Palmeiras vs Flamengo (2021 Copa Libertadores Final, November 27) Betting Tips & Predictions

Palmeiras vs Flamengo (2021 Copa Libertadores Final) Betting Tips & Predictions

It’s only a matter of time before one of the feistiest and most intense competitions will have its final on our screens – 2021 Copa Libertadores. Palmeiras and Flamengo have a bit of history between themselves, and as it is in Brazil, football is highly exalted and taken beyond the green grass.

Each team has all it takes to bring the glorious prize, but only one can reach Eldorado and claim all bragging rights. This betting preview aims to present you with the odds for Copa Libertadores Final 2021 alongside helpful information that will be useful in selecting your choice in making bets. The review also details certain information, such as the history of the tournament, previous winners, and Palmeiras vs Flamengo betting tips & predictions. You can now place your bets on the betting site with the best football odds.

Event History

The Copa Libertadores, the premier club competition in South America, was founded over 60 years ago. The competition has gone through various formats all through the years. In its formative years, only the champions of the different leagues were allowed to compete in the contest. At some point, clubs in Mexico participated in the competition.

In 2000, the number of clubs increased from 20 to 32, thus guaranteeing at least 4 representatives in the premier competition for every South American country. The Argentine giants Independentiente are the most successful in the contest, with a total number of 7 titles.

2021 Copa Libertadores Final Odds – Bookie’s Favorite

This section of the preview is dedicated to you, our reader. We guide you through by providing the odds of the top bookmakers. It is the foundation for our Palmeiras vs Flamengo predictions.

Flamengo (1/2 to Win)

The Rio de Janeiro-based club is the favorite to claim the title, according to the bookies. This season, they have boosted their ranks with great players and look better in possession and out of control. Players like David Luiz, Gabriel Barbosa have been immense for the club this season. Going by the Palmeiras Flamengo betting odds, Flamengo looks most likely to win.

Palmeiras (13/5 to Win)

The defending champions will be hoping to retain their grip on the championship. Thus, they face a different Brazilian proposition in Flamengo. Their goal will be to stifle the rampant Flamengo and make life difficult for their opponents come Saturday.

Previous Games of Both Teams


  • Palmeiras 2-2 Atlético Mineiro
  • Fortaleza 1-0 Palmeiras
  • Palmeiras 0-2 São Paulo
  • Fluminense 2-1 Palmeiras
  • Palmeiras 4-0 Atlético Goianiense


  • Gremio 2-2 Flamengo
  • Internacional 1-2 Flamengo
  • Flamengo 1-0 Corinthians
  • São Paulo 0-4 Flamengo
  • Flamengo 3-0 Bahia

Past Winners of the Event

  • 2020 – Palmeiras
  • 2019 – Flamengo
  • 2018 – River Plate
  • 2017 – Gremio
  • 2016 – Atletico Nacional

Date, Time and Place of the Final

The Copa Libertadores Final will take place on the 27th of November and will kick off at exactly 21:00 WAT, and the Estadio Centenario in Uruguay is the location for the game. You can enjoy the best live betting and bonus bets by visiting the site with the best football odds.

Palmeiras vs Flamengo Predictions for 2021 Copa Libertadores Final

This section will dish out the most likely success permutations for the game based on the Palmeiras vs Flamengo odds. These are our expert picks and predictions:

  • Flamengo to win the game (6/5)

The Flamengo team is in superb form going to this game and are huge favorites to claim victory. Though the head-to-head between both teams is perfectly balanced, Flamengo will likely take this one.

  • Flamengo to win final (3/2)

If you are not completely convinced about our earlier tip, then you should try the second option because there is every possibility that the game might drag long enough, and Flamengo somehow edges the win.

  • Double Chance 12 (3/2)

It is perhaps our safest option as it is likely that there will be a winner and no draw.

Don’t forget to explore the betting promotions offered on sportsbooks for the Copa Libertadores Final, and bet responsibly, please!

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