2023 World Men’s Handball Championship Betting Tips, Odds & Predictions (January 11-29)

IHF 2023 World Men’s Handball Championship Betting Tips & Predictions

The biggest handball tournament is starting this week, and all the squads are ready to mark their dominance. But which team is the best for the bets? BetZillion brings you the Handball World Championship 2023 predictions, odds, and betting tips, so you earn handsome bonuses on your bets.

Time & Place of Men’s Handball Championship 2023

Tournament: IHF World Men’s Handball Championship 2023
Venue: Venues across Poland & Sweden
Date: 11 January – 29 January 2023

The event will be live streaming on various platforms and channels across the globe. Visit the websites to bet on handball and make huge bonuses on your team’s victory. But before punting on the IHS’s event, read our betting guide for the handball World Championship to increase your chances of winning more.

IHF 2023 World Men’s Championship Betting Guide

With numerous teams entering the tournament, it is hard to pick the best one. Here is our 2023 Handball World Championship betting preview and expert picks of the most likely-to-win teams.

Bookmaker’s Favorite – Denmark to Win @ 2.4 (7/5)

The two-time defending champ, Denmark, is the bookmaker’s favorite, with their odds to win at 2.4 (7/5). Under the supervision of Nikolaj Jacobsen, an excellent head coach, the team is filled with numerous extraordinary players who have the fire to pierce through the teams to the finals and make a hat-trick.

The team’s main player will be Mathias Gidsel, who has been the national team’s player of the year in 2021 & 2022. Denmark was the runners-up in the 2020 Summer Olympics handball tournament, but Mathias was the event’s MVP (Most Valuable Player).

Apart from him, Niklas Landin (goalkeeper), Henrik Mollgaard, and Hans Lindberg can also make the victory for opponents difficult. However, we also have a bunch of other picks that are no less than a threat to them and can snatch the trophy from the favorites.

France to Win @ 5.5 (9/2)

First on our list is the most successful team of the tournament, France, with their handball odds of winning at 5.5 (9/2). They have lifted the trophy six times and have recently won the 2020 Summer Olympics handball gold medal.

The star player will be Ludovic Fabregas. He had been the all-star pivot player in many events, like the 2020 Summer Olympics, the 2021 World Championship, and the 2021 EHF Champions League. The other potential players are Melvyn Richardson, Nikola Karabatic, and Hugo Descat, who can make France the event’s winner (again).

Sweden to Win @ 6.5 (11/2)

Sweden has their 2023 World Men’s Handball Championship odds to win at 6.5 (11/2) and is among the teams you can’t overlook while placing a VIP bet. Although France has the most titles, Sweden is at the top with the most collective medals, 12 in total (4 in each gold, silver, and bronze).

On the one hand, they have the advantage of being the host, while on the other hand, many fantastic players are on the team. One of them is Jim Gottfridsson, who has been performing superbly. He was the European Championship’s MVP and Swedish Player of the Year in 2022. His presence makes Sweden a strong squad that can rise above all other teams and grants you huge bet bonuses.

Spain to Win @ 7.0 (6/1)

The last Olympics runner-up, Spain, has their 2023 IHF WC betting odds at 7.0 (6/1). The team is two times European Champions and World Champions (each), performing quite impressive for a few years. The Hispanos have incorporated Jordi Ribera’s guidance well and are looking forward to marking another victory.

The player to watch in the squad is Aleix Gómez, a fantastic right-wing in the team. He is also well in form, being EHF Champions League 2022 top goal scorer with 104 goals. Spain’s goalkeeper, Rodrigo Corrales, is another one, as he was the best goalkeeper in the 2020 French Championship. So, these two players can play a vital role in Spain’s success.

Brief History of the Handball World Championship

The first IHF World Handball Championship was held in 1938, which Germany won in the round-robin format. Then the second event took place after 16 years in Sweden, which the host won. The world cup is mostly ruled by the European teams, while only Qatar secured a silver medal as a non-European medalist in 2015.

Past 5 Winners

  • 2021 – Denmark
  • 2019 – Denmark
  • 2017 – France
  • 2015 – France
  • 2013 – Spain

IHF World Men’s Handball Championship 2023 – Overview

You can make your online bets on many Polish betting sites. But before proceeding further, let’s briefly overview the 2023 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship. It is the 28th edition, taking place in Sweden and Poland. Also, like the previous edition, 32 teams will compete with each other for the title.


The fixtures of the event are classified into four rounds. First, the Preliminary round will last from 11 January to 17 January, in which the teams will compete in eight groups. Then, on the one hand, will be the President Cup from 18 January to 25 January, in which the last position teams of each group will play for 25th-31st positions.

On the other hand, the top three teams of each group will enter the Main round, competing from 18 January to 23 January. Lastly, from 25 January to 29 January, will be the Final round, consisting of quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final, and matches for 3rd-8th positions.


The nine cities of the two countries will host the 112 matches of this mega event. From Sweden, five stadiums in Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Jonkoping, and Kristianstad will be the host. The hosting venues will be in Poland – Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice, and Plock. The first match will be played in Katowice, while the final’s location is Stockholm.


The Preliminary round will have eight groups, consisting of four teams in each as follows:

  • Group A: Spain, Montenegro, Chile, Iran
  • Group B: France, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia
  • Group C: Sweden, Brazil, Cape Verde, Uruguay
  • Group D: Iceland, Portugal, Hungary, South Korea
  • Group E: Germany, Qatar, Serbia, Algeria
  • Group F: Norway, North Macedonia, Argentina, Netherlands
  • Group G: Egypt, Croatia, Morocco, United States
  • Group H: Denmark, Belgium, Bahrain, Tunisia

The President cup will have two groups. The first group will have fourth-ranked teams from groups A-D, while the second group will have those from groups E-H of the previous round. The Main Round will have four groups, consisting of teams from the Premilinary round as below:

  1. Group I: Top three teams from Group A & B
  2. Group II: Top three teams from Group C & D
  3. Group III: Top three teams from Group E & F
  4. Group IV: Top three teams from Group G & H

The top two teams will proceed to each group’s quarter-finals (Final round).

2023 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship Betting Tips

Apart from the outright winners, we also have some tips for other bets that may give you some amazing bonuses from a betting website. Many bookmakers in Sweden are available for such betting. Anyways, here are our IHF 2023 World Men’s Championship betting predictions for other beneficial bets.

Spain to Reach Finals @ 2.5 (3/2)

The fact that Spain is performing quite impressively, it won’t be a surprise if they at least make it to the finals. Irrespective of winning or losing, the odds for Spain to just reach the finals are 2.5 (3/2). They are reaching the finals of the European Championship for four editions consecutively. Moreover, they even back-to-back won the events of 2018 and 2020. So, if not betting on them to be the winners, you can bet on them to go to the finals.

Sweden to be Runner-up @ 5.0 (4/1)

Sweden has been performing pretty well, and they are likely to be the finalists. However, they can end up being the runner-up because of stronger opponents. Their odds of claiming the silver medal are 5.0 (4/1). As we mentioned earlier, the hosts have a great combination. Players like Andreas Palicka, Hampus Wanne, Jim Gottfridsson, and Felix Claar can make it possible. So, you may don’t want to miss this bet.

Croatia to Finish in Top 3 @ 6.0 (5/1)

Since the presence of strong teams like France, Sweden, and Denmark, the chances of Croatia winning the event are quite low. However, they still have a punch and can finish in the top 3, with the odds at 6.0 (5/1). Their three Olympic gold medals support the odds enough. They also won the World Championship once in 2003. So, betting on Croatia to earn bronze at least seems legit.

Our Handball World Championship 2023 Predictions

In the end, our final 2023 World Men’s Handball Championship tips and predictions are:

  • France to Win at 5.5 (9/2)
  • Sweden to be Runner-up at 5.0 (4/1)
  • Croatia to Finish in the Top 3 at 6.0 (5/1)

Our prediction is that France will take the gold medal again. Not only because they are the most successful, but the squad itself is also amazing. It has many fantastic players, and they may give you bonuses on your bets. Sweden is suspected of reaching the finals but may end up as runners-up. Anyways, you are free to select your favorite team and try to earn. Follow BetZillion’s winning approach.

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