English Premier League 2022/23 Winner & Top 4 Predictions

English Premier League 2022/23 Winner & Top 4 Betting Tips and Predictions

BetZillion brings you a free 2022/23 Premier League season betting preview with expert tips and outright predictions.

The kickoff of the 2022/23 Premier League season is fast approaching, but there is still enough time for us to check what has changed from the previous season, how the teams will look entering the new year, and ultimately which teams have the best chance of succeeding. In this article, we will dive into the world of BetZillion bets, look over the best Premier League betting offers and analyse the upcoming EPL season with expert betting tips and predictions on the winner and top 4 finish markets.

Premier League 2022/23 Winner Odds – Bookies’ Favourites

The Premier League won’t start until Friday, August 5, but the Premier League 2023 winner odds, as well as 2022/23 Premier League top 4 odds, are available for us to check out and figure out whether the bookies have priced EPL teams fairly. Although we agree with the offered prices, for the most part, some teams might finish the season higher up the table, as suggested by the betting markets.

Manchester City – 8/13

Manchester City enter the upcoming EPL season as the main favourites to win the English football crown, which is more than fair. Although the Champions League trophy continues to elude them, the Sky Blues are undeniably one of the top football clubs in the Premier League and will remain such until proven otherwise.

Pep Guardiola has already won four EPL trophies in five seasons in charge of the team and with the way Man City withstood Liverpool’s pressure last season further proves how tough it will be to derail City on their road to yet another EPL title. Moreover, City have added Erling Haaland to the lineup, giving the squad another dimension in the attack – as if City weren’t potent enough before.

Besides the Norwegian football sensation, City also got their hands on Julian Alvarez and an excellent midfield acquisition in Kalvin Phillips, further strengthening the already elite-level roster.

There is very little to suggest City can’t win another Premier League title, and it will take a lot to prove otherwise.

Liverpool – 5/2

Liverpool had an incredible season in 2021/22, and even though they couldn’t stop Manchester City, you have to acknowledge how much Liverpool has achieved relative to the money they’ve spent. If you compare the net spent of the Reds to City, you would have expected the latter to dominate the league, but that wasn’t the case, and it tells a lot about Liverpool and how good this team is.

For the upcoming season, Liverpool is again priced as the second favourites on the English Premier League 2023 title odds markets, which sounds about right. Losing Sadio Mane won’t help their cause, but Liverpool kept Mo Salah and one of the world’s best coaches – Jürgen Klopp. Will that be enough for Liverpool to outperform Manchester City is anyone’s guess, but we wouldn’t count on it?

Tottenham – 12/1

The Premier League outright winner odds for 2022/23 show Tottenham as the third-favourites to claim the EPL trophy, which seems too optimistic. Although Tottenham is undeniably one of the top EPL teams, the latest odds on the Spurs seem too high in our book.

Still, you have to appreciate how much Tottenham achieved last season and are a prime example of how much an elite manager can impact any team. The Spurs finally have a defined style of play, and largely thanks to Conte’s demanding nature, Daniel Levy is finally ready to open his wallet in the transfer market.

Perhaps we should give Tottenham a bit more time to rise to the top, but the Spurs are definitely on the right path.

Chelsea – 16/1

You have to be brave to add Chelsea to your Premier League predictions 22/23 as they’re not as good as Manchester City, but we would keep an eye on this club. Last season was tough for Chelsea, and Thomas Tuchel couldn’t maintain the standards he set early into the year.

To make matters worse, Chelsea was distracted by the Roman Abramovich situation, which threw another wrench in Chelsea’s plans to reclaim their EPL throne. But the situation looks much more stable now, and we expect that to show in Chelsea’s showings on the pitch.

The latest odds to win Premier League 2022/23 show Chelsea as the fourth favourite to finish at the top of the table, which sounds fair, but we would argue that Chelsea deserves to be a spot higher. That is mainly due to the big signing sin Raheem Sterling and Kalidou Koulibaly, who should elevate the team to new heights.

Chelsea still has a lot of work to do, but the club has an elite coach and plenty of quality players.

Arsenal – 28/1

Priced as the fourth-most likely team to claim the champion title, Arsenal enter the 2022/23 season priced at 28/1 to win the league. As the latest odds show, their chances of winning the league are slim, and that’s a fair assessment, as we would even argue that Arsenal should be the sixth-most likely team to come out on top.

Arsenal blew their chances for a top 4 finish the last term by claiming just 15 points from the previous 10 games. Of course, that made no sense since Arsenal had no European commitments, and they even had plenty of money to spend, yet nothing came out of it. On a more positive note, the signing of Gabriel Jesus gives Arsenal a top-class striker, and Oleksandr Zinchenko could also be a great signing. But without adding a few MVP candidates to the team, Arsenal likely won’t compete for the championship belt.

Time and Date of the Competition

The 2022/23 English Premier League will kick off on Friday, August 5, and conclude on May 28, 2023. Once again, the league will welcome 20 English football clubs from 12 cities, including Fulham, Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest, who have returned to the top flight after an absence of one, two, and 23 years, respectively.

Premier League Predictions for 2022/23 – Main Picks

With all the basic information out of the way, let’s focus on our Premier League outright betting predictions, where we offer free soccer bets and tips for the upcoming season.

Manchester City to Win EPL 2022/23 – 8/13

Even at the offered betting odds, it’s tough not to bet on Manchester City to defend the EPL title. The Sky Blues were the best team in 2021/22, and nothing would suggest City will be any weaker this time out. There isn’t much to say; City is currently on another level, with very few teams capable of competing with them.

Liverpool to Win EPL 2022/23 – 5/2

In a world where Manchester City slip and doesn’t live up to expectations, there is just one team everyone will look at to steal the spotlight. Liverpool came extremely close to winning the EPL title last term, and there isn’t much to suggest they won’t be as dangerous this season.

For Liverpool to succeed, Man City will have to underperform or at least not do as well as many expected. It’s not like you can expect that to happen, but crazier things have happened in the Premier League.

Chelsea Without Liverpool & Man City – 7/4

We continue our betting tips with a wager on Chelsea to win the league without Liverpool and Manchester City. Despite what the markets say and how low the public perception of this team is, in our book, Chelsea is the third-best English football team entering the 2022/23 season.

Their performances last year weren’t great, but things should look much better next term, now that Chelsea got rid of the turmoil and has acquired the needed signings to help them level up. 7/4 on Chelsea winning the league without Liverpool and Manchester City is too good to ignore.

Aston Villa Top-10 Finish – 8/11

Aston Villa did well last season, but the campaign seemed like Steven Gerrard was building a solid foundation for the future. So now, it’s time to put that to work.

For this season, Aston Villa acquired solid signings in Diego Carlos and Boubacar Kamara. The club also has one of the most exciting young players in the league, Jacob Ramsey, to play alongside Philippe Coutinho, who has proven that he still has magic in his boots.

Don’t expect Villa to compete for the title, but Gerrard’s side has the tools to compete for a top-10 finish.

Leicester to Finish Bottom Half – Evs

Leicester to finish in the bottom half at even odds is a no-brainer pick in our book, considering the team’s dreadful summer transfer window. But it’s not like Leicester was impressive last term, either. The Foxes have yet to make a single new signing, which is extremely concerning, but it gets worse.

There’s a real possibility that Leicester will lose some of its star players to Arsenal, Tottenham, and even Chelsea, who are after Wesley Fofana. Of course, there’s a chance Leicester will keep their squad intact, but even that likely won’t be enough. Moreover, reports claim that the dressing room situation can’t help Leicester’s cause.

Things are just not looking good for Leicester ahead of the 2022/23 season, so that the team may finish bottom table.

2022/23 Premier League Top 4 Predictions

Besides our outright selection on which teams we believe can compete for the title and which squads won’t do well in the 2022/23 English Premier League season, we also have a couple of picks on the top 4 outright betting markets.

The most obvious picks on the top 4 markets would be Manchester City and Liverpool, who are the clear favourites to compete for the coveted Premier League trophy, but the offered betting odds on the two English football juggernauts are far from appealing. Paying at 1/10 and 1/5, respectively, City and Liverpool offer little to no value. So, let’s look at two contenders to finish the season strong.

Chelsea to Finish Top Four – 8/11

Since we expect Chelsea to end the season as one of the top-four teams, it makes sense that we will also bet on the Blues to finish the year inside the top four. Chelsea’s odds for a top 4 finish in Premier League 2022/23 show 8/11, which is a surprisingly good price given how much stronger Chelsea are than most other teams not called Liverpool and Manchester City.

Arsenal to Finish Top Four – 6/4

Arsenal has been one of the biggest movers on the top 4 betting markets in the days leading to the 2022/23 Premier League season, which makes sense, largely due to the team’s upside and the fact that Manchester United and Tottenham don’t look as scary. Admittedly, Arsenal is not quite as good as Liverpool, Man City, or even Chelsea, but those are the only three teams you can say have a better chance of finishing top 4 than the Gunners.

English Premier League Predictions 22/23 – Bonus Pick

We end our Premier League predictions on 22/23 with a bold prediction and a small wager on a Man City – Liverpool – Chelsea tricast at 8/1. A longshot bet, but a lot will have to go wrong for City not to win the league and Chelsea not to outperform Tottenham. All things considered, 8/1 is a very good price.

Prediction: Tricast (Man City-Liverpool-Chelsea) – 8/1

Our 2022/23 Premier League Betting Tips & Predictions

  1. Manchester City to win EPL 2022/23 – 8/13
  2. Liverpool to win EPL 2022/23 – 5/2
  3. Chelsea without Liverpool & Man City – 7/4
  4. Aston Villa top-10 finish – 8/11
  5. Leicester to finish bottom half – Evs
  6. Chelsea to finish top 4  – 8/11
  7. Arsenal To Finish Top Four – 6/4
  8. Tricast (Man City-Liverpool-Chelsea) – 8/1

This concludes our free Premier League tournament betting preview, providing you with six excellent betting tips and predictions. Equipped with all that knowledge, you’re ready to visit the best bookies that offer a live stream service and place your EPL bets.

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