Sports Betting 101

Online Sports Betting 101

Online sports betting is a juggernaut that can’t be stopped. It’s an industry that generates billions annually, so most countries rush to legalize it.

In this BetZillion guide to sport betting 101, we’ll let you know about the ins and outs of this booming industry.

Introduction to Online Betting 101

Spread Betting 101

Spread betting is a form that doesn’t concern who wins the match. Instead, the focus is put on the winning margin, which can be points or goals. It is a prevalent form of betting that works great on the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, or any sport where there’s a big quality difference between the teams.

Sports Betting 101: Moneyline

Online sports betting 101 guides wouldn’t be complete without moneylines. In the simplest terms, a moneyline is a bet that lets you pick who wins the match. Most popular in the USA, the home and away teams are given odds with a + or – sign in front of the number. They indicate the underdog and favourite, respectively.

  • The minus sign shows you what you’ll win on a wager of $100. For example, betting $100 on odds of -160 means a $160 profit (for a total of $260).
  • In the case of the underdog, the line shows how much money you need to wager to win $100. So, betting on odds of +150 means that you need to bet $150 to win $100.

Live Online Betting 101

Live betting allows you to bet on real-time events as the match unfolds. It’s a new way to bet that’s been very popular in the past few years, thanks to the number of new markets. Think that Barcelona will score the next goal in a match against Real Madrid? Put your money on it and watch the game live to see if you win.

Sports Betting 101

Online sports betting has truly blossomed in the past decade. It offers way more markets than land-based venues, not to mention live betting, an industry by itself. Below you can see a few of the most popular markets at online betting sites in 2022.

Football Betting 101

Football is the world’s most popular sport, so it makes sense to draw the biggest attention online. Betting on sports 101 guide is unimaginable without football. The best football betting sites offer markets on all the top events, including the top European leagues, the World Cup, Euros, and more.

Basketball Betting 101

Basketball betting is a trendy market for spread bettors. The NBA gets the most attention being the best pro league in the world. Of course, it’s not just a point spread you can bet on. You can put your money in live markets, handicaps, moneylines, and more.

Horse Racing Betting 101

Sportsbook betting 101 wouldn’t be complete without horse racing. While it’s still a niche market, it is vital in the UK. You can bet on the biggest events worldwide, including the Cheltenham Festival, Ascot, the Grand National, and the Kentucky Derby, among other races.

Final Words

The sports betting industry has been changing over the years, and new opportunities and offers are being introduced. For all bettors, those who are new, as well as veteran punters, it is important to stay aware and focused.

We hope our thorough report has helped you learn more about online sports betting. If you are searching for the best sports betting website, first give it a read. Useful reviews can easily guide you to your future winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you always win at betting?
    You don’t – that’s the simple answer. Sports betting requires a lot of knowledge and a bit of luck to win. Even then, no strategy will help you beat all your bets.
  • What are the basics of betting?
    To start betting online, you’ll have to learn the basics. These include betting on the moneyline, placing bets on point spreads, and betting on live events.
  • What is a good bet?
    There is no such thing as a good bet. Every team or player can fail, and there’s no way to win all your bets. Keep studying the markets, and you can win real money on sports betting online with a stroke of luck.
  • Still have questions?
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