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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on The Voice
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Find the Best Place to Bet on The Voice
Rebecca E
The Voice is a highly popular TV show and reality competition watched by millions of people worldwide. But not only is it popular among viewers, but there’s also a dedicated group of people who bet on it. Betting on reality TV shows is nothing new and can be an interesting way to spice up your betting endeavor.

However, betting on TV shows is different from betting on sports, and there are a few things any aspiring punter should know. This article will teach you all about it and answer three key questions:

  1. Where to find the best The Voice betting sites?
  2. How to bet on The Voice?
  3. How to find the best The Voice bets?

Best Betting Sites to Bet on The Voice

The Voice is a reality TV show, which puts it into a category of niche competitions to bet on. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that there are many bookmakers where betting on The Voice is possible. The trick is to find the best The Voice betting sites.

It’s important to note that while The Voice is a highly popular show, it’s still a TV show, and therefore, it’s not covered as well by online betting sites as sports or Esports. It’s still a very niche betting market.

Nevertheless, it’s not hard to find betting odds on The Voice since the competition is still covered by most of the top bookmakers in the world. So, as long as punters use big-brand sportsbooks such as Paddy Power, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Sportsbet, Sky Bet, or BetOnline, they’ll find a Vegas betting line for The Voice.

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So not only are the best The Voice online bookmakers usually big-brand sportsbooks, but they’re typically also the only betting sites where it’s possible to place The Voice bet. When discussing which bookmakers offer The Voice betting odds, it’s also important to remember that the show runs in several countries.

Even though it’s possible to bet on The Voice Australia and find The Voice US betting odds on the same bookmakers, it’s typically best to use a US bookmaker to bet on the US show and an Australian or English bookmaker for The Voice Australia betting or The Voice UK betting.

About Our Recommendations of The Voice Betting Sites

Finding The Voice betting odds isn’t as tricky as it may seem since most bigger sportsbooks have available markets – largely due to the growing demand for The Voice bets. However, before we sign up with a bookmaker to bet on The Voice, we have to make sure that it’s a good choice: has The Voice odds, is safe, and more.

Here are some of the most important things to check before registering with a bookmaker to place The Voice bet with and some key factors we consider when recommending The Voice bookmakers.

Criteria Explanation
Coverage of The Voice Bets Good bookmakers for The Voice betting have to offer The Voice odds and have good The Voice betting market coverage. That mainly concerns the types of The Voice bets it’s possible to place with the sportsbooks, which should include The Voice finale winner predictions, The Voice finalists predictions, and preferably a few specials such as top 3, top 4, top 5, top 6, top 8, and top 9 finishes, semi-finals predictions, cross battles predictions, predictions for elimination, and other specials.
Competitive Lines Good betting sites to use to bet on The Voice with must-have competitive lines, or in other words, offer competitive The Voice odds, ensuring that we can bet with fair prices and set ourselves up for higher profits. Since no one bookmaker will have the best The Voice betting market offer, it’s usually best to have accounts with several bookmakers and line shops, i.e., look around all bookmakers and place our predictions of The Voice winner with the betting sites that have the best odds.
Safety and Security Even though it’s wise to look for bookmakers with good The Voice market coverage and great odds on favorite to win The Voice, it’s even more crucial to register with betting sites that are safe and legit. It should be the punter’s number one priority, as signing up with safe and licensed bookmakers is the only way to ensure that our money and personal information will be secure.
Banking Options Nowadays, banking options aren’t as big of a factor when selecting a bookmaker for betting on The Voice since most betting sites have a good selection of deposit and withdrawal options. But it can’t be ignored. Ensure that you’re signing up with sportsbooks with the deposit method you prefer, check if the bookmaker has any additional deposit fees, and check the withdrawals and the withdrawal/deposit times.
Reputation and History Bookmaker’s security is important, ensuring your money and personal information is safe. However, reputation is just as important as a valid betting license. A bookmaker can be licensed and legal; however, if it has a bad reputation among punters, it’s usually not a good choice. There can be many reasons why the bookmaker has a bad reputation, but most commonly, it has to do with slow withdrawals or poor practices of quickly limiting winning bettors.
Ease of Use Top betting sites come with a well-designed website that works without issues and is easy to use. Although an often overlooked factor, it’s wise to sign up with a bookmaker who can provide a solid platform where bettors can have an enjoyable betting experience.
Quality Customer Service Quality customer support is another factor often overlooked by bettors looking for a betting site; however, there’s no denying it’s very important. Even though most punters won’t ever have to contact customer support with a serious problem, having access to quality customer service ensures that any issues you might come across will be resolved quickly and efficiently.
Mobile Compatibility Those who prefer to use their mobile devices to bet on The Voice must ensure they register with mobile-compatible betting sites. Nowadays, all bookmakers have a mobile website; however, not all have a mobile betting app, which is far more convenient. Any punter who bets from their mobile should look to register with the latter.
Bonuses and Promotions Even bookmakers that will offer The Voice betting market won’t have any The Voice-exclusive bonuses and promotions. Some might, but those are few and far between. Still, when choosing betting sites to sign up with, it’s advisable to pick ones that have some bonuses and promotions, which can include generic bonuses such as deposit bonuses, enhanced odds, and other promotions. Those can be valuable when making The Voice winner predictions, particularly deposit match bonuses and other promotions that grant you free wagering cash.
Withdrawal Speeds Withdrawal speeds will vary depending on our payment method, but it will mostly depend on the sportsbook. Some betting sites that can be used for betting on The Voice will have their withdrawal speeds listed, and those are worth checking out to ensure how fast we can cash out our winnings.

The Voice Odds

The best sportsbooks for betting on The Voice must, naturally, have great The Voice odds. It’s important to note that there is no one bookmaker with the best The Voice odds, but there are many that offer competitive The Voice finale odds.

The best way to ensure we have access to the best prices is to sign up with several bookies and line shops, i.e., look through all available The Voice finale odds and place bets with the betting sites with the best offer. The only way to have the best odds for your The Voice finalist predictions is to find them yourself by searching through the market offers of all The Voice online bookmakers.

The Voice Historical Odds

Historical The Voice odds will show the prices of previous winners and how the markets moved from the start of the competition until the end of the season. Historical odds are very valuable for sports betting since there are patterns we can follow; however, with The Voice betting, it gets a bit trickier, as there are no repeat contenders.

Nominee Historical Odds
⭐ Bodie 16/5
⭐ Morgan Myles 4/1
⭐ Parijita Bastola 5/1
⭐ Bryce Leatherwood 13/2
⭐ Omar Jose Cardona 14/1
⭐ Brayden Lape 18/1
⭐ Justin Aaron 22/1
⭐ Rowan Grace 28/1
⭐ Kim Cruse 62/1
⭐ Devix 70/1

Still, understanding how the odds moved in previous seasons can help you find the best bets for this season, so there are some advantages to having access to historical The Voice odds.

Offers & Promotions

Nowadays, all bookies have some bonuses and promotions available since bonuses have become more of a mandatory feature than something extra. Yet there’s still a big difference between sportsbooks and their offers.

Some might have fewer but more generous offers, others will have more promotions but are less generous, and some bookies sit somewhere in between. So, while it’s wise to register with bookmakers with the best bonuses, you can rest assured that any bookies will have at least some offers.

100% up to $500
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Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
Rakeboost bonus
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When we talk about specific bonuses and promotions, the line becomes a bit clearer, especially when considering bonuses and promotions for The Voice. The Voice online bookmaker will occasionally have some bonuses for The Voice, but this won’t always be the case.

The Voice is a very niche betting market, and since it’s not getting as much attention, it’s much tougher to find betting sites with special promotions. However, it’s not like the best The Voice bookies have to have The Voice-exclusive bonuses.

Some of the best The Voice bookmakers won’t have any The Voice promotions, but instead, generic offers such as offs boosts, reload bonuses, free bets, and other bonuses can be just as useful for anyone making his The Voice winner predictions.

The Voice Specials

The Voice is a very straightforward competition. It features singers who compete to be recognized as the best unsigned talent in the country. Several enter the competition, and one comes out on top.

However, while there’s nothing special about The Voice and its format, using the best The Voice bookie will give punters access to several specials or special markets, expanding the betting options above moneyline bets.


Betting on the favorite is the simplest approach to making The Voice finale predictions, and some sportsbooks will even offer enhanced odds on the favorite. But this is usually not the best idea as there’s usually more value to be found using a different strategy – The Voice against all odds betting – or, in other words, backing one of the outsiders.


Whether you’re using the best The Voice bookie or any sportsbook that accepts The Voice predictions, you’ll find the “winner” or outright winner market. With this bet, you predict which singer will win the season and be crowned the next The Voice champion.

This bet works the same way as any outright bet on sports, Esports, or other reality shows and can be placed before the season starts or while making your The Voice finalist predictions ahead of the finals.

It’s important to note that The Voice is a franchise with several winners each season. So when placing predictions for The Voice winner, we have to ensure that we’re betting on the right markets.

The Voice Previous Winners

The Voice is an international reality TV singing competition in dozens of countries worldwide. However, of all the shows, the US version is by far the most popular since it has been around for the longest, with some of its winners going on to have very successful singing careers.

To date, there have been 23 seasons and 23 different winners in:

  • Season 1 – Javier Colon
  • Season 2 – Jermaine Paul
  • Season 3 – Cassadee Pope
  • Season 4 – Danielle Bradbery
  • Season 5 – Tessanne Chin
  • Season 6 – Josh Kaufman
  • Season 7 – Craig Wayne Boyd
  • Season 8 – Sawyer Fredericks
  • Season 9 – Jordan Smith
  • Season 10 – Alisan Porter
  • Season 11 – Sundance Head
  • Season 12 – Chris Blue
  • Season 13 – Chloe Kohanski
  • Season 14 – Brynn Cartelli
  • Season 15 – Chevel Shepherd
  • Season 16 – Maelyn Jarmon
  • Season 17 – Jake Hoot
  • Season 18 – Todd Tilghman
  • Season 19 – Carter Rubin
  • Season 20 – Cam Anthony
  • Season 21 – Girl Named Tom
  • Season 22 – Bryce Leatherwood
  • Season 23 – Gina Miles

Betting on the Winning Coach

Besides being able to place The Voice bet on which signer will win the show, it’s also possible to back a winning coach. Each signer has a coach behind them, and the coaches don’t get as much attention as contenders. Therefore, the winning coach markets don’t get as much coverage as predictions for The Voice winner; the best The Voice bookies will have the winning coach market available.

Each Way or Top Three Bets

Since odds on the favorite to win The Voice are outright odds, it’s only fitting that there is also an each-way market on The Voice. And there is! Not only that, but the best The Voice online bookmaker will have an each-way option for any The Voice winner predictions.

With an each-way bet, we split our wager into two parts – the win part and the place part, so even if our contestant doesn’t win, we still stand to make some return. The number of places will vary, but it’s typically set to three placers, meaning that if our selection at least makes the finals, our bet will be settled as a win.

Bet of the Day

The bet of the day is a wager we deem to have the highest likelihood of winning and is the best choice given the offered betting odds. You can find our bet of the day for the Voice by visiting the website through the link below.


How to Bet on The Voice

Betting on The Voice is very straightforward since the competition has a very simple format, which is easy to follow. So, while it’s better to follow The Voice for one season at least to get familiar with the rules before placing the first The Voice bet, even beginners can quickly get ahold of the basics and start betting.

Still, before placing first The Voice bets, there are a few things to remember.

Use the best The Voice bookie – We must use the best The Voice bookie for betting on the show, which means we are using a safe and legitimate bookmaker with a good market offer and competitive odds.

  • Watch the show – Those serious about betting on The Voice should naturally follow the show and stay on top of what’s happening. Even if the bets are already locked in, there might be other opportunities to pick another winner.
  • Consider past seasons – even though the seasons don’t repeat, it’s wise to remember what has happened in the past seasons and how The Voice odds moved in previous years.
  • Use the best odds – A very obvious advice, but it is often ignored by those who don’t want to put in the time to find the best odds. Some bookmakers will have The Voice on certain contenders slightly higher, and while a 0.10 difference might not seem like a lot, it adds up in the long run.

Betting on The Voice Online Step-By-Step

Starting your The Voice betting endeavor is simple and no different than betting on any other TV show or sport.

Join Safe Entertainment Betting Sites

Before placing The Voice bets, we must sign up with the best The Voice online bookmaker available, meaning a betting site that is safe, legitimate, and has good odds and market coverage. Preferably, bettors should sign up with several entertainment betting sites to have access to more markets and potentially better odds.

The market coverage is especially important if you want to bet on The Voice show that isn’t held in your country or if you want to bet on The Voice kids. Even though The Voice Kids betting odds are available on any of the best The Voice bookmakers, some might not cover that specific show.

 Make Your Initial Deposit

With an account set up, we have to fund the betting account. This process is simple and usually instant – depending on the payment option. Visit the bookmaker, navigate to the banking tab, select the preferred deposit method, and complete the transaction.

Bank transfers can take a couple of days to complete, whereas other payment methods, such as e-wallets, are typically processed instantly and are a good choice for those who want to place their The Voice bet as soon as possible.

Bet on The Voice!

With the betting account funded, it’s time to review the betting markets and place a bet.

Stages of The Voice Betting

Any The Voice season has several stages, including several stages of The Voice betting. Each stage eliminates more contestants, and while we can place The Voice bets on the winner at any stage, predictions of eliminations only become available after each stage.

Moreover, it’s also possible to place cross-battle predictions from the battle stages, bets on weekly winners, and various proposition bets which might be offered after each stage – depending on what is happening in the show.

So, while anyone can place The Voice winner predictions before the season starts and just let it ride, other betting opportunities will come up during and after each stage.

Stage Description
Blind Auditions Blind auditions are the earliest round of the Voice season and the most popular stage among the show’s viewers. At this stage, contestants enter, share their backstory, and perform before the audience with the coaches’ chairs facing them. The interested judges will then hit the button on their chairs to spin around and face the singer, signaling they want to add the singer to their team. If more than one coach turns around, the singer can choose which coach he wants to join. Although an entertaining stage, best The Voice betting sites likely won’t have any markets available since the public doesn’t know the contestants or how likely they are to get picked up by a coach.
Battles After the blind auditions stage comes to the battle rounds, the coaches pair the contestants into duos who will sign the same song in front of the audience. Depending on his performance, the coaches pick one of the two singers and eliminate the other from the competition. However, even if a contestant is eliminated in this stage, he is not out of The Voice yet. The judges can use “steals” to take on the singers from another member if the other coach decides not to continue with the singer.
Knockouts After the battle rounds end, The Voice enters the knockout rounds, which work similarly to the battles but are distinctly different. The major difference is that instead of contestants performing the same song together as a duo, each singer gets to sign a song they choose. After the singer completes the song, the coaches choose which team members they want to keep and which will get eliminated from the show. Like in the battle stage, the knockouts present many betting opportunities for punters to take advantage of – either to find The Voice betting odds on who will win the stage or which contestants will get eliminated.
Playoffs In the playoffs, a similar format is used as in the knockout stage, but here, only two members per team get to advance to the Live performance show – eight singers in total. The contestants who advance are chosen by their coaches in the same manner as in the knockout stage.
Live Performance Shows The Live performance shows start with the Live Top 8 semi-finals, which feature the top two singers per team who fought through the playoffs. There are many options to make semi-final predictions, but most of the attention goes to the final event of the contest. In the final live shows, the contestants perform several songs in front of a live audience – like in the playoffs and knockouts. The major difference here is that the coaches do not choose the winners but instead the audience. One singer per team makes the final, with the public vote then deciding on the champion.

Types of The Voice Wagers

The Voice is a very straightforward TV show; however, despite its simplicity, there are many wagers punters can find while making their stage and The Voice finalist predictions.


Moneyline is the most straightforward bet on The Voice, available with all of the best The Voice betting sites. A moneyline wager is a straight bet on which contestant will win the show or the round – depending on the market you are looking at.


Futures are bets on future events, and there are many such betting opportunities when betting on The Voice. The most obvious are The Voice predictions on the outright winner; however, outrights also include predictions for elimination, who will reach the finals, top 6, top 5 finishes, and more.


Propositions or props are wagers on events that don’t affect the show’s outcome. Propositions bets on The Voice will become available multiple times throughout the stages. They can include bets concerning the coaches and performers – such as the gender of the winner, who will be eliminated in any given week, and more.

The Voice Betting Tips & Predictions

Entertainment betting is a very niche activity and not nearly as popular as betting on sports or Esports. However, when we talk about the optimal approach to betting on The Voice, there are some similarities, as there are specific things to look out for.

So, while there are no tested systems bettors can follow to ensure a profit when betting on The Voice, anyone can create his betting strategy and find an edge – mainly by analyzing past seasons and figuring out a few trends that have repeated themselves.

Alternatively, you can trust expert punters to find the best bets for you; ultimately, it’s best to learn how to find your own The Voice bets.

Tips Explanation
A Big-name Mentor Doesn’t Guarantee a Win Despite how it may seem, a big-name mentor behind a singer doesn’t increase his chances of winning. Although it might have a minor effect on the public’s perception of the contestant at the start, before the finals, the votes are mainly given based on the singing quality and not the mentor behind the coach. Still, most mentors are usually big-name stars in the music industry, so it would be hard to favor one over the other.
Know the Contestants’ Background As with any TV show, the contestant’s backstory is important. That’s not necessarily because it affects his ability to sign or perform, but mainly because it greatly affects the public. Everyone loves an underdog story, so consider focusing more on contestants with a unique or touching backstory, which will surely attract more votes from the public.
Look For The “Story” In a Contestant’s Path to the Final Television likes nothing more than a happy story, so pay close attention to the narratives around the contestants since they’ll have a huge impact on how the public votes in the final rounds of the competition. Those contestants who had to overcome huge obstacles to make it so far will likely get more support from the public, and that can and will include revenge stories of singers who got eliminated by tier coaches but picked up by another mentor. Conversely, contestants who have proven to be arrogant and those who went against their coach likely won’t be favored by the audience.
All Information Is Useful When You Bet on The Voice Any information you can get while betting on The Voice can be useful, so make sure to find as many reliable websites that can provide information on the coaches, the songs, and the contestants. While most of the info is irrelevant, a small piece of data can help you find solid betting opportunities.
Look for Value Whether you’re betting on Esports, sports, or TV shows, punters should always look for value, which can mean betting on the favorite or any of the complete outsiders. The only way to find value picks is to check any Vegas betting line for The Voice available on the sportsbooks, which you can sign up with. Value betting goes hand-in-hand with using the best The Voice bookmaker and finding the best The Voice odds. If all betting sites (namely sharps) have one singer priced at around 4.50, but you can bet on him at 5.50 with PaddyPower, this will present a solid betting opportunity and a +EV bet even if there are ten other singers whose latest odds are lower.
Plan Your Bankroll Ahead of Time A big part of a successful betting endeavor – betting on sports or TV shows – is knowing how to manage your bankroll. Set aside some money to bet with and decide on the size of your bets. While there are many strategies people can use, flat-stake betting seems to be the best option, and it’s typically set at 1% of the bankroll. So if you have €1000 set aside for betting on The Voice, a single unit The Voice bet would be €10. On that note, it’s important to remember never to chase your losses. If your bet is lost, don’t increase the stake to recuperate the losses, as this can easily lead to an even bigger hole in your wallet. A slow and methodical approach is the best and only way to approach betting.
Coaches Eliminations vs. Voters When betting on The Voice, it’s important to remember that the singers will be judged by the coaches and the public – depending on the stage of the competition. So, in the earlier rounds, the singer’s success will depend entirely on the coaches and whether they have faith in his singing ability. In the latter stages, the voting shifts to the public, which doesn’t necessarily pick singers based on their singing ability. Instead, the public focuses more on the contestants’ stories and the entertainment factor. In other words, raw talent will help the contestants make it to the latter stages of the competition, but other factors will decide the winner.
Compare Odds The most important thing to do before a bettor places a The Voice bet is to compare the available betting odds on all bookmakers who offer The Voice markets. Whether it’s The Voice Kids betting odds, the Voice US odds, or the Voice Australia odds, betting sites will always have different prices – some higher than others. So you should always pick the latter option if you can use Paddy Power to bet on your favorite contestant at 4.50 but William Hill to bet on the same singer at 4.60. Even small differences in prices add up in the long run.
Do Your Research Those who’ve never bet on The Voice should consider finding reliable tipsters to help them start and find solid betting opportunities. But with time, you should learn how to find your bets. Learning how to research is a very valuable skill for punters, as it can be carried over to betton on other shows or sports. But for that, you first need a large network of information and reliable websites with accurate data that can be used to find solid betting opportunities.
Song Choice Makes a Big Difference The Voice is a singing competition, so the song choice will naturally make a big difference. There was an obvious trend in previous seasons – and it’ll be no different this year or any year after – with singers who sang popular songs winning more frequently. Moreover, it’s important to consider the type of song the contestant will sing and whether it matches his style, as this will directly affect his overall performance. The coaches usually help the singers find a song that best suits them, but you can have your own opinions as a bettor.

Betting on The Voice Worldwide

The Voice is an international TV show hosted in dozens of countries. The show is based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland and was originally hosted in Denmark but has since expanded worldwide.

While all shows follow the same format – which creates more betting opportunities for punters – some are far more popular than others and, therefore, have more The Voice betting markets available. So, while you might want to bet on The Voice Azerbaijan, finding a bookmaker with markets for it will be tough.

Conversely, shows in the US, UK, Australia, Africa, Belgium, France, Germany, and Finland are highly popular worldwide.


The Voice UK is a British singing competition that has had 12 seasons to date. It debuted in 2012 and is confirmed to enter its 13th season in 2023. Of all The Voice competitions, the UK version is easily one of the most popular worldwide, which explains why The Voice UK betting markets are so easily accessible.

Some of the most notable past winners of The Voice UK include:

  • Season 5 – Kevin Simm
  • Season 7 – Ruti Olajugbagbe
  • Season 10 – Craig Eddie
  • Season 11 – Anthonia Edwards


The Voice Australia hosted its first season in 2012 and has since become one of the most-watched The Voice franchises. Like The Voice UK, the Australian show is well-covered by betting sites and is one of the world’s three most-bet on The Voice competitions.

Some of the most notable past winners of The Voice Australia include:

  • Season 1 – Karise Eden
  • Season 2 – Anja Nissen
  • Season 7 – Sam Perry


The Voice USA is the most popular and the longest-running The Voice competition. It debuted in April 2011 when its season reached a ranking of 20 with over 12.33 million viewers. Since then, Voice USA has had 22 more seasons while keeping strong viewership numbers.

Some of the most notable past winners of The Voice USA include:

  • Season 8 – Koryn Hawthorne
  • Season 2 – Nicolle Galyon
  • Season 3 – Cassadee Pope
  • Season 9 – Jordan Smith

The Voice Kids (Junior) Betting

The Voice Kids is a singing competition like The Voice, but for kids, it is part of an international franchise hosted across several countries. The competition works exactly like The Voice, and while it’s less popular than the original show, it’s still a big name in the online entertainment betting industry.

Most of the best The Voice bookmakers will also have betting markets and offer The Voice kids betting odds, and since the two competitions are very alike, those who bet on The Voice will have an easy time transitioning to betton on the kid’s version.

Best The Voice Betting Apps

Mobile betting has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with more and more punters using their mobile devices to bet on sports, Esports, or TV shows. Betting sites took notice of that and optimized their websites to work well on mobile devices, but some took a step further and created a mobile betting app.

While an app and mobile website do the same thing, mobile bettors should consider registering with a betting site with a mobile app. Mobile apps, compared to a mobile website, are far more convenient, are stabler, and often have more features.

Up to 180% bonus on 1st deposit
T&Cs Apply
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
T&Cs Apply

Moreover, some of the best The Voice online bookmakers will also have special promotions for mobile app users, which is a big reason why even those who don’t primarily bet from their phones should download a mobile app if it’s available.

The Voice Format and Rules

The Voice is a TV show and a singing competition that welcomes amateur singers to find the best-unsigned talent in the country. The show debuted in 2012 and has since expanded to over a dozen countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Finland, and many more countries.

The show has straightforward rules and is divided into several stages. It starts with the blind auditions, where the contestants perform their songs in front of the audience and coaches, who decide whether to add the singers to their team.

The competition continues with the battle rounds, where two singers perform the same song and compete against each other. The judges then decide which of the two singers they want to keep, while the other gets removed from the team – but can still get picked up by another coach.

In the final live show, singers perform more songs in front of coaches and the audience; however, unlike in the previous rounds, the audience gets to pick the winner in this stage. It continues until the big finals, where the public vote decides the overall champion.

The Familiar Faces

Over the decade of The Voice, the show has produced dozens of champions, some of whom would have a very successful music career. The show has also featured many superstars as coaches, including some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Some of the most notable appearances in The Voice include:

  • Kevin Simm – former member of Liberty X, Kevin Simm won the 2016 The Voice and later became a vocalist for the band Wet Wet Wet.
  • Tom Jones – a very popular Welsh singer- has appeared as a coach on The Voice UK in every season in 2012-2015 and 2017.
  • – Black Eyed Peas frontman has been a judge on The Voice UK every season since the show’s debut and is widely considered one of the most popular musicians ever to appear.

The Voice Overview

Before we conclude our article on The Voice, here are some interesting facts about the TV show and betting on The Voice you should know about.

  • Some of The Show’s most notable past winners include Kevin Simm, Sam Petty, Ruti Olajugbagbe, Craig Eddie, and Jordan Smith.
  • The Voice is hosted in dozens of countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Finland, and France.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for betting on The Voice are Paddy Power, William Hill, Bet365, Sportsbet, and BetOnline.

Bottom Line

That concludes our article on The Voice, teaching you everything you need to know about this TV show, how to bet on it, and where to find the best The Voice bookmakers. Now you’re ready to sign up with the best The Voice betting sites and start betting, but remember to gamble responsibly and never bet with more than you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The Voice?
    The Voice is a singing reality competition televised across dozens of countries worldwide. It features amateur singers who compete against each other to earn the public vote and be declared The Voice champions, which can start their professional singing career.
  • Can you bet on The Voice?
    Yes. Like it’s possible to bet on other TV shows, it’s also possible to bet on The Voice; however, some iterations of the show are more popular than others and receive better market coverage.
  • Where can you bet on The Voice?
    It’s possible to bet on The Voice with most major online betting sites such as Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power, Sportsbet, and others.
  • Who’s the favorite to win The Voice?
    Each season of The Voice usually has a few favourites to win it all; however, those change quickly throughout the show stages based on their singing ability and backstory.
  • Can you bet on The Voice Australia?
    Yes, The Voice Australia is one of the world’s most popular The Voice competitions and is well-covered by most online betting sites. These, namely Australian bookies, offer entertainment betting markets.
  • How can I bet on The Voice?
    Anyone can bet on The Voice by finding a bookmaker that offers entertainment betting markets. It’s possible to bet on The Voice winner, who will reach the finals, who will get eliminated, and by using many other betting markets, including proposition bets.
  • Can I bet on The Voice worldwide?
    It is possible to bet on any The Voice show regardless of where you live, as long as you have access to bookmakers who offer betting markets on it. It’s important to note that some of The Voice shows, such as those in the USA, UK, and Australia, are more popular and have more accessible betting markets than others.
  • Are there any bonuses for betting on The Voice?
    Even though it’s extremely rare for bookmakers to offer any The Voice bonuses, some might have some promotions ready for the latter stages of the competition or the finals.
  • What are the best The Voice betting sites?
    Some of the best bookmakers to use to bet on The Voice are Paddy Power, bet365, William Hill, BetOnline, Sportsbet, and Ladbrokes.
  • What are the odds on the winner of The Voice?
    Bookmakers will offer odds on the winner of the Voice following the first audition stage and usually price four or five singers as strong favorites to win the show. However, the odds usually shift as the competition progresses, with some main candidates losing their status as favorites in the latter stages.
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