Pittsburgh Penguins Betting Odds

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Pittsburgh Penguins
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Pittsburgh Penguins
Tim E
The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the top ice hockey teams in the NHL regular season and other contests. The squad is a member of the Metropolitan Division Eastern Conference and has won most of the Stanley Cup championships. The team is standard among passionate ice hockey fans and individuals with little knowledge of the NHL.

I will give you all the necessary data about Pittsburgh Penguins betting odds in this article.

Pittsburgh Penguins Odds for Upcoming Matches

The Pens’ odds are crucial if you want to win your wagers. You need to understand the proper ways to read them and the perfect method to use them to your advantage. In the NHL, the odds may be in the American, decimal, or fractional style.

Most bookies for the Pittsburgh Penguins display the team’s odds in the fractional or the American style. Seeing an odds value of +1400 for the NHL team tonight signifies that you will win $1,400 for every $100 you wager. The positive symbol in the odds value means that the squad is an underdog. If it was a negative sign, it signifies that they are favorites.

Unlike the American style of displaying odds, the fractional form doesn’t require any symbols. If the Pittsburgh Penguins’ sportsbooks say the odds of 6/2, you should stake 2 to win 6. The outcome of your wager depends on how much you use.

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ odds to win the Stanley Cup are from expert analysis of player form, the team records, and the Penguins’ overall wagering value.

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Penguins

Several great bookmakers are available for bettors to place their wagers on the Pittsburgh Penguins betting line. The major challenge new punters may face is discovering the betting site with the best deals for them and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The most crucial factor to consider in most sportsbooks is reviewing the terms and conditions that guide bets on the bookie.

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Ensure that you look for a regulated site to prevent the extortion of funds or personal information. You can check for the bookie’s license to confirm the legal status of the platform. It’s also essential to avoid creating an account on a bookie that crashes often.

It would be best to choose a bookie with an adequate level of market success in the NHL. The appropriate website for wagering on the Pittsburgh Penguins should also have good payout periods. Examples of bookies for wagering on the NHL DraftKings, FOX bet, William Hill, and BetMGM.

Offers & Promotions

Offers and promotions are exciting deals bookmakers for the Penguins provide to new punters and the existing ones on their site. Before enjoying these rewards, the bettor must have a valid account for placing wagers on the squad’s NHL lines.

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Before picking a sportsbook, the available offers and promotions must be reviewed. It is imperative to know the requirements to claim them, like the age requirement, promo codes, and more. The first bonus you could observe on bookies is the signup offer which is typically a percentage match up to a certain amount.

Once you get accustomed to the sportsbooks, you will receive consistent promotions, which may always be prone to changes. You may get to the VIP scheme at some level in the bookie. The VIP promotion depends on player points, which differs from standard bonuses.

The VIP scheme provides rewards like faster payouts, a personal account manager, and direct contact with the customer support team in most sportsbooks. Other offers and promotions in the common Panthers sportsbooks include no deposit bonuses and free bets.

Pittsburgh Penguins Specials

The Pittsburgh Penguins specials are essential for punters because they offer various possibilities to win wagers on the team as beginners or amateur bettors. Most of the team’s specials require a certain level of knowledge, but you need to make intense calculations.

Some major Pittsburgh Penguins specials include the NHL regular season, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the squad’s current players. Here’s more information on the specials that you should know.

NHL Regular Season

The NHL’s regular season involves 31 teams, including the Pittsburgh Penguins, Predators, Maple Leafs, and the Tampa Bay Lightning. There are various possibilities to wager on the NHL team, which helps bettors to get massive returns.

The previous NHL’s regular season had 82 significant games, but the current ones are engaging and involve 56 games. The NHL’s regular season is standard because it consists of expert and amateur bettors. Ensure that you pick an excellent bookmaker to wager on the NHL’s regular season involving the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Stanley Cup Playoffs is an elimination event that involves 4 rounds of best-of-seven series to determine the team that wins the Cup. The conventional playoffs involve 8 different squads from 2 conferences.

Teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins qualify for the Playoffs depending on the NHL’s regular season’s overall points. Hence, you can wager on the Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff odds carefully.

You can also place a Moneyline bet or straight wager on the odds of the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup finals. Note that the final match typically involves 2 different standard teams, which may include the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Current Players

You can bet on the Pittsburgh Penguins and other significant teams in the NHL. It’s essential to stay updated about all of the team’s present players and perform exhaustive analysis for a reasonable outcome on your players’ wagers.

Factors to consider when betting on current players include their strengths, form, and records in the NHL and other ice hockey contests. The most crucial factor to consider when betting on the current players is the bookmaker you use to place your wagers. Ensure that you pick a trusted sportsbook for your stakes on the current player. Significant examples of the existing players in the team include Sidney Crosby, Kasperi Kapanen, Evgeni Malkin, Tristan Jarry, Kris Letang, Mark Jankowski, Brandon Tanev, Mike Matheson.

Bet of the Day

The bet of the day is the surest wager from the day’s fixture involving the Pit Penguins. Generally, the bet of the day is a significant advantage for both amateur and experienced punters. It’s from top experts that help review all the matches for the day and pick the most advisable option.


Thanks to the bet of the day, you don’t need to make lengthy calculations involving the team’s odds. It’s essential to pick a sportsbook that offers the most reasonable wager from the day’s fixtures.

How to Bet on Penguins

Most bookmakers for the NHL use the same technique for bettors to wager on the Penguins. The significant difference between the sportsbooks is their structure and layout. Hence, you should pick one with good navigation and user interface.

In most wagering platforms, bettors need to be above the age of 18 or 21. Apart from the age limit, ensure that you understand the bookmaker’s different requirements for the team. Here are the steps to follow to wager on the Pittsburgh Penguins:

  • Visit a reputable bookie and create an account.
  • Login to the wagering website.
  • Click the existing “SPORTS” button.
  • Look out for any Pittsburgh Penguins match to explore under the NHL.
  • Pick a reasonable bet type for the wager.
  • Input the wager amount.
  • Place your bet.

Pittsburgh Penguins Live Betting

Live betting is an essential feature in most online betting sites for Pittsburgh Penguins and other NHL teams. It’s also very suitable for individuals who want to experience their gameplay within 20 minutes. In-play betting provides many opportunities for inexperienced and professional punters in the NHL team.

You don’t need to make pre-match decisions when placing a bet on the Penguins and Vegas odds. As a bettor, you can make the required analysis and calculations of the game during match time. Here are the significant steps to follow when placing a live bet on the Panthers with any of the top bookmakers:

  • Click on the “IN-PLAY WAGERING” button on the bookmaker.
  • Choose a favourable bet type.
  • Enter the betting amount.
  • Place your wager.

Pittsburgh Penguins Betting Tips & Predictions

Pittsburgh Penguins’ predictions and tips are beneficial for in-experienced bettors on sportsbooks. If you have a reasonable level of knowledge in placing wagers on the NHL, you can use the tips and predictions from other experts to know the best step to take. Ensure that you pick a trusted bookmaker with a fair market record of providing a forecast.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a significant feature in online sportsbooks for the NHL, including the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s conventionally available to bettors with accounts with the ice hockey bookmaker, but it’s not always available on all websites. Hence, if unavailable on those sites, you can use some of the top platforms for streaming ice hockey.

Significant examples of standard and trusted websites for enjoying live-action for the Pittsburgh Penguins include Sling TV, NBC Sports Network, and fuboTV.

Penguins Stats

The Penguins’ stats are critical for both expert and amateur punters because they make you more confident in your wagers. The team’s statistics are essential to consider when calculating the best wagering step. Standard stats you can maximize include team achievements, division records, and other critical data.

Pittsburgh Penguins Overview

The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the top ice hockey teams, alongside squads like the Sharks, Blackhawks, and Maple Leafs in NHL history. Most bettors love placing wagers on them due to the enormous possibilities that they can maximize. The NHL bookies typically use the fractional and American style of displaying odds for the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup, making it easy to read and take full advantage of. For the best outcome, you should also use the bonuses and promotions that NHL sportsbooks provide.

Here are some of the most exciting facts about this team:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins have participated in various competitions, including Stanley Cup and the National Hockey League.
  • Top players in the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL record include Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Sidney Crosby, Ron Francis, Kevin Stevens, and Rick Kehoe.
  • Significant coaches in the team include Mike Sullivan, Bob Johnson, Michel Therrien, Eddie Olczyx, Jim Rutherford, and Mike Johnston.
  • The team’s primary opponents include Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Rangers, and Detroit Red Wings.
  • The team is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins were founded in 1967 during the NHL expansion.
  • You can use significant ice hockey bookmakers like DraftKings, PointBet, BetMGM, William Hill, FanDuel, Parx, and FOX Bet.

Bottom Line

Wagering on the Pittsburgh Penguins is a straightforward process involving a little knowledge of the team. For the best outcome when placing a bet on the team, you should ensure that you take advantage of the squad’s specials, including the NHL regular season, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and current players. Ensure that you pick one of the trusted bookmakers to place a bet on the Pittsburgh Penguins odds for today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the odds of the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup?
    The odds of the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup are +2500. They are currently above the Edmonton Oilers, which have odds of +2600. If you place a $100 bet on the NHL team, you can make $2,600
  • Who currently owns the Pittsburgh Penguins?
    Mario Lemieux is the owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The individual purchased the Penguins in 1999 and made their escape from bankruptcy. Thanks to their skills, they have managed them to a reasonable point.
  • Who is number 3 on the Pittsburgh Penguins?
    Yannick Weber is number 3 on the Pittsburgh Penguins. He is a Swiss professional ice hockey defenseman for the team. Also, he earns an average salary of $575,000.
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