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Established by Da He in 2020, WinnersBet sportsbook has quickly gained favour among Australian bettors because it is designed for the country. Other perks the sportsbook offers are low barriers to entry, localized payment options and a bookmaker regulated in the country. WinnersBet operates out of Melbourne, Victoria and has licenses from Racing Victoria, the region’s betting authority. It is also a member of the Victorian Bookmakers Association, a betting company committed to offering top-notch services.

Here, we conduct a comprehensive WinnersBet review, supplying you with all the information you need to operate an account with the sportsbook.

WinnersBet Website & Account Info

WinnersBet is a primarily online sportsbook offering casino and sports betting services via digital channels. The website contains the full suite of the bookmaker’s services. It is the main avenue to conduct all betting activities, including registering an account, undergoing KYC verification, conducting financial transactions and placing different types of bets on sports, casinos, horse racing and Esports betting. The website also provides information on betting company products, policies, terms and conditions, and payment information. It also provides access to customer service.

Design and Usability

The design and feel of the WinnersBet bookmaker website reveal some level of attention to detail and commitment to user experience. The website is designed in the company’s purple colours with some yellow touch, providing decent contrast to the eyes. Then, the company puts these colours to good use, making purple the background while using yellow to emphasize key sections of the website.

WinnersBet Review

There is also smooth navigation as the homepage isn’t clumsy since the company ensures not to keep it from crowding with too many icons or information. Nonetheless, it ensures that all essential information, such as available betting types (sports, horse racing), icons for registering or signing up, promos, etc., reflect in prominent places. One other commendable fact is how the WinnersBet sportsbook maximizes space. For instance, they put the top bar to good use by displaying popular ongoing/live matches so that customers can quickly jump in and place live bets on them.

Legality & Player Security

WinnersBet is a thoroughly reliable sportsbook, and it has invested a lot in building a reputation of trust and credibility among wagerers. First, it has earned the proper regulatory status by bagging a license from Racing Victoria, the statutory betting authority in Victoria State. It is also a member of the Victoria Bookmakers Association, a group that regulates sportsbooks and ensures that its members pay their customers and uphold such customers’ interests.

Then, in demonstration of its commitment to pursuing the best for its customers, WinnersBet bookie has developed a Responsible Gambling Policy, which aims to protect bettors from engaging in betting practices that may harm them personally, financially or in other respects. First, the sportsbook only permits persons at least 18 years since minors are more prone to harmful betting behaviours than adults. The sportsbook also provides for deposit limits, where wagerers can set the highest amounts they can commit to their betting accounts; after setting this limit, WinnersBet won’t permit them to deposit beyond the stated amount. Finally, customers can self-exclude themselves from betting, temporarily or permanently, if they feel gambling is harmful.

Finally, the company doesn’t provide credit or loans for gambling purposes.

How to Sign Up with WinnersBet

Follow these steps to open a WinnersBet bookmaker account:

  • Click the yellow “Join” button at the top-right corner of the homepage.
  • “Step 1” requires basic personal information like your bio-data, address and contact details.
  • In “Step 1”, you enter your preferred account details and set a deposit limit and the desired period for which the limit will remain.

Clicking “Confirm Registration” opens your account. WinnersBet will send you further information via Email.

WinnersBet Quick Facts

📅 Year Established 2020
🤑 Welcome bonus
📱 Mobile application
💵 Minimum Bet $0.50
🔝 Maximum Profit $50000
↩️ Payout Percentage 92%
🖱️ Live (In-Play Mode)
📺 Live streaming
💸 Cash Out

Payment Methods

Depositing and withdrawing funds are some of the most frequent things you will do when operating your WinnersBet sports betting account.

Min. deposit $1
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal $1
Withdrawal time Up to 3 working days
Payout 92%

The sportsbook has invested in making these transactions as seamless as possible.

WinnersBet Deposit Methods

We provide everything you need to know about sending funds into your trading account below:

WinnersBet Deposit Channels

WinnersBet provides the following channels for making deposits into your betting account:

It is one of the most convenient MasterCard bookmakers in Australia.

WinnersBet Minimum and Maximum Deposit

The least amount you can deposit for betting at WinnersBet is $1, one of the lowest figures in the betting industry globally. The amount is low because the lowest deposit amount is $0.50.

The sportsbook allows bettors to set their deposit limits for maximum deposits.

WinnersBet Deposit Fees

The sportsbook doesn’t levy any charges when you deposit into your account. Nonetheless, expect your selected transaction channel to take some cut of the amount you send through their platform.

WinnersBet Withdrawal Methods

Getting your winnings out of the WinnersBet account is simple. Note the following to ensure smooth transactions:

WinnersBet Withdrawal Channels

The WinnersBet withdrawal channels are the same as those you use for deposits.

WinnersBet Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal

The lowest amount you can take out of your Winners betting account is $1.

Conversely, the maximum payout will depend on the betting you do. The highest amount you can take out for sports betting is $50,000, while the maximum for horse racing is $20,000.

WinnersBet Withdrawal Fees

WinnersBet won’t take any amount from your withdrawn funds, but the specific payment channel may take a portion as its transaction fees. Our reviews show that bank transfers generally attract the highest charges.

Some Things to Note before Withdrawals

Some other things to consider to ensure hitch-free withdrawals are:

  • While WinnersBet may permit depositing funds and making bets without ascertaining your identity, you can’t withdraw without KYC verification. All you need to do is submit any identity document issued by the government (national ID, international passport, driver’s license, etc.).
  • WinnersBet mainly permits using the same account/transaction channel for deposits and withdrawals. You primarily can’t deposit through one payment method and withdraw through another.

WinnersBet Bonuses

Sportsbooks issue bonus packages to reward existing customers and attract new ones. Since they have different player categories, these betting companies have designed various bonuses to cater to each class.

For instance, there are deposit bonus deals through which betting companies add extra funds to the funds that bettors deposit; these added funds are usually issued as percentages of the bettors’ deposits.

WinnersBet Free Bets

Bookmakers also give free bets to punters even without them fulfilling any conditions. Essentially, they get such bonuses for ‘free.’

WinnersBet also invests in bonus deals to stay competitive and boost its customers’ wagering experiences.

WinnersBet Welcome Bonus

Sportsbooks designed the welcome bonus exclusively for wagerers signing up on their platforms, meaning bettors get extra perks and packages to kickstart their betting with the sportsbook. With the welcome bonus, new bettors can make more bets, increasing their chances of recording more winnings.


The WinnersBet bonus code is subject to frequent changes, but the sportsbook always informs its bettors when such changes happen. You will find existing bonuses at the top bar by clicking the ” Promo ” icon.

What to Bet On

WinnersBet offers a full suite of betting markets, providing wagerers with enough options to select.

Number of Sport Games 20
Number of Sport Events 173
Live Events Daily -
Live Events Monthly -
Pre-match Events per Month 6520

The available betting opportunities exist in sports, horse racing and Esports.

Sports Betting

The wide array of WinnersBet sporting options implies that people have enough opportunities to make bets.

Available Sports

WinnersBet sports package includes more popular sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis. There are also relatively less followed ones like cricket, ice hockey, rugby, snooker and Australian rules. If you want a decent list of sporting types for betting purposes, you can check out the array of options that WinnersBet has provided.

WinnersBet Horse Racing Betting

Australia is one of the leading nations in horse racing globally; therefore, sports prominently feature on WinnersBet. WinnersBet is more of a horse-racing sportsbook than a sports betting site. The options for betting on horse racing include particular types like thoroughbreds and harness racing.

However, horse racing is one of many types of racing available. You can bet on other animals racing, like greyhounds.

Fortunately, the games on which you can make bets are open to Australia, as you can take advantage of betting opportunities in other countries that like animal racing.

Sports Competitions, Leagues, and Events

Across these games, WinnersBet offers access to several events in multiple countries. For instance, basketball lovers can bet on local leagues in nearly 20 countries, including Croatia, Argentina, Colombia, Israel, etc.

The soccer package is equally remarkable, with more than 30 leagues and competitions from which to pick.

Special Events

Unfortunately, the WinnersBet sportsbook does not offer to bet on special events.

WinnersBet Esports Betting

Esports betting provides an opportunity to wager on video game tournaments like League of Legends and Call of Duty.

However, Esports betting is not of the WinnersBet bookmaker’s markets currently.

Live Betting with WinnersBet

Betting companies introduced the live bet feature to enable wagerers to take advantage of ongoing games. Instead of placing their positions before games commence, punters can now make bets at any time during the game while it is still ongoing.

WinnersBet doesn’t have a live betting feature.

Mobile Betting

Betting has gone mobile, with most bettors choosing to conduct wagering activities from their smartphones. Thus, it is only appropriate for sportsbooks to optimize their services for mobile users. WinnersBet understands this and has designed its website to suit small screens. WinnersBet mobile betting primarily happens on the website, which is crafted to fit perfectly to most mobile browsers, making it easy for users to navigate the various sections.

WinnersBet App

While the website is sufficient for mobile betting, it is always better if there is a mobile app. With the mobile app, wagerers can access a single platform for placing bets, depositing and withdrawing funds, contacting customer care, etc.

Unfortunately, a WinnersBet app doesn’t exist yet.

WinnersBet Pros & Cons

There are areas where WinnersBet performs considerably and others where it doesn’t.

    • It is Natively Australian 

The best sportsbooks are often foreign ones, with few high-quality players based in Australia. WinnersBet is filling that gap.

The benefits of using an Australia-focused bookmaker are numerous. They mainly focus on the Australian wagerer’s needs, like specific bonus packages that fit the Australian bettor.

Similarly, they feature sporting options that are popular in Australia, like horse racing, Aussie rules, etc.

Australian sportsbooks also offer access to Australian payment channels, providing users with a seamless transaction experience.

They do all the above while complying with the country’s betting laws.

    • Lower Barrier of Entry

A keyword that describes WinnersBet services is accessibility, as the sportsbook designs its products so that as many people as possible can take advantage of betting opportunities. For instance, the company has a minimum deposit requirement of $1, and the lowest amount that wagerers can commit towards a bet is $0.50. These are the lowest figures in the industry.

    • Betting Options

You will appreciate the betting markets the WinnersBet bookmaker provides if you’re Australian. For example, its horse racing betting options are detailed, enabling users to wager on as many types of racing as possible. It also has full coverage for crickets and Aussie rules, making it possible for users to bet on several games in Australia and other countries where these sports are popular.

    • Decent Interface

WinnersBet departs from the cluttered interface for which we know most sportsbooks. The website is built so users can quickly work their way through it, with the icons in the right places. The result is a better user experience.

    • Limited Betting Markets

WinnersBet is not a sportsbook that offers access to sufficient betting markets. Beyond the most popular games in Australia, you hardly get other sporting options. Even within the sporting options provided, the sportsbook doesn’t have sufficient events. For instance, there are only a few leagues available for soccer.

    • Minimal Value-adding Services

Betting companies are increasingly introducing features that will boost the betting experience of their customers and increase their chances of recording winnings. Unfortunately, you only get a little of that with WinnersBet.

For example, there is no live streaming service through which bettors can watch games live as they unfold. Other popular services that Winnersbet lacks include cash out and live betting.

    • Insufficient Banking Options

Since bettors will regularly conduct deposits and withdrawals, there is a need for the sportsbook to invest in building a standard transaction experience. One thing that needs to be done in this regard is to feature multiple payment channels from which bettors can easily choose. However, WinnersBet doesn’t do well in this case as users can only choose from a maximum of 3 payment processors, including cards and internet banking.

    • Inferior Customer Service

Customer service is the gateway to the betting company and the avenue through which a sportsbook can interact with its customers. Sadly, WinnersBet doesn’t appear to prioritize customer engagement, considering how it handles customer service. Firstly, there are not enough platforms through which bettors can speak to the company representatives to lodge their complaints, apart from live chat and Email. There are no phones.

Then, the few available lines of contact are not always open, even though 24-hour customer service is now a common feature of several other sportsbooks.

Cash Out

Currently, WinnersBet does not provide cash-out options for bettors.

WinnersBet Odds

Odds are essential betting parameters as they determine the monetary figure a person gets if they bet correctly. Great sportsbooks typically provide higher odds. WinnersBet odds are generally decent but how much a bettor gets depends on the particular sporting type.

Sports Historical Odds
⚽ Football 90.72 %
🏀 Basketball 92.99 %
🎾 Tennis 94.69 %
🏏 Cricket 93.15 %
👍 Overall 92.02 %

WinnersBet reviews show that you get higher odds for less popular sports like cricket, golf and rugby but mostly lower odds on more followed games like soccer. The horse racing odds are also commendable.

Other Products

While WinnersBet is famous for sports betting, its most known product is animal racing. The sportsbook powers top-notch horse and dog racing wagering, offering attractive odds, various racing categories and sufficient analysis tools.

One prominent feature of WinnersBet horse racing is the vast array of events on which players can wager.

Contacts & Support

There are multiple channels through which you can reach out to WinnersBet customer support, including:

Support email
Support Phone Number No
Live chat Yes

WinnersBet Verdict

For a local sportsbook, WinnersBet has performed relatively well. Serving the Australian niche market has made it accepted among bettors in the country. Players who choose the sportsbook can enjoy low deposit requirements, Australian-focused payment options, and betting opportunities. Nonetheless, the bookmaker needs to widen its product base, add valuable services and launch a mobile app.

Open Acc at WinnersBet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is WinnersBet?
    WinnersBet is an Australian sportsbook established in 2020 to provide international-quality betting to the Australian market.
  • What are some of the best WinnersBet promotions?
    WinnersBet doesn’t offer any promos for legal reasons. Yet, the sportsbook has reward points for each bet you make. You can convert these points to betting credits with which you can make wagers.
  • Do WinnersBet offer sign-up bonuses?
    No. The law doesn’t permit welcome bonuses.
  • How do I join WinnersBet?
    Click the “Join” button on the website and fill in your data (biodata and contact information). Then, accept the terms and conditions. The sportsbook will send further set-up processes to your inbox. Nonetheless, you can make deposits and start betting after the initial sign-up process.
  • Who owns WinnersBet?
    Da He, an operator of online casinos, established WinnersBet in 2020.
  • Are there any WinnersBet promo codes?
    No, the WinnersBet promo code doesn’t exist.
  • Does WinnersBet have a mobile app?
    No. Yet, there is a mobile website that enables performing all betting activities.
  • What payment methods are available at WinnersBet?
    Bettors at WinnersBet can choose the following when conducting transactions: Visa or MasterCard, internet banking powered by POLi, and bank transfers.
  • Is live streaming available with WinnersBet?
    No. WinnersBet has no live streaming feature.
  • Is WinnersBet legit?
    Yes. The sportsbook has secured all the appropriate licenses to operate in Australia, including one from Racing Victoria, the betting authority in Victoria.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts

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