Best Colorado Betting Sites in 2024

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In this article, we will tell you about the bill that legalized online betting and how the laws in Colorado work. More importantly, we will show you the best Colorado sports betting apps and websites so you can choose your own and bet on what you want.

Full List of the Best CO Betting Sites

You have it right here if you need a comprehensive list of the best CO betting sites. Instead of looking for betting sites, you can choose a sportsbook and enjoy it. Each sportsbook Colorado we recommend is perfectly legal to join and has great odds across thousands of markets.

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Those include betting on fixed and live odds, live streams included. Plus, sites such as PointsBet, BetRivers, DraftKings, and MGM have notoriously great offers, so you shouldn't find it hard to get your bankroll to grow.

Best Betting Bonus Deals & Offers

Bonuses, promotions, and free bets are integral to each Colorado sports betting site. It would be great to start your journey with a nice welcome package, wouldn't it? That's precisely what our recommended CO bookies offer and why they're so great. It starts with a welcome bonus that usually ranges between a 100% first deposit bonus and a free bet. These welcome packages will require a deposit, with free bets needing the first wager in both cases.

Of course, the sportsbook is free to offer whatever it sees fit as a welcome package. It can even be a no-deposit bonus. The key is to remember that none of that money comes for free. You can claim a reward easily, but getting any winnings out is a matter of wagering requirements. If you don't complete them in the specified time, you will lose the extra funds – it's that simple.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash

Why should you get the best Colorado sportsbook promotions? If you're keen on following the rules, they offer plenty of extra bucks. You could start your journey with a lot of extra money that will come in handy as you browse the markets. Of course, you should only claim bonuses and promotions with fair terms, and with our recommended sportsbooks, the deals are more than adequate.

Types of Promotions Offered at Colorado Sportsbooks

The CO online sports betting market is incredibly competitive these days, so operators must pull out all the stops to separate themselves from the pack. How do they do that? With bonuses and promotions, of course. There are quite a few different promotions available at the top sportsbooks in Colorado, mainly risk-free bets and deposit and no-deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus

The no-deposit bonus does what it says. It's a bonus bettors get without making a deposit instead of welcome deposit rewards. This type of promotion is typically smaller than the rest of the pack, but it's still more than enough to make bettors happy.

Risk-free Bet

Risk-free bets are getting increasingly more popular at CO sportsbooks. Unlike the regular kind, they involve no risk, so you still win something even if you lose your bet. You get mostly your stake in return, but it's better than losing a free wager.

Deposit Bonus

Most CO sportsbooks will have a welcome offer with a 100% first deposit bonus. As the name suggests, this reward is available upon registration and your first deposit, doubling it to give you a nice head start.

Odds Boost

If you've been planning to bet on an event, it's sometimes worth waiting just before it so you can get an odds boost. Odds boosts are specials that boost the initial odds on specific events. Most CO sportsbooks will have a banner pop-up and announce the before and after odds, so you know what the boost is.

Choose Your Bet of the Day in Colorado

Every sports betting site in each state has its Bet of the Day featuring teams, competitions, or events locals are familiar with. The top Colorado sports betting apps are not an exception to this rule, allowing bettors to put their money on the Avalanche, Rockies, Rapids, Nuggets, or Broncos.


It is a big state with a team in almost all major competitions in the USA and across a range of tournaments.

Bet on Sport

The biggest Colorado sports teams compete in the top divisions of numerous US sports. Everyone's heard about the Denver Nuggets or the Broncos, each a relevant team in the NBA and the NFL. Basketball and American football are the 2 most popular sports to bet on in the state. The Colorado Rapids are the most popular team in this sport, with two Stanley Cups behind their name. Colorado is a rocky mountain state with cold weather overall, and that's probably why ice hockey is also popular.

All online sports betting Colorado sites allow you to bet on these sports and many more, including popular entries such as Esports.

Bet on Competitions

You only need to look at Colorado's professional sports teams to see which competitions are the most popular among bettors. The solid success the Nuggets and Broncos have enjoyed in the NBA and the NFL make these 2 competitions very popular to bet on.

The MLS is also a popular competition among bettors, with the Colorado Rapids representing the state. For example, baseball is not as popular as in New York or Chicago, but it has its betting fans.

Bet on Tournaments

The NFL and NBA playoffs are by far the most popular ones to bet on when it comes to tournaments. CO bettors love to put their money on the Stanley Cup, especially if the Rapids make a strong playoff push. You'll find these tournaments available in the best sports betting apps in Colorado, including BetRivers, FanDuel, and DraftKings, among others.

The odds on all these tournaments vary depending on the CO sportsbook you choose and how early you get into it. Early lines are usually available, although you should weigh your options before settling on a choice that early.

Bet on Teams

The Denver Nuggets and Denver Broncos are the most popular teams to bet on in the state. The Broncos have had more success with three Super Bowls behind the team's name, the last one coming in 2016. While the Nuggets haven't won a title so far, the team's core, led by one-time MVP Nikola Jokic is in a great position.

Bettors also love to put their money on the Rapids in the MLS and the Rockies, which compete in the MLB. Let's not forget the Colorado Avalanche. It's been over 20 years since the last Stanley Cup, but everyone's hoping for better days soon.


The best Colorado sportsbooks accept bets on various popular competitions in the state. Colorado has some great teams in the NBA, MLB, and NHL, so you won't have trouble finding bets on these competitions on the front page.

NFL Betting

The NFL is one of the biggest competitions CO bettors put their money on. Colorado sportsbooks know this well, adding a slew of betting markets for the best football competition in the world. Not surprisingly, the ones you'll see most often are the Super Bowl winners. Other Super Bowl markets are also available, including a range of props.

You can bet on the regular season, Super Bowl MVP, Rookie of the Year, and other markets. Considering the NFL's size, the odds will be pretty competitive across all sportsbooks. You must scan the market and see which bookie offers the best.

NBA Betting

Will the Denver Nuggets be the NBA title frontrunner this year? Can Nikola Jokic get another MVP award? These and other markets, such as who wins the Western Conference, will be splashed on the front page of most CO sportsbooks.

NBA betting markets are pretty famous, especially regarding spreads. The Nuggets are a piece or 2 away from championship contention, so it's no wonder why bookies love their odds. Spread betting on the Nuggets is a good idea, considering the team's offensive firepower. Of course, you're welcome to browse NBA betting markets extensively and find one that matches your opinion.

Once again, make sure to shop for Denver Nuggets odds, as there will surely be a big difference between 2 or more betting sites.

MLB Betting

MLB betting may not take the top spot from NBA or Super Bowl wagering soon, but it has an ace in the sleeve – the Colorado Rockies. Sure, the team has yet to win a World Series, but that doesn't mean CO bettors will stop putting their money on them. Trevor Story is a particularly interesting choice for props, and live betting on the Rockies is a booming market too.

Aside from the Rockies, the best CO sportsbooks will have odds on the World Series winner, the MVP, and many other baseball betting markets. Find the odds that suit you best, and you stand to win solid returns.

NHL Betting

NHL betting is huge in Colorado, and it's all thanks to the Avalanche. They're the current holders of the Stanley Cup, putting an end to a 20-year wait for the team's fans. The Avalanche also won the President's Trophy last season, so expectations are high going into the new one.

Can Nathan MacKinnon nab the MVP trophy? Will the Avalanche win another Stanley Cup? Those are just a few available markets to bet on at the best CO sportsbooks. Of course, you can also put your money on division champions, conference champions, match winners, and a range of prop bets.

College Basketball Betting

Top-rated Colorado sportsbooks always pay great attention to college basketball. Competitions such as March Madness will always be featured on the front pages, and many of these bets will have boosted odds. That does double for any matches Northern Colorado or Colorado State play in the Big Sky conference.

There will be many props you can put your money on and many other bets. Make sure to keep an eye on college basketball betting, as you can find many wagers of value in this particular market.

College Football Betting

College football at CO sportsbooks is nearly as big as college basketball betting. The PAC-12 and Air Force get the most attention, with great odds in tow. This particular market is of great value to seasoned bettors as the odds are pretty great at some bookies.

Football fans love betting on college football, as the odds are often better than what you find on the Super Bowl or NFL playoffs. You should take an interest in it and read up-to-date news. Just make sure to do your research first.

Other Sports You Can Bet on

The best Colorado sport betting sites don't just stick to football, basketball, or their college counterparts. You can put your money on various bets, including darts, golf, NASCAR, and Aussie Rules football. These markets come in addition to all the major international sports, such as soccer. While it's not as big as the NFL, betting on the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, or the World Cup certainly have their fans.

These major sporting events typically come with great odds in tow. You should always shop for the most competitive odds and look for value bets. Golf is a major sport in the USA and has plenty of fans in Colorado. If you're planning to wager on this sport, you'll find numerous competitions available at CO sportsbooks.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Colorado

Online sports betting is popular in Colorado, but daily fantasy sports have been getting much attention in the past few years. Surprisingly, DFS was legal before legislation legalized CO sports betting online. But now that online gambling restrictions have been lifted, Colorado bettors can enjoy more high-stake daily fantasy betting opportunities.

If you're looking for the top DFS platforms and offers, we will go for FanDuel and DraftKings. These sites started as DFS betting sites and slowly transitioned into full sportsbooks. Nevertheless, they are still among Colorado's most relevant DFS betting sites, being miles ahead of the competition.

With DFS, CO bettors get something entirely else to bet on. They can tailor their betting experience to daily fantasy sports and get particular sports betting offers unavailable in other markets. It's a booming and fun industry to put your money in, especially at the 2 top DFS sportsbooks.

Types of Sports Bets Offered in Colorado Sportsbooks

Online and retail sportsbooks have so many different bet types on offer. It can be confusing for a new bettor, to be honest. But that's why we're here. We'll tell you more about the most common sports wagers you can place at the best Colorado sports betting sites.

You don't need to stick to just one type of bet. Even if you're new, exploring other ideas is always good. Picking the favorite or underdog is easy, but where's the fun? Plus, it's not a good strategy – favorites don't win all the time, and even when they do, the odds are short.

On the other hand, why even stick to finite opportunities? Point spreads and totals pay way more, not to mention parlays. The truth is that there's a whole world of online sports bets to explore, and they often have odds better than retail sportsbooks.

Below we'll present the most common sports bets you'll come across at both online and retail sportsbooks. Colorado sports betting fans get to bet on all the standard betting opportunities. If you're a member of a Colorado sportsbook, you can expect to find moneylines, outrights, and parlays, along with all the other sports bets you can find in any other state.

Point Spread

Point spreads are a popular bet type where you don't wager on the game's outcome (who wins the match) but on the margin of victory or loss instead. To put things into perspective, if you put your money on the -7.5 spread, the favourite would need to win by 7 points or more. This bet type is popular in markets such as the NBA or NFL.


The moneyline is the 'default' bet you'll first spot at any Colorado sportsbook. It's the simplest one as well – it allows you to pick the winner (with the – sign) or underdog (with the +).


O/U is also known as the totals market since it allows CO bettors to put their money on the total number of points or goals. Like spreads, this bet type doesn't involve the winner. As long as you've guessed correctly if the score is over or under the line set by the sportsbook, the winner doesn't matter.


Parlays promise incredible returns but are risky for new bettors. Why bet on singles when you can tie several matches together on the same slip? If one of the legs fails, you lose your whole bet.


As the name suggests, futures are sports bets offered on future events. For example, a popular future wager in the Colorado sportsbook picks next year's NBA champion or the next Super Bowl champ.


Teasers are essentially parlays that typically involve point spreads. Unlike regular parlays, bettors can exchange points for a game, making the teaser easy to win. The downside is that it needs to be at least a 2-team parlay, and the odds are shorter.

Round Robin

Round robins in Colorado sportsbooks are teaser parlays with 3 or more legs. Instead of typically lumping all 3 games in a must-win-all bet, you're wagering on multiple combinations that involve them to have a better winning chance.


Accumulators are the same as parlays. They allow you to put several matches in a single bet, but you only get paid if they all win. If even a single leg loses, your whole wager fails. On the other hand, if you get all the predictions right, the payout can be incredible.


In-game or live wagers are prevalent at the best Colorado betting sites. For those unaware, these are bets placed on currently in-play matches, giving you access to plenty of new and exciting markets. Make sure to react fast, as some of these bets will be gone as soon as a team scores a goal. Or a point – live betting is available on nearly any sport you can think of.

Prop Bet

Props are special bets at CO sportsbooks that regard the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event that doesn't affect the match's outcome. Player props are hugely popular – for example, Colorado bettors can wager on how many threes Steph Curry hits in an NBA playoffs match.

Colorado bettors have been pushing to make online betting legal in the country for a long time. However, legal sports betting in Colorado only went live in mid-2020, after Proposition DD was passed to allow people to legalize sports betting in the state earlier in 2019. Once the CO General Assembly passed the legislative bill, it was clear that bettors would get what they wanted soon.

It was a long time coming in Centennial State, finally allowing everyone to bet on sports online or play casino games.

CO Sports Betting Bill

As mentioned earlier, the Proposition DD bill was passed in November 2019 with the people's vote. It proposed the legalization of sports betting in the state of Colorado. It was the latest state to join the major trend. Before Proposition DD was passed, a legislative bill was introduced in May 2019 and passed by the General Assembly.

In terms of licensing and governing bodies, all online betting and gambling in the state are overseen by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming. Before the online sports betting Colorado bill was passed, the Division of Gaming reviewed other states' best regulations and practices. Colorado's governing body has succeeded in regulating limited stakes land-based gambling in CO and will apply the same strategy online.

Sports Gambling Taxes in Colorado

The state's tax rate for multiple, retail, and mobile gambling is a flat 10%. It includes winnings from online sportsbooks. Each cent won by Colorado players should be declared to the IRS. In some casinos, wins over $5,000 will be automatically taxed. It should be reported on the tax return form, although your taxes will already be paid in this case.

What Is the Sports Gambling Age in Colorado?

Unlike other states where the line is drawn at 18, the legal form for gambling online in Colorado is 21 and over.

How to Choose the Best Bookmakers in Colorado

Choosing a Colorado sports betting site might seem like an easy deal. You see an ad, click on the pop-up, and sign up. That, however, is not how you should do things. Neither CO sportsbook is the same nor legit. When choosing a bookie to bet with, you should pick reputable sites where you don't need to worry about scams.

And it's not just about the license. You need to choose a site with the best odds – that's why most bettors stick to proven sportsbooks such as MGM or Barstool Sports. Those are among the top choices for Coloradans, surprising every bettor with a cool list of bonuses and great offers. Of course, when choosing a site, the layout matters too. Find a bookie with a responsive and simple design that fits your mobile screen, as you'll most likely be betting from your phone.

Lastly, ensure that your bookmaker has a reputable list of deposit options and that your favourite is among them. Live betting and mobile apps matter, too, since Colorado mobile sports betting is pretty popular among bettors.

Which Colorado Bookmaker Has the Best Odds?

They are among the most important factors you should check for before you join a sportsbook in Colorado when it comes to odds. Every site has different odds, but it doesn't get any better than what the biggest bookmakers offer. It means that betting giants such as DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, and PointsBet more or less have the best odds on the biggest events.

Of course, you shouldn't stick to them. Always shop for odds when choosing a CO betting site, as the odds might differ depending on the event you want to bet. Some bookies are great for the Super Bowl but not for NBA spreads.

Deposit Methods at Colorado Sportsbooks

Since you'll be wagering for real money at a Colorado sports betting site, you need to pick a bookie with various accepted payment methods. Sure, they're legit and as secure as it gets, but they're also slower than any other option. In 2024, we're way past bank transfers.

It's all about what you like using the most. A proper CO bookie will have plenty of E-wallets, including PayPal. Many top sites might also accept cryptocurrencies, which are hot now. If you're a casual bettor looking to pay via phone, make sure your bookie accepts such payments.

Don't forget to check the withdrawal processing times and ensure that the bookie charges no transaction fees.

Withdrawal Methods at Colorado Sportsbooks

Most CO online sports betting sites will only allow you to withdraw using the previous deposit method. It's also the most convenient option for players, so you don't need to swap payments on the Cashier page to get your winnings out.

A proper CO betting site will have a variety of E-wallets and other payment methods allowed for withdrawals. It should feature fast withdrawals that must be fee-free – a dealbreaker. PayPal is one good option, but withdrawals are the fastest on cryptocurrencies if you find a bookie that accepts Bitcoin.

Remember that almost any CO sports betting site must verify your account before making your first withdrawal. Finish the KYC check process right after registration, so you don't bother with it later when you win something.

Best CO Sports Betting Apps

Mobile betting has largely overtaken betting from your home as the primary way to place bets on sports online. That shouldn't come as a surprise, considering how great mobile apps are these days. Not every CO betting site has an app, but they have mobile-optimized websites that are just as good even when they don't.

Up to 180% bonus on 1st deposit
T&Cs Apply
100% up to $600
T&Cs Apply
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
T&Cs Apply

The best CO sports betting app should run on both Android and iOS. Of course, it should be free, not paid. Stay away from paid betting apps – why would you pay for such services if the desktop version is free?

The top mobile apps will have a range of markets paired with exclusive promotions to make players switch to mobile. It's a more convenient way to bet on your favourite sports, regardless if you're using an app or a mobile-optimized website.

Coloradan Live Betting & Streaming

Fixed-odds betting is great, but it comes nowhere near live betting. It's the preferred way to bet for Coloradan punters, especially on their phones. It gives you a chance to wager on matches currently in play, opening up new betting opportunities that were a distant dream before.

You can wager on the next goalscorer, the next yellow or red card, or other unique markets with live betting. It's not just for soccer or football, of course – it applies to basketball, tennis, and other sports with the same effect. The good news is that you'll find live betting at each Colorado sports betting site on our list. Most of them even come with live streaming, allowing you to watch the matches you bet on as they unfold.

With second-to-second stats coverage and live streaming on the books, there's no question you'll learn a lot about sports betting.

Local CO Bookmakers vs. Online Betting Sites

Is it even a competition? Local CO bookies are a thing of the past – CO online sports betting is the way to go. Why anyone would still bet in shops is beyond us. You can do the same from your home or on the go with better odds and promotions, so what's the point?

By betting on sports online in Colorado, you'll also stay ahead of time. You won't be missing out on features such as live betting and streaming and free bets and promos that local shops can't match.

Signing Up Process for Colorado Sportsbooks

CO sportsbooks have a streamlined registration process that doesn't differ from one bookie to another by much. Of course, they all have the right to request various personal information, but they all want to make the sign-up process as smart and swift as possible. And lure bettors in with a nice welcome reward, of course.

At most Colorado sportsbooks, it will look something like this:

  • Visit a CO betting site
  • Find the Join/Register/Sign Up button (hint: it's usually in the top right corner)
  • Click on it and start filling up the form – you will most likely need to enter your email, name, surname, etc. Some sportsbooks may even ask for your phone number
  • Once all of that's done, confirm your account creation via email
  • Make sure to claim the welcome bonus or free bet if there is one

You don't need to be a tech whizz to register at a Colorado sports betting site. The process takes only a few minutes of your time at best.

How to Place a Bet in Colorado

Once you've joined a Colorado sportsbook you like, it's time to start betting! Don't worry – it's easier than you think. Of course, you'll need to make a deposit, but considering the trusted payment methods CO bookies accept, it shouldn't be a lot of trouble.

Choose a Colorado Sportsbook

First things first – plenty of CO sportsbooks are out there, and you need to find the right one for your wants and needs. Make sure to choose a reputable and licensed sportsbook like the ones we have for you on this page.

Create a Sportsbook Account

Next, it's time to open a sportsbook account. That shouldn't be hard if you follow the instructions mentioned above. Make sure to fill up the form in full. A sportsbook won't let you click on Next if you miss essential information. The good news is that most systems will circle it up in red, so you know what you missed.

Verify Your Location

Colorado sportsbooks are only available to CO players, so you'll need to verify your location to use them. Once your location is confirmed, you can use the services. That should be easy if you join from a CO network.

Make a Deposit

You can make deposits in many ways. The best CO sportsbooks accept several trusted payment methods. Wire and bank transfers are popular yet slow, so credit and debit cards are the better solution. You can also deposit with digital E-wallets if you're looking for an alternative.

Place a Bet

Once the money lands in your account, you've got the green light to start betting. Choose your favourite sport and place a bet. Whether it's a moneyline bet, a spread, or any props or parlays, we're sure you'll have fun.

How to Win at Betting in Colorado

That's the million-dollar question, and not just in Colorado. Winning at online sports betting is not something you can do easily. If it were easy, anyone would do it. However, you can become a great bettor with a lot of learning and luck.

The first thing we must mention is that you must gamble responsibly. If you're not careful, you can easily fall into it and get into bigger problems. The top Colorado sports betting apps are all part of such programs, helping punters avoid the dangers of gambling.

To become a successful bettor, you must check our guides and always watch expert tips and tricks. Luckily for you, there's a lot on our website, including the top Colorado sportsbook promotions and bonuses, so you're always kept in the loop.

The Most Active Betting Cities in Colorado

Online sports betting is a boom in Colorado, with many done online. However, some cities are far more active in betting than others, primarily because of the sports teams.

  • Cripple Creek: gambling is only permitted in 3 towns in Colorado, and Cripple Creek is the most popular. It's every gambler's dream destination with a lot of vintage casinos that come with sportsbooks and offer great odds
  • Central City: Central City's population is just under 1,000, but it's more of a gambling destination. Quite a few casinos operate in the town, with popular sportsbooks.
  • Black Hawk: Black Hawk is a casino-town only, with leading gaming properties and sportsbooks allowing punters to enjoy betting in a rural setting away from home
  • Denver: Colorado's capital and biggest city is home to the Broncos and Nuggets, among other teams. Many leading online bookies have their servers here, and punters from Denver never waste time betting on their faves
  • Ignacio: just like Central City and Cripple Creek, Ignacio is home to luxury resorts where you can gamble or bet on sports

CO Casinos with Sportsbooks

Many of Colorado's top sportsbooks can be found in casino resorts. For example, Ameristar in Black Hawk is home to Barstool sports. DraftKings can also be found in Black Hawk, just like Betfred. If you prefer to bet from a shop, you'll find these popular bookies in well-known gambling resorts.

Responsible Gambling

Colorado has allowed online sports betting, but it is still dedicated to helping prevent the dangers of wagering. The state has several programs where bettors in too deep can enroll and get the help they need. Some of the most reputable programs include the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado.

Even though sports betting can be fun when you win, bettors should always gamble responsibly. It means not betting with money they can afford and not chasing their losses, among other things. If you believe your wagering habit is getting out of control, reach out to the PGCC.

Colorado Sports Betting Overview

  • Colorado is a Western US state with Denver as the capital. Its highlights are the snow-covered Rocky Mountains and river canyons 'sprinkled' with arid deserts for a diverse landscape;
  • The most popular betting cities in the state include Central City, Black Hawk, Cripple Creek, Ignacio, and Denver;
  • English is the official language, with Spanish being the most common non-English spoken language;
  • DraftKings, FanDuel, Pointsbet, Barstool Sports, and Bet MGM are the most popular bookies in the state;
  • If you're looking for the top casinos with sportsbooks in Colorado, we will go with Ameristar, Saratoga Casino, and Bally's, all found in Black Hawk;
  • If you're betting online, the top payment methods accepted at each Colorado sports betting site include Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Bitcoin;
  • American football, basketball, ice hockey, basketball, and soccer are the most popular sports in the state of Colorado;
  • If you're looking to bet on popular competitions in Colorado sportsbooks, we will go with the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL;
  • Betting on the NBA Playoffs, the Super Bowl, and the Stanley Cup is also popular;
  • The biggest teams to come out of Colorado include the Denver Nuggets, Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Rapids;
  • Jack Dempsey, Roy Halladay, Chauncey Billups, Matt Hasselbeck, and Vincent Jackson are among the most famous athletes born in Colorado;
  • Colorado is home to some of the world's deepest hot springs and the world's largest natural hot swimming pool.

Bottom Line

We hope our BetZillion guide to online sports betting in Colorado has told you everything you need to know about it. If you're looking to wager on sports online in the state, you should join our recommended online sports betting Colorado sites and enjoy legit betting across many markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is sports betting legal in Colorado?
    Yes, you can bet online on sports legally in Colorado after it went live in 2019.
  • Where can I place a sports bet in Colorado?
    You can bet in many casinos with sportsbooks or do it online by registering at any of our recommended CO sports betting sites.
  • What sports betting apps work in Colorado?
    Every betting site in CO has its app or a mobile website which you can use to place bets on the go.
  • Is DraftKings legal in CO?
    Yes, it is. You can bet with DraftKings online legally in the state of Colorado.
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