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2021 French Open Odds: Betting Sites & Bonuses

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on 2021 French Open
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50
Find the Best Place to Bet on 2021 French Open
The 2021 French Open is a significant tennis tournament that typically holds for over 14 days at Stade Roland Garros. Bettors and tennis lovers recognize the French Open as one of the most demanding and active competitions in the world. For this reason, placing wagers on the tournament is highly advisable.

This article offers helpful details about the 2021 French Open. It also provides essential information around the following sections:

  • Best betting sites for the French Open 2021
  • 2021 French Open odds
  • Offers and promotions in the tournament
  • The 2021 French Open specials
  • Ways to wager on the tournament
  • A detailed overview of the French Open

Best Betting Sites to Bet on French Open 2021

There are various sportsbooks with different unique deals for placing accurate wagers on the French Open. Due to the multiple deals available for new and existing bettors, it’s essential to pick a reputable site. A requirement for every tennis bookie is its license number and registration.

4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
50% up to £25 in free bets
4.64.6 out of 5 stars
50% up to $1000

For the best wagering experience and a chance to increase winnings, it’s crucial to take advantage of the available offerings. Ensure that you read through the terms and conditions for vital information on age requirements, bonus validity period, and more.

Tennis betting sites typically provide predictions, which is an advantage for bettors. For this reason, pick a reputable sportsbook for the appropriate match predictions. Examples of sportsbooks to consider for wagering on the tournament include BetUS, MyBookie, BetNow, Bovada, and BetOnline.

2021 French Open Odds

As a prospective bettor, it’s important to understand how to read the 2021 French Open betting odds from various bookmakers. The tournament’s odds are conventionally in the fractional or American form. Some sites also ensure that they display both fractional and American styles for easy comprehension.

Interpreting the French Open fractional odds is straightforward and doesn’t require extensive lines of calculation. For example, if a player like Roger Federer gets fractional odds of 33/1, it means that the bettor wins $33 for every $1 unit of wager.

The American style of displaying odds is also fundamental and easy to comprehend. It requires a specific approach that involves positive and negative symbols. For example, if a bookie gives Audrey Rublev American odds of +1800, it means you can win $180 for a successful $10 wager.

Sportsbooks get odds to win French Open 2021 from analysis of player form, records, and general historical precedents. In some cases, bookies may also derive the French Open odds from other reputable sportsbooks in the industry.

Offers & Promotions

In the French Open 2021, offers and promotions from tennis bookmakers are essential. These deals help in attracting prospective punters and keep the existing ones satisfied. Due to the advantages of offers and promotions in this tournament, selecting a good bookmaker is imperative.

4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50

For prospective or new bettors, sportsbooks provide a welcome bonus. On the other hand, bookies offer ongoing promotions or special deals for existing bettors. Note that both the welcome and ongoing promotions are typically a percentage match up to a specific amount for individuals who bet on French Open.

Loyal bettors typically get VIP promotions from sportsbooks. In most betting sites, the VIP promotion is by invitation and requires the bettor to record a specific number of wagers in the bookie. Possible benefits of the VIP scheme include an account manager and faster payouts.

Other possible offers and promotions apart from the welcome bonus, ongoing promotion, special offers, and VIP promotion include the no deposit bonus and free bet.

2021 French Open Specials

The French Open specials are essential for providing the best technique of winning wagers on the tournament. Appropriate use of the specials helps the bettor get the best results on the competition’s odds. Note that you need to comprehend the tennis rules for a better win chance.

Notable examples of 2021 French Open specials include wagers on the final, men’s winner, and women’s winner. For adequate knowledge of the French Open specials, here is the essential information to comprehend.


You can wager on the final of the French Open for an excellent opportunity to win big. Note that the French Open final typically involves wagering on the player that makes it to that point in the tournament. Ensure you have an account with a reputable bookmaker to enjoy your bets.

Men’s Winner

In the tournament, men typically play the “French Open Men’s Singles.” For this reason, the player that emerges as the winner in the competition is the “Men’s winner” for the tennis event. Most top sportsbooks provide predictions for the prospective Men’s winner for a high payout.

Women’s Winner

The women’s winner is similar to the conventional men’s winner but only differs in the gender requirement. Like the men’s winner, sportsbooks also provide standard odds for the prospective players to emerge as winners. Wagering on the women’s winner is common because it gives a great opportunity to win big.

How to Bet on 2021 French Open

Sportsbooks for the 2021 French Open have similar requirements for bettors. Note that the steps to placing wagers on the tournament are straightforward once you have a valid account with the bookie. Betting sites have different navigation styles, so it’s vital to choose one with a unique and clear layout for the best experience. Here are the typical steps to bet on Roland Garros 2021, known as the French Open:

  • Log in to the betting site.
  • Click the appropriate “SPORTS” button on the homepage.
  • Pick the “2021 French Open” under the “Tennis” category.
  • Enter the bet amount.
  • Finalize your wager.

Live Betting on 2021 French Open

As a tennis lover and bettor, placing live wagers while watching the game provides a great experience and increases the possibility of getting the best results off your bets. Generally, live betting or in-play wagering is very profitable but crucial to predicting the game appropriately.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to in-play wagering on the 2021 French Open:

  • Visit the sportsbook homepage.
  • Click on the “LIVE BETTING” button.
  • Select a French Open event.
  • Choose a bet type (usually props).
  • Enter the betting amount.
  • Place the bet.

2021 French Open Betting Tips and Predictions

The 2021 French Open betting tips and predictions are essential for helping bettors make the appropriate wagering decision. The tips are closely similar to a piece of advice from experts about the tournament. It’s vital to get the 2021 French Open predictions from a reputable source or bookmaker.

A significant number of punters use betting tips and predictions because it doesn’t require intense calculations or analysis for the best result on wagers.

2021 French Open Overview

The 2021 French Open tennis tournament is a significant competition around the world. It stands as the first clay-court tennis contest and the second among the 4 different Grand Slam annual tournaments. Due to the significance of the competition, it’s vital to make good wagering decisions by accurate analysis or via the use of picks from a reputable betting expert.

Here are some essential details about the tournament that you should know:

  • The 2021 French Open will be in Stade Roland Garros, Paris, France.
  • Some of the tournament favorites for men include Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Dominic Thiem, and Daniil Medvedev.
  • Some of the tournament favorites for women include Ashleigh Barty, Garbine Muguruza, Naomi Osaka, and Bianca Andreescu.
  • Top winning athletes of the French Open Men include Rafael Nadal (thirteen-time winner), Novak Djokovic (2016), Stan Wawrinka (2015), and Roger Federer (2009).
  • Top winning athletes of the French Open Women’s include Iga Swiatek (2020), Ashleigh Barty (2019), and Simona Halep (2018).
  • Some of the most popular bookmakers for wagering on the tournament include BetUS, MyBookie, BetNow, Bovada, and BetOnline.

Bottom Line

When placing bets on the French Open, it’s vital to understand the appropriate technique to read the 2021 Roland Garros odds. You should also take advantage of the tournament specials for a high chance of winning huge returns on stakes. For the best experience in placing your wagers, ensure that you create an account with a reputable bookie. Choose and visit a sportsbook today to avoid missing out on the 2021 French Open tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I bet on French Open 2021 tennis?

    You can bet on French Open 2021 tennis on any of the reputable betting sites online. It’s essential to review the offers and promotions of the bookie, including the welcome bonus and other special offers. Examples of where to bet on the French Open include BetUS, MyBookie, BetNow, Bovada, and BetOnline.

  • When is the 2021 French Open tennis tournament?

    The French Open, also known as the Roland Garros Tournoi, starts on 24th May 2021 and ends on 13th June 2021. As a competition, they’ll begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday. The shift in date was due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • How many players start in the French Open 2021 tennis tournament?

    In total, the French Open 2021 tennis tournament includes 128 singles players and 64 doubles pairs. A high number of the participants in the contest are professional tennis players. Note that the odds on the players are also available in reputable bookies.

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