Best America’s Got Talent Betting Sites

America’s Got Talent is one of the world’s most popular talent shows, captivating millions of viewers each season. With diverse performers showcasing their unique talents, the show offers something for everyone. Since its debut in 2006, AGT has discovered incredible talents like ventriloquist Terry Fator and singer Grace VanderWaal, who have achieved massive success. The show features a panel of celebrity judges. It is known for its dramatic Golden Buzzer moments, where an act is sent straight to the live shows, adding to the excitement and unpredictability.

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on America's Got Talent
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Find the Best Place to Bet on America's Got Talent
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Betting on America’s Got Talent is a fun way to engage with the show, and it’s easier than you might think. Unlike betting on sports, where you need to understand odds and statistics, betting on AGT is more about following the acts and predicting who might win based on their performances and popularity. This article will guide you through the best America’s Got Talent betting sites, providing you with all the information you need to place your bets wisely. From understanding the types of bets you can place to finding the most reliable bookmakers, you’ll be ready to enjoy AGT in a new way.

The Best Betting Sites to Bet on America’s Got Talent

Against all odds, America’s Got Talent became one of the world’s most-watched talent shows, and it became so popular that it quickly found its place in the online betting world. Betting on TV shows, while a niche market is readily available, and as of 2024, many betting sites have entertainment betting markets available; however, while it’s easy to find bookmakers with America’s Got Talent odds, it’s important to know how to recognize which are good bookies and which you should avoid.

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The main thing to look for in a good betting site for AGT betting is, first and foremost, the availability of America’s Got Talent, the champions betting odds, and betting markets. Remember that not all bookies have America Got Talent betting odds available.

The safety the bookie can offer is just as important, if not more. We must use only safe sportsbooks, which are legit and have a valid betting license, as only this way can we ensure that our money and personal information are safe.

Luckily, many betting sites check those marks, but as we’ll touch on later, there are a few more things anyone who wants to find a website where he can start placing bets on his America’s Got Talent winner predictions should keep an eye on.

What Makes These the Best America’s Got Talent Betting Sites

Before we start betting on America’s Got Talent, it’s critical that we set up betting accounts with the right bookmakers for the job and the best way to recognize which are the best choices; there are a few factors to keep an eye on.

Criteria Explanation
Robust Entertainment Betting Coverage All good America’s Got Talent betting sites must have odds on America’s Got Talent winners and a good market offer, which allows us to place many different bet types and not only on the winner. Although some might feel content with an outright betting market, having more options is advantageous as it helps bettors find the best betting opportunities.
Competitive Lines and Odds All good AGT sportsbooks should also have competitive betting odds since the best way to profit from betting on America’s Got Talent or any other show (or sport) is to place bets with the best possible odds.
Top-Notch Safety and Security As a bettor, you must register with only legit and safe betting sites, as this is the only way to ensure that your money and personal information are safe. So when we talk about the best America’s Got Talent betting sites, that list will include only sportsbooks which are licensed and operate legally. We also recommend offshore gambling options.
Extensive Banking Options As of 2024, the banking option is a small factor since most bookies offer extensive banking options. However, no one should take it for granted. Before registering with any bookmaker, check which payment options it has, if there are any deposit and withdrawal fees, and how quickly the payments and withdrawals are processed.
A Solid Reputation and History The bookmaker’s reputation and history are as important as a valid betting license. A sportsbook can be legal and licensed, but it has a bad reputation among bettors for various reasons (slow payments, bad customer support, or other factors), so it’s advisable to check reputable online review sites and see which sportsbooks have a good reputation and clean history.
Easy to Use All good AGT sportsbooks will be well-designed and easy to use. Although this can be subjective, it’s undeniable that good betting sites have to offer a functional platform that works smoothly, without any issues, and with a user-friendly interface so that we can find and place bets quickly and efficiently.
Quality Customer Service Good customer support is often overlooked but as important as any other factor. Most bettors will never need to contact a customer support agent, but that doesn’t take away from the importance of a good customer support department since you want capable and professional agents at your disposal if you happen to stumble upon an issue. The worst thing that can happen to a bettor is having issues with the betting site or withdrawals and having no customer support (or a bad one) available. In this case, any problems will take much longer to resolve or won’t get resolved.
Mobile Compatibility – iPhone, Android, and Google Mobile compatibility with the AGT sportsbook is important, especially for those who prefer to bet from their phones. Nowadays, all bookies offer mobile-compatible websites; however, not all have a dedicated mobile betting app, so mobile bettors should watch for sportsbooks with a mobile betting app available.

America’s Got Talent Odds

Even though AGT betting is a niche activity, it’s easy to find America Got Talent Las Vegas odds, mainly due to the show’s massive popularity. Admittedly, not all bookies will have AGT betting odds available, yet most of the biggest bookmakers will.

But the difficult task is not to find bookmakers that offer odds on who will win America’s Got Talent – the trick is to find the best available betting odds. And here comes one of the biggest issues bettors encounter when looking for one bookie with the best odds. It doesn’t exist.

Betting odds, be it on AGT, Premier League, the Oscars, or anything in between, will constantly move, and because of that, the offered betting odds across all bookies will differ. So you can find one contestant priced at 4.00 to win AGT at Bet365, but the same contestant will be priced at 4.50 on BetUS. At the same time, BetUS can have worse odds on the second favourite than Bet365, so depending on who you want to bet on, you should use one sportsbook or the other.

This example shows that there is no such thing as one sportsbook that will have the best AGT odds and that the only way to gain access to the best possible America’s Got Talent odds is to price or line shop, i.e., look across all available betting markets and place bets with the bookmaker that has the best offer.

In other words, the only way to bet with the best AGT odds is to have multiple betting accounts with several America’s Got Talent online betting sites.

America’s Got Talent Historical Odds

The historical odds are very important and must be followed by those serious about betting on sports; however, when we talk about historical odds on AGT, they offer less value. Since the last odds have no value in predicting what will happen in the next America’s Got Talent season, they’re more of a thing you can check to know what happened rather than offering any valuable data to help you make your picks.

Contestant Historical Odds
Drake Milligan 11/8
Mayyas 57/20
Sara James 7/1
Chapel Hart 8/1
Avery Dixon 40/1
Celia Munoz 40/1
Yu Hojin 40/1

Offers & Promotions

Betting bonuses and promotions are available on all online betting sites since bonuses have become more of a mandatory feature than something extra. Still, while all bookmakers have bonuses and promotions, not all do equally as good of a job with their offer.

100% up to $500
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Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
Rakeboost bonus
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Often overlooked, bonuses and promotions offered are very valuable for bettors, and they should take advantage of as much as possible. And it’s advisable to register with betting sites that have the best bonuses available.

Notably, very few sportsbooks will offer America’s Got Talent-exclusive bonuses and promotions, but that is a manageable issue. Even generic offers such as free bets, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, enhanced odds, and other promos can be very valuable for America’s Got Talent betting since the free wagering cash of odds boosts usually work on any market.

It’s important to note that the generous betting bonuses and promotions are less important than competitive America’s Got Talent odds. Nevertheless, taking advantage of as many bonuses as possible is a great way to get the most value for your money.

America’s Got Talent Specials

America’s Got Talent is a very straightforward show, so betting on it is not complicated. However, there are still many ways we can approach placing bets, using more than just odds on America’s Got Talent winners.

From betting on who will reach finals, semi-finals, and who will get eliminated first and being able to bet on several editions of America’s Got Talent, there are plenty of specials to explore and take advantage of


Betting on the favourite is the most common way people approach wagering on America’s Got Talent, and some US bookmakers even allow you to bet on the favourite before the final odds. However, while this is a straightforward bet, it’s often better to consider looking for value among outsiders, who are priced at better America Got Talent betting odds.


Betting on America’s Got Talent is the most straightforward bet you can make, and every bookmaker who has America Got Talent betting odds will have this market available.

As the name suggests, it’s a simple outright prediction of which contestants will win the show.

Semi-Final Betting

When America’s Got Talent semi-finals roll around, some bookmakers who have odds on who will win America’s Got Talent will also add a betting market on who will win the semi-finals. It is technically not a special market, but it can offer bettors opportunities to hedge their outright bets.

AGT Finalists

In the same way, some bookmakers offer betting markets on the semi-finals, and some also open separate betting markets for finals and offer odds on who will win America’s Got Talent. With that, bettors can place another bet on the outright betting market, again useful for hedging your bets.

AGT Golden Buzzer

AGT Golden Buzzer betting is a proposition wager and is quite simple to understand. As the name suggests, we predict which contestant will receive a Golden Buzzer with this bet type. Since the panel of judges heavily influences the outcome, it’s unsurprising to learn that depending on America’s Got Talent judges, odds on the Golden Buzzer might be higher on certain performances (singers, magicians).

Proposition Bets

Besides the common bet types, US bookmakers often offer proposition bets on America’s Got Talent, which are all wagers which are not directly connected with how the show will end. Those can include:

  • Which judge will give “X” to a certain performer
  • Which judge will use a Golden Buzzer
  • What type of performance will finish second
  • What type of performance (singing, magician, dancing) will win
  • How old will the winner of AGT
  • Which audition city will the winner come from

Bet of the Day

America’s Got Talent bet of the day is a wager betting expert determined to have the highest chance of winning and has good odds for America’s Got Talent, which makes it the best bet for today. Below you can find a link to a website to the best America’s Got Talent bet for today.


How to Bet on America’s Got Talent

Anyone can bet on America’s Got Talent, and regardless of your level of expertise, you can easily place a bet and win. However, while anyone can bet on AGT, only a few will make a profit because they need to learn how to approach it properly.

This article covers everything you need to know about betting on America’s Got Talent and how to do it, so let’s recap some of the key things to know before you place your first bet.

  • Always bet with the best AGT bookmakers, which are safe and legit, have competitive betting odds, and have enough betting markets.
  • Preferably you should have accounts with multiple bookmakers, as this is the only way to line shop and find the best available betting odds on the contestant you want to bet on.
  • Remember to take advantage of betting bonuses and promotions, which can offer plenty of value when betting on AGT. Moreover, bettors with multiple betting accounts and various betting sites will have more bonuses, which is always a big plus.
  • Do your research. Anyone can place a bet mindlessly and hope it hits, but to achieve long-term profits, you have to take your time and do some research before placing bets.
  • Keep track of your bets. Often ignored, but very important is tracking your betting activity, as this is the only way to know if you have the right strategy to succeed.

America’s Got Talent Betting Guide

Even for someone who has never bet on AGT before, it’s very easy to learn how to bet on AGT, and once you learn the basics, there are just four steps you need to take to place your bets.

Steps Instructions
1. Choose an America’s Got Talent Betting Site Before placing your first AGT bet, you must have an account with a betting site offering America’s Got Talent betting markets and odds. We must use only legal and legit bookmakers with good odds and enough betting markets, and it’s just as advantageous to have accounts with multiple bookies – for line shopping.
2. Create Your Account Once you find one or many bookmakers you like, it’s time to create an account, which doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes. Start the registration by clicking the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner. A new window will open, where the bookmaker will ask you to provide details such as username and password, email address, full name, date of birth, and residence. Once all the details are provided, the bookmaker will send a verification link to your email address, enabling your account.
3. Make a Deposit (and Claim a Bonus) With an account set up, it’s time to deposit by navigating to the cashier’s tab. You can select your preferred payment method and input the desired amount you want to deposit. Typically deposits take just a couple of minutes to complete – depending on the payment method. Notably, bank deposits can take up to a couple of days to complete, whereas e-wallets and credit/debit card deposits are usually instant. Before depositing, check if the bookmaker has any deposit bonuses. These are typically a one-time thing, so if you miss it the first time, it won’t become available again. So check the promotions tab and ensure that you follow the terms and conditions of the bonus.
4. Place Your First Bet With money in your account, you can only search through AGT betting markets and place a bet. It is as easy as opening the right markets, finding your favourite picks, inputting the desired wager, and placing a bet.

Types of Wagers Available for Betting on America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a very simple show, so it should be familiar to everyone that the AGT betting markets and the types of bets you can place are also straightforward. But there are a couple of bets we can place – more than just who will be the outright winner of the show.

Some of the most popular bets on AGT include:

  • Outright winner
  • Who will reach the finals
  • Semi-finals betting
  • Finals betting
  • Proposition bets

America’s Got Talent Live Betting

America’s Got Talent is a talent show competition, and just like many other TV shows which allow betting, we’re limited on which betting markets are available to us. Most notably, there is no in-play betting since the show is filmed in advance, so each episode’s result is pre-determined but still unknown to viewers and bettors.

Since the audience, contestants, and judges already know who won the episode, the availability of in-play betting would not be fair, which explains why there is no in-play betting on AGT.

America’s Got Talent Betting Tips & Predictions

Anyone can register with a bookmaker, decide on his America’s Got Talent predictions and place a bet. Still, only some will profit from America’s Got Talent online betting because most people need to learn how to approach it.

As simple as America’s Got Talent online betting may be, a lot goes into finding the right picks, and most people need help finding where to get the information that’ll help them find a good bet on America’s Got Talent. So especially if you’re new to betting on AGT, it’s wise to look for reliable websites offering betting previews and predictions.

Although there aren’t as many AGT tipsters who will share their America’s Got Talent predictions online, those can still be found, the same way how there are betting experts sharing their analysis on which is the best bet on the next US President or the best bet on the American Idol winner.

Ultimately, it’s best if you learn how to find your own America’s Got Talent bets and do your research. Still, even then, it doesn’t hurt to check what other bettors have to say since even if they’re wrong, betting previews can serve as an excellent source of valuable information for deciding what to bet on, evaluating if America’s Got Talent winner odds are correct, and finding value America’s Got Talent online betting opportunities.

Take Advantage of Line Shopping Opportunities

The best advice on getting money by betting on AGT is to always look for the best odds on who will win America’s Got Talent, and the only way to do that is to have accounts with multiple betting sites. This way, bettors can review several betting markets and place their picks with the most favourable odds on who will win America’s Got Talent.

It isn’t possible if you’re using just one sportsbook, so it’s highly advisable to register with multiple bookmakers to allow you to line shop (or price shop).

Don’t Use Past America’s Got Talent Winners

Even though some contestants have appeared in America’s Got Talent more often, those who won the competition never attend AGT, meaning we can’t use past winners to indicate who will win next.

Moreover, there needs to be clear data on what kind of performance is most likely to win, as there have been favourites who were singers, magicians, dancers, and more. So even though singers win more times than any other kind of performance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the most likely winner will be a singer.

Heart Vs. Head – Make the Right Bet

Regardless if you’re into America’s Got Talent betting, betting on sports, or anything in between, you must make your decisions based on stats, data, and objective information. There is no room for emotions in betting, which especially holds for betting on America’s Got Talent.

Even if you like one of the contestants more, it doesn’t mean he is one of the top picks for America’s Got Talent finals. Refrain from letting your subjective idea of who’s the favourite lead you to making wrong America’s Got Talent predictions.

Pay Attention to Audience and Public Perception

Judges in America’s Got Talent play a big role, but only at the show’s start, when they decide who will advance and who won’t. But when it comes to the finals, the odds on who will win America’s Got Talent will reflect what the AGT sportsbooks believe the public thinks.

Ultimately, the viewers decide the AGT winner to pay attention to the audience and public perception of the contestants, which will help you identify the most likely winners and which contestants are the best choice at the offered America’s Got Talent betting odds.

Look for a Great Story

Building on what was said about the importance of the public’s perception, a good strategy when looking for winners is to listen to contestants’ stories which will often dictate which contestants will become the fan favourites. As weird as it may be, a good story can sometimes be more valuable than good performance, so include it in your analysis.

Gold Derby Polls

It’s wise to look for pools and their results on Gold Derby, a site where the idea is to track which contestants are the main favourite in the public eye. The results of Gold Derby pools won’t affect America’s Got Talent odds, but it can give you a solid insight into who the public believes will win – and that can often help you find value bets at the offered odds to win America’s Got Talent.

Know How the Show Works

You can only bet on America’s Got Talent if you understand how the show works, so before you start making any picks, familiarise yourself with the show’s format. It, luckily, takes little time as the premise of AGT is very simple but take it seriously.

Do Your Homework

As with any betting, even America’s Got Talent betting requires some research, so do your homework on the contestants and the public perception, and preferably, follow the social media accounts of the main favourites. For America’s Got Talent betting, you won’t have stats and dates as when betting on football, but there are other ways to look for the best picks.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

You should have fun betting on America’s Got Talent, so while it can be tedious to look for the best AGT picks, America’s Got Talent is still an entertainment show, so don’t take it too seriously – and the best way to do that is to never place America’s Got Talent bets with more money than you can afford to lose.

Mobile Betting on AGT

Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular, which makes sense since, as of 2024, almost everyone who owns a phone has a smartphone with access to the internet. To meet the growing demand for mobile betting, sportsbooks have all started offering options for punters to bet from their phones, either by offering mobile websites or dedicated mobile betting apps.

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While both serve the same purpose, mobile betting apps are a far better choice for mobile bettors than a mobile website.

AGT Betting Apps

If you want to start betting on AGT and are a mobile bettor, you should use America’s Got Talent betting sites with a mobile betting app. Even though anyone can easily place bets via a mobile website, those are far less convenient than a mobile app.

Apps are designed exclusively to work on phones, meaning they’re far more stable than a mobile website, easier to use, and have a much more convenient design. Moreover, some betting sites even offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for mobile app users, so even if you’re not a mobile bettor, it is advisable to download a mobile app.

All mobile betting apps are free to download either from Google Play or App Store or through the official website of the sportsbook. But before you download the app, make sure that you’re downloading it from an official source and that you’re downloading the latest version of the app.

Some of the best mobile betting apps include Bet365. BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings.

What Is America’s Got Talent?

America’s Got Talent is a televised American talent show competition that debuted in 2006. The idea behind AGT is to welcome dozens of contestants who show off their skills, abilities, and talents (similar to American Idol); the only major difference compared to American Idol is that AGT is not exclusive to singing.

The audition is open to all kinds of performances, with the contestants first showing off their talent in front of the judges, who decide if they’re worthy of advancing to the next stage, and the process repeats itself until AGT reaches the final. Then, the decision of who will win the show comes down to the audience and their votes.

The show has since gotten several spinoffs, such as America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. All-Stars, which includes previous winners of the event.

Judges for America’s Got Talent

The most popular judges in America’s Got Talent history include:

  • Simon Cowell
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Heidi Klum
  • Howie Mandel
  • Mel B
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Piers Morgan

Host for AGT

The main host of America’s Got Talent is Terry Crews, a popular actor, and former American football player. He is the fifth host of America’s Got Talent, after Regis Philbin, Jerry Springer, Nick Cannon, and Tyra Banks.

Best Performances from AGT

Some of the best performances in America’s Got Talent include:

  • Season 16: Dustin Tavella
  • Season 10: Paul Zerdin
  • Season 4: Kevin Skinner
  • Season 2: Terry Fator

America’s Got Talent Timeline

First America’s Got Talent show aired in 2006 after the plans of a British edition in 2005 were suspended before it resumed in 2007.

The idea behind America’s Got Talent was devised by Simo Cowell, X Factor creator, who wanted to create a competition grander than just that for singers and one that would accept contestants of all ages.

Initially, America’s Got Talent was intended to be a British TV show, but after a dispute, Simon Cowell presented the idea to American television, and he quickly got an offer from NBC who wanted to produce America’s Got Talent and agreed on a 15-episode long season for 2006.

America’s Got Talent quickly proved to be a successful project and is nowadays one of the most watched TV competitions, with numerous international versions. And even in 2023, America’s Got Talent is nowhere near done, entering its 19th season.

The format of America’s Got Talent hasn’t changed much throughout history. Still, there have been changes in hosts and judges, which mostly consisted of popular television figures and actors, such as Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Nick Cannon, Howard Stern, Sharon Osburne, and more.

America’s Got Talent Overview

Before we end our article on America’s Got Talent, here are some interesting facts about the talent show you might need to learn about.

  • The usual favourites to win America’s Got Talent are musicians; however, throughout its history, many different performers have won the show, including magicians, ventriloquists, dancers, and comedians.
  • Some of the most recent previous winners of America’s Got Talent include Mayyas, Dustin Tavella, Brandon Leake, Kodi Lee, and Shin Lim.
  • America’s Got Talent is filmed in the United States and is only open to United States residents. However, there have been previous winners who are not US-native.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for AGT betting include BetUS, BetMGM, Caesars, Bovada, and Betway.
  • The $1 million prize for winning the show is paid over 40 years, meaning $25,000 per year.
  • Although musicians tend to be the most successful, ventriloquism is one of the most popular talents of AGT.

Bottom Line

It concludes our article on America’s Got Talent betting, providing all the information you’ll need to bet on AGT and succeed. Now you’re ready to find the best AGT bookmakers and how to do proper research and find the best bets, but remember to take betting in moderation and be aware of the dangers of gambling addiction. Unveiling the secrets of betting is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is America’s Got Talent?
    America’s Got Talent is a televised American talent show competition where contestants show off their talents in front of the judges and audience and compete for the AGT winner title.
  • Can you bet on America’s Got Talent?
    Yes, as you can bet on various TV shows, series, and competitions, you can also bet on America’s Got Talent through online betting sites that offer entertainment betting markets.
  • Where can you bet on America’s Got Talent?
    It is possible to bet on America’s Got Talent on many US sportsbooks, mainly those that regularly offer betting markets on other TV shows, series, and competitions, including BetUS and Caesars.
  • Who’s the favourite to win America’s Got Talent this year?
    **No info on that**
  • Is Betting on America’s Got Talent legal?
    Yes, betting on America’s Got Talent is completely legal, as long as you do it on legal and licensed online bookmakers, live in a country where betting is legal, and you’re old enough to bet.
  • Can foreigners bet on America’s Got Talent?
    Yes, even foreigners can bet on America’s Got Talent since betting of any kind can’t be exclusive to just one region. However, foreigners might have a more difficult time finding bookmakers with America’s Got Talent odds.
  • Can I Make Money at America’s Got Talent Betting Sites?
    Yes, you can make money betting on America’s Got Talent, as anyone can bet on TV shows, sports, or anything in between. But you must know what you’re doing and use the best bookmakers.
  • How much money can you win from America’s Got Talent betting?
    There is no limit on how much money you can win betting on America’s Got Talent, and it will ultimately all come down to each bettor’s bankroll and ability to find solid betting picks.
  • Is it safe to bet on America’s Got Talent online?
    Yes, betting on America’s Got Talent is safe if bettors are using legit, licensed, and safe bookmakers, preferably those with a good reputation.
  • How does America’s Got Talent betting work?
    Betting on America’s Got Talent is very simple, and it’s very similar to betting on other TV competitions, where bettors can predict who will win, who will reach the finals, who will get eliminated next, and more.
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