Dota 2 The International 11 Betting Tips & Predictions (October 15 – October 30, 2022)

2022 Dota 2 The International 11 Betting Tips & Predictions

One of the biggest Esports tournaments is progressing with maximum potential, and the bigger bracket is about to start. So, which team has the best odds of rewarding you with big bonuses? BetZillion is here with its Dota 2 The International 2022 betting guide, tips, and predictions to help you make the right bet.

Brief History of The International

Unlike every other Esports game, the tournament has a dramatic and twisted history. Dota 2 was officially released to the public on Steam in 2013, but its first tournament was held in 2011. Confused? The game was in beta, and its developers, Valve, wanted to make an explosive introduction for this game.

So, before releasing it to the public, the team hosted an Esports tournament worth $1.6 million (the biggest Esports prize pool of that time). The game collected massive attention and popularity, becoming the largest tournament by prize pool.

Past 5 Winners

  • 2021 – Team Spirit
  • 2020 – (Cancelled)
  • 2019 – OG
  • 2018 – OG
  • 2017 – Team Liquid
  • 2016 – Wings Gaming

Dota 2: The International 2022 – Overview


The tournament is structured into two phases. First is the group stage in the round-robin format, in which 20 teams will participate in two groups. Four teams from each group will proceed to the upper bracket of elimination, while the four teams from each group will go to the lower bracket.

TI 11 Participating Teams

All the teams were seeded into two groups:

Group A


Team Liquid
Royal Never Give Up
Evil Geniuses
BOOM Esports
Gaimin Gladiators
BetBoom Team

Group B


Team Aster
Team Spirit
Talon Esports
Tundra Esports
Thunder Awaken
Team Secret

12 Invited Teams

PSG.LGD, OG, Team Spirit, Beastcoast, Team Aster, Thunder Awaken, BOOM Esports, TSM, Tundra Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic.

6 Regional Qualified Teams

Soniqs, Hokori, Entity, BetBoom Team, Royal Never Give Up, Talon Esports.

Last Chance Qualifiers

Group A

Teams Results
Natus Vincere 7-3
Vici Gaming 6-4
Team Secret 6-4
Polaris Esports 6-4
Nouns 4-6
Tempest 1-9

Group B

Teams Results
Team Liquid 8-2
Xtreme Gaming 6-4 5-5
T1 5-5
Infamous 3-7
Wildcard Gaming 3-7

The first four teams from each group will go the bo3 double-elimination format, with the two best to join the remaining 18 participants.

* After the last games were played, Team Secret and Team Liquid joined the list of 20 participating teams.

Group Stage

The groups will be revealed after the Last Chance Qualifiers stage ends.

Prize Pool

Valve has not announced the prize pool of TI-11 yet, but more than $13 million has been generated from Battle Pass sales (at the time of writing). But for estimations, last year’s pool was $40 million.


Singapore will be hosting the event for the first time at SunTec Singapore. However, the final is scheduled at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The event will live stream on Dota 2 official YouTube and TI Twitch channels. For betting purposes, you can consult our Dota 2 betting apps.

Dota 2: The International 2022 Betting Tips & Predictions

Now it’s time for Dota 2, The International 2022 odds and betting preview. Here are our in-depth analysis and betting tips based on the team combinations, standings, and players’ stats:

Bookmaker’s Favorite – PSG.LGD to Win @ 4.0 (3/1)

The last year’s runner-up was PSG.LGD is the Dota 2: The International 2022 favourites with odds at 4.0 (3/1). The team is currently the no.1 in the Dota 2 rankings and one of the most consistent teams in the game.

They are also the Riyadh Masters 2022 champions and had nearly beaten Team Spirit in PGL Arlington Major a few weeks ago. Moreover, the top-class players’ presence on the team made them the strongest and safest pick for this event.

However, we also have our other three best picks for this betting guide. If you doubt LGD’s victory, as they mostly choke in the finals, these will be the next top 2022 TI11 bets.

Team Spirit to Win @ 5.00 (4/1)

Team Spirit has the next best odds to win Dota 2 TI11 at 5.00 (4/1). They are the defending champions and no.2 in the rankings after recently defeating the PSG in the Arlington Major. Since they lost to them in the Riyadh Masters 2022, the field is even, and the team is determined to mark dominance. Surprisingly, the core strength is still too young, but the sheer focus in the game makes them the next best pick for The International 11.

OG to Win @ 7.00 (6/1)

Being the only team in the event to win it twice, OG is most probable to win the final with odds at 7.00 (6/1). They were the consistent champs of 2018 and 2019, but after a not-so-brilliant performance last year, the professionals stepped down.

New faces took charge and showed a glimpse of their talent in ESL One Stockholm and Malaysia. As most of the members are under 18, it indicates their potential. So, if you want to bet on Dota 2 International 2022’s true talent, OG is the right pick.

Team Aster to Win @ 10.0 (9/1)

Our third and final best pick is Team Aster, with odds at 10.0 (9/1) by Esports betting sites Canada. Being one of the strongest squads in China, Team Asters has the spark to be victorious in the TI11. Although the team has not succeeded in winning any big event, their overall performance has been pretty impressive.

Since last year, they have not settled below the third spot in many big events like PGL Arlington Major and ESL One Malaysia. Although the winning stakes are high, they are determined to land their maiden triumph. So, our tip is to bet them only if you like to risk things and want to win loads of free money with their victory.

Before we proceed further with our Dota 2 TI11 tips and predictions, let’s look at some popular betting markets you should consider while betting on Dota 2 International 2022. Almost all Esports bookies offer these markets for betting.

Outright Winner

The market’s name is straightforward, mostly containing the favourites of bookmakers, where you select who will win the finals and lift the trophy.

Map Result

The map result market lets bettors select a winner for a particular map. So, instead of selecting the sole team between the two, you select a strong team on a particular map and bet on it to win. It’s often related to the in-play bets when you know the sides’ picks and see either team’s advantage.

Map First Blood

The map’s first blood is again obvious by its name; you bet on the team which will make the first kill on the map. That is also a variant for a particular matchup between the teams you know well enough to guess the first blood.

Total Maps

Another popular market is the total maps which are somewhat safer to bet on. Here, you select how many maps will be played in total instead of betting on the winner of a bo3 clash. A match will end in two maps (one team winning both), or it can go to a third map (both teams win alternatively).

Maps Handicap

Maps handicaps can be a bit complicated to understand. The market disadvantages the most probable winners and benefits the underdogs. While betting in this market in a game of Bo3, if you choose the favourite, they have to win by 2-0 to grant you the bonus. But if you choose the underdogs, you will get the bonus right after their one victory.

Dota 2: TI 11 – Expert Picks

Moving on with The International 2022 betting tips, below are our other expert predictions on a subtle note, along with a wild card one.

OG to Reach Final @ 3.5 (5/2)

Although OG is a strong pick to win the tournament, betting on their victory may be risky due to the presence of other strong opponents. However, they have the fire to play the final with odds at 3.5 (5/2).

Royals Never Give Up to Reach Final @ 5.5 (9/2)

Royals Never Give Up may not be as potent as the others, but you can’t look down at them. They still have the odds of reaching the final at 5.5 (9/2). It is because the team has some of the most experienced players of Dota 2, like Somnus.

Entity the Underdogs @ 11.0 (10/1)

Our wild pick for the event is the underdogs, Entity, to be the champions with odds at 11.0 (10/1). They are currently the best in Europe and have the spark to startle everyone. One of the reasons is Ivan “Pure,” who is among the highly dangerous players of Dota 2.

Our Final Predictions

Our final predictions for Dota 2: The Internationals 11 are:

  • PSG.LGD to Win at 4.0 (3/1)
  • Team Spirit to Win at 5.0 (4/1)
  • OG to Reach Final at 3.5 (5/2)

PSG.LGD, OG, and Team Spirit are the top three teams of the event, and anyone is most likely to win the trophy. So, it would be safe to bet on any of them. However, if you believe that any other team can win out of the blue (like Team Spirit’s victory last year), then our tip is to select either Team Aster or Entity, as both have that punch. For more betting previews and online betting, check out our list of best betting sites.

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