International Betting Sites That Accept M-Pesa

M-Pesa is a payment option widely accepted in some African countries, especially Kenya. Using M-Pesa to make transactions eliminates the risk of inputting your bank details on any betting site. Online gambling using M-Pesa is fast and convenient. Bettors are eligible for several bonus incentives when using M-Pesa for online wagering activities.

Keep reading for more details regarding:

  • How to open an M-Pesa account.
  • M-Pesa alternatives for betting online.
  • How to request withdrawals using M-Pesa.

Best M-Pesa Betting Sites

Sportsbooks that allow the use of M-Pesa as a payment method offers:

  • competitive odds
  • nice bonus incentives
  • low minimum deposit
  • 24/7 customer service
  • high wagering limits
  • user-friendly mobile apps
  • live betting options
  • boast maximum security and privacy

For the best betting experience, checking the M-Pesa bookies licensing and regulations is essential. Other important factors to consider are the sports available, positive reviews from bettors, and the security protocols it employs. The best MPesa betting sites include 22Bet, Betika, Betwinner, Betway, 1xBet, Helabet, Betobet, Melbet, and Mozzartbet.

Make an M-Pesa Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

You are eligible for unique bonus offers and promotions when you make deposits using M-Pesa on some sportsbooks. Different M-Pesa betting sites have various promotions for all bettors with active accounts. The most common rewards and promotions are the deposit bonus offer, sign-up bonus, no deposit bonus, free bets, and VIP offers. In most cases, you may be required to deposit a sum to activate bonuses. Remember the terms and conditions regarding bonus incentives for your chosen M-Pesa bookie.

How to Use M-Pesa for Betting

The use of M-Pesa to place bets on sports and games is simple, quick, and convenient to use. Here are a few tips on how to maximize online betting with M-Pesa:

  • Download the M-Pesa app or visit the website.
  • If you use the mobile app or the website, click on the menu button.
  • Tap on the button that says “lipa na M-Pesa.” “Lipa na M-Pesa” means “Pay with M-Pesa” in Swahili.
  • Click on the pay bill option.
  • Fill in the business number your selected M-Pesa bookie provides.
  • Fill in your betting account username or number.
  • Fill in the amount you want to deposit.
  • Fill in your M-Pesa pin, and tap on the send button.
👍 Minimum Deposit: KSH 10
% Processing Fee: No fee Up to 100 KSH
Transaction Speed: Instant
🆓 Largest Free Bet: Betway: €30 Welcome Free Bet 888Sport: Bet €10, Get €30 in Free Bets
📱 Dedicated app: Yes
🌍 Supported in: Afghanistan, Congo – Kinshasa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania
💯 Best M-Pesa Betting Site: 22Bet
Fastest M-Pesa Bookie Withdrawal: BetWinner
Best M-Pesa Bookie Deposit: Betway
🔝 High Deposit Limits: Betsafe
🔁 Betting Exchange and M-Pesa: 888Sport
🎁 Best M-Pesa Bonus: 10Bet

What Is M-Pesa?

M-Pesa is a mobile payment service established by Safari and Vodafone. You can use M-Pesa to transfer money, fund betting accounts, pay for goods, pay utility bills, buy airtime, and others. M-Pesa operates in 10 countries. The M in M-Pesa stands for mobile, while Pesa stands for money in Swahili. M-Pesa is widely recognized in Kenya.

History of M-Pesa

In 2005 M-Pesa was launched in Kenya on a pilot basis. M-Pesa encountered the issue of gaining agents’ trust, agent training, and encouraging agents to process cash withdrawals during its pilot stage. After Vodafone introduced using M-Pesa to purchase airtime, M-Pesa transaction volume increased.

In 2007 Safaricom and Vodafone fully established the mobile payment service M-Pesa. M-Pesa headquarters is in Pretoria, South Africa. In 2008 M-Pesa started branching out into international markets. It is recognized and operated in the following African countries: Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Mozambique, DRC, Ghana, and Kenya.

How to Open an M-Pesa Account

To register an M-Pesa account, you must have a valid means of identification and a Safaricom SIM card. You need a valid National ID, Kenyan military ID, passport, or foreign certificate.

  • Visit an M-Pesa or Safaricom agent outlet.
  • Submit all required information, such as valid ID, your Safaricom phone number, full name, and date of birth to the agent.
  • A confirmation SMS that your registration has been successful and a 4-digit PIN will be sent.
  • Visit the Safaricom menu.
  • Click on M-Pesa.
  • Click on activate or wezesha.
  • Fill in the 4-digit pin sent to you by M-Pesa via SMS.
  • Create a new 4-digit pin and confirm it.
  • Fill in the same ID number the agent inputted during registration.
  • A secret word with a menu will be sent to your phone number. Tap ok.
  • Once you have successfully registered an account, your balance will be sent to you with a confirmation message.

Making Deposits with M-Pesa

Here’s a guide on how to make deposits using M-Pesa:

  • If you use the mobile app or the website, click on the menu button.
  • Tap on the button that says “Lipa na M-Pesa.” (“Pay with M-Pesa” in Swahili).
  • Click on the pay bill option.
  • Fill in the business number your selected M-Pesa bookie provides.
  • Fill in your betting account username or number.
  • Fill in the amount you want to deposit.
  • Fill in your M-Pesa pin, and tap on the send button.

Requesting Withdrawals with M-Pesa

Here is a how-to guide on requesting withdrawals using M-Pesa:

  • Log in to your preferred M-Pesa betting site.
  • On your dashboard, go to the cashier section.
  • Select M-Pesa as your preferred withdrawal method.
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Input your M-Pesa account number.
  • Fill in your M-Pesa pin, and tap on the send button.

Fees & Limits

Using M-Pesa as your method of withdrawal incurs a low transaction fee. Making deposits into your betting account using M-Pesa is free. The minimum deposit amount is KSH 10. Transaction fees incurred are a particular percentage of the amount being transacted. M-Pesa’s daily limit for transactions is KSH 70,000.

M-Pesa Alternatives for Betting Online

Bookmakers provide several payment options to choose from if you do not want to use M-Pesa for betting online. Here are M-Pesa alternatives for betting online: Apple Pay, cryptocurrencies, debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, Paysafecard, credit card, Skrill, bank transfers, and many more.

How to Stay Safe When Betting with M-Pesa

There are only a few reputable and legal M-Pesa betting sites. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe when betting with M-Pesa:

  • Check if the betting sites that accept M-Pesa have a valid license and are regulated by legal gaming bodies within their jurisdiction. Visit the M-Pesa bookmakers homepage and go through it for information regarding legality.
  • Ensure that the M-Pesa betting site employs secure socket layer encryption.
  • Read reviews about the M-Pesa sportsbooks to find out if it is trustworthy.

When entering personal information into any betting site, use caution and wager wisely.

Is It Worth Using M-Pesa for Betting Online?

M-Pesa is the best payment option due to its fast transactions. M-Pesa betting sites offer great odds and exclusive bonus offers. The payouts are better in bookies that accept M-Pesa. You can place a bet with M-Pesa on any sport, such as Esports, football, tennis, basketball, horse racing, and many more. Here are some benefits and downsides bettors should keep in mind.

Pros Cons
  • Low transaction fees.
  • M-Pesa has a user-friendly mobile app. You can make fast and secure transactions on the go and monitor every transaction performed on the app.
  • Bettors using M-Pesa qualify for welcome bonuses. When using some alternative payment options, you do not qualify for welcome bonuses.
  • Only a limited number of M-Pesa accept sportsbooks.
  • You can only use M-Pesa for online gambling in Kenya.
  • If you gamble heavily, M-Pesa is not for you as the maximum daily transaction limit is 150,000 KSH.

M-Pesa Overview

You can only use M-Pesa for sports gambling in Kenya. M-Pesa operates in the following African countries: Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Mozambique, DRC, Ghana, and Kenya.

  • M-Pesa accepts only one currency which is the Kenya shillings (KSH).
  • Supported languages on M-Pesa are English and Swahili.
  • M-Pesa alternatives for online betting include Apple Pay, cryptocurrencies, debit cards, PayPal, and Neteller.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers that accept M-Pesa are 22Bet, Betika, Betwinner, Betway, 1xBet, and Helabet.

Bottom Line

Regarding highly secured and safe transactions, exclusive VIP offers, high deposits and withdrawal limits, low minimum deposits, low transaction fees, great payouts, and betting sites accepting M-Pesa are your best options. Nothing beats the experience of placing wagers using M-Pesa. Register with one of the best M-Pesa betting sites, and enjoy a fantastic and thrilling betting experience. Gamble responsibly!

Need a bookie that accepts M-Pesa?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I bet on M-Pesa bookie?

    Register with an M-Pesa betting site. Log in to your betting account. Go to the cashier section. Select M-Pesa as your preferred method of deposit. Follow the instructions displayed after successfully depositing into your betting acc. Tap on the sports menu. Select the sport you wish to bet on.

  • Does Bet365 accept M-Pesa?

    No, Bet365 does not accept M-Pesa. Bet365 accepts other payment methods such as cryptocurrency, credit and debit cards, etc. The following are top betting sites that accept M-Pesa: 22Bet, Betika, and Helabet.

  • Does 1xBet use M-Pesa?

    Yes, 1xBet accepts M-Pesa. 1xBet is a legit and safe betting site. It employs the use of SSL encryptions. 1xBet offers great bonus incentives.

  • How to send money from M-Pesa to Skrill?

    Select “Lipa na M-Pesa”. Choose pay bill from the drop-down menu. Fill in the EastPesa pay bill number. EastPesa will generate the account number. Fill in the amount to be transferred. Fill in your M-Pesa pin and tap on Send. Your Skrill account will be loaded in a few minutes.

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