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NFL Betting Strategy

Nfl Betting Strategy

You need a proper NFL betting system. The NFL is one of the biggest sports in betting. Everyone bets the NFL – that goes double for the Super Bowl. You shouldn’t always waste your money on the favorites or underdogs. Online betting sites have various NFL wagers you can put your money on to get the most out of them.

While there’s no guarantee that a sports betting strategy on NFL might work, it does increase your winning chances. You won’t win all the time, but you will have at least a plan that will yield positive results.

What Is an NFL Betting Strategy?

Since the NFL is one of the biggest sports leagues in the USA and the world, bookies have invented various markets to bet on. We’re not just talking about favourites and underdogs – picking the winner is a given. However, there are plenty of other markets, such as point spreads, props, and totals, you should consider when betting on the NFL or the Super Bowl.

A good NFL sports betting strategy that focuses on one thing or the other will provide great results in the long run. You shouldn’t expect wins and big money immediately, but choosing a good strategy and the best bets will make all the difference in the long run.

Types of NFL Bets

As mentioned earlier, sportsbooks these days have a bunch of NFL markets you can put your money on. We’re also talking about moneylines, over/under, point spreads, and live bets. These are available during the regular season and the playoffs and culminate with the largest annual sports event in the USA – the Super Bowl.

Let’s see what the most popular NFL sports betting markets are.

Moneylines in NFL Betting

Moneylines are the simplest NFL betting market. Even a newbie can pick the match winner. Maybe not successfully, but still. Let’s see an example:

  • Rams: -180
  • Falcons: +150

In this case, the Rams are the favourites, which means that a $190 bet on them will deliver a $100 profit. To place a moneyline on the Falcons, you will win $150 on every $100 you wager, so a bigger profit than the favourites.

NFL Point Spreads

The best NFL betting strategy is to bet on point spreads. This market doesn’t concern itself with the winner. Instead, you’re betting on the winning margin.

The standard juice on both sides of a point spread in the NFL is -110. The team with the – sign before the odds is the favourite to win by the indicated number of points. A team with a + sign is the underdog.

  • Rams: -5.5
  • Falcons: +5.5

In this case, winning against the Rams requires them to win by 6 points or more. Any other margin is a loss. If you bet on the Falcons, they can lose by 5 points or fewer, and you would still win the bet.

NFL Point Totals

The totals market, also known as O/U or over/under, is betting on the total number of points scored in an NFL match. It’s a great betting strategy for NFL, as you’re not picking a winner or a winning margin.

If, for example, the line for a Rams-Falcons match is 47.5, you can bet over or under that number. You then wait to see if the combined point total nabs you the win.

Proposition Wagers in NFL Betting

Proposition bets, or props for short, are a wager that is not tied to the score or winning margin/number of points scored. It focuses on other aspects, such as individual performances.

For example, you can bet on any QB to score or a team hitting 20 points. It’s a bet on something happening in the game rather than the score, making it a unique NFL football betting strategy.

NFL Parlays

You can make an NFL parlay if you don’t want to bet on a single team. Parlays include more teams on a single bet, but the downside is that they all have to come out the way you predicted.

If one team loses, your whole bet goes down.

NFL Futures Bets

Futures are a bet on a future event that’s not decided immediately. For example, it’s a bet on who wins a conference. Betting on the Super Bowl earlier is also a future bet. These lines may not be instantly available at sportsbooks, but Super Bowl odds are usually available months before the event.

How to Bet on the NFL MVP

Betting on the NFL is not rocket science. Sportsbooks these days have made the process streamlined and easier than ever. You can pick the sport from the menu and see all the available markets. From there, betting on the NFL is as easy as clicking on the odds.

You can use any NFL betting system while placing your bets. No sportsbook is against it, but if you try and cheat, you will get caught, so think about legit strategies instead of cheating.

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Betting Strategy

In recent years, bettors have turned to new and exciting markets rather than sticking to moneylines or outrights. One of the best betting strategies for the NFL is betting on the offensive ROY. It’s the smart pick, as this strategy can be rewarding since we’re talking about rooks. The odds are always high, and if you follow college football and have a pretty good idea of who might win the reward, this strategy can pay off big time.

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Betting Strategy

Just like betting on the offensive rookie of the year is a strategy, you can also use one on the best defensive rook. Both strategies require a bit of knowledge and a lot of previous insight into the defensive abilities of the rooks in the running.

Those who follow college football should have it easier. Of course, you can also make a random pick, but that’s not one of the smartest NFL betting strategies.

NFL Individual Awards Betting Strategies

Many bettors stick to individual NFL awards as a smart betting strategy for the NFL. It means going for regular season MVP, Super Bowl MVP, or any other individual award players can win. It’s a good strategy but not one for bettors who like to win soon.

With awards issued at the end of the season, you’ll have to wait to see if your strategy worked.

How the NFL Betting Strategy Works

Having a betting strategy is very important, NFL or otherwise. If you’re planning to make money out of online sports betting, you need a plan. You can’t randomly pick teams or players and hope for the best. Proper preparation and planning are required, and the best betting strategy for the NFL offers precisely that.

When you find a strategy that works, you should stick to it. It doesn’t promise to win all the time, nor does it promise big prizes. However, you will succeed more with a proper NFL strategy than with making picks off a betting site and putting your money on them.

Basic NFL Betting Strategies

Many different NFL betting systems work great during the regular seasons, playoffs, and the Super Bowl. Below we’ll list just a few to get you started.

Basic Value Betting

Value betting is a wager where you believe the chances of an event happening are more significant than the odds on offer. Values betting is a great strategy in the NFL, where you might run across great odds at online American football sportsbooks. Going value bet hunting is an excellent NFL betting strategy many bettors use. It takes a bit of time, but you should be able to find value bets if you shop for odds.

Situational Handicapping

Situational handicapping is based on knowledge of the game and any factors that may impact the odds. Which factors are we talking about? History is one of them. You should always look at the history between the teams and see if a handicap can be applied. The same goes for the medical status of both teams. In this case, an injured star player makes great use of situational handicapping.

Using Public Opinion for NFL Betting

You can always listen to what experts or everyday bettors say for a game and use that as a strategy. It won’t work, but experts know all the facts and can usually predict games correctly. The same goes for veteran bettors who make money from NFL betting strategies.


One of the simplest strategies for NFL betting is picking the favourite or underdog, which is legit but not profitable in the long run. Favourites don’t win all the time, and neither do underdogs lose. If you ask us, using another NFL football betting strategy is the best.

Advanced NFL Betting Strategies

The NFL strategies we mentioned above were basic. Now we move on to something more advanced with their fans among experienced bettors.

NFL Middles

The middle is a betting strategy where bettors place bets on both sides at different lines to win both bets. This NFL betting system arises when lines have moved after the bet has been placed. That sounds like arbitrage betting, but you’re not betting on moneylines, but point spreads or totals this time.

For example, if you have a bet placed on -3.5 but moved to -4.5 a week later, you can bet on both as a guarantee that at least one of those bets will win.

NFL Futures

As the name suggests, NFL future is a strategy that allows you to bet on a future event. For example, you can now predict the Super Bowl winner in 2023. Other popular NFL futures include NFC or AFC winners, league MVPs, and Super Bowl MVPs.

NFL Season Win Totals

This popular market allows you to bet on the win totals of teams during the regular season. It’s an over/under market – for example, you can bet on the Cowboys winning over or under 10 games. Look at the previous seasons to see if the line is realistic.

Basic or Advanced?

What’s the best NFL betting strategy – basic or advanced? It depends. If you’re new to NFL betting, basic strategies are easier to follow. On the other hand, pro bettors will stick to futures or different advanced strategies. An NFL betting strategy on the favourite against the spread is one option, but so are win totals and futures.

Try them all yourself, and you’ll find one that fits your bankroll and needs.

Final Words

Betting on the NFL is not hard, but throwing random bets out there is not a strategy you should try. If you want to be successful, you must use NFL betting strategies to your advantage.

We described the best basic and advanced strategies in the paragraphs above. All that remains for you is to try them all and see which fits your betting style the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best NFL betting strategy?
    There’s no such thing as the best strategy for NFL betting. Some people like to bet points spreads, and others stick to futures. There are different strategies for all bettors, and it’s up to you to make the pick.
  • Is it possible to make money on NFL betting?
    Yes, it is. You can make money on NFL betting online by using the right approach and sticking to a strategy. You have to be patient and bet responsibly.
  • How do I make the most money on NFL betting?
    Parlays and props offer the biggest returns on NFL bets. Of course, they are both highly risky, so don’t expect to win them just by putting them on your slip.
Jimmy Daytona
Writer & Tipster

Jimmy is our on-duty tipster and writer. His favorite sports are cricket, tennis, and basketball. If you’re looking for the best betting tips in the business, Jimmy’s your guy. His tips and events previews are among the most read at BetZillion.

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