LoL Worlds Championship 2022 Betting Tips & Predictions (October 7 – November 5)

LoL World Championship 2022 Betting Tips & Predictions

League of Legends World Championship is getting into its bigger bracket, the top 16s. So, you may be ready to pick your best team that can give you free bet bonuses. But who is most likely to win? That’s where our betting tips come in.

BetZillion is here with all LoL Worlds 2022 betting odds, tips, and predictions to assist you in betting on the right team. This guide will give you our top picks and odds for the most anticipated battles to gain maximum bonuses.

The History of the LoL Worlds

League of Legends’ history dates back to 2009 when Riot Games first globally launched the game. However, the first LoL Championship was held in 2011 when Fnatic won against All Authority by 2-1.

Six teams are victorious in 11 events, where T1 is most successful, packing three trophies in 2013, 2015, and 2016. In 2018, the event made the world record for the most viewed Esports tournament, with almost 100 million spectators.

Past 5 Winners

  • 2021 – EDward Gaming
  • 2020 – DAMWON Gaming
  • 2019 – FunPlus Phoenix
  • 2018 – Invictus Gaming
  • 2017 – Samsung Galaxy

LoL World Championship 2022 – Overview


The event takes place in three stages: the Play-In, Group Stage, and the Knockout. In the group stage, 16 teams compete in 4 groups, each with 4 teams.


Since 4 of these 16 will come from Play-Ins, here are the other 12 participating teams:

  • Group A: Could9, T1, EDward Gaming, Fnatic*
  • Group B: DAMWON Gaming, JD Gaming, G2 Esports, Evil Geniuses*
  • Group C: GAM Esports, Top Esports, Rogue, DRX*
  • Group D: 100 Thieves, CTBC Flying Oyster, Gen.G Esports, RNG*

* – Teams that entered the top-16 after the play-ins stage.

Play-in Results

Group A

Teams Results (W-L)
Fnatic 4-1
Evil Geniuses 3-2
LOUD 3-2
DetonatioN FocusMe 3-2
Beyond Gaming 2-3
Chiefs Esports Club 0-5

Fnatic joins the group stage of Worlds 2022 as the group’s top-1 team in the play-ins stage.

Evil Geniuses won the tiebreaker of Group A by first beating DetonatioN FocusMe (0-1), then LOUD (0-1).

Group B

Teams Results (W-L)
DRX 5-0
Royal Never Give Up 4-1
MAD Lions 3-2
Saigon Buffalo 2-3
Isurus 1-4
İstanbul Wildcats 0-5

DRX joins the group stage of Worlds 2022 as the group’s top-1 team in the play-ins stage.

Elimination Round

Teams Result Opponent
MAD Lions 3-1 Saigon Buffalo
LOUD 1-3 DetonatioN FocusMe

MAD Lions and DetonatioN FocusMe joined the last qualification round to join the list of the final 16 teams at LoL Worlds 2022.

Qualification Round

Teams Result Opponent
Evil Geniuses 3-0 MAD Lions
Royal Never Give Up 3-1 DetonatioN FocusMe

Evil Geniuses crashed MAD Lions, while Royal Never Give Up outplayed DetonatioN FocusMe to enter the pool of 16 teams starting the final stage of the League of Legends World Championship 2022.

Prize Pool

The event has a prize pool of $2,225,000, where the winner will get $486,500 (22%), and runners-up will get $333,750 (15%).


The Group stage and Quarterfinals are arranged in the Madison Square Garden, NY, Hulu Theatre. The Semi-Finals are scheduled in State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA. While the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA, will host the Finals.

LoL Worlds 2022 Betting Odds

Let’s get into the main part, League of Legends 2022 WC betting tips and LoL Worlds predictions. Get the odds and gaming bet tips below and bet on LoL from our list of bookmakers. Bet VIP on sports and win.

Bookmaker’s Favorite – Gen.G Esports @ 3.25 (9/4)

Gen.G Esports is the current bookies’ favourite and the best team in LoL, with odds at 3.25 (9/4). The team is full of many LoL finest picks like Doran (Top), Peanut (Jungler), and Ruler (Bot). The odds make them more likely to win due to the combination of the team.

Also, they have Lehand and Ruler, who had 37.8% and 39% kill share last year, which can get to Gen.G’s advantage. However, we have three other favourites for 2022 LoL picks mentioned below:

JD Gaming @ 3.4 (12/5)

First is JD Gaming, with 2022 LoL Worlds odds at 3.4 (12/5). They are our first LoL prediction due to their recent match victory against Top Esports in LPL Summer, where they defeat them in a thriller of 3-2.

Moreover, it also has some amazing players. Their Top Laner, 369, has never missed playoffs in his career. The Mid Laner, Yagao, has broken the LPL record of the highest percentage of team damage (57.9%) in 2018.

Top Esports @ 3.75 (11/4)

Top Esports is our next favourite, with World betting odds at 3.75 (11/4). Since the final was nail-biting and they could have won it, Top Esports is a potential pick. Anyways, why we prefer them is their Mid Laner, Knight.

The player is an absolute beast. In the LPL Summer, he finished the season with an astonishing 78.2% kill participation. He is one of the best fighters in that position, recording 35 solo kills in LPL 2021. Pairing his talent with others, the team will be disastrous.

EDward Gaming @ 9.0 (8/1)

Last, we have the defending champions, EDward Gaming, with much higher odds at 9.0 (8/1). With such numbers, they may not be the best 2022 LoL Worlds betting prediction, but since they won last time, it may happen again. The team has the highest LPL win rate and most victories as of 2017.

But what makes them a suitable League of legends betting pick is their Mid Laner (Scout) and Supporter (Meiko). Scout has been MVP of LPL 2017 and 2021 and the Worlds 2021. At the same time, Meiko is LPL’s first player to win every major participating tournament.

LoL Worlds 2022 – Predictions for Group Stage

As you’ve gone through our LoL 2022 Worlds preview and analysis of the winners, let’s now talk about some potential exciting thrillers of the event from every group. For more betting previews and live streams, check out the Esports betting sites in Canada to get the best bookie.

Group A – T1 to Beat EDward Gaming @ 1.82 (5/6)

The most successful LoL team (T1) clashing with the defending champs (EDward) will be an amazing match for group A. Their odds to win are 1.82 and 1.88, respectively. Since the margin is too low, you can expect a close match where bettors of T1 may win the prize.

Group B – JD Gaming to Beat DAMWON Gaming @ 1.48 (1/2)

In group B, the biggest battle will be between DAMWON Gaming and JD Gaming, with their respective odds at 2.5 and 1.48. Although it will be risky, you can go for the DAMWON, as they are the 2020 champs. Otherwise, JD is the safest but not so rewarding bet.

Group C – Rogue to Win Against GAM Esports @ 1.8 (4/5)

The two underdogs of group C, Rogue and GAM Esports, will clash with odds of 1.8 and 2.7, respectively. Since Top Esports is the clear winner against both, people are excited to see who is the second best. But we will pick GAM Esports as their Jungler (Levi) is North America’s number one solo queue ladder player.

Group D – 100 Thieves to Outclass CTBC Flying Oyster @ 1.45 (1/2)

Again since Gen.G will win here against both easily, their fight will be worth betting on as they are a hard-swallow for each other. The clash between 100 Thieves and CTBC has odds of 1.45 and 2.6, respectively. But we suggest betting on 100 Thieves due to their Support (Huhi), as he is the first LCS title winner in two positions.

Our Final Betting Picks for LoL WC 2022

It’s just the start of one of Esport’s longest tournaments, and BetZillion is always here to assist you with its League of Legends 2022 WC betting tips and predictions. Here are our top 2022 LoL picks:

  • EDward to Win Against T1 at 1.88 (4/5)
  • DAMWON Gaming to Win Against JD Gaming at 2.5 (3/2)
  • Gen.G Esports to Win Outright at 3.25 (9/4)
  • Top Esports to Win Outright at 3.75 (11/4)
  • EDward Gaming to Win Outright at 9.0 (8/1)

Ultimately, it is a close call, as Gen.G, JD Gaming, and Top Esports don’t significantly differ between odds. Although Gen.G is the favourite among them, we will pick Top Esports as our favourite due to Knight. If the team got a great combination, it has the potential to outclass every other in performance.

You will have different opportunities to earn extra cash by betting on any team. Since the options are numerous, you have a fairly high chance of making profits. Eventually, it will be a fun tournament if you place your bets carefully. BetZillion betting expertise is trusted by thousands of users worldwide.

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