San Francisco Giants Odds: Betting Sites & Bonuses

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on San Francisco Giants
50% up to $250
50% up to $1000
100% up to $500
Find the Best Place to Bet on San Francisco Giants
The SF Giants are among the most significant American baseball teams alongside squads like the Chicago Cubs and Dodgers. They are well-known for competing in the MLB tournament as a part of the National League West division. With the presence of some of the top league players, a good performance is inevitable. Due to the team’s effectiveness and prominence, it’s advisable to place wagers on them.

This write-up provides essential data about the SF Giants betting odds. You’ll also get to know more about the following:

  • Most suitable betting sites for the SF Giants.
  • Offers and promotions for the team.
  • Wagering on the Giants specials.
  • Steps to wager on the team.
  • The SF Giants bet of the day.
  • Crucial data about the SF Giants odds.
  • Detailed overview of the Giants.

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Giants

You can pick from the wide selection of reputable sportsbooks for the San Francisco Giants. Before selecting one of them, it’s essential to understand each of the websites’ requirements, including the terms and conditions of placing bets on the team. The same principle applies to all teams in baseball, including the less famous Las Vegas Aviators. Avoid creating an account with bookies that have unachievable requirements for placing wagers on the San Francisco Giants.

50% up to $250
50% up to $1000
100% up to $500
100% up to $2500
Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets

New 18+ UK customers. 1st bet on sports of £10+ in one transaction at evens (2.0)+ settled within 7 days of registering (exc. 10/04/21). £30 paid in free bets within 10 hours of bet settlement, 7-day expiry. Payment restrictions apply. Full T&C's apply.

The betting site you choose for wagering on the MLB team should be fully licensed and regulated by a trustworthy Gambling Commission. You can know a reputable Gambling Commission by reviewing other bookies under them and reviews of each of those sites.

Apart from the bookmaker’s legality, it’s also imperative to review factors like the site’s payout times, age requirement, deposit limit, withdrawal limit, and location demands. Before creating an account with any MLB bookie, ensure that they have good navigation for a great user experience. Find out if the website is compatible with both smartphone and desktop apps.

Some examples of the best betting sites to bet on SF Giants include BetUS, MyBookie, BetNow, Bovada Sports, and BetOnline.

San Francisco Giants Odds

The San Francisco Giants’ odds are an essential factor to consider when placing bets on the team. It’s vital to understand the technique to read these odds and take full advantage of them. Bookmakers for the MLB display odds and update them when it’s needed.

Like most common sports competitions apart from the MLB, bettors can easily read the San Francisco Giants odds because it involves the American style. The bookie provides a value with a certain signifying whether they are favorites or underdogs in this technique.

If a team like SF Giants has odds of “-180,” it means that you need to place a $180 bet on the team to win $100. The negative sign signifies that the Giants are favorites. Underdogs have their odds with the plus symbol. Hence, if SF Giants have odds of “+180,” it means they are underdogs, and placing a $100 bet on the team will get you $180.

Bookmakers for the MLB get their odds from expert opinions and analysis of the team. The history, records, and form of the players are essential factors they conventionally consider. Most unreputable bookies may derive their odds from other competitive MLB sportsbooks.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

Bookmakers typically provide offers and promotions to bettors in their platform to encourage them to place more wagers on the San Francisco Giants. New players usually get the welcome bonus, which is a percentage match up to a specific amount.

50% up to $250
50% up to $1000
100% up to $500

Existing punters on the betting sites may benefit from the ongoing promotions on the bookies. These offers may include cash backs or a specific percentage match up to an attractive amount. Since the ongoing promotions are subject to change, it’s essential to stay updated about the deals by subscribing to email updates on the website.

Highly consistent bettors benefit from the VIP scheme, which involves several advantages depending on the bookmaker. Most sportsbooks invite punters to the plan and ensure that they enjoy fast payouts, a personal account manager, and better withdrawal or deposit limits.

It’s essential to note that you could need a promo code, depending on the sportsbook you use for the SF Giants betting line. Ensure that you’re clear about the validity period of the offer and other essential data. Apart from the welcome bonus, ongoing promotions, and VIP promotion, other standard rewards include the no deposit bonus and a free bet.

San Francisco Giants Specials

There are various possibilities available for both beginner and veteran punters when wagering on the specials in the regular season of the MLB and other opportunities. You don’t need to understand all about the MLB to place a successful bet on some specials. If you have a good knowledge of the team and the MLB, you may have a higher advantage.

Some of the specials may require you to understand the SF Giants team play and abilities. An appropriate analysis of the team’s form and records may be beneficial.  Examples of the San Francisco Giants specials that you can wager on include the MLB Championship, Playoffs, and the current players.

Here’s more detail on the Giants specials.

MLB Championship

The MLB Championship is a competition that is typically called the World Series. It’s the best-of-seven playoff, which involves different champions in baseball. Teams from the American League and the National League can compete in the event.

The MLB Championship started in 1903, which shows its legitimacy and age in the baseball industry. Most punters and baseball fans love placing wagers on the competition for an easy win. Before you can enjoy bets on the SF Giants World Series odds, it’s essential to choose a reputable bookmaker.

MLB Playoffs

The MLB Playoffs involve a wild-card game playoff involving 2 different wild card teams, 2 best-of-five Division series, including the wild-card winner, the winner of the divisions, and the best-of-seven League Championship Series (LCS).

Wagering on the SF Giants Playoffs odds is as common as the MLB Championship, involving significant teams. If you want to enjoy bets on the Playoffs, ensure that you create an account with a reputable bookmaker.

Current Players

Placing a bet on the Giants’ current players is one of the most accessible specials for amateur and highly experienced punters. It requires understanding the positions, abilities, and other essential data about the team and the players.

The SF Giants’ current players include Buster Posey, Mike Yastrzemski, Tommy La Stella, Brandon Crawford, Joey Bart, Mauricio Dubon, Jason Vosler, and Brandon Belt.

Since wagering on the current players allows for many opportunities, various punters love betting on the special. It’s essential to have an account with a reputable bookie to participate in the bet on current players.

Bet of the Day

The bet of the day is the surest wager from that day’s fixtures involving the San Francisco Giants. If you’re a beginner in MLB wagering, it’s essential to take advantage of the bet of the day. Veteran bettors can also maximize the bet of the day from any reputable MLB sportsbook.


How to Bet on Giants

The steps to wagering on the Giants depend on the baseball bookmaker. Most of the sportsbooks require bettors to take a few simple steps to place a successful wager. Bookies conventionally have the exact requirements, and you can always follow the same method.

If the sportsbook has a mobile app, you can also use the same fundamental technique that you applied when wagering on the bookie via desktop. Hence, your sportsbook must have straightforward navigation and layout for a better user experience.

When wagering on the San Francisco Giants, here are the conventional steps to take:

  • Sign up to the betting site.
  • Log in or visit the bookie.
  • Click the existing “SPORTS” button.
  • Choose any of the Giants matches under the MLB category.
  • Choose a suitable bet type.
  • Enter the bet amount.
  • Finalize the betting procedure.

San Francisco Giants Live Betting

Live betting is an essential feature for bettors who love the SF Francisco Giants games. One of the significant advantages of placing in-play wagers on the Giants is the game time’s endless possibilities. You also don’t have to make pre-match decisions.

When wagering on a live bet, you can also place prop bets on the players or events happening during the match time. It’s advisable to use this feature for one of the best experiences betting on the MLB team. Here are the steps to follow to place the live bets:

  • Visit the MLB bookie’s homepage.
  • Click on the “LIVE BETTING” or “IN-PLAY” link or button on the page.
  • Select a bet type for the Giants game.
  • Enter the betting amount.
  • Place the bet.

San Francisco Giants Betting Tips & Predictions

The SF Giants predictions are essential for beginner punters, and they could help experts in some scenarios. The tips involve getting an expert prediction on a specific game involving the Giants. If you’re a pro bettor, you can get more confident of your wagers by comparing them to the tips and predictions.

Giants Stats

The Giants stats are essential data that help to determine the best wagering choice to make. Both beginner and expert punters can use the stats, but amateur bettors may find it harder to apply than the experts. Significant examples of the stats include the expected goals, coach, and records.

San Francisco Giants Overview

The San Francisco Giants is a professional baseball team that provides lots of wagering possibilities for bettors. Before taking advantage of this MLB squad, ensure you understand the appropriate way to read the SF Giants odds to win the World Series. The Giants’ offers and promotions will also ensure that you make more than you would on a typical day for a successful wager.

Here are some of the most exciting facts about the San Francisco Giants:

  • The San Francisco Giants compete in the MLB as a member of the NL division.
  • The team’s reputable players include Buster Posey, Mike Yastrzemski, Tommy La Stella, Brandon Crawford, Barry Bonds, Wille Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, and Tim Lincecum.
  • The team’s present and previous notable coaches include Alyssa Nakken, Eli Whiteside, Barry Bonds, Pat Burrell, and Dave Roberts.
  • Common team rivalries to Giants include the Washington Nationals, New York Yankees, Mets, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • The San Francisco Giants are in San Francisco, California, United States of America.
  • You can place bets via bookmakers like BetUS, MyBookie, BetNow, Bovada Sports, and BetOnline.

Bottom Line

Amateur and veteran bettors can all benefit from wagers involving the San Francisco Giants. If you’re new to wagering on the team, learning about the players and the World Series will help place your bets. Ensure that you take advantage of the specials for a greater chance to win huge.

When wagering on the Giants, one of the most important factors to consider is the bookmaker. Ensure that you create an account with a reputable bookie to enjoy every aspect of the team. Pick a reputable bookmaker today to bet on the Giants and win wagers easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the odds of the Giants winning the World Series?

    The Giants have odds of +8000 to win the World Series. If you place a $100 wager on the team, you can win $8,000 if you’re successful. The Seattle Mariners also have the same odds as the Giants on the table.

  • How much are the SF Giants worth?

    The SF Giants is worth $3.1 billion, which means they are highly valued. The team has a history of success in MLB, which makes them very essential and valuable. There’s a tendency of the SF Giants to estimate more than they do currently.

  • How much do the SF Giants players make?

    The SF Giants players make between $695,000 to $21,400,000, depending on the player’s value and other essential statistics. Buster Posey gets a base salary of $21,400,000, and John Cueto gets $21,000,000. Other active players in the team also get a reasonable amount of money.

  • Who is #1 on the SF Giants?

    The number one player on the SF Giants is Mauricio Dubon, a Center Fielder. In the Giants, Dubon has an overall height of 6 feet and 2 inches. As a baseball player, Mauricio Dubon grew up in Honduras, San Pedro Sula.

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