Round Robin Betting Strategy

Round Robin Betting

In today’s guide, we’ll tell you more about what round robin means in online sports betting. It’s a unique hedging technique that allows punters to minimize risk while potentially winning big. In essence, it’s similar to a parlay – that’s why many call it round robin parlay. However, the difference between it and accumulators is that round robins only contain a few bets, while accumulators are bigger.

Read this BetZillion guide to learn the round robin bet meaning and how to place it at the top betting sites in 2022.

What Is a Round Robin Bet?

As explained briefly earlier, the round robin is a type of parlay bet. It’s a less risky type of bet than accumulators that includes all possible combinations of events. Accumulator bets are larger and tie the outcome of all events together, so if you lose one, you lose it all. With round robin, you will eventually win something as you’re covering all match outcomes in smaller parlays.

Round robin sports betting is a great way to make some money. It won’t pay the same as large parlays, but it raises your chances of success. A combination of several events can even be nicely profitable if you include proper strategies and tie reasonable bets together.

How Does a Round Robin Bet Work?

Using a round robin in betting is pretty simple. Most legal bookies will automatically add the selections to your round robin, so you won’t find placing a round-robin hard. In essence, the round robin is a parlay broken up into smaller parts to cover all possible outcomes in a sports event.

Instead of going with dozens of matches, you can select only a few lines and make 3 mini parlays that will minimize your risk of losing the full accumulator.

How to Place a Round Robin Bet

Placing a round robin bet may sound challenging, but it’s very easy. All betting platforms on the Internet will automatically create parlays as long as you add the minimum number of selections, which is 3 in this case. You’ll create mini parlays that way, each one working independently from the others.

Just click on the betting lines or odds you like and look at the slip – they should already be there. The calculators will instantly tell you what you can get in return when you enter your stake. Whether it’s over-under bets, singles, or lines doesn’t matter. The system will calculate everything for your round robin bet and the potential return.

Round Robin Betting Markets

Just like parlays, you can bet on any market you can think of with round robins. It can be a line in the NBA, a football or soccer match, golf, Formula 1, etc. Anything you set your mind on can be combined into those mini parlays.

Of course, you should check what the bookie offers and find valuable bets to place on your round robin. Going for sky-high odds and markets that simply don’t look viable to win doesn’t make sense. Do your research well and place reasonable bets, even with less risky systems like the round robin.

Round Robin Parlays Example

Let’s say a bookie offers the following lines:

  • Miami Heat +5.5 @ -120
  • Barcelona -2 @ – 100
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2.5 @ -110

If you like those lines, you can place your money on a parlay. The matches can be anything, including football, golf, MMA, boxing, basketball, and everything in between. Instead of building a single accumulator, you can create 3 different 2-team parlays.

Parlay 1

  • Heat and Buccaneers

Parlay 2

  • Barcelona and Buccaneers

Parlay 3

  • Heat and Barcelona

Even if one of the options doesn’t cover the spread, the others will be successful. Think of it as 3 independent events. Every parlay works on its own. Of course, each team can fail, so you lose it all, but it’s much smaller than a large accumulator with sky-high odds and payout.

This kind of combination can be profitable. At least you can break even on the round robin, which isn’t something you can say for other types of bets.

How to Choose the Best Round Robin Betting Strategy

Whether you’re placing a wager on an Acca or a round robin doesn’t matter. Betting online is simple, but winning isn’t easy. If you want to minimize the risk further and maximize profit, you’ll need to learn a few strategies.

The most successful invention so far is the lay the draw strategy. This term means betting against the draw. In regular bets, you’re betting that a draw will happen. With this strategy, you’re betting that it won’t. In this case, whichever team wins the game doesn’t matter. As long as the match doesn’t end in a draw, your round robin bet wins.

Combining several can be pretty profitable, which is why many punters use this strategy to optimize their profits.

How to Win in a Round Robin Betting

Similar to any parlay bet, each of your round robin legs needs to win. For example, if all 3 selections you’ve picked win, the payout will be significantly higher.

Of course, the bets you choose have to be valuable and profitable for the best returns. It’s a bet that’s not as risky as an accumulator with 12 legs or more, but keep in mind that you’ll need to keep an eye on your bankroll. A $100 bet on one round robin out of 3 means you’re betting a total of $300. Of course, it raises the winning potential, but the risk is also significant if you place big money bets.

Are Round Robin Bets Worth It?

To answer your question, yes, round robin bets are worth it. They minimize the risk of losing and offer great winning potential, especially if all your selections are successful. Of course, since you’re essentially betting on 3 smaller parlays, the investment is higher. That’s the only drawback of this popular betting option that can certainly raise your chances to win.

We hope that our round robin bet explained guide told you everything you wanted to know about it. It’s an excellent hedging strategy used by many punters. Even new punters can successfully use round robins to win something, even if the payout is not as big as a 14-way parlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a round robin parlay?

    The round robin is a special parlay bet that breaks a bigger accumulator into 3 smaller parts. These 3 parlays effectively cover all the outcomes of a few matches, boosting your potential winning chances.

  • How do you win a round robin bet?

    To win a round robin bet, all the legs of your selected robins must win. The good news is that even if one fails, the others may succeed, so the winning potential of round robins is higher.

  • How many bets are in a round robin?

    The default number of round robin bets accepted by most bookies online is 3. You can also go for a higher number, but 3-round robins seem perfect.

  • How does a 4-team round robin work?

    A 4-team round robin works just like one with 3 selections. However, the risk and potential winnings are higher since you’re betting on an extra choice.

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