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Monero is very popular among gamblers who use crypto betting sites regularly. In this article, we'll teach you everything you need to know about online betting with Monero, including:
  1. Where to find the best Monero betting sites?
  2. How to use Monero bookies?
  3. How does XMR gambling look?
  4. What are interesting facts about XMR?

List of the Best Monero Sportsbooks

Betting with cryptocurrency has been around for years, so it shouldn't be surprising that thousands of sportsbooks allow their users to bet with crypto. Some crypto bookmakers accept only a handful of cryptocurrencies. In contrast, others offer a comprehensive list of accepted bet wallet options, yet no matter which sportsbooks you use, there's a good chance it will allow Monero gambling.

Monero is one of the world's biggest and most popular cryptocurrencies, and as such, it's widely accepted on most crypto sportsbooks. However, while it's easy to find sports betting sites that accept Monero, it's essential to recognize which are top Monero bookmakers and which should be avoided.

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There are many great Monero sports betting sites, but plenty don't do an excellent job with their service, are shady, or have other drawbacks that make them less appealing. So before you place your first Monero sports bet, register with a solid, reliable, and safe sportsbook accepting Monero, which can offer everything you need in your wagering endeavor.

How to Find the Best Monero Sports Betting Sites

Registering with top Monero bookmakers should be your top priority before you start online betting using Monero. That can be a time-consuming task since there are thousands of Monero gambling sites, but to speed up the process, you can focus on 4 key things good betting sites that take Monero should offer.

Support Efficiency

All good Monero betting sites will have solid and efficient customer support. Although you'll rarely need to contact customer support agents, you want a reliable service available if you need to resolve an issue.

Any safe betting sites with Monero that put the effort in offering good customer support also show a certain level of professionalism, usually only available with the best sportsbooks.

Payment Methods in Use

If you want to bet with Monero, you naturally want to register with a betting site allowing you to deposit with Monero. If you pick a crypto sportsbook, then there's a chance it will accept XMR; however, it doesn't hurt to double-check and make sure it has Monero as one of the deposit options.

VIP Benefits

Although not as important as competitive betting odds, promotions and rewards play a role in your success as a bettor. The best promotions usually come in the form of VIP benefits. Good Monero betting sites will also offer promotions and bonuses beyond the joining bonus awarded when you sign up.

Many sportsbooks have a VIP program, which awards bettors for their loyalty, giving out free bets, casino spins, free wagering cash, reload bonuses, and more.


Perhaps the most important thing to look for in any sportsbook accepting Monero is whether it has a valid gambling license. Most companies do, but there's also a difference between reliable gambling licenses and those that offer far less security to gamblers.

Registering with safe betting sites that use Monero, with a good reputation, should be on top of your priority list. Only this way can you ensure that your money and personal information are safe.

Make a Monero Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

Most Monero betting sites will have bonuses and promotions available, and all will have at least the sign-up bonus, which usually comes in the form of a matched deposit offer. But some sportsbooks will do a much better job with their recommendations.

Even when comparing the welcome offers, there's a big difference between Monero betting sites. For example, some might offer a 50% matched deposit bonus, while others will have a 100%-500% matched deposit bonus and additional promotions such as free casino spins.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash

All bonuses, even sign-up rewards, come with an asterisk. In addition, the free wagering money you receive as a part of the matched deposit bonus comes with a rollover requirement, so before you claim any promotion, read the bonus terms and conditions.

Besides the welcome bonus, you'll find other deposit-related offers using Monero betting sites, which we'll touch on below.

No-Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the most common form of promotions on websites that offer online betting with Monero, but that doesn't mean there are no no-deposit bonuses. On the contrary, there are many no-deposit offers, which are mainly offered to existing users.

Monero betting sites award their customers randomly, usually the same size as their average bet. The most common no-deposit promotion is a free bet or free betting cash. Then there are enhanced odds, insurances, and Acca boosts, all available to anyone without needing to deposit and make up the vastest selection of promotions outside of sign-up offers and reload bonuses.

Welcome Bonuses

Every Monero sportsbook will have a welcome bonus as a very effective tool to attract new customers. It has become a common practice for sportsbooks to have welcome promotions, primarily in the form of a matched deposit bonus.

The welcome bonus is available only to new sportsbook customers. A matched deposit bonus can be claimed by anyone who decides to make a first deposit and fund his betting account with a minimum qualifying amount. Welcome bonuses often come with terms, most commonly in rollover requirements.

VIP Bonuses

The VIP program is arguably the best promotion top Monero bookmakers can offer. It's a special promotion which awards bettors for their activity, by giving our prizes based on how active you are.

What you'll receive with the VIP bonus varies from sportsbook to sportsbook, but as of 2024, the most common rewards include free bets, reload bonuses, free casino slot spins, and enhanced odds.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses work similarly to welcome deposit bonuses, but unlike the latter, reload bonuses are available to already existing users. With a reload bonus, the sportsbook will offer users a matched deposit up to a certain amount or bonus wagering cash if they fund their account with a minimum qualifying deposit.

But like most deposit bonuses, reload bonuses often come with a rollover requirement, so read the terms and conditions before claiming the prize.

How to Use Monero for Betting Online

Placing a Monero sports bet online is very straightforward, and it doesn't differ much from using any other cryptocurrency to wager on sports. But while it's easy to bet, Monero bettors should know a few key things.

Before betting with Monero, you should own some XMR, which you must buy from a crypto exchange. Some of the top Monero bookmakers will allow you to buy XMR straight from the website via a third-party seller, which is an option, but those often come with added fees, so it's advisable to use a safe, legal, and secure exchange.

After you buy Monero, you have to focus on picking the right sportsbooks that accept Monero. Again, you must register only with reputable and safe sportsbooks, as only this way can you ensure that your money is safe.

It's also essential to pick between Monero betting websites with good odds and enough wagering markets with more than just Monero spread betting. The sportsbooks' service, namely the odds quality, is critical as it will dictate your success on your betting journey.

Another thing to look for in a solid website that offers online betting with Monero is withdrawal time, withdrawal charges, and its reputation. Preferably, you should pick a sportsbook with little to no fees, fast transactions, and a solid reputation on online reviews sites.

What Is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency founded in 2014 by programmers who met on Bitcoin forums. Also known as XMR, Monero is an open-source digital currency focusing mainly on privacy, making it an excellent choice for any sports bettors who want to remain anonymous.

Monero achieves that with complex technology which makes all XMR gambling activities completely anonymous, with a high level of privacy, which makes tracking transactions extremely difficult.

Not only is Monero a very secure and private cryptocurrency, but it is also widely accepted on most sportsbooks and even casinos, another reason why so many people bet with Monero. The only criticism of XMR is its ties to the darknet, but that doesn't affect those who use it for sports betting, nor does it change that Monero is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world.

Making Deposits with Monero

If you want to place a Monero sports bet, you'll need access to a Monero betting site that accepts it as a valid deposit option. Due to XMR's popularity, it's not difficult to find one since most cryptocurrency sportsbooks also accept Monero.

Once you set up your betting account with a Monero sportsbook, you can fund your wallet with Monero in one of 2 ways. Either you buy Monerto from an exchange and transfer it to the sportsbook or (in some cases) buy Monero straight from the bookmaker.

Some betting sites will allow you to deposit fiat money and convert it to XMR, but that's rarely a good choice due to added fees. So if you want to bet with Monero, buying it separately and transferring it to your wagering wallet is advisable.

Once your XMR betting wallet is funded, you can start betting with fiat money. And just as it's easy to finance your Monero betting account, it's also simple to withdraw money back to your crypto wallet.

Requesting Withdrawals with Monero

The withdrawal process with Monero is very straightforward. First, log in to your betting account, navigate to the cashier tab and request a withdrawal.

Some Monero betting sites will pay out in cash; others will allow you to pick between XMR and other cryptocurrencies as viable withdrawal options. Which you choose doesn't matter as long as there are no added fees, but know that some cryptos have a much faster withdrawal time.

Once you request your withdrawal, the only thing left is to decide where to store your XMR – either in your wallet or with a trusted exchange.

In many ways, withdrawing Monero is similar to requesting a withdrawal with fiat currency. The big difference, however, is that crypto withdrawals are generally much faster.

Fees and Limits

The fees and limits of deposits and withdrawals will vary depending on the sportsbook and your currency. But regarding cryptocurrency, including Monero, the costs, and limitations on most sportsbooks won't disappoint you.

Most sportsbooks that accept Monero won't charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals, which is a significant advantage Monero has over fiat currency. However, you should know that a transaction fee will apply when transferring money into and from your wallet.

Like most crypto bookmakers, Monero betting sites rarely set limits on transactions. While you can't escape fees when moving to Monero, the limits are typically very generous. There might be a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount, but most sportsbooks allow you to withdraw as much Monero as you want.

Compared with fiat currency, Monero transactions are far less limited and tend to have lower fees, which is one of the main reasons cryptocurrency betting is so prevalent in online gambling.

Variety of Sports and Markets

Before placing your first Monero sports bet, register with one or many betting sites that accept Monero. But you can't just choose any sportsbook.

You must pick a sportsbook with competitive odds and various sports and markets, as only this way can you ensure that you'll be able to bet on any sport you want and however you want.

Even compared to traditional sportsbooks, crypto bookmakers don't lack betting options. Luckily, most Monero betting sites have generous markets, allowing you to bet on a wide range of sports. In some cases, you might even be able to use a traditional bookmaker to bet with Monero, assuming it accepts crypto deposits.

Credit is where credit is due, most crypto bookmakers do an excellent job with their offer, so it's not hard to find Monero betting websites with solid market selection; it shouldn't be taken for granted. Check the betting offer before you sign up for an account.

Esports Betting with Monero

As of 2024, Esports betting can easily be compared to sports wagering as far as accessibility is concerned. Nowadays, you don't need to register with an Esports bookmaker to bet on Esports since even traditional bookmakers have started offering Esports betting markets, including crypto sportsbooks.

With few exceptions, most crypto and Monero betting sites occasionally cover Esports. At the very least, they'll have betting markets on League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2. And even if you're a hardcore Esports bettor, many Esports Monero betting websites cover a plethora of Esports, so you can wager on it just as quickly as you can bet on sports.

Monero Virtual Betting

Although closer to gambling than real, virtual betting is available on most sportsbooks, including Monero betting sites. It might not be a smart way to gamble, but if a sportsbook has a casino, it likely also has virtual sports.

The variety of virtual sports betting options will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Still, typically crypto sportsbooks tend to focus more on gambling, so as long as you're using a Monero sportsbook, there's a good chance you'll be able to bet on virtual sports as well.

Countries Where Monero Can be Used for Sports Betting

Betting and gambling are still prohibited in some countries, but thanks to VPNs and crypto, anyone can bet if they know how to approach it.

If you're from a country where sports betting is legal, you don't have to do much more to bet with Monero than register with a crypto sportsbook and start placing your bets. But even if you're from a country where gambling is not allowed, you need a VPN service to access a Monero sportsbook.

Since crypto deposits and withdrawals are entirely anonymous, you can easily bet with Monero, and no one will ever be able to trace the betting activity back to you. We don't condone using VPN to access and use restricted websites, but it's impossible to deny that crypto and its anonymity allow people to bypass some laws.

Accepted Currencies for Monero

If you want to bet with Monero, it's advisable that you first buy it from a reputable exchange, or you can do it straight from the crypto sportsbook you're using. It's generally better to do the former because exchanges have lesser fees and accept more currencies.

While sportsbooks might only accept a handful of currencies, such as the Euro, Dollar, and British Pound, exchanges tend to take all cash, or at the very least, the majority of the most popular ones. Either way, buying Monero is simple, regardless of which money you intend to use.

Monero Betting Apps

You can bet with Monero mainly on crypto bookmakers, generally more modern sportsbooks than traditional betting sites. And as such, most Monero betting sites also offer a mobile betting app.

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Mobile betting apps have become more industry-standard than anything else, mainly because mobile betting has become extremely popular. Even bookmakers who don't have a mobile app have at least a mobile website that they can use, but it's better to download a betting app if available.

Betting apps are more convenient than mobile websites and are often better and more responsible than desktop websites. So whether you're a mobile bettor or not, you might consider using a mobile app.

Monero Alternatives for Betting Online

Monero is a popular cryptocurrency on most online crypto sportsbooks.

Still, plenty of solid alternatives exist if you don't own it or prefer other payment methods.

  • Bitcoin – by far the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is also the most trendy cryptocurrency among sports bettors. It's a valid deposit option for all crypto bookmakers and offers just as much security and privacy as Monero.
  • Ethereum – the world's second-biggest crypto, Ethereum shares many similarities with Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency available to all crypto bookmakers. It offers fast and safe transactions but has higher transaction fees than Monero.
  • PaySafeCard – if betting with cryptocurrency isn't your thing, and you would still like to keep your activity private, PaySafeCard is an excellent choice. It offers complete anonymity and instant deposit; however, you can't withdraw with PaySafeCard.

How to Stay Safe When Betting with Monero

Betting with cryptocurrencies is safe but shouldn't be taken for granted. You have to do your part in keeping yourself and your money safe when betting, but that's pretty easy nowadays.

  • Only legit, safe, secure Monero betting sites must be used. Before registering with a sportsbook, ensure it has a valid betting license and favorable online reviews.
  • As you should use safe bookmakers, you must download only a legit mobile betting app. But as long as you double-check that you're downloading an official app from the bookmaker, you'll be safe.
  • Lastly, you should be aware of phishing emails. These have become very effective tools for scammers to steal your information, but they can easily be avoided by not opening emails from unknown or shady-look addresses.

New Bookmakers That Accept Monero

Betting with crypto is becoming very prevalent in the online betting community, and to meet the demand, many companies started opening their own crypto betting sites. It is excellent for bettors looking for new sportsbooks to bet on and grab bonuses and promotions, but with so much choice also comes the question of how many of these new betting sites that use Monero are safe.

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Although most online betting sites are safe, there's a plethora of shady bookmakers which should be avoided. If you're registering with a new bookmaker rather than an established bookie, make sure it is legit, safe, and has a valid betting license.

If it checks those marks, it's safe to use, even though it doesn't have an established reputation yet. Here you can find some of the best new legal sportsbooks that accept Monero.

Which Exchange to Use for Monero Gambling Sites

To buy Monero, you'll have to use a crypto exchange such as Binance or Coinbase, where you can deposit fiat currency and buy any cryptocurrency you want. It is generally the best approach for buying Monero, which you can use to bet on Monero betting sites.

Alternatively, you can use the exchanges offered by some sportsbooks, which allow you to deposit money onto the site and convert it into Monero or other cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, this often comes with higher fees, so people prefer exchanging.

Like you should ensure you're using only safe and legit bookmakers, you must buy crypto on trusted exchanges with a good reputation. Of all available exchanges, Binance stands out as the most trusted exchange, followed by Coinbase, which has a long industry history and is trusted by millions.

Live Monero Betting Sites

Live betting has become a must-have feature all betting sites should have, and for the most part, they do. That especially holds for Monero betting sites and other crypto sportsbooks, which tend to be more modern, with more features.

Whether you intend to live bet, you should consider registering with a sportsbook that offers in-play betting. That is because the availability of live betting shows that the bookmaker does its best to accommodate all customers and because you might want to place a live bet sometime in the future.

Live betting might not be for everyone, but it can be a vital tool for making a profit from betting on sports. In-play betting offers excellent opportunities and is an alternative and fun way to bet. So even if you don't plan to bet in-play now, you might change your mind later, so it is advised to register with sportsbooks that offer it.

Is It Worth Using Monero for Betting Online?

You can use Monero for online betting the same way as other cryptocurrencies, which gives it many advantages over fiat betting, and it's, in some cases, a better option than Bitcoin and other of the world's most popular crypto.

Here are some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of using Monero for online betting.

  • It's completely anonymous
  • Fast transactions
  • Some of the lowest fees
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Low minimum and high maximum deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Monero has a bad reputation as a crypto used on the darknet
  • Like any crypto, Monero's price is volatile
  • Transaction speed can be slow during peak hours

Monero Overview

Before we conclude our article on online sports betting with Monero, here are some interesting facts about XMR you might not know about.

  • You can use Monero for sports betting in any country where online gambling is allowed, including Germany, the United States, England, Canada, Italy, and Australia.
  • You can buy Monero with any currency accepted by the exchange you're using, but you can always buy it with dollars or euros.
  • Some of the most popular online betting alternatives for Monero are Ethereum, Bitcoin, and PaySafeCard.
  • The most popular online bookmakers that accept Monero include 22Bet, Vulkanbet, ThunderPick, and Stake.
  • Monero has a bad reputation as a crypto used on the darknet, but it's still one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world.
  • Monero specializes in private and censorship-resistant transactions.
  • It's the only crypto where every user is anonymous by default.

Bottom Line

It concludes our article, teaching you everything you need to know about Monero and how to use Monero to bet on sports. So go out there, register with the best Monero betting sites, and start wagering with one of the fastest and most secure cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Monero?
    Monero is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for other currencies, goods, and services, whose primary purpose is to offer fast and private transactions.
  • How does Monero work?
    Monero uses a proof-of-work algorithm named RandomX, which validates its transactions. First introduced in 2019 to replace CryptoNightR, RandomX improved Monero's usability, making it one of the world's most popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Can I use Monero for online betting?
    Yes, you can use Monero for online betting. But you'll need access to an online crypto bookmaker that accepts Monero as a valid payment method. Luckily, many crypto sportsbooks accept Monero, including Stake and ThunderPick.
  • Who accepts Monero?
    Although Monero is not as big as Bitcoin or Ethereum, it's a popular cryptocurrency. As such, it's accepted by most online crypto-betting sites, which helped it become one of the best cryptocurrencies for online betting.
  • Is Monero safe?
    Monero is a safe cryptocurrency with an excellent reputation for its security. Monero uses the latest technology to keep its transactions fast, anonymous, and secure and is arguably one of the safest cryptocurrencies for online betting.
  • Are Monero deposits instant?
    Most Monero deposits are instantly executed, but that might vary depending on which sportsbook you're using and when you decide to deposit. Monero is known to sometimes have slower transactions, but even then, it doesn't take longer than a few minutes.
  • Can I claim withdrawals to a Monero?
    You can withdraw your betting winnings in Monero on most betting sites that accept it as a payment method. Alternatively, you can withdraw your winnings in fiat money straight into your bank account.
  • What are the fees for withdrawing via Monero?
    Monero betting sites typically have no withdrawal fees, but you must pay transaction fees. However, Monero is known to have some of the lowest fees out of all cryptocurrencies ($0.0010)
  • Is there a limit on my Monero transactions?
    Betting sites rarely limit Monero transactions besides the minimum required for deposits and withdrawals. Conversely, there are usually no maximum limits, which might vary depending on the bookmaker you use.
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