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Gal Sport Betting is one of the largest gambling companies in Africa, covering countries like South Sudan, Zambia, Tanzania, and Uganda. Many wagering options include football, tennis, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. They also offer non-sport betting offers like virtual gaming, lottery, and casino.

The Gal Sport Betting started its operations in 2010 and has gained traction as one of the best. It has been attributed to many betting opportunities, multiple banking options, and an excellent customer support team. In addition, the bookmaker has an exceptional mobile website and a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices.

There are also multiple bonuses and ongoing promotions with accommodative terms and conditions. Read on to familiarize yourself with the sportsbook’s layout, what to bet on, mobile betting, and licensing. We have also shared the Gal Sport Betting markets and responsible gambling measures in the platform.

Gal Sport Betting Website & Account Info

You can access Gal Sport Betting services online and offline. The main channel of access is the Gal Sport Betting bookie website. However, note that you can have different websites depending on the country in which you are located. For instance, in Uganda, the dedicated website is accessible through another link. Thus, check around to ensure you use the correct URL for your location. Regardless of the URL, the website is the primary channel for conducting all activities relating to your Gal Sport Betting bookmaker account, including opening a new account, making deposits, placing bets, and withdrawing your profits. Other things you can do on the website include viewing information on promotional offers, company policy, and customer service details.

User-Friendly Design, Layout, and Structure

The platform has a simple website design that allows seamless navigation for rookies and seasoned bettors. There is also a search engine to help in spot-on searches. Users will find various main features on the homepage, such as the sign-in option, bonuses, banking methods, and customer support, to mention a few.

Gal Sport Betting Review

With just a single click, you can also switch between different betting categories, such as the casino, sportsbook, and lottery. The icons on the website are also clear, which is quite efficient in locating what you need. This wagering site has several languages, which enhance diversity among bettors.

How to Open a Gal Sport Betting Account

Opening a Gal Sport Betting sportsbook account is straightforward.

Steps Instructions
🖱️ Step 1: Visit the operator’s official website You may visit the betting site directly from this Gal Sport Betting review in just one click.
📑 Step 2: Start registration On the website, click on the yellow “Join” button. It should bring up a small popup page where you can enter the requested details.
👤 Step 3: Provide the details required In the popup page, enter the required personal details, including your phone number, password, and full name. Ensure you can access the phone number supplied.
📲 Step 4: Get a sign-up code The sportsbook will send a sign-up code to that number to complete the registration process.
👌 Step 5: Verify account Use the phone number code you obtained to activate your Gal Sport Betting account.
👍 Step 6: Start betting Upon completion, you can finally access the Gal Sport Betting login page and start to get wagering!

Credibility and Licensing

Gal Sport Betting has been in business since 20, obtaining legitimate licensing from various jurisdictions. For instance, the bookie is licensed and monitored by the Uganda State and Lotteries Board in Uganda. Other licensing bodies include the Gaming Board of Tanzania and the Zambia State and Lotteries.

These bodies ensure punters have peace of mind when wagering at the betting site. In addition, the sportsbook has incorporated sophisticated encryption technologies and reliable SSL certificates. It ensures customer data is protected from external access. Numerous positive online reviews indicate that the bookie is one of the best in business.

Gal Sport Betting Quick Facts

📅 Year Established 2017
🤑 Welcome bonus 100% up to TSh1000000
📱 Mobile application
💵 Minimum Bet THs 500
🔝 Maximum Profit Ths 250000000
↩️ Payout Percentage 95%
🖱️ Live (In-Play Mode)
📺 Live streaming
💸 Cash Out
🎰 Other Products Casino, lottery, keno

Gal Sport Betting Pros and Cons

Gal Sport Betting possesses several strong points, but there are also a few misses.

    • Convenient Banking Process

Not only is the banking process at Gal Sport Betting simple, but it is also personalized. All bettors need to do is walk into any of its large number of outlets based across most cities in the many countries where the sportsbook operates.

This personalized walk-in system is also fast. Rather than wait hours for digital payment channels to process their deposits, customers can go to this outlet, make their payments and start placing bets immediately. The key benefit of all these is that Gal Sport Betting users bank with top-notch convenience.

We should also add that despite all these perks, deposits and withdrawals at the Gal Sport Betting app are free of charge.

    • Strong Customer Service

One of the best ways Gal Sport Betting displays its commitment to superior service delivery is its customer support system. Where it differs from others is the fact that users can access customer service physically. Bettors only need to walk in, lodge their complaints, and have most of their inquiries answered in minutes. The comprehensive outlet coverage the sportsbook boasts of is also an alternative customer service channel. Thus, you can easily get a Gal Sport Betting refund physically.

    • Regulated and Fully Licensed 

You should be worried if your sportsbook is not registered with the right government agencies and possesses the correct licenses. But you have no issues with the Gal Sport Betting sports betting company. Apart from the Curacao Gaming license that enables it to operate in several countries, Gal Sport Betting takes a step further to achieve legal recognition in the markets in which it operates.

The sportsbook is registered with the lottery and gambling boards in several of the countries in which it has customers. The benefit of this is that wagerers’ betting activities with Gal Sport Betting have full legal recognition.

    • Competitive Odds

Our Gal Sport Betting sports review reveals that the sportsbook offers desirable odds, likely some of the highest you can find among comparable local bookies. With these odds, players get to boost their potential wins.

    • Limited Transaction Methods

A key downside we notice across various Gal Sport Betting services is that it doesn’t offer options and variety to its players.

There is only one method, which means customers cannot access various payment options. Moreover, the single payment method is inconvenient as bettors must journey to an outlet to deposit funds or withdraw their winnings. Thus, you can’t have a case of a bettor making deposits at midnight. Also, bettors located in places without outlets would face significant payment challenges.

    • Few Sports Betting Options

Again, we see the little options problem with the scope and depth of sporting and other betting options made available by Gal Sport Betting. First, you don’t have many sports, denying people with wide sports interests access to their desired sporting types. Then, you don’t have real Esports games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS: GO. We also noticed the lack of special events betting.

    • Complete Absence of Bonuses

At a time when bonuses have become the norm in the betting industry, Gal Sport Betting doesn’t have any concrete bonus offerings yet.

    • No Mobile App

At a time when mobile apps have become the norm in the betting industry, Gal Sport Betting is found wanting in this regard. It limits tech-savvy bettors to the company’s desktop page, which we have to note is not very appealing.

Payment Methods

Gal Sport Betting has made various options for players to deposit funds and withdraw their winnings.

Min. deposit Ths 500
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal Ths 1000
Withdrawal time Instant
Payout 95%

See its deposit and withdrawal details below.

How to Deposit Money on Gal Sport Betting

Take note of the following when making deposits at Gal Sport Betting:

Gal Sport Betting Deposit Methods

The primary method for depositing funds into your GalSportBetting account is cash at any of the sportsbook’s retail outlets. The bookmaker has partnered with a massive cohort of independent outlets that offer its top-notch betting services to walk-in customers.

To experience a seamless deposit process, follow the instructions below:

  1. At the nearest Gal Sport Betting outlet, inform the cashier (usually the outlet manager) that you wish to deposit funds.
  2. Save the printed deposit code attached to your account. Note that the deposit code is unique to your account and can only be redeemed by you.
  3. Log in to your account online, and head to the Accounts section in the top-right-hand corner. Click on DEPOSIT and select the “Pay at SHOP” option.
  4. Enter the unique deposit code, and click “Complete Deposit.”

It should complete the deposit process.

Gal Sport Betting Minimum Deposit

There is no fixed minimum deposit amount. The sportsbook has made betting democratic such that wagerers can commit as little or as much as they desire.

Gal Sport Betting Deposits Charges

Deposits are free at Gal Sport Betting as the sportsbook doesn’t levy any fees when you put funds into your sports betting account. Thankfully, no payment channel will take any cuts from your funds since you’re depositing cash.

How to Withdraw Money from Gal Sport Betting

If you wish to withdraw your winnings from your Gal Sport Betting account, take note of the following:

Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal Methods

The Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal method is the same as you use for deposits.

Gal Sport Betting enables withdrawing funds at physical outlets.

Gal Sport Betting Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals

Gal Sport Betting does not stipulate a minimum or maximum withdrawal figures. Thus, you can take out as little or as much of your funds as possible based on your preferences.

Gal Sport Betting Withdrawals Charges

Since withdrawing your funds at the physical outlets, you don’t incur any charges; thus, your withdrawals are free.

Payment Methods Quick Overview Pros
⭐ Pay by Phone Minimum deposit: Tsh 100 Withdrawal limits: Tsh 100 – N/A Time: Immediate deposits, 24-hour payouts ✔️ Doesn’t require your bank account details to use ✔️ Top-level security and privacy features ✔️ Affordable and reliable
⭐ Airtel Minimum deposit: Tsh 100 Withdrawal limits: Tsh 100 – N/A Time: Instant deposits, 24-hour withdrawals ✔️ Convenient and simple to use ✔️ Fast and secure transactions from your mobile phone ✔️ Decent limits
⭐ Momo Minimum deposit: Tsh. 100 Withdrawal limits: Tsh. 100 – N/A Time: Instant deposits, up to 24 hours for withdrawals ✔️ Efficient and convenient transactions ✔️ Available to anyone on the MTN network ✔️ Cheap and secure
⭐ USSD Minimum deposit: Tsh. 100 Withdrawal limits: Tsh. 100 – N/A Time: Immediate deposits, 24-hour payouts ✔️ Quick and tamper-proof transactions ✔️ Reliable and very affordable ✔️ Accessible to all mobile phone users
⭐ Zamtel Minimum deposit: ZMW 1 Withdrawal limits: ZMW 1 –N/A Time: Instant deposits and withdrawals require a maximum of 24 hours to complete ✔️ Efficient mobile money service ✔️ Fast and secure ✔️ Only available to Zambian sports gamblers

Gal Sport Betting Bonuses

One of the means through which sportsbooks attract players is the bonus or promotional package. These bonuses and promotional offers provide a means for bookies to encourage their players by helping to boost their winning chances.

With bonuses, wagers get extra funds or points to make bets and potentially record wins.

Gal Sport Betting Free Bets

Free bets For players to access traditional bonuses, they often need to meet some requirements, such as depositing some funds or playing a certain number of bets. However, free bets don’t come with any conditions. They are free promotional offers that traders can access without depositing funds or playing stakes.

Bookies often offer free bets to new players with which they can play their first on the bookmaker’s platform. Unfortunately, a Gal Sport Betting bonus offer for free bets doesn’t exist yet.

Gal Sport Betting Welcome Bonus

Sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses to new wagers on their platforms, providing these players with boosted funds to make bets. Again, sadly, you don’t get any welcome bonuses on your Gal Sport Betting account.

100% up to TSH1000000
New customers only! Take advantage of the best offer currently available in the market and receive a welcome bonus of 200% on your first deposit, up to TSH1000000! Full T&Cs apply

Instead, Gal Sport Betting bonus offerings come in the form of hourly packages available to bettors between fixed hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Bettors get 10% of the amount they deposit for betting during these hours. Note that after this period, the deposit expires.

To enjoy this bonus, bettors must place bets of 3 selections and a minimum of 1.2 odds.

50x Refunds Money Back

The Gal Sport Betting site has a money-back promotion where you are refunded part of your possible winnings. It works by placing a minimum of two selections with odds 25 or higher and losing by one game.

It is quite lucrative when compared to what you find in other top bookies. Below is an outline of what to expect in this Gal Sport Betting promotion:

  • 25+ odds – 1x stakes
  • 45+ odds – 2x stakes
  • 60+ odds – 3x stakes
  • 90+ odds- 5x stakes
  • 450+ odds – 10 x stakes
  • 750+ odds – 50x stakes

What to Bet On

Gal Sport Betting has made available a top-notch betting service where players can wager on top sports and events.

Number of Sport Games 19
Number of Sport Events 333
Live Events Daily 79
Live Events Monthly 2370
Pre-match Events per Month 12560

Sports Betting

Since coming into sports betting, Gal Sport Betting has built a vital sportsbook service offering users access to a list of sporting types and events.

Available Sports

With Gal Sport Betting, you can wager on the most popular sporting types, including basketball, baseball, boxing, football, hockey, soccer, and tennis.

Beyond the traditional sports, you can access not-so-popular games like lacrosse, darts, snooker, horse racing, etc. Gal Sport Betting should have something for you regardless of your sporting interests.

Sport Competitions, Leagues, and Events

You can access top competitions and tournaments across famous and less-followed sports. For instance, in soccer, the sportsbook has robust coverage of the leading continental competitions in Europe (like the UEFA Champions League) and local contests in African soccer leagues.

Gal Sport Betting is among the few minimum deposit betting agencies enabling African bettors to wager on the continentally-followed CAF Champions League and the AFCON Nations Cup.

Special Events

While sports betting has always been the most popular form, wagers and others are considering betting on other betting types. One of the most popular is event betting, where people wager on the outcomes of events in politics or entertainment. For instance, you can wager on the potential winner of an election, such as the US Presidential polls, or the results of a referendum, such as Brexit.

Unfortunately, Gal Sport Betting reviews show that the sportsbook doesn’t offer special events betting.

Esports Games

Another form of sports betting that has grown in popularity is Esports and virtual betting. Here, wagers place bets on the outcomes of video games, with expert gamers taking on one another.

Gal Sport Betting is one of the best Esports betting bookmakers focused on Africa and African bettors. On its platform, punters can wager on virtual football, cycling/velodrome, horse racing, racing, tennis, golf, etc.

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports is one of the favorite options among bettors today. The Gal Sport Betting site has several virtual wagering categories, like football, greyhound, and horse racing. These games simulate real-time sports matches and have been developed with realistic graphics and sound effects. They also have diverse and quality odds, as seen in real games and events.

Live Betting with Gal Sport Betting

Before now, wagers only had the option of placing bets before games were due to start. However, innovative African sportsbooks are making it available to place bets on ongoing matches, and Gal Sport Betting is one such bookie. The Gal Sport Betting site has a comprehensive live wagering section to wager on various sports. It includes football, basketball, and tennis, to mention a few.

Gal Sport Betting Live Betting

In addition, there are numerous markets to place bets on the Gal Sports live betting platform, just like in pre-match wagering. You can wager on markets like straight wins, double chance, over/under, correct score, and props. These options have excellent odds, updated based on ongoing match results. All you need is to go to the live betting section, choose the matches, and enter the stake.

Gal Sport Betting is one of the best betting sites in Tanzania, enabling players to log into the app, search for ongoing games and place their wagers.

Live Streaming

Whenever players place live bets, they would desire to watch as the games unfold by watching it live. To save them the difficulty of subscribing to multiple streaming services, sportsbooks now offer live streams of games within their platforms. Sadly, Gal Sport Betting sports betting offerings don’t include live streaming.

Mobile Betting

The Gal Sport Betting bookmaker provides a comprehensive wagering experience. This is because you can access full gambling services via the site. You can place bets, deposit, withdraw, and access customer assistance, among other services. In addition, the sportsbook has optimized the website to provide impeccable services on small mobile screens. You will have a one-of-a-kind betting experience, as seen in the desktop version.

Gal Sport Betting App

Alternatively, there are Gal Sport Betting mobile apps for Android users, which is a great addition. It ensures bettors can place bets, deposit, withdraw, and manage all activities in their accounts. In addition, the apps do not consume much of your space, and the installation process is quite easy. However, the betting platform does not have a mobile app for Windows and iOS mobile users. They can, however, use the mobile site, which presents a similar experience to the mobile app.

Latest Gal Sport Betting App

Cash Out

In the past, wagers needed to wait for the outcomes of games before claiming wins or losses. Now, gamblers can end their bets even before a game concludes. It is called cash out. However, note that Gal Sport Betting currently does not provide an active cash-out service for bettors.

Gal Sport Betting Odds

The most remarkable thing at Gal Sport Betting is its odds. With the sportsbook’s odds packages, bettors can access the best set of spreads on both international and local games.

Sports Historical Odds
⚽ Football 91.91 %
🏀 Basketball 92.77 %
🎾 Tennis 90.58 %
🏏 Cricket 94.23 %
👍 Overall 92.15 %

However, our Gal Sport Betting review shows that the sportsbook’s odds are much higher in the Esports and virtual gaming section.

Gal Sport Betting Betting Markets

As stated earlier, the site has numerous markets to wager on with above-average odds. Below is a discussion of some of the popular wagering options on the Gal Sport Betting bookie:

Betting Markets Description
Over/Under (Totals) Here, you will predict whether the total number of goals will be over or under the designated threshold. The most common parameter is over or under 2.5; an over bet means the goals must be above three. While in an under bet, the goals should not exceed two.
Asian Handicap In Asian Handicap betting, teams are awarded more or less goals before the game begins. A stronger team will be handicapped with negative goals, while the underdog will have positive goals. These teams must overcome the handicap for your bet to win.
Accumulator Betting An accumulator bet is when you have four or more selections in one Gal Sport Betting bet slip. It boosts your chances of recording huge wins as the odds accumulate more than in singles, doubles, and trebles. Nonetheless, there is a greater risk; when one game loses, the accumulator decreases.
Point Spread This kind of betting is when the bookmaker tries to level the field of play. For instance, the favorite is given points, which they must cover to claim the win. On the other hand, the underdog has an advantage, which, when overturned, will lead to a loss.
Moneyline Bets In moneyline bets, you predict the team you feel will win. There is an underdog, the team likely to lose, and the favorite, the team with better-winning chances. The favorite typically has lower odds, while the underdog has higher odds.
Prop Bets Prop bets at the Gal Sport Betting bookmaker present countless probabilities in your betting experience. It is because you can bet on happenings, such as the player scoring first, the number of bookings, a period when goals will be scored, and the number of corners. You must understand the game well to excel in betting on props.

Other Products

Gal Sport Betting is active in other forms of gambling. For instance, it has a thriving Lotto service where customers can wager on Lottery games and win online prizes.

Gal Sport Betting Casino

There is also an online Live Casino product where users can play popular casino games like poker, wheels, spins, and jackpots.

Responsible Gaming

The Gal Sport Betting plstform ensures bettors have an enjoyable gambling experience by providing proactive, responsible gambling tools. They include:

  • A budget calculator – Helps you to compute your monthly spend.
  • Setting financial limits – Aids in managing the amount you deposit.
  • Time-out – Customers can request a time to break, especially during hard financial times.
  • Reality Check – This facility pops up on your screen every hour. It showcases the time since you started wagering and a bet transaction link. You will then decide whether to continue betting or not.
  • Self-exclusion – There are several ways to exclude yourself from gambling at Gal Sport: through the automatic self-exclusion feature on the site or by contacting the customer support team.

The site also works with several gambling therapy sites.

Contacts and Support

The main channels for reaching Gal Sport Betting customer service include:

Support email;;
Support Phone Number 0800 71 23 45 (tz); +211 92 985 7174 (ss)
Live chat Yes

Note that there are different customer care emails and profiles for the other countries where the sportsbook operates.

Gal Sport Betting Verdict

Gal Sport Betting is new to the sportsbook space (established in 2020) but appears to have made some significant marks. It seems to have won the hearts of some African bettors by tailoring its services to meet their needs. It has created a good blend of physical and digital betting services, leaving customers to choose their preferences.

The only issues are the sportsbook’s lack of digital payments and a mobile app.

Open Acc at Gal Sport Betting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Gal Sport Betting safe and legit?
    Yes. The sportsbook is registered and licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission and has operational permits from the governments of the countries where it operates.
  • How to register at Gal Sport Betting?
    Follow the steps below to open an account. On the website, click on the yellow “Join” button. It should bring up a small popup page where you can enter the requested details, including your phone number, password, and full name. Ensure you can access the phone number supplied, as the sportsbook will send a sign-up code to that number to complete the registration process.
  • Does Gal Sport Betting have mobile apps available?
    No. The Gal Sport Betting app doesn’t exist yet, but you can enjoy its services from the mobile website.
  • Is Gal Sport Betting Trustworthy?
    Yes. It has double permits to operate across the countries where it is based but has also demonstrated sufficient credibility within a short period of its founding.
  • How Can I Become a Member of Gal Sport Betting?
    Click the yellow “Join” button on the website. Enter the requested details in the space provided, including your phone number, password, and full name. Ensure you have access to the phone number supplied, as the sportsbook will send a Sign-up code to that number to compete in the registration process.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts

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2 weeks ago

amazing platform. I like that it works in different languages.

Paqueline Saint


3 months ago

excellent service and promotions

brahim kouachi


4 months ago

Simple design facilitates easy navigation. Licensed by reputable bodies, the site ensures secure transactions with advanced encryption and SSL. Deserves a 5 from me

Nalfitifanahy Namena Fiaroniaina ANDRIANTSOA


8 months ago

A user-friendly platform with a wide range of sports and markets. However, customer service response times could be improved. By this, I leave a 5, but I will monitor the updates in the future.

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