & Predictions

Historically, the Western Conference is the most vital in the NBA, which promises a close battle for the conference title. It is bound to produce a solid favourite to win the championship all the way.

And when we talk about teams that can reach the final game and win the Western Conference, one stands out – Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix Suns (Evs)

It even feels weird to explain why Phoenix Suns have the shortest odds on NBA playoffs 2022 Western Conference outright markets. And even though they’re priced at just above even money on most NBA sportsbooks, this price is as fair as it gets.

Remember that Phoenix Suns ended the regular season with a 64-18 record, which becomes even more impressive if we note that no other team in the West produced more than 56 wins. The Suns were the best western team during the regular season and will be the best western team heading into the playoffs this weekend.

And the Suns made the 2021 NBA playoffs, which some may argue was a fluke, but if a team goes 64-18 the following year, it might be time to start believing that the Phoenix Suns might be very good.

The suns are on a mission, and very few teams in the league even have the tools to stop them.

Golden State Warriors (4/1)

If there is one team in the West that has a chance (albeit slim) to derail Phoenix Suns and deny them a successful ending to the season, it’s Golden State Warriors. Priced at 4/1 on the Western Conference NBA playoffs odds for 2022, Golden State Warriors were right up there with the Suns at the start of the season, but a streak of injuries saw the former champions slump.

Most notably, Golden State Warriors have been without Steph Curry since mid-March due to a foot injury, but there are reports that Curry could return to the team before the Warriors step into the NBA playoffs bracket.

Interestingly, without Curry, the Warriors went 8-10, so it’s more than fair to say that his availability will be critical to their success. Without knowing whether Steph will play, it’s hard to add the Warriors to our betting tips list. If he does, the Warriors might be one of the most exciting bettings picks at 4/1, but we have one more team to look at.

Memphis Grizzlies (11/2)

Memphis Grizzlies were not as impressive as Phoenix Suns this season, but they finished with a respectable record of 56-26, and they achieved that despite missing Ja Morant for 25 games! Yet interestingly, the Grizzlies won 20 of the 25 games Morant has missed.

Some may see that as an indication that Morant is not as important, but it mainly has to do with the strength of the rest of the team and the incredible work coach Taylor Jenkins has put in to produce one of (if not the) deepest squads in the league.

Grizzlies are priced as high as 11/2 to win the Western Conference, which seems too high, and we’re confident that their odds on NBA playoffs 2022 underestimate the Grizzlies by quite a bit. This team went 28-18 against teams with positive records this season, showing that the Grizzlies are legitimate contenders to make a splash.

2022 NBA Playoffs Odds – Western Conference Finals Prediction

The West has many great teams, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see Dallas Mavericks or Utah Jazz produce a couple of upset wins. But barring any shock results, it’s hard to imagine Western Conference finals that won’t include Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies.

These are 2 of the strongest teams in the West, seeded on opposite sides of the NBA playoffs bracket. The Suns will have a much easier road to the final game, but even the Grizzlies should have a straight road as long as they can deliver against Golden State.

The question of what the Western Conference final match will look like is not so much about which 2 teams will make it this far. But rather what the NBA playoff game odds for the 2022 Western Conference final will be.

Western Conference Finals Prediction: Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies

Past Winners & Most Titled Teams

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most successful club in the history of the NBA, with 17 championship titles and 15 runner-up finishes. Close behind are the Boston Celtics, with 17 titles but only 4 finals appearances.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are also the only 2 teams in history to win the NBA championship more than 6 times, with Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors the only 2 teams to win it more than 5 times (6).

  • 2021 – Milwaukee Bucks
  • 2020 – Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2019 – Toronto Raptors
  • 2018 – Golden State Warriors
  • 2017 – Golden State Warriors

Time and Date of the Tournament

The 2022 NBA Playoffs will kick off on Saturday, April 16, and conclude on Monday, May 30, with the grand final. As one of the most prestigious and popular sporting events globally, particularly in the United States, the 2022 NBA Playoffs will be well-covered by all sporting TV channels.

So you can rest assured that you will be able to watch live games no matter where you live. Moreover, NBA games will also be accessible on live-streaming websites and any sportsbook that offers in-play betting with live-streaming options.

Not only will the 2022 NBA Playoffs be readily available on several mediums. As a bettor, you should also know that many online bookmakers will have special bet bonuses – free bets and 2022 NBA Playoffs bet of the day offers and promotions ready. So check whether the bookie you pick has any bonuses available.

NBA Playoffs Predictions for 2022

We looked over the best teams heading into the 2022 NBA Playoffs and mentioned a few priced as the underdogs on the 2022 NBA playoffs odds markets, but they might be worth a bet. So now it’s time to check out our best NBA Playoffs betting picks and predictions you should follow.

Phoenix Suns to Win Western Conference – Evs

The NBA Western Conference does seem like a one-horse race, and while anything can happen, it’s tough to find a good reason to fade Phoenix Suns. The Suns had the best regular-season record and are arguably the most well-rounded team in the league – without any apparent weaknesses.

Admittedly, the Suns lost last year’s final game against the Bucks, despite holding a 2-0 series lead. And while that incident might suggest that the Suns are “chokers,” we see it as a valuable experience that can help the Suns make one final push for the trophy. They have the talent to do so; it all comes down to execution.

Philadelphia 76ers to Win Eastern Conference – 6/1

We like Milwaukee Bucks and have no issues with the highest odds betting sites pricing them as the main favourites to win the Eastern Conference. But at 6/1, there is enough value on the Philadelphia 76ers to upset the reigning NBA champions and claim the East for themselves.

As long as Embiid and Harden pairing can deliver and play the way we know they can, the 76ers will be tough to stop, and we have figures to back that up. The 76ers had outscored their opponents by 15.9 points per 100 possessions when Embiid and Harden were on the court together, and you can be sure they will get a lot of minutes in the playoffs.

The only real concern about the 76ers is their defense, but this team has a strong upside and is worth adding to our betting guide as a value pick to win the Eastern Conference.

Philadelphia 76ers to Win the NBA Championship – 14/1

No betting preview is complete without a longshot bet, and we’re looking at the Philadelphia 76ers to go all the way and lift the trophy. The best wagers to take are Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks as they’re both battle-tested teams who met in the finals last season, but rather than betting on one of the favourites this year, we will chase a higher payout on the 76ers.

Admittedly, if the 76ers meet either of the 2 teams, they’re most likely to lose, but many people seem to forget how high the 76ers ceiling is. The only thing this team needs to improve is a defense to be considered legitimate title contenders, and with the veteran players on the roster, you can be sure there will be some improvement once the playoffs hit.

NBA Playoffs 2022 Predictions – Bonus Pick

If the Philadelphia 76ers managed to win the league, it would likely be thanks to Joel Embiid, who is priced as high as 15/1 to be the NBA 2021/22 Finals MVP. 76ers will have a tough road to the top, but they can do it, and if they do, we will have Embiid to thank.

Prediction: Joel Embiid NBA Finals MVP – 15/1

Our NBA Playoffs 2022 Betting Tips

  1. Phoenix Suns to win Western Conference – Evs
  2. Philadelphia 76ers  to win Eastern Conference – 6/1
  3. Philadelphia 76ers to win the NBA Championship – 14/1
  4. Joel Embiid NBA Finals MVP – 15/1

That concludes our 2022 NBA Playoffs betting guide and preview, providing you with 4 excellent betting picks to follow. But before you place your wagers, visit the best NBA betting sites and gamble with only the safest NBA bookies!

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