Correct Score Betting Strategy


If you are familiar with the football betting market, you have probably heard of correct score betting. It is among the most popular and high-paying bet types across various sports. However, this wager type is not as simple as you may think. It requires adequate patience and thorough research on the players and teams involved. It also uses appropriate strategies to select the correct score during a sports game. This guide will help you understand everything you need about correct score betting.

At the end of this article, you will understand the following:
  • Different types of correct score betting
  • Sports where correct score betting strategies are applicable
  • How to win using different strategies
  • Why you should use this bet type

What Is Correct Score Betting?

The correct score meaning in bet types refers to where a bettor places a wager by predicting the final match score in a specific sports competition, league, or event. The score at the end of a particular sports event must match your placed bet for you to win. Due to the difficulty of achieving this, many refer to this bet type as a mug bet. Note that the points, goals, or any other relevant system could determine the correct score in betting.

Correct Score Betting Examples

As its name suggests, the correct score betting system requires you to predict the exact final score. An example of betting correct scores is when you wager that Manchester City will win over Manchester United 1-0. If Man City beats Man United 1-0, your bet will win. However, if Man United ties with Man City 1-1 in the 93rd minute, and if Man City scores again and the game ends with a final score of 2-1, you would lose your bet.

However, some correct score betting sites allow players to place bets on ‘any other score.’ If the game’s final score lands on anything other than the predicted score, in this case, 1-0, those who bet on ‘any other score’ would win their wagers.

Correct Score Bet Types

There are several bet types for correct score betting. Below are some of the most popular betting markets for betting correct scores.

Half-Time Correct Score

It is where players bet scores of a particular match once half-time reaches. In other words, you can only win this bet type if your bet prediction matches the final score for a specific game by the game’s first half.

For instance, if you are watching a football game between Arsenal and Chelsea, and you place a bet that Chelsea will have scored 1-0 by half-time, you will win the bet if the actual final score of the game at half-time is 1-0. Otherwise, you will have lost your wager.

The correct half-time score odds depend on the team’s strength and play history. Usually, the odds of this game are high due to the limited game duration and score unpredictability.

Correct Score Second Half

After watching the first half and getting a feel of how the teams will play, many players prefer placing bets on the game’s second half. This bet type is similar to the correct half-time score but only applies to the second half of a game. Nonetheless, due to the game’s short duration and unpredictable nature, predicting the correct score in the second half is still relatively hard. The odds of this betting market are also usually high but a little lower than the correct half-time score.

An example of a correct score in the second half is when a player places a wager that Tottenham will win against Liverpool 2-0 at the end of the second half. If, at the end of the match, the final score is 2-0, you will have won the bet. But you will lose the bet if Liverpool wins 2-1 against Tottenham or the latter scores 3-1 against Liverpool.

Full-Time Correct Score

If you bet on the correct score full-time, you predict the final score at the end of the game. For instance, if you place a full-time right score bet that team A will beat Team B 4-0, and the final score at the end of the game is 4-0, you will have won your bet. Any result is other than what you had predicted automatically results in losing the wager.

It is worth noting that many bettors prefer this bet type due to the longer duration provided for teams to fulfill the predicted bet score. In addition, full-time correct score bets come in more variety when placing bets on a correct score betting site compared to half-time and second-half correct score betting.

Half-Time / Full-Time Correct Score

This betting market includes half-time and full-time correct score bet types. When placing a half-time/full-time correct score, you place wagers on the correct half-time score and the correct full-time score. You must predict both scores correctly for you to win this bet type. As a result, you will likely get higher odds on this betting market than the others.

For example, if you want to participate in this betting market while watching a match between team A and Team B, you will have to place wagers on the game’s final score at half-time and the final score at the end of the game. Both bets must be on point for you to win the bet. To get these scores right, you must be patient and dedicated to learning the team history, player statistics, and other relevant information.


This is where a player bets on the scorer of a goal as well as the final score of the game. This particular betting market allows bettors to place a wager on which player within the midfield has the best chance of scoring.

For instance, if you want to participate in NFL correct score betting and the teams playing are the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams, you may bet that the Falcons will win against the Rams 3-0, with Cordarrelle Patterson scoring the most touchdowns. If your predictions are on point at the end of the game, you will have won the bet.


Some correct score betting sites create special markets where they boost their correct score odds by pairing them with other betting markets or identifying how specific events will take place. However, such special betting markets are unpredictable due to the vast options. For example, you may find that the bookmaker allows you to place a bet that states that two goals will be scored by the second half, with the second goal being scored as a penalty.

You may also have an opportunity to bet on the players who score the most in a specific match. As a result, the odds are pretty high, meaning punters can potentially win significant returns.

What Sports Can Correct Score Betting Be Used for?

Now that you understand the different bet types when it comes to betting correct scores let us now delve into the different types of sports you can participate in correct score betting. The section below provides a comprehensive overview of popular sports to bet scores.

Correct Score Football Betting

Football betting is among the most popular sports where different variants of score wagering are available. Whether you want to participate in Champions League betting correct scores or NFL correct score betting, you can enjoy highly competitive odds for specials, full-time, half-time/full-time, and right score second-half bet types.

Correct Score Betting in Tennis

Tennis is another popular sport where players can place correct score betting wagers. Like football, most top bookmakers allow their players to bet on scores via all the above bet types.

NFL Correct Score Betting

Similarly, many reputable bookies allow players to participate in the American football market by betting scores. This category’s most popular bet type is full-time, half-time, and specials.

Correct Score Betting in NHL

Those who love to bet on NHL can also participate in correct score markets, whereby they can select the correct full-time score or the specials, which provide higher odds.

Correct Score Betting Strategies

If you are a seasoned online bettor, you know picking a correct score blindly is not good practice. Given the unpredictability of this bet type, choosing the right score wager without performing any research is likely to be wrong. Thus, players must apply the appropriate correct score betting strategies to place a more accurate bet prediction. Here are some popular ones if you are looking for the best correct score betting strategy.

Never Back 0-0

Generally, the ratio of sports games whose final score is 0-0 is very low. Thus, avoiding betting on such scores is advisable as it dramatically reduces your winning potential.

The Most Likely Score

Unless stats show that one team is significantly a better performer than the other, most correct scores usually end up as 1-0. So, if you are unsure about the score of two teams in a football match, especially if they have almost similar team and player statistics, placing a correct score of 1-0 is a safe option. However, you must evaluate the previous performance of both teams involved to determine their strengths.

Stay in the Game Longer

Generally, teams in ball games are likely to score the first goal in as little as the first ten minutes. Thus, bettors who place bets on 0-0 or 1-0 will likely lose their wagers early in the game. Betting correct scores like 2-1 or 2-2 will probably take longer to achieve and surpass them, making them a better choice for bettors.

Build an Accumulator

Also referred to as multiple correct score bets, an accumulator in valid scores is where bettors place more than one wager on their correct score bet slip. While this wager type can be challenging to win since all bets must be right, the potential earnings are enormous. Thus, this correct score betting strategy is most suitable for seasoned punters.

Bore Draw Refund

Some bookmakers offer a bore draw refund bonus offer where players receive a cashback if the game they bet on has a final score of 0-0. In other words, if you place full-time, half time or special correct score bets, and the final score of your game is 0-0 (a goalless draw), you qualify for a full or partial refund of your initial stake amount. As a result, this strategy is ideal for a team whose stats show that they usually score a few goals.

Rely on Statistics

Team and player statistics are vital in predicting correct scores. Consider previous team scores, head-to-head stats, correct score predictions, and the current player stats to make a more informed and accurate prediction. Players should always review these stats before bet scores to reduce their chances of losing.

Take Advantage of Free Bets & Offers

Taking advantage of free bets and other bonuses a bookie offers greatly saves your bankroll. It also increases your chances of winning and making more accurate betting predictions. However, do not forget to read the bonus terms and conditions to ensure they are manageable.

Look at Form, History & Stats

As mentioned earlier, player form, team history, and game statistics are crucial in determining the winner of any sports game. If you are wondering how to win correct score betting, look into these variables for better chances of winning your bet.

Use Football Tipsters

Reputable football tipsters can help you make accurate scores in football betting. Usually, these are betting experts who have been in the betting industry for years and have the expertise to predict valid scores objectively. So, if you want to know how to bet the correct score and win in football, it is best to follow the guidance of a reliable football tipster.

Become a Pro

If you love sports and have the time and patience to study a game objectively, you can decide to become a pro yourself. Professional bettors have a history of predicting accurate scores and earning big. It involves an intense process of learning a specific sport in detail to become a professional bettor who provides expert advice on how to place a correct score bet.

Anti-Correct Score Betting

Also referred to as reverse correct score betting, anti-correct score betting is where a player prefers betting against the correct score. If the correct score is not arrived at by the end of the game, anyone who bets against it wins. For example, if the correct score bet is 1-0 in a football match, if the final score at the end of the game is not 1-0, those who wager on anti-correct scores win. While this betting type appears very rewarding, it usually has lower odds than the different types of correct score betting.

Correct Score Betting Pros & Cons

While correct score betting is a popular betting market, betting valid scores has pros and cons. They include:

Pros Cons
  • Provides competitive odds and profitable returns
  • Limited correct score betting rules
  • Depending on your preferred bet type, betting on correct scores is easy
  • An accumulator correct score betting option allows players to win more potentially
  • It is tough to make an accurate score bet. Players must have comprehensive information about the team, its players, and its history to place an informed wager

Why Should You Use Correct Score Betting Strategy for Sports Betting?

A correct score bet involves placing wagers on a game’s final result. While this betting market is highly profitable, accurate predictions can be challenging. However, with the help of a good correct score betting strategy and a few pointers from a good betting tipster, you can earn huge wins.

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