Lucky 63 Bet Explained

Lucky 63 Bet

There are plenty of different bets in online sports betting, and today, we’ll have the Lucky 63 bet explained. What is the Lucky 63 bet meaning precisely? One of the most exotic sports bets you can place, it works excellently in horse racing and football markets.

In the paragraphs below, we’ll give you more info about it and why it’s a great option for all punters.

What Is a Lucky 63 Bet?

The name might be a dead giveaway. This exotic bet type is popular in horse racing and covers 63 bets spread across 6 selections. It upends the Trixie bet and many similar options and offers a fantastic return, especially to the luckiest punters.

The Lucky 63 horse bet consists of the following:

  • 15 doubles
  • 20 trebles
  • 15 four-folds
  • 6 five-folds
  • 1 six-fold

The bet is easy to place and a much quicker way to bet on 6 multiple-bet selections rather than putting them all individually. Only one of these selections needs to win for your bet slip to win, but if there are more wins involved, the payout will be greater.

How Does Lucky 63 Bet Work?

Lucky 63 is a combination bet that gives punters a chance to bet on a wide range of selections in a bundle. The bets must be placed on different events, so you can’t use them on a single one. You must pick 6 choices over a weekend of horse races or football matches. Those selections need to be different too.

All the wagers in a Lucky 63 bet in horse racing have the same stake. It means you can’t raise or reduce your stake in specific events, which is a bit of a drawback. Calculating can be tricky, but luckily, most bookies, such as William Hill, will have a calculator that makes things easier.

How to Make a Lucky 63 Bet?

To place a Lucky 63 bet, select it from your chosen sportsbook. Many will have it listed as a special or a full-cover wager with singles. Your slip will notify you about the return as soon as you build it since calculations are built-in.

Remember that it’s not cheap since you’re betting on 63 bets in total. With a unit stake of $1, a Lucky 63 bet would cost $63.

How Do You Calculate a Lucky 63 Bet?

Most new sportsbooks nowadays have their calculators for any bet, Lucky 63 included. The payout depends on the number of winners. You can easily calculate the cost yourself since there are 63 bets included. If each one is worth $1, you’ll pay $63.

How Does an Each-Way Lucky 63 Work?

Each-way Lucky 63 bets have double outcomes, so 126 in total. This bet costs double a regular Lucky 63, giving you a payout for every horse, place, or team that wins or loses.

Lucky 63 Bet Example

The Lucky 63 bet consists of 15 doubles, 20 singles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds, and one six-fold. It would help if you placed the bets across different races. For example:

  • Runner 3 in Race 1
  • Runner 4 in Race 2
  • Runner 1 in Race 3
  • Runner 6 in Race 4
  • Runner 5 in Race 5
  • Runner 2 in Race 6

The Lucky 63 bet involves all the combinations of runners in different positions. The good news is that modern sportsbook systems will calculate Lucky 63 for you as soon as you pick your favourite runners and enter your stake.

What Sports Can Lucky 63 Bets Be Used for?

The Lucky 63 is initially a horse racing bet. However, it also applies in football, but not many other sports.

What Is a Lucky 63 Bet in Horse Racing?

A Lucky 63 is the ideal horse racing bet. It covers 63 wagers (each worth equally) across different races, which is much faster and more profitable than betting on dozens of selections.

What Is a Lucky 63 Bet in Football?

You can also place a Lucky 63 football bet across 6 events. It works in just the same way as it does for horse races.

Features of a Lucky 63 Bet

The Lucky 63 bet’s main strength is the combination of bets that each cost the same. You’re betting on 63 outcomes (or 126 in each-way Lucky 63 bets) for an incredible possible outcome, with only one winner needed to get a payout.

Why Place a Lucky 63 Bet?

Punters love the Lucky 63 as it’s as exotic as they come. It covers many selections, and unlike parlays, it pays even for one winner. The more winners you guess correctly, the better the payout.

Does a Lucky 63 Have Any Drawbacks?

The cost is the main drawback of the Lucky 63 bet. Since you’re betting on 63 selections across 6 different events, it will cost more than a parlay, but it pays more too. It is why sports betting bankroll management is essential – if you bet more than $1 on a Lucky 63, it may cost more than the profit.

Why Should You Place a Lucky 63 Bet?

We hope our Lucky 63 explained guide told you everything you need to know about this particular bet. It’s a fun way to bet and promises a return even for one correct result, and the more you predict correctly, the better the win.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Lucky 63 bet?
    A Lucky 63 bet consists of 63 combinations across 6 events. Each of the 63 bets costs the same, so a stake of $1 would cost $63. It is typically used in horse racing and football but can also be placed on greyhound races.
  • What is a Lucky 63 bet in horse racing?
    The Lucky 63 bet was initially invented as a horse racing bet. It covers 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-fold Accas, 6 five-fold Accas, and 1 six-fold.
  • What is a Lucky 63 bet in football?
    It’s the same as horse racing, but football teams are involved rather than runners this time. Each-way Lucky 63 bets are prevalent among seasoned punters.
  • How does a Lucky 63 bet work?
    The Lucky 63 bet involves 63 selections under one ‘umbrella’. It’s a much easier way to bet on many markets across 6 different choices, each worth equally.
  • Is a Lucky 63 a good bet?
    Yes, it is. It’s a very profitable bet if you’re lucky, and you only need one correct guess to get a payout.
  • Are Lucky 63 bets worth it?
    This exotic bet can be worth it if you can guess several selections correctly. You get a big payout if you get them all right, but that’s as rare as it gets.
  • How do you get a Lucky 63 on Sky bet?
    Pick 6 different races and selections, then make your predictions on the possible combinations. Sky Bet’s calc will automatically payout when you enter your stake.
  • Which is better, Heinz or Lucky 63?
    It depends. The Heinz covers 57 selections, so six less than Lucky 63. They both offer excellent payouts if you get it all right.
  • How many doubles are in a Lucky 63 bet?
    There are 15 doubles included in a Lucky 63 bet. It means picking two winning selections across 2 races on the same stake.
  • How many trebles are in the Lucky 63 bet?
    The Lucky 63 bet includes 20 trebles. For those unaware, trebles allow you to pick three runners across three races on the same stake.
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