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F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022 Betting Tips & Predictions (May 29)

F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022 Betting Preview

Read through our free Formula One betting preview and learn everything there is to know about the 2022 Monaco GP before you place an online bet on auto racing.

Last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix was held on a circuit perfect for cars, but things will look much different on the Circuit de Monaco, which is not so much a “car” track as a “driver” track.

The Monaco circuit is known for many things, but mainly the track that brings back the memories of F1’s golden era of the last century. Talking about the past, the modern cars are much wider, which won’t favour the drivers on this narrow layout, which arguably isn’t suited for F1 races.

Essentially, any Monaco race is about drivers driving in circles, doing their best not to crash or break down, and not about overtaking, high speeds, and everything that makes Formula One Formula One.

The Monaco Grand Prix remains the ultimate test of drivers’ skill, where any mistake is heavily punished, and there is little room for error. Nevertheless, the Monaco GP still provides us with plenty of excellent betting opportunities, which we will explore in our betting preview, where we will look at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022 odds and, most importantly, try to find the winner bets.

F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022 Odds – Bookies’ Favourites

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix betting odds for this weekend’s race are exciting. Although we’re not surprised to see Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen as the favourites, it’s intriguing to see George Russel and Lewis Hamilton as joint-third favourites at 14/1.

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Charles Leclerc – Evs

Charles Leclerc was in an excellent spot to win the Spanish Grand Prix, which would see him keep hold of the no.1 spot on the 2022 Formula One World Championship standings, but things did not play out as he had hoped. Leclerc ended up crashing, and as if that wasn’t enough, his crash allowed Verstappen to win the race and overtake Leclerc in the standings.

The next race will happen on his home track, where Leclerc has yet to impress, and even that is an understatement, seeing how his best placement was 18th in 2018. He has since crashed once (2019), and he did not start in 2021, meaning that Leclerc has just one official race on the Monaco circuit to his name.

Still, he is the clear choice to add to your F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022 predictions list. He is the only logical choice, even though the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix betting odds on him are not that high.

Leclerc has been phenomenal this season, and he is driving on his home track, which is a plus. It remains to be seen whether his aggressive driving in qualifying will lead him to the pole position, but the only real threat to Leclerc is himself.

But as long as he can find the balance between being fast and safe, Leclerc should be in a good spot to win.

Max Verstappen – 5/4

After claiming the Spanish Grand Prix, Max Verstappen is now back at the top of the 2022 Formula One World Championship standings with 110 points, 6x clear of Charles Leclerc. Even more impressive is that Verstappen has now won 3 straight races – and every race he has completed.

But while he has had his fair share of highlights this season, Verstappen shouldn’t have won in Spain, and he likely wouldn’t have had Leclerc not crashed. Moreover, Monaco is not exactly his best track.

Admittedly, he won the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, but that win was gifted to him due to Leclerc’s car issues. Otherwise, Verstappen has a habit of crashing in Monaco, and he isn’t the best qualifying driver, either.

Mad Max has failed to set a time in qualifying twice, although he has improved, so we have no issues seeing online auto racing bookies pricing him as one of the favourites to win.

Lewis Hamilton – 14/1

There are no clear best drivers in Monaco, but if we had to pick one, Lewis Hamilton, who has won here three times – the most of any still-active drivers. Still, he hasn’t had the best season, and you could say that Mercedes cars aren’t built for the Monaco Grand Prix.

On the other side, Mercedes have been improving and have made the proper steps across the last two races. But there is one crucial thing to note about Mercedes’ relative success this season.

This season, all 3 of Silver Arrows’ podiums have coincided with Ferrari and Red bulls having retired. In Spain, Hamilton was 0.76 off the pole time, so nothing has changed in the relative pecking order. However, the gap has shrunk a bit.

Qualifying Is Important

The Monaco Grand Prix is all about the qualifiers, and you could argue that the real race takes place in the qualifying run. Therefore, the driver that finishes on the pole has a perfect chance to win the race – mainly because the race itself offers zero to no chance of overtaking – seeing how 70% of the last 20 races have been won from the pole.

Moreover, not a single race over the last 20 has been won by a driver who started the race from outside the top 3. Knowing that information, you might want to keep an eye on in-play bet sites and consider betting on one of the drivers who do well in the qualifiers.

Talking about the qualifiers, Charles Leclerc was the fastest in the qualifying run last year but could not take the start after his car had terminal damage following a crash. It essentially gave Verstappen the pole position, eventually winning the race.

No Clear Favourite in Monaco

To know who to bet on F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022, you should consider drivers’ records here. But nobody stands out with an outstanding record in this race. Senna, Prost, Hill, and Schumacher stand out, having 20 Monaco wins, but none still race.

Instead, we have Hamilton as the winningest driver with three victories. Vettel and Alonso won 2, and Verstappen and Ricciardo won one win apiece.

Interestingly, in Monaco, Sebastian Vettel has been runner-up 5 times with his 2 wins. And if we look at younger drivers, Gasly has done well, as he always finished inside the top-7.

Norris is another driver who claimed the podium on his second visit in 2021. At the same time, Carlos Sainz has shown incredible consistency, always in the top 10.

Time & Date of the Race

The 2022 Monaco Grand Prix will take place on Sunday, May 28, at 15:00 local time (CEST) at Circuit de Monaco. It will mark the 7th race of the 2022 Formula One World Championship season, preceding the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, slated for Sunday, June 12.

2022 Monaco GP Betting Tips

We picked three selections for our 2022 Monaco GP betting tips for you to check out and bet on. We took the odds from the best Formula One bookies, so make sure that you check which odds you’re getting, and don’t forget to use only safe bookmakers when placing the best.

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Charles Leclerc to Win – Evs

As noted above, Charles Leclerc is your only logical bet for this race. Some might argue that Verstappen is the more brilliant pick as a driver who heads to Monaco with 3 straight wins, but Mad Max is not exactly known for his performances in Monaco.

He won in 2021, but he shouldn’t have – just like he shouldn’t have won in Spain. Instead, Leclerc should have won the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix and last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

It might sound like a biased take, but there is no denying that Leclerc was in an excellent spot to win in Spain. And he should have started to form the pole position at the 2021 Monaco GP, so according to the race stats, he had a 70% chance of winning.

Leclerc is in excellent form, and he always delivers in qualifiers. So even though Monaco GP is unpredictable, it’s safe to assume that the home crowd favourite can provide in the qualifiers again and set himself up for success on Sunday.

Charles Leclerc to Be the Fasest in Qualifiers – Evs

Monaco GP is all about the qualifiers and keeping yourself out of danger. Moreover, the attrition rate in Monaco can be very high, allowing some lesser teams to pick up some much-needed points. Still, the last two races have seen only one DNF in each.

Nevertheless, Ferrari is the team to beat in Monaco, making Leclerc the man to watch. Of course, if he were to score a historic home win, he would need to produce a flawless qualifying run which isn’t his biggest strength. Still, he has the right car and the team around him, and let’s not act like his qualifying performances in 2022 have been anything less than phenomenal.

Valterri Bottas to Finish on Podium – 10/1

The Monaco Grand Prix has seen a few surprise winners in the past, and there have been a handful of surprise podium finishers lately. Most notably, Norris placed third in 2021, but we must mention that in the same race, Leclerc did not start, and Bottas had to retire – despite starting the race from second.

Further back, Ricciardo finished third in 2017 despite starting the race in 5th, and Sergio Perez finished on the podium despite qualifying in 7th. Of course, there are more examples, but the point is that drivers with somewhat capable cars can deliver in Monaco.

Besides the big two teams in Ferrari and Red bull, eight drivers made the podium this season – Hamilton (4), Russel (3), Norris and Bottas twice, and Alonso and Magnussen Ricciardo, and Ocon one apiece. Bottas and Mangunssen stand out the most of the 8, but we’re most excited about the Finnish driver, who has only placed outside the top 5 in Monaco since 2017.

At 10/1 on Bottas to claim the podium, he is a solid bet that is hard to pass on. He has the needed stats to give us confidence he can do it.

Monaco GP 2022 Betting Tips – Bonus Pick

For our final pick, we’re siding with Mangunssen to finish inside the top 6. He achieved some success in 2022 and looked good in qualifiers. It won’t be easy to end the Monaco GP inside the top 6, but he’s a solid longshot bet at 5/2 and our final 2022 Monaco GP prediction.

Prediction: Kevin Manguinssen to finish top-6 – 5/2

Our 2022 Monaco Grand Prix Predictions

  1. Charles Leclerc to win – Evs
  2. Charles Leclerc to be the fastest in qualifiers – Evs
  3. Valterri Bottas to finish on podium – 10/1
  4. Kevin Magnussen to finish top-6 – 5/2

That concludes our F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022 betting preview, offering you an in-depth look at the upcoming race and four expert betting picks. Before you place your bets, make sure that you visit top-rated betting sites and bet on only safe bookmakers with the best Formula One betting odds.

Jimmy Daytona
Writer & Tipster

Jimmy is our on-duty tipster and writer. His favorite sports are cricket, tennis, and basketball. If you’re looking for the best betting tips in the business, Jimmy’s your guy. His tips and events previews are among the most read at BetZillion.

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