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For BetMclean, the start was as many betting shops around Northern Ireland. Later in 2016, BetMclean became a sportsbook for online players. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) helps regulate the bookie to create a safe market for new and experienced bettors. Hence, players can be sure to enjoy proper regulation of the bookie’s games.

Due to the fully functional operation of BetMclean in Ireland and the United Kingdom, bettors can also enjoy reasonable deposit and betting limits. The website ensures that bonuses are easily accessible to punters and sports fans. One of the most impressive sections of the website is the news section to give bettors a heads-up when making predictions.

After reading this BetMclean review, bettors will learn more about:

  • BetMclean’s banking methods
  • Available bonuses
  • Live streaming offers
  • Mobile betting

BetMcLean Website & Account Info

What’s unique about the BetMclean website is that the sportsbook caters to the worldwide market. The website’s services cover major sports competitions relating to horse racing, football, tennis, cricket, golf, and rugby. Even as a relatively new bookie, they carve out a great name by providing competitive odds.

BetMcLean Review

Apart from having a notable license and regulation from the UK Gambling Commission, BetMclean is a member of several responsible gaming firms like GameStop. For this reason, players can remain certain of fair betting and gameplay.

BetMclean’s official website focuses more on functionality. So, bettors shouldn’t expect to see any fun site with a great colour scheme. The present theme of the website is red and black, which isn’t the most appealing.

Opening a new BetMclean account is straightforward. Here’s a helpful guide to follow for account creation with the sportsbook:

  1. Visit the BetMclean official website
  2. Click on the “Open Account” or “Register” button
  3. Enter the required email address and password
  4. Fill in the required details (Name, Birth Date, Country, Currency, and Mobile Number)
  5. Read Ts & Cs and tick the check box to agree to the terms and conditions

When closing a BetMclean mobile account, players may need to contact the customer support team. Ensure you take note of the reason for account closure for better detail.

Banking Options

Bettors can enjoy payment methods available in the BetMclean app, including debit and credit cards.

Min. deposit £5
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal £10
Withdrawal time Up to 5 working days
Payout 94%

The website also has a minimum deposit for bettors and an accepted currency. Unfortunately, compared to most other top bookies, BetMclean has low payment options, and the only available methods include debit/credit cards.

For newbies, only 2 primary payment methods may cause less confusion. Most players will decide on what option to choose when making a deposit or withdrawal while betting. Contrary to some claims, note that other standard payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, Maestro, and others aren’t available.

Deposit Methods

The deposit options for making deposits as a bettor should be between using a MasterCard or Visa.

Since most bettors use both standard payment cards, it makes the payment process feel significantly intuitive. It’s also imperative to note that both Visa and MasterCard are secure payment methods.

The minimum acceptable deposit for MasterCard and Visa cards is £5. It’s impressive that there are no added fees for bettors willing to make the deposits. Note that the excellent currency for BetMclean is the Great British Pounds (GBP). When it comes to processing times, BetMclean betting is in line with the appropriate industry standards. Deposits reflect in accounts immediately.

Withdrawal Methods

Similar to the deposit methods, the options for withdrawal also include Visa and MasterCard.

The minimum amount a bettor can withdraw is £5, while the maximum is £5,000. Withdrawal time only extends to 24 hours, and there are no commissions. In the worst-case scenario, withdrawal takes only 48 hours for complete processing.

Since BetMclean has a minimum withdrawal amount as low as £5, it is very suitable for amateurs. There’s no specific minimum bet. Hence, punters can be confident that the £5 deposit will go significantly longer in a payout. There are typically no problems relating to BetMclean withdrawal.

BetMcLean Bonuses

One of the most common BetMclean bonus offers a free bet.

Various other promotions are available for new and existing punters on the website. Apart from the standard welcome rewards and free bet, BetMclean also offers:

  • Cashback Bonus: A cashback bonus on BetMclean involves refunds. When bettors choose the offer, they receive a certain percentage of losses in cash, not free bets or site credit. For instance, BetMclean gives a portion of bettors’ money back for failures within a specific time frame.
  • Other Daily Specials: Ongoing promotions in BetMclean are the “Daily Specials.” These offers include champion’s league deals, suitable odds on Greyhound betting, and UK racing. Look out for any available BetMclean promo code offers for daily specials.

BetMcLean Free Bets

As a new bettor, opening an account with BetMclean typically comes with a free bet. It’s imperative to confirm if the free bet offer is still open before engaging in the sportsbook.

One of the significant BetMclean promotions is the £50 free bet promotion, which helps provide newbies with a tremendous advantage. Note that the offer only applies to bettors using credit or debit cards.

Stay up to date with the BetMclean free bet offers, as they are prone to change. An example of the available free bet is the moneyback applicable when the punter’s selection finishes 2ND TO SP FAV. Another instance of a free wager is the moneyback if on a leg of the “5+ ACCUM LETS YOU DOWN.”

BetMcLean Welcome Bonus

There’s no specific BetMclean welcome offer for new players on the website. Instead, new players need to participate in the ongoing site promotions with the existing players. These bonuses include sports betting money-back offers, early cashout deals, and the best odds guaranteed betting for UK racing events.


Since BetMclean sign-up offer differs from other bookies, there are essential terms and conditions for each request. Here are some requirements to meet:

  • Wager the minimum amount on the specific sports event
  • Place bets before the match start
  • Bonuses are only applicable to single bets
  • Only a refund per customer per event
  • All refunds are available only as free bet tokens and get capped at a particular amount
  • Draws are not losses

What to Bet on

BetMclean offers a significantly diverse selection of competitions, sports, special events, and games for placing wagers.

Number of Sport Games 25
Number of Sport Events 271
Live Events Daily 241
Live Events Monthly 7230
Pre-match Events per Month 6840

They provide many sports across different leagues, competitions, and events. Examples of available sports include Greyhounds, tennis, horse racing, golf, and football. Other options are available, depending on the bettor’s taste in sports.

Football and horse racing are the 2 most popular sports to bet on as a punter. The range of betting types available for the games is also very vast. Bettors on the website will get an overview of the most recent pre-event and live casino events. BetMclean also ensures punters can enjoy access to a live calendar, results, and coverage when about to place a bet.

Sports Betting

BetMclean sports betting is the most common option among other available activities to bet on. In the United Kingdom, soccer is among the most common sports, even among bookies like 32Red Sport and Superbet. Hence, the site offers a lot, from the standard English Premier League and other football events to countries like Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany, and China.

Besides football, BetMclean also offers punters the chance to wager on racing. Bettors also get to see love statistics, results, and results. As a punter, it’s possible to get complete coverage of all available top-notch races in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Even though BetMclean offers some of the best sports betting services, there are a few flaws in international coverage for horse racing.

There are approximately 25 markets to place bets on as a new or existing bettor in the sports lobby. Examples of sports with these available markets include baseball, tennis, basketball, and others. Other less common sports are also exciting for new players since they allow existing punters to try something new. Some examples of these less common sports include Gaelic football and hurling.

There are various bet types available when engaging in sports betting. Some examples of the standard betting options available for sports betting on BetMclean include moneyline, point spread, parlay, and totals.

Available Sports

BetMclean doesn’t hold back in the number of sports available for new and existing players.

There are well over thirty sports categories, each having different leagues, competitions, and events. Some commonly available sports for BetMclean include golf, basketball, Greyhounds, horse racing, football, rugby, snooker, tennis, and baseball.

Among the available sports, the racing and football sections are significantly impressive. Each unit has various statistics available, and punters can save specific bets. There’s also a news section on the website for players who don’t have a complete idea of the sports. The news section lets bettors know more about each sport and place reasonable bets.

Sport Competitions

Both new and existing players can participate in sports competitions associated with BetMclean.

These competitions encompass the following:

  • World Cup: Place bets on top countries like England, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, and South Korea. Monitor competitive odds on the BetMclean website to determine when and how to place wagers on different World Cup events.
  • Premier League: Stay updated with the Premier League teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur. Check out the updated stats and records before placing a wager.
  • Champions League: BetMclean offers bettors the opportunity to wager on the odds of the Champions League. Major teams include Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Villarreal.
  • NHL: When betting on the NHL, most bettors place the prop wagers. In such cases, they wager on one team or the other instead of the performance of both teams.
  • NFL: Place wagers on the NFL games by utilizing bet types like totals, moneyline, and point spread. Other common types include placing wagers using parlays, live betting, and teasers.
  • NBA: Stay up to date with the NBA by monitoring news, expert analysis, and NBA odds. The top NBA teams include the LA Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics.

Special Events

All players can decide to place bets on unique events apart from typical sports like football, tennis, and basketball.

Most of the special events are directed towards Cashout at BetMclean. In this type of wager, bettors can wager and “cashout” before the bet concludes.

Here are some common special events that bettors can wager on:

  • Oscars: Both bettors in BetMclean can decide to place wagers on special occasions like the Oscars. Most punters can place bets on over 23 Oscar categories depending on the available nominations.
  • Eurovision: Get the chance to decide who finishes the top 10 or 20 of the Eurovision song contest. Stay up to date with the odds for the event.

Other every day special events in most online sportsbook sites include wagering on the Nobel Peace Prize and US Presidential Election.

Esports Betting

BetMclean doesn’t take pride in the ESports niche, but there are hopes on the website, including the betting type in their ever-growing catalogue. Esports betting accommodates placing wagers on various games and tournaments. As a website regulated by the UKGC, Esports betting will undoubtedly be an excellent experience for bettors.

Among United Kingdom fans, Esports betting retains its popularity. Similar to traditional sports, they have other significant events and championships.

Some of the most popular tournaments making UK Esports betting sites more exciting include:

  • League of Legends World Cup Tournament: Winners of the League of Legends World Cup Tournament get the Summoner’s Cup. The League of Legends World Cup Tournament functions under “Riot Games.” In 2020 — 2021, approximately 22 teams participated in the tournament.
  • CS: GO BLAST Premier Series: New and existing players can wager on this competition. As one of the most engaging and entertaining Esports, bettors can stay updated with the recent BLAST odds.
  • Dota 2 World Championship: Starting operation in 2011, there are currently 20 teams in the Championship. Stay up to date with the Dota 2 World Championship odds before placing a wager on the Esports tournament.

BetMcLean Live Betting

Live betting is available on the BetMclean website for new and existing players.

BetMcLean Live Betting

Note that this wagering option is also called in-play betting. It describes wagering that occurs at the start of a game. Punters or viewers can place bets throughout the game instead of only wagering before it starts. Hence, odds can change quickly with a response to the game.

There are 3 significant types of live bets available in sportsbooks like BetMclean. Sports offering live betting include football, tennis, and racing. Prominent examples of these wagers include traditional live bets, props, and parlays. When placing live wagers, avoid getting influenced by the betting lines.

Live Streaming

Try out the live streaming feature to taste live action of different sports, including football, cricket, and tennis. On BetMclean, live streaming works hand-in-hand with bettors that love placing live wagers. Get live updates on the different matches happening on the sportsbook, including the odds and statistics.

Mobile Betting

Placing bets on mobile devices is advisable mainly due to the better user experience. Placing wagers online on BetMclean gives a better experience in one’s comfort zone. Consistently using the PC to place bets is uncomfortable and allows for less mobility. Hence, utilizing the BetMclean mobile website may be a better option.

Other significant advantages of mobile wagering on BetMclean include its live betting or streaming function. Bettors can stay in touch with what’s happening in various matches simply by keeping the tab open on their mobile devices.

BetMcLean Mobile App

Unlike some UK betting websites, BetMclean offers a unique mobile betting application. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app offers betting tips, news, and odds for various sports events worldwide, like the website. Enjoy watching all available sports on the BetMclean official mobile app for a great user experience.

BetMcLean Pros & Cons

BetMclean is a unique sports betting website with upsides and downsides for new and existing bettors. Here are the pros and cons of placing wagers on BetMclean:

  • Constant updates of the online platform to stay relevant
  • A vast number of available sports
  • Impressive section for live betting
  • Average pre-match line
  • Readily available odds
  • Attentive customer support team
  • Relatively less-established compared to other bookies.
  • Primarily focused on the UK market.
  • Certain countries can’t play on the website due to restrictions

Cash Out

The cash-out feature on the BetMclean website allows real-time benefits for new and existing bettors. Players can get a portion of the complete payout amount from a wager in play. With this feature, bettors agree to void the rest of a bet in exchange for an amount. The cash-out feature comes in handy, especially for newbies to the website.

Newbies aren’t the only set of bettors enjoying the cash-out feature. Expert players also utilize the function in various scenarios. For instance, players can close their bets and keep a portion of the initial wager if a team seems underperforming. Before engaging in the cash-out feature, ensure to stay aware of the guidelines early.

BetMcLean Odds

As one of the significant upcoming UK sportsbooks, BetMclean offers some of the best odds in the market. Get familiar with the different kinds of odds the website provides, including American odds (moneyline), British (fractional), and European (decimal). Regardless of the odds, it still passes the same information to the player.

Since BetMclean provides the best odds, players can be sure to enjoy the highest possible profit off wagers. BetMclean may offer just a fraction higher than most bookies, but the little addition goes a long way with time.

Other Products

BetMclean offers online casino services, including slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, bingo, baccarat, live, and jackpot games.

BetMcLean Casino

The casino part provides a great selection of games with a high withdrawal limit. Some major game providers for the BetMclean casino include Pragmatic Play, iSoftBet, Realistic games, MrSlotty, Bet Construct, and One Touch.

Besides the online betting services that BetMclean offers, it’s also associated with betting shops and land-based casinos. The casino has a €50,000 daily net limit. So, that signifies that bettors can’t win over €50,000 in a single day. Note that “net win” means the difference between the sum of a bettor’s wins and the money wagered.

Contacts & Support

If bettors face any challenges while placing bets or have additional questions, there’s a section for customer support.

Support email
Support Phone Number No
Live chat Yes

Bettors need to scroll down and click on the “Live Chat” option on the sportsbook’s main page. The bookie has efficient and helpful representatives ready to help individuals facing challenges with the website. Connecting with an agent on the website takes approximately 30 seconds.

If a bettor doesn’t want to choose the Live Chat option, there’s a chance to test the phone service. Calls are free once the punter calls the number “08002797921.” Besides reaching out to BetMclean via phone number and Live Chat, bettors can also use email, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out the FAQs for more detailed solutions to common problems.

BetMcLean Verdict

Compared to most other bookies in the UK betting markets, BetMcLean focuses on high functionality. Even though the sportsbook doesn’t have a wide variety of payment methods, the available options are unique. There are various amazing daily bonus offers for both new and existing bettors. Visit BetMclean today for the best in-play betting experience and other wagering benefits.

Open Acc at BetMcLean

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to withdraw money from BetMclean?
    When trying to withdraw money from BetMclean, bettors must use any available withdrawal methods. The available techniques of payout include Visa and MasterCard. The website says the minimum withdrawal limit is £5, and the maximum is £5,000.
  • How long does BetMclean take to payout?
    In most cases, it takes 24 hours for BetMclean to make a successful payout. However, in worst-case scenarios, it takes approximately 48 hours for withdrawal. The accepted currency for payout is the Great British Pounds (GBP).
  • What is the BetMclean promotional code?
    Currently, there’s no specific promotional code for the BetMclean sportsbook. The BetMclean promo code changes depending on the promo. If there’s a need for a unique promotional code, consider contacting BetMclean support.
  • How do I change my password on BetMclean?
    When changing your BetMclean password, click on the “individual icon.” After, click on “My Profile.” There’s a “Change Password” tab available on the website. Follow the necessary steps, and change the password.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts

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