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Winter Olympics 2022 Betting Odds

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Winter Olympics 2022
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50
Find the Best Place to Bet on Winter Olympics 2022
It seems like yesterday we got to see some of the world’s best athletes compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but we’re now less than 2 months away from the 24th Winter Olympic Games, slated for February 4-20 in Beijing, China.

There’s still plenty of time left before the winter games begin, and most bookmakers seem to be taking their time to start offering Winter Olympics 2022 odds. But this is as good a time as any to check what the 2022 Winter Olympics has in store for us, how the event will play out, and ultimately try to answer how to approach betting on one of the most significant winter sporting events in the world.

In our 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics betting guide, we will cover:

  • Where to bet on 2022 Winter Olympics
  • What is the best approach to betting on the Olympics
  • Where to find the best 2022 Winter Olympics betting odds

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Winter Olympics 2022

Every successful betting journey starts by picking a good sportsbook to bet on. While many bookmakers offer Winter Olympics 2022 odds, not all are necessarily good choices, so it’s essential to keep in mind a few things when picking out the right sportsbook for you.

The first and most important thing is to pick a legal and regulated sportsbook, as only this way you can ensure that your funds will be safe. Fortunately, there are plenty of legal sportsbooks out there, so you won’t be deprived of options.

Secondly, you need to pick a sportsbook that provides an excellent betting experience. That includes solid betting odds, vast market selection, and a user-friendly interface. A stable and fast mobile betting app is also a factor to consider if you’re a mobile bettor.

And lastly, it helps if you pick a sportsbook with generous bonuses, free bets, and promotions, which add a bit more value to your betting journey. If you’re planning to place Winter Olympics 2022 bets, you’re in luck as there will be plenty of bonuses offered for the event, but you can rest assured that bookies offer promotions on other major events and big games as well.

Here is a list of the top 5 betting sites for the 2022 Winter Olympics, which check all the marks of a great sportsbook.

4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
50% up to £25 in free bets
4.64.6 out of 5 stars
50% up to $1000

Winter Olympics 2022 Odds

Before you can start betting on XXIV Olympic Winter Games, you need to understand how to read the Winter Olympics 2022 odds and where to find them. The latter part we have already covered above, providing you with a list of the best winter sports bookies, so all there is left is to talk about the odds.

When betting, it’s beneficial to have access to more than one bookie, as only this way you can get your hands on the latest odds. While one bookmaker might offer solid odds on a specific event, there’s bound to be another sports betting site with better prices.

Price shopping might sound like a tedious task, but it’s a time worth investing as it can earn you significantly more profit in the long run.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

The Winter Olympics is a massive sporting event for the athletes who compete in it and sports enthusiasts who watch and bet on the action. Winter sports bookies are well aware of that and take full advantage of the Olympics’ popularity to attract bettors to their platform.

Like any major sporting event, the bookmakers will offer generous offers and promotions on the Olympic Games. Those include but are not limited to free bets, deposit bonuses, and odds boosts, which can all be used to make your Winter Olympics 2022 bets more profitable.

Everyone should take full advantage of the promotions to increase the value of the bets you make. And while many sportsbooks offer boosts on 2022 Olympics odds and other forms of bonuses, we have assembled a list of the top betting sites with the best Winter Olympics 2022 betting offers.

4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50

Winter Olympics 2022 Specials

When betting on the 2022 Winter Olympics, you will get greeted with numerous betting markets and countless betting lines to choose from, most of which will be pretty straightforward. But for an event of this magnitude, it’s only fair to see a handful of special bets to spice up your XXIV Olympics Winter Games betting endeavour.


The Winner market (or to win) is the most popular bet type amongst winter sports bettors, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the most straightforward bet type, used to predict which athlete or team will win a specific event.

So if you’re planning on betting on the Winter Olympics, you’re likely going to place a few wagers with this bet type.

Specific Sport

There are plenty of wagers to choose from when betting on the Olympics, including 2022 Winter Olympics prop bets. But it’s important to note that the market selection will differ depending on which sport or event you’re betting on.

For example, if you’re betting on skiing, you will get offered various bet types depending on the event – Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding. And the options available on skiing will be much different from the ones available on ice hockey or skating.

Ice Hockey

Since its introduction to the Olympic Games in 1924, ice hockey has emerged as the most popular winter sport. It was held as a permanent event of the Winter Olympics for nearly 100 years and is set to return for the 24th time.

As one of the most popular winter sports, ice hockey attracts viewers and sports bettors, who don’t hesitate to put their ice hockey knowledge to the test. And this year won’t be any different, as masses of ice hockey fans will storm online bookies, shopping around the Beijing odds, as they try to find the best value for their bets.

Betting on 2022 Winter Olympics hockey odds is the same as betting on NFL games. Although, there will be special markets available, namely outright markets on which team will win the men’s and women’s tournaments.

The most popular bet types used for ice hockey betting include moneyline, goal handicap, totals, and prop bets. Besides that, many ice hockey bettors like to place live bets on the games, which can be highly profitable under the right circumstances.

Winning Countries

In the same way, you can bet on which country will win the ice hockey event. You can also go back to countries to collect gold medals at other events. This bet type is reserved mostly for sports, which feature team events, but there are some exceptions, which you can find by searching through the 2022 Winter Olympics prop bets.

If you wish to bet on a specific country to win an event, you have to be ready to tie up your wager for a bit longer, as it’s the case with all outright bets. Still, the 2022 Winter Olympics medal odds compensate for that, with higher payouts than the more common straight bets.

How to Bet on Winter Olympics 2022

If you have come this far, you should already know the basics of betting on the 2022 Winter Olympics. And as long as you know all the dos and don’ts, you should be set to make money by placing smart bets on winter sports.

Profiting from sports betting can be straightforward, but it can also seem like an impossible task for those who don’t know how to approach it. Simply placing a wager on a game at whichever winter sports betting site won’t cut it, and you can’t expect to come out ahead in the long run without the basic knowledge.

Here are 4 useful tips to help you when betting on the 2022 Winter Olympics that can be used for any event, league, competition, and sport.

  1. Learn the basics (what is a betting line, moneyline, etc.)
  2. Find a reputable sportsbook with top betting bonuses
  3. Create multiple betting accounts, which allows you to shop for better odds
  4. Get familiar with the sport you’re betting on, or find a good source of betting previews
  5. See sports betting as an investment, and treat it as such

Winter Olympics 2022 Live Betting & Live Streaming

The 2022 Winter Olympics will offer bettors many betting opportunities to choose from. Featuring 7 sports, 15 disciplines, and a record 109 events, you can be sure that there will be plenty of betting options available on the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Besides the generous number of events, the winter sports bookies will also offer plenty of betting markets, so you can rest assured that there will be something to wager every day. But out of all the bet types that will be at our disposal, it’s live betting that is arguably the most exciting – and for some, the most profitable option.

In-play betting, which allows you to bet on an event as it happens, can add another layer of excitement when watching the events unfold. But it can potentially also make you a few bucks, as it’s a highly profitable method of betting for seasoned betting veterans.

All bookmakers will offer live betting, and some will even provide you with live streaming services, but not all will, which is why picking the right winter sports bookie is crucial.

Winter Olympics 2022 Betting Tips & Predictions

As noted above, finding the right sportsbook is an essential part of your betting endeavour. But only after you have your account set up and funds ready to bet comes the most challenging part – figuring out what to bet on.

Understanding how betting works, how markets operate and having a good knowledge of the sport you’re planning to bet on are critical parts. But no matter how knowledgeable you are, you will never know everything, which is where sourcing information comes into place.

Having access to reputable betting sites that offer expert betting previews and predictions is critical for long-term success in the world of sports betting. And that is even more important for casual punters or those who have only just entered the ruthless, exciting, and unforgiving world of sports betting.

When looking for betting predictions, you should follow the saying “more is better” and get as much information as you can. And while it can be tedious to locate previews and predictions for all sports, we have made the job easier by offering our best Winter Olympics 2022 betting tips & predictions in the list below.

Winter Olympics Betting Strategies

When searching for information about betting on the Winter Olympics 2022, or any other event, you will come across plenty of betting strategies, which there are too many to count. For decades, people have been looking for the “sports betting winning formula,” and many believe they have found it in the form of a strategy. But while some systems are solid, none has achieved the status it has meant to have.

Admittedly, no betting strategy will make you rich, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow them. The efficiency of most betting strategies comes down to each individual, how they like to bet, what they want to bet on, and how much bankroll they have available.

In a nutshell, following a betting strategy, such as the 1-3-2-6 system, Fibonacci system, Kelly Formula, and the Martingale system, can benefit you. But it has to suit your betting style.

The best way to find the right betting strategy for you is to check them all and find one best suited for you.

Winter Olympics 2022 Overview

With that, we conclude our 2022 Winter Olympics guide, where we have covered everything you need to know about the event. But no betting guide is complete without interesting facts about the possibility that just might make you even more excited about the 24th Winter Olympics.

  • Throughout its history, the Winter Olympics have been dominated by countries that excel in winter sports, and this year is no different – Norway, Russia, Germany, and Canada are the main favourites to take home the most gold medals.
  • The 2022 Winter Olympics will feature 7 sports, 15 disciplines, and a record 109 events, including Biathlon, Bobsledding, Curling, Ice Hockey, Luge, Skating, and Skiing.
  • Over the last 6 iterations of the Winter Olympics, 5 different nations won the most medals – Germany (1988, 2006), Norway (2002, 2018), Canada (2010), and Russia (2014).
  • Austria is the most dominant team in Olympics Alpine Skiing with 121 podiums and 37 gold medals.
  • The retired Norwegian alpine skier, Kjetil André Aamodt, who has not competed at the Olympics since 2006, is the most successful athlete in his sport with 4 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals.
  • His compatriot and cross-country skier, Marit Bjørgen, is the most successful Olympian, with 15 medals and five golds.
  • Canada is the most successful nation in ice hockey, with 13 gold medals (9 for men and 4 for female ice hockey events).
  • The 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing, marking the first Winter Olympics in China and the third consecutive Olympics to be held in East Asia (2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea and the 2022 Summer Olympics in Japan).
  • The event will take place across 3 zones – the Beijing zone, Yanqing zone, and Zhangjiakou zone.
  • The most popular legal online bookmakers for betting on the Winter Olympics 2022 include LVBet, William Hill, 1xBet, Betway, and Bet365.

Bottom Line

That concludes our 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics betting guide, providing you with everything you need to know to place smart bets on the Winter Olympics. Don’t forget to look around to find the best bookmaker for you, and visit the best betting websites to gain an edge!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Are the 2022 Winter Olympics?

    The 2022 Winter Olympics will occur in Beijing, China, across 3 dedicated zones – the Beijing zone, Yanqing zone, and Zhangjiakou zone.

  • When Is the 2022 Winter Olympics?

    The 2022 Winter Olympics will begin with the opening ceremony on Friday, February 4, and conclude on Sunday, February 20.

  • How to Bet with Friends on the Winter Olympics 2022?

    If you wish to bet on the 2022 Winter Olympics with your friends, it’s beneficial if you refer them to the bookmaker you’re using. Most bookies will award you for referring your friends to the site with free bets, matched deposits, and other goodies.

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