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Founded in 2020, eZeeWallet is one of the newest payment methods on the market, but it didn't need long to establish itself as a prevalent payment option among bettors. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this payment provided and answer three key points you need to know:
  1. How to recognize the top eZeeWallet bookmakers?
  2. How to use eZeeWallet for online betting?
  3. What are interesting facts about eZeeWallet?

List of the Best eZeeWallet Bookmakers

eZeeWallet is a relatively new digital wallet, but despite being operational for only a few years, it already offers services across over 190 countries. Moreover, eZeeWallet is an accepted payment method on many online Esports betting sites, granted it's not as widespread as Skrill, Neteller, or PaySafeCard.

Regardless, there are many websites where you can enjoy online betting with eZeeWallet. Yet even that is a straightforward process if you know what to look for. The tricky part is recognizing which sportsbooks to choose.

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A good eZeeWallet betting site must be legit, safe, and secure, and this should be the first thing you check before you sign up for an account. So make sure you check online eZeeWallet reviews before you sign with a bookmaker and ensure that it has a valid betting license.

The second thing to look for in food eZeeWallet bookies is the odds quality and the availability of wagering markets. You must prioritize registering with bookmakers with competitive odds and enough betting markets to bet on whatever you like.

Moreover, it would help if you kept an eye out for other features such as the availability of live betting, live streaming offer, and whether the bookmaker has a solid support department. All these things might not seem important until you need them, so don't take them for granted.

Although not as important as other features, all of the best eZeeWallet betting sites will have a solid offer of bonuses and promotions, which credit you with free wagering cash and other goodies.

Make an eZeeWallet Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

Most online betting sites will have some sort of bonuses and promotions available, and as of 2024, all will have at least the joining bonus. The latter often comes in the form of a matched deposit bonus, where the bookmakers match your first deposit up to a certain amount and award you free cash, which you can use in eZeeWallet casinos online or for online betting.

Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply

Besides the welcome bonus, bookmakers have other promotions, divided into non-deposit and deposit bonuses. The former are often awarded to you without doing anything extra, whereas the latter becomes available only after you make a qualifying deposit with a valid payment method.

It's important to note that some payments won't qualify as valid deposits for deposit bonuses, but that's rarely the case with eZeeWallet. On most eZeeWallet betting sites, you can deposit with eZeeWallet and claim the reward, but it never hurts to double-check the terms and conditions.

Some of the most common and best deposit bonuses you can claim with eZeeWallet include matched deposits, reload bonuses, and bookmakers' special promotions, which grant various rewards if you pay during the promotional period.

How to Use eZeeWallet for Betting Online

Using eZeeWallet for online wagering is simple and enjoyable. It has all the features in solid digital wallets, allowing you to spend, deposit, withdraw, or send money quickly.

Moreover, eZeeWallet is a secure online wallet that can be used for online and offline purchases; however, most people use it for online betting and online casino sites due to its convenience, anonymity, and speed.

Before you can start using eZeeWallet for online gambling, you have to open an eZeeWallet account, which is a simple procedure and doesn't take longer than a couple of minutes. You'll have to provide personal information such as full name, email, password, date of birth, and preferred currency.

Once you have your account set up, you'll also have to add your full address and phone number, which are required to verify your account, which will enable deposits and money transfers. The process is straightforward and similar to registering with other online digital wallets.

With an eZeeWallet account set up, all left to do is deposit money into the wallet via one of many deposit options, including Apple Pay and Google Play. And once you have cash in your eZeeWallet account, you can move it to any eZeeWallet betting site you're using.

If we draw a line, setting up and using eZeeWallet for betting is similar to other digital wallets and online payment methods such as Skrill or Neteller. You have to set up an account, put money into it and then use it to fund your online betting accounts.

What Is eZeeWallet?

ZeeWallet is an online wallet and a popular payment method created in 2020 by Emerchantpay Ltd. It is affiliated with over 50 payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Play, meaning that bettors who use eZeeWallet have many ways to fund their wallets and use the funds to deposit into their betting accounts.

One of the most significant advantages eZeeWallet has over other payment methods and why it's so popular among bettors is its speed, safety, and anonymity. Besides being a safe payment option, eZeeWallet also offers P2P transfers and has an excellent mobile app that allows you to transfer and deposit money on the go.

Other advantages like instant deposit explain why eZeeWallet is gaining popularity and is already available in over 190 countries, with more bookies accepting it daily. EZeeWallet is an excellent option for casual bettors, but it might not be the no.1 choice for those who want to move large sums of money due to the €2,500 daily limit.

Making Deposits with eZeeWallet

Depositing with sportsbooks that accept eZeeWallet is very straightforward, especially if you've verified your wallet. If so, there are just 5 steps you need to follow:

  • Login to the website that offers online betting with eZeeWallet.
  • Navigate to the cashier tab and open the deposit option. Pick eZeeWallet as your preferred payment method.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Complete the transaction.

You'll be required to enter your eZeeWallet ID and password to complete the transaction, and if you have it enabled, you'll also be required to complete the two-step identification. The process takes only a few minutes to complete, and once you set eZeeWallet as your preferred payment method on the eZeeWallet sports betting sites you use, the whole process will be even quicker.

Requesting Withdrawals with eZeeWallet

Requesting withdrawals from eZeeWallet sports betting sites is as simple as depositing. And it requires you to take only X steps.

  • Visit the site you use for online betting with eZeeWallet.
  • Navigate to the cashier tab and click on withdrawals.
  • Select eZeeWallet as your preferred withdrawal method.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Confirm the transaction and wait for your money to arrive.

The withdrawal process with any of the best eZeeWallet betting sites is simple and quick, whereas the withdrawal time will vary. In most cases, you should receive the funds in a few minutes, but the money might take a day to appear in your wallet.

Fees and Limits

A big advantage of using safe betting sites with eZeeWallet is that players have no fees when depositing. Moreover, most top eZeeWallet bookmakers also won't come with withdrawal charges, but you might be required to pay a fee to eZeeWallet, depending on the method you choose to fund your account.

If, for example, you decide to fund your account with Neosurf, you will be charged a flat 4% fee. But other payment options, such as POLi, come with no fees. Likewise, there is a fee when moving money from eZeeWallet to a bank account. So even though you can freely deposit money onto eZeeWallet bookies, you can't escape some costs when transferring funds between accounts.

Typically, all deposit and withdrawal limits with eZeeWallet start with a minimum of €10. Conversely, the maximum you can withdraw is €2,500 daily. This upper limit won't be a problem for most bettors; however, it might not be enough for some high rollers.

Countries Where eZeeWallet Can Be Used for Sports Betting

eZeeWallet is a global payment method accepted in over 190 countries. That includes Canada, the US, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, France, and Germany. Of all known payment methods, eZeeWallet is easily one of the most widely spread, available in almost all countries.

Unfortunately, while eZeeWallet can be used in many countries, there aren't as many eZeeWallet betting websites as it may seem. Relative to other payment methods which cover fewer countries, there are fewer eZeeWallet betting sites, granted still enough to make it easy to find a solid sportsbook,

Accepted Currencies for eZeeWallet

eZeeWallet stands out from other payment methods as it accepts multiple currencies, which makes sense considering it operates in over 190 countries. It is a huge advantage for those who don't live in the United States, England, or any of the European countries that use the Euro.

Those who don't use USD, GBP, or EUR are often subject to additional charges when paying with their currency, but with eZeeWallet, that isn't a problem. Whether you're using Australian Dollar, Peruvian sol, Brazilian real, Indian Rupee, Swedish krona, or any other less-used currency, you can rest assured that eZeeWallet will accept them.

It also means that bettors can use their local currency to deposit on eZeeWallet betting sites and avoid fees that usually come with conversion.

eZeeWallet Betting Apps

Many sportsbooks accept eZeeWallet, and most have a way for their customers to bet on their phones. As of 2024, all sportsbooks will offer a mobile website, and most will have a mobile betting app.

Whether you intend to bet from your phone or not, you should consider registering with eZeeWallet betting sites with a mobile betting app. That way, you can place bets wherever and whenever, as long as you have a phone, which can come in handy.

Up to 180% bonus on 1st deposit
T&Cs Apply
100% up to $600
T&Cs Apply
100% up to €100
T&Cs Apply
100% up to ₹25000
T&Cs Apply

Moreover, some eZeeWallet will also have special promotions for mobile app users, with special offers and bonuses. A mobile betting app lets you deposit money into your wagering account without logging in to the desktop website. So there are advantages to downloading a mobile app.

It's also worth noting that mobile apps, nowadays, have the same features you would find on a desktop website, including online casino, live chat, and all the odds and betting markets you would find on the sportsbooks' website.

eZeeWallet Alternatives for Online Betting

eZeeWallet is a popular online payment service among sports bettors, but for some, it might not be available, and there's a possibility that your favorite sportsbook doesn't accept it.

Fortunately, there are many great alternatives to eZeeWallet that you might want to know about.

  • POLi – an excellent alternative for eZeeWallet and a reputable online banking system accepted on most sportsbooks. It's secure and safe, allows you to bet in your local currency, and is typically taken as a valid deposit option for bonuses and promotions.
  • iDeal – although not as widely used as other online payment methods, iDeal is a perfect choice for bettors from the Netherlands. It has an excellent mobile app, low fees, and secure transfers, but it comes with withdrawal limits, which might not be optimal for some bettors.
  • PaySafeCard – although a prepaid voucher rather than an online bank, PaySafeCard has many advantages: anonymity, fast money transfers, and security. The only major drawback is that PaySafeCard is not accepted by all sportsbooks and suffers from the same issues as Neosurf.

How to Stay Safe When Betting with eZeeWallet

No matter which online payment provider you're using, what betting sites you have signed up for, or whether you're betting in Australia, the USA, France, or anywhere else, your number one concern should be security and safety. That's why you must use only safe and secure eZeeWallet betting sites.

eZeeWallet is a secure payment provider with strict security policies and the technology needed to keep its customers safe. But no matter how secure the payment service is, it's also on you to keep yourself safe.

To do so, you must do your due diligence while online betting with eZeeWallet and register with secure bookmakers with the needed wagering license and solid reputation. Likewise, if you're not using eZeeWallet sports betting sites but rather a mobile betting app, make sure that you download the official app from reliable eZeeWallet betting sites.

Besides registering with suitable wagering sites and using safe apps, you must also be looking for phishing emails. Those powerful tools allow scammers to access your personal information and your money. Still, you can easily avoid the threat by not opening emails from addresses you don't recognize.

So while there's always a threat, no matter how safe betting sites with eZeeWallet are and how secure apps you're using, keeping yourself safe is very straightforward.

New Bookmakers That Accept eZeeWallet

eZeeWallet is a global payment provider available in over 190 countries, making it one of the world's most widely accepted payment services. And even though there aren't as many sportsbooks that accept eZeeWallet as there are Skrill or Neteller betting sites, eZeeWallet continues to be added as a valid payment option by a plethora of betting companies.

First Deposit Bonus 125% up to $1000
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check iconWelcome offers
check icon20+ sports offers
check iconGreat support
check iconEasy to use
check iconSuperb bonuses
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check iconHigh odds
check iconMany languages
check icon24/7 support

As eZeeWallet becomes a more accepted payment method on online sportsbooks, we see an increase in eZeeWallet bookies, which are hundreds of as of 2024. Moreover, even some new sportsbooks launch with eZeeWallet as a payment option.

New sites that use eZeeWallet are an excellent choice for new sports bettors, as they often have generous joining bonus offers but come with an asterisk. New eZeeWallet bookies don't have any reputation, and it's hard to find online reviews of them, so it becomes vital that you ensure that these new betting sites that use eZeeWallet are secure, legal, and trustworthy.

Is It Worth Using eZeeWallet for Betting Online?

eZeeWallet is an excellent online payment service, perfect for online gambling, which explains why online betting using eZeeWallet is so prominent. And there are many reasons for that and plenty of positives why anyone should consider using eZeeWallet for betting on sports.

Here are some of the most notable advantages and disadvantages of using eZeeWallet.

  • eZeeWallet is accepted in over 190 countries
  • It takes several different currencies
  • eZeeWallet has an excellent mobile app
  • It's an established, legal, and trustworthy payment service
  • eZeeWallet supports only 4 languages, English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • It has a deposit limit of $2,500, which might be a problem for some bettors
  • Despite having few territory restrictions, there aren't as many sports betting sites that accept eZeeWallet

eZeeWallet Overview

If you've read our article so far, you already know everything there is to know about eZeeWallet and all expertly curated betting options. But we've yet to touch on some finer details.

  • eZeeWallet is accepted and used across nearly 200 countries, including Wales, England, Australia, Canada, Denmark, and India.
  • Despite being a global online payment method, eZeeWallet supports only 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • Some of the best eZeeWallet alternatives are POLi, iDeal, and PaySafeCard.
  • The best and most popular legal online sports betting sites that accept eZeeWallet are 22bet, Betway, and Unibet.
  • You can only have one currency in your eZeeWallet account.
  • eZeeWallet has a PCI DSS Compliance.
  • eZeeWallet operates from the UK but is available worldwide.

Bottom Line

eZeeWallet has earned the status of one of the most used and highest-rated online wallets, with great deposit methods, a very high-security level, and the flexibility online sports bettors need. This article has taught you everything you need to know about betting with eZeeWallet and more, so now you're ready to try it out and start using the best eZeeWallet betting sites!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eZeeWallet?
    eZeeWallet is a digital wallet provider for online payments, deposits, and money transfers between accounts. It offers a personal E-wallet that businesses and individuals can use.
  • How does eZeeWallet work?
    eZeeWallet works like any other digital wallet. It allows you to deposit money into the wallet and use the funds to pay for online services, deposit money on betting sites, or transfer money to other wallets.
  • Can I use eZeeWallet for online betting?
    Yes. You can use eZeeWallet for online betting the same way you would any other digital wallet. But you need to register with an eZeeWallet bookmaker, which there aren't many of, despite eZeeWallet's popularity.
  • Is eZeeWallet safe?
    Yes, eZeeWallet is a safe digital wallet. It has a good reputation and maintains online security as the company's number one priority. It has all the needed safety measures to keep your payments and data safe and uses the latest technology to keep you and your information safe.
  • Are eZeeWallet deposits Instant?
    eZeeWallet has some of the fastest transactions out of all digital wallets; typically, all of the deposits you make with it are instant. It might vary depending on the bookmaker you use, but any deposit shouldn't take longer than a few minutes.
  • Can I claim withdrawals to an eZeeWallet?
    If you own an eZeeWallet account, you can connect it with your credit or debit card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay and request deposits to any of these options. But you might be required to pay some fees, depending on the chosen method.
  • What are the fees for withdrawing via eZeeWallet?
    Yes. Some withdrawal methods will come with fees, depending on which you choose. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Neosurf have expenses, including most of the 50 available methods on eZeeWallet.
  • Is there a limit on my eZeeWallet transactions?
    eZeeWallet comes with transaction limits of €2,500 per day. It is enough for casual users but might be a meager limit for others.
  • Can I have several eZeeWallet Accounts?
    No, you cannot own more than one eZeeWallet account. So anyone can only have one account to his name. When you create an account, you must provide your personal information and complete the KYC procedure for security measures.
  • Can my eZeeWallet account hold more than one currency?
    No, having multiple currencies in the eZeeWallet account is impossible. But you can change your preferred currency.
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