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Over/Under Betting Strategy

Over Under Betting Strategy

The online betting industry has completely changed the game for bettors. There are many new markets available, including over/under. Sports betting over/under strategy allows punters to wager on the outcome of the game’s flow rather than guessing the winner in a match. A bookie sets a line that’s usually for points, goals, or any other statistic, and your goal as a bettor is to gamble if it goes over or under.

This simple strategy is a great way to make money regardless of who wins the game. Our over/under betting strategy explanation will help you learn more about it and tell you how to place this exciting wager.

What Is Over and Under Betting?

O/U is a sports betting wager that gives punters a chance to gamble over or under a line set by the bookie. This line usually includes goals or points. Also known as totals wagering, the betting over/under strategy is very simple once you get it.

For example, if a bookie sets a line in an NFL match to finish with a final score of 15-16, the total goals will be 31. You bet under or over that number, not worrying about who wins the game. You win if the final score mirrors your wager as long as you’ve bet under 31 or over 31.

Take the under; the match must end with a score under 31. Pick over, and you win your stake if the total score is over 31 points.

Over/Under Betting Strategy

The under/over betting strategy can be easily mastered, offering an alternative to picking the winner, which can sometimes be tricky. Gamblers will win their wager in this betting market if they guess if the points or goals go over or under the line. It is a very popular market for the NLF or NBA, but it can also apply to any other sport.

Of course, it’s more than just a bet. Often used as a betting strategy, this system works best when planning it all. Without a good system in place, you won’t be able to win your O/U bets, so you can follow the tips below if you want to be successful.

Have a Betting System

Betting is entertaining, but without a proper system, your bankroll will suffer. Managing it and having a good betting system is vital if you want to succeed. The same goes for the betting strategy over/under. You first need to understand what kind of a bettor you are – casual or high roller.

Without a good betting system, that’s impossible. That will help you determine how much you want to spend and allow you to establish a routine that will keep your bankroll in check. After all, you’re in it for the long run.


Any bet or strategy requires extensive research. Of course, you can always leave it down to sheer luck, but if you want to be successful, research will help. Betting on the over/under strategy requires research, too, as teams can often settle in trends that go over or under a line.

You may see a pattern developing with proper research, which can be crucial in winning your bets.

Understand the Coach’s History and Plans

A game can go either way in a match where a win is unimportant. Knowing the history of battles between opponents, especially fierce rivals, can be key to winning your over/under betting strategy. Plus, you have to keep the coach’s plans in mind.

Do your research, see the head-to-heads, and read about the coach’s plans. It should give you a clearer idea if the points or goals are going over or under the line.

Avoid Betting on Too Many Games at Once

Too many O/U games on a single slip might look great in terms of returns, but getting them all right? Good luck with that. It’s best to stick to a game or 2 after proper research. Put too many games on the slip, and you’re running a parlay, not an over/under strategy.

Take Advantage When Multiple Lines Are Present

While multiple lines are a rarity, you should bet on them if possible. For example, the standard totals line in soccer matches is + – 2.5. You have more options if you see multiple lines, such as + – 3.5 or + – 1.5.

Break the Game Down into Segments

Over/under betting can be complex, so break the game into segments to ease your way. Not individual plays, of course, but they go by quarters or halves. Think of how the game might go and write it all down – it’ll help improve your winning chances.

Understanding and Calculating Over/Under (Totals) Bet Payouts

Over/under is not hard to understand once you learn the basics. Payouts are even easier to understand, especially if you break your bets in high and low-scoring games.

High-scoring Games

Under high-scoring games, we mean NFL, college football, and the NBA. These sports usually have matches that go well in double digits. They typically offer the same payout rate for each bet, -110. When you see a sportsbook not posting odds on a match in these sports, it’s common knowledge that they’re set at -110.

Low-scoring Games

Hockey, soccer, and baseball feature the majority of low-scoring games. The total score of these games often goes in single digits, so the bookie rarely moves the line without a drastic change.

For most of these over/under bets, the line will be around + – 150.

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What Sports Can Over/Under Betting Strategy Be Used for?

We already mentioned that O/U could be used in many sports, including baseball, hockey, football, soccer, and basketball betting.

Baseball Over/Under Betting Strategy

Baseball is a low-scoring game, and the MLB sportsbooks is a perfect pick for betting over/under strategy wagers. Sportsbooks rarely adjust the lines unless there’s a big change reflected in pregame odds.

Hockey Over/Under Betting Strategy

Yet another low-scoring sport, we must mention that just like for baseball, the hockey lines are not adjusted too often. If the bookie changes anything, it will decrease the odds to -110.

American Football Over/Under Betting Strategy

While the NFL is the most popular football competition, college football gets much attention. Do a lot of research before you start betting on these games, and keep in mind that the payout rate rarely goes over -110.

NFL Over/Under Betting Strategy

NFL betting is one of the most popular markets with an over/under betting strategy. These games usually finish in double digits, with the payout being -110. There’s much to think about regarding NFL matches, including offence and defence, missing players, weather conditions, and head-to-heads.

Do your research before you start betting the over/under in NFL.

Over/Under Basketball Betting Strategy

One of the best sports betting over/under strategies is to put your money on basketball games. Under basketball games, we mean the NBA, NCAA and the March Madness tournament, the Euro League, and continental competitions.

NBA Over/Under Betting Strategy

The NBA is the highest-scoring competition and a huge draw for over/under betting strategy fans. Games will typically go in double digits, with the payouts likely sticking to -110.

Final Words

The sports betting over/under strategy is a great way to introduce fun to your bets. It doesn’t matter who wins the game – if you go under or over the line right, you will win your wagers. It’s a cool and easy strategy to learn once you get the hang of it and a much better option to use your money on rather than guessing the winner, which can be tricky or too lopsided sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it better to bet over or under?
    It all depends on the sport you’re betting on. In high-scoring games, betting over might be a better idea. In games with fewer points, you should look at the teams. Do your research and see for yourself – there’s no universal answer to this question.
  • What does over/under 1.5 mean in betting?
    The line is set to 1.5 points, goals, or another state. Betting under the line means you expect the game to finish under 2 goals or points.
  • What is over/under in betting football?
    Football is a high-scoring game suitable for over/under bets. You can use this strategy in college football, the NFL, and many other competitions. The odds for these bets are usually around -110, with no bookie eager to adjust them in your favour.
Tim Harrison

Tim is our betting guru. Every gaming site needs one, and Tim’s our guy. He has plenty of experience in betting online and is quite successful at it. Tim’s favorite sports are hockey, baseball, and Esports. Tim believes the latter to be the future of betting.

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