The Best Bachelorette Betting Sites

The Bachelorette first aired in 2002, quickly becoming a global success and one of the most-watched TV shows in the world. It didn’t take long before the first odds on who would be the next Bachelorette became available on various online sportsbooks.

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Find the Best Place to Bet on The Bachelorette
Rebecca E
Nowadays, betting on The Bachelorette is more than possible and readily available on many bookies; however, as a niche market, there are a few things anyone who wants to start making The Bachelorette picks must know. This article will examine everything you need to know about choosing the best Bachelorette betting sites.

The Best Betting Sites to Bet on The Bachelorette

Before placing your first The Bachelorette predictions, you must have a betting account with one of many betting sites offering betting odds on The Bachelorette. Since The Bachelorette betting is a very niche wagering activity, not all sportsbooks will offer markets and odds on it, and there are far fewer The Bachelorette betting sites than there are bookies with sports markets.

However, that doesn’t mean that finding bookies that offer The Bachelorette betting odds is difficult. On the contrary, betting odds on The Bachelorette are typically available on all the biggest international and USA sportsbooks, especially those that cover other TV shows.

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However, before you decide which bookies to use for making predictions for The Bachelorette, there are a few things to check.

A bookmaker must first and foremost offer Vegas odds on The Bachelorette and have enough betting markets. It’s not difficult to check if it does – as you rarely need an active account to look through the available betting markets.

Moreover, it’s critical that the betting site is safe and that it has a valid betting license. We must place The Bachelorette bet only with reliable bookmakers to ensure our money and personal information are safe.

Beyond that, other features differentiate a good The Bachelorette sportsbook from a bad one, but the most important factors are good odds, enough betting markets, and safety. As of 2024, many sportsbooks check those marks, and plenty of The Bachelorette bookies to choose from – as long as you know where to look.

Characteristics of a Great Bachelorette Betting Site

Finding solid The Bachelorette bookies is extremely important for anyone serious about making money with the next Bachelorette predictions, and it’s more engaging than it may seem. It will take some time to differentiate the good from the bad, but ultimately finding good The Bachelorette bookmakers will benefit you greatly in your betting endeavour.

Criteria Explanations
Competitive Lines All good The Bachelorette bookies will have competitive lines and good Vegas odds on The Bachelorette. The competitive odds are extremely important for anyone who wants to bet on The Bachelorette since higher odds mean higher returns and bigger long-term profits. As we’ll touch on later, the only way to get the best betting odds on who’s winning The Bachelorette is to have accounts with multiple bookmakers, which is not so much a strategy as it is common sense for anyone who wants to bet with the best odds to win The Bachelorette.
Reputation and Reviews Before registering with betting sites, it’s wise to check whether they have a solid reputation among bettors. Even if the bookie is licensed and safe, it might have a good reputation for many reasons – including slow payouts – so consider checking online reviews and what other people say about the sportsbook before registering for an account.
User Interface Although subjective, some The Bachelorette bookmakers look better than others, and some have features that some bettors will find more useful than others. Still, it’s important that we use only bookies with a good user interface that is easy to use and appealing to the eye – ultimately, bettors who want to bet on and make The Bachelorette predictions have to use bookmakers they like to use.
Player Safety Player safety is one of the most important factors The Bachelorette bookmakers have to offer to their customers, and it’s easy to find which do. Beyond checking the bookmaker’s reputation, it’s also wise to check if it’s licensed and safe, meaning that it has a valid betting license, which can ensure that all customers are protected from fraud.
Legal Sportsbooks Building from the previous point, the bookmaker or bookies you intend to use to bet on The Bachelorette have to be legal, or in other words, have a valid betting license and be allowed to operate in the country of the punter. There are many shady bookies, but as of 2024, there are fewer than legit sportsbooks.
Payment Options As of 2024, payment options are a minor issue since most good betting sites offer many payment methods, ensuring they satisfy any bettor’s needs. Still, checking which payment options are available, the fees and withdrawal/deposit times is wise. You want to bet on The Bachelorette with a bookmaker with the payment option you prefer to use, low or no fees, quick deposit, and withdrawals.
Bonuses Nowadays, all bookmakers will have bonuses and promotions; however, some do a much better job with their offers than others. Although often overlooked, bonuses and promotions are highly valuable, especially those that give you free wagering cash, cashback promotions, insurance bets, and enhanced odds. So while the quality of The Bachelorette betting odds is still more important than the bonus offer, the latter is to be addressed.
Betting Types & Odds A good bookmaker must offer The Bachelorette betting odds and enough betting markets, so we can bet on The Bachelorette however we like. Admittedly, The Bachelorette doesn’t have as many betting markets available, but that’s one more reason why anyone should ensure they’re setting up an account with a bookie that has all markets opened.
Customer Service & Support Another often overlooked factor is the customer service and support of the bookmaker. Most bettors will never need to get in touch with customer support, so it makes sense that some would look past it; however, you want to be using a bookie where you can not only place online bets on The Bachelorette but also one that can offer solid customer support, so you can rest assured any issues you might have will be resolved quickly and professionally.

The Bachelorette Odds

Even The Bachelorette is a niche betting market; finding bookmakers with The Bachelorette betting odds is relatively easy. However, the problem arises when bettors want to find the best The Bachelorette bookmakers with the best odds.

There’s a common misconception that one bookmaker has the best betting odds on The Bachelorette, which isn’t true. The betting odds on TV shows or sports constantly change, which creates discrepancies between the offer on various bookies, so all sportsbooks can have different odds.

It creates situations where Bovada will have 3.00 odds offered on Clay and 4.50 on Chase, while Bet365 will have 2.90 on Clay and 5.00 on Chase. So depending on who you want to bet on, you would either bet on Bovada or Bet365, depending on which bookmaker has the best offer on the candidate.

This example only confirms what we’ve alluded to – bettors who want access to the best The Bachelorette betting odds must have accounts with multiple bookmakers. Only then can you check all the available offers and place your The Bachelorette bet with the bookie that has the best offer, the candidate you believe will be the winner.

The Bachelorette Historical Odds

The historical odds are valuable information for any bettor, whether you’re betting on sports or TV shows such as The Bachelorette. As the name suggests, historical odds show previous opening and closing odds on The Bachelorette, which can offer great insight into how the odds moved and give bettors a good insight into what might happen with the odds in this and future seasons.

Since The Bachelorette is a niche market, its historical odds won’t be as easily available as odds on major sports events; however, they can still be found. With the right tools and knowledge of which are good and reliable betting websites, even The Bachelorette historical odds can be found with just a few clicks, or you can check our list of past odds below.

Contestant Historical Odds
Zac C +3300
Ben +5000
Zach J +2500
Garin +2800
Karl +3300
Jason +4000
Brandon +4500
AJ +6000
Ellis +6600

Offers & Promotions

As of 2024, all bookmakers will have some bonuses and promotions available since it has become mandatory for betting sites to offer their customers something. However, while all bookies will have bonuses and promotions, some do a much better job with their offers than others.

Especially when we talk about The Bachelorette-specific bonuses and promotions, there are fewer bookies which will have those available. That’s understandable since we’re talking about a niche market, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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Moreover, it’s important to note that even generic bonuses can be extremely valuable for those making The Bachelorette predictions. So if a bookmaker doesn’t have The Bachelorette-specific promotions but offers to reload bonuses, welcome deposit bonuses, enhanced odds, free bets, or other generic rewards, those can be just as beneficial for those who want to place The Bachelorette bet.

The Bachelorette Bet Specials

The Bachelorette is a very straightforward show, which explains why there aren’t as many available betting markets. However, that’s typical for all TV shows which offer betting markets.

Still, where there are fewer betting markets, the available proposition betting markets offer plenty of opportunities to place your bets, back your favourites, and find the bets you like.


Every The Bachelorette season will have at least one main favourite, which the bookmakers pick mostly depending on who the viewers like the most. So often, the fan favourite is also priced as the main favourite contestant on The Bachelorette Odds; mindlessly betting on the favourite early is only sometimes a good idea since a lot can change throughout the season.


Betting on The Bachelorette winner is the most straightforward way to wager on the TV show, and even though it’s a simple outright bet, it’s possible to bet on the favourite in more than one The Bachelorette.

Remember that The Bachelorette is filmed in more than one country, meaning you can bet on who will be the winner across all international versions of the show.

The Bachelorette Past Winners

Past winners of The Bachelorette include:

USA The Bachelorette
  • Season 1 (2003) – Ryan Sutter
  • Season 2 (2004) – Ian Mckee
  • Season 3 (2005) – Jerry Ferris
  • Season 4 (2008) – Jesse Csincsak
  • Season 5 (2009) – Ed Swiderski
  • Season 6 (2010) – Roberto Martinez
  • Season 7 (2011) – J.P. Rosenbaum
  • Season 8 (2012) – Jef Holm
  • Season 9 (2013) – Chris Siegfried
  • Season 10 (2014) –  Josh Murray
  • Season 11 (2015) – Shawn Booth
  • Season 12 (2016) – Jordan Rodgers
  • Season 13 (2017) – Bryan Abasolo
  • Season 14 (2018) – Garrett Yrigoyen
  • Season 15 (2019) – Jed Wyatt
  • Season 16 (2020) – Zac Clark
  • Season 17 (2021) – Blake Moynes
  • Season 18 (2021) – Nayte Olukoya
  • Season 19 (2022) – Erich Schwer
  • Season 20 (2022) – Tino Franco
Australia The Bachelorette
  • Season 1 (2015) – Sasha Mielczarek
  • Season 2 (2016) – Lee Elliott
  • Season 3 (2017) – Stu Laundy
  • Season 4 (2018) – Taite Radley
  • Season 5 (2019) – Carlin Sterritt
  • Season 6 (2020) – Frazer Neate
  • Season 6 (2020) – Pete Mann
  • Season 7 (2021) – J.P. Rosenbaum

Bet of the Day

Bet of the day is a bet picked by betting experts they have researched and has the highest chance of winning, making it the best choice for those who want to bet on The Bachelorette. Below is a link to the website with the best The Bachelorette bet for today.


How to Bet on The Bachelorette

Betting on The Bachelorette is straightforward because the show is easy to understand. However, while anyone can bet on The Bachelorette, there are a few things all aspiring bettors should keep in mind even before they place their first bet.

Before placing your first bet on The Bachelorette, you need a betting account with a good bookmaker. That includes a sportsbook with competitive The Bachelorette odds, enough betting markets, and one that is reliable and safe.

Preferably, all bettors should have accounts with multiple bookmakers as this is the only way to place online bets on The Bachelorette with the best available odds – by doing some line shopping and placing predictions for The Bachelorette with the bookmaker that has the best offer.

Remember to take advantage of betting bonuses and promotions. Those can offer a lot of value for bettors if they know how to take advantage of the offered promotions.

Don’t be afraid of betting on the underdogs. Even though there’s a reason why betting odds on The Bachelorette for some candidates are higher, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re correct or that they accurately represent his chances of winning.

Bachelorette Betting Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to bet on the Bachelorette, there are just 4 steps you need to follow, which are simple enough for anyone to follow.

Steps Instructions
1. Choose a Trusted Sportsbook First, you must register with a good bookmaker, which has The Bachelorette odds and betting markets. Just as important is that you register with only safe bookmakers with a valid betting license, ensuring that it’s legit and that your money and personal information will be safe.
2. Fund Your Account and Earn Money with Bonuses Once you register for an account and verify it, you have to make a deposit, but check if The Bachelorette bookies you’re using have any welcome bonuses (or deposit promotions) available. Most of the time, the deposit bonuses are a one-time thing, so if you miss it and make a deposit, you won’t be able to get it. Often the welcome bonuses are promoted via e-mail or available under the “promotion” tab; however, it’s also not too uncommon for the sportsbooks to automatically opt you in for the deposit bonuses – but you still need to make sure you meet the requirements (such as a minimum deposit).
3. Submit Your Wagers With money in your betting account, you can search go on a betting journey with BetZillion, discover the available betting markets and find your favourite and place picks. But as noted above, it’s better to look through the available The Bachelorette odds across several bookmakers for the latest offer.
4. Get Your Cash! Once you place your bet, you can only wait for it to be settled. And if the picks are put as winners, you can either make a withdrawal or keep betting. Remember that all bookmakers will require you to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before you can withdraw, so it’s advisable to complete it as soon as you register for an account. This way, bettors can speed up the withdrawal process since KYC verification can take a few days.

Types of Bets You Can Place on The Bachelorette Betting Sites

The Bachelorette is a simple TV show, so there aren’t that many betting markets available. However, there are still enough specials for anyone who wants to bet on The Bachelorette to have enough options to back their favourite.

Straight Bets

The simplest The Bachelorette bet is a straight bet, with which you’re picking one of the candidates you think will win that season. It can be the best bet type for those new to betting on The Bachelorette due to its simplicity.

However, before placing any straight bets, it’s highly advisable to line shop, i.e., look through all the bookmakers that offer The Bachelorette odds and place a bet with the bookie with the best offer.

Weekly Elimination Bets

As the name suggests, weekly elimination bets are wagers placed on which contestant will be eliminated next. These bets are regularly available ahead of each week – so you can bet on who will get eliminated in Week 3, and next week a new market will open for who will get eliminated in Week 4.

This bet type is perfect for those who regularly watch the show and know which contestants are most likely to leave the show next. And while they require more knowledge to predict correctly, the weekly elimination picks can be highly profitable in the right hands.

Prop Bets

Some bookmakers will also offer special proposition bets on The Bachelorette. As with any prop bet, these aren’t directly tied to the season’s result and instead focus on specific events such as who will cry first, which contestant will say “I love you” first, and anything in between.

The Bachelorette Betting Tips & Predictions

Those who have never bet on The Bachelorette before might feel a bit overwhelmed, and that’s natural, but there’s also an easy fix that can get you started betting on the show the right way.

The best way to start betting on The Bachelorette is to find reliable websites that can offer insightful The Bachelorette predictions and betting previews, where experts share their thoughts in a condensed format (betting previews). Those can be highly valuable for deciding which picks to make and are useful even for experienced bettors.

Ultimately, it’s better to make predictions, but there’s nothing wrong with checking what others say to get another perspective.

Do Your Research

Like betting on sports and other TV shows, betting on The Bachelorette starts with research. You can’t and shouldn’t bet on something you don’t understand or an event you know nothing about.

Research is crucial for finding solid betting opportunities, regardless of what you bet on, so don’t take it for granted and don’t ignore, else you’re turning betting into nothing more than gambling, and you will lose in the long run.

The first step is to build a reliable information network with reliable betting sites that offer data, stats, and betting previews but don’t just follow what other people say. Watch the show and make your conclusions with the available information.

Check Out the Contestant’s Social Media Profiles

Another very important thing is getting as much information on contestants as possible; nowadays, the best way to do so is to check their online social media profiles. You can learn a lot by following what they post and say, and the sooner you figure out what kind of person they are and what they like, the easier it will be to determine who is the favourite to win.

Review Prior Seasons

Reviewing past seasons can give you some insight into what might happen, especially if you spot patterns and compare the events with the odds movements. Although the contestants change per season, you can still identify some clues about what happened and what could happen next.

The Bachelorette Betting Strategies

We’ve already covered some strategies The Bachelorette bettors can use, so we’ll recap some of the most important things here.

  • Pick a good bookmaker – you must bet with the best available bookies, which are safe, have competitive odds, and have enough betting markets.
  • Check historical odds – historical odds can be valuable in figuring out how the market will move next season, which can help you find solid betting opportunities.
  • Watch the show – doing the research before placing The Bachelorette bets is critical, and the best way to do it is by watching the show. You can read recaps of the previous episodes, but you might miss some small details which can reveal what will happen in the next episode.
  • Check contestants’ social media – one of the best ways of researching the Bachelorette contestants is by following their social media, which can help you better understand their thoughts and what they might do next.

The Bachelorette Betting Worldwide

The Bachelorette was first introduced in 2023 as an alternative to The Bachelor, where the roles are reversed. There have since been several iterations of The Bachelorette filmed across several countries, including Spain, Sweden, Romania, Germany, Canada, Denmark, and more. Yet, the most popular international edition remains the USA version.

The Bachelorette (USA) Betting

The USA Bachelorette was first filmed in 2003 and has been running ever since, with the 20th season set to release in 2023. As the most watched The Bachelorette version, the USA Bachelorette is also the most popular among bettors and readily available on online betting sites.

Some of the most notable past The Bachelorette (USA) include:

  • Season 5 (2009) – Ed Swiderski
  • Season 6 (2010) – Roberto Martinez
  • Season 9 (2013) – Chris Siegfried
  • Season 12 (2016) – Jordan Rodgers
  • Season 13 (2017) – Bryan Abasolo

The Bachelorette (Australia) Betting

The Australian The Bachelorette was first filmed in 2015 and has since had seven episodes, the last one in October 2021. However, Despite the show’s initial success, the Australian Bachelorette has seen a steep drop in ratings and ceased production in 2021 with the season’s rating at just 0.397.

It is said that the show might return, but there is no announcement yet.

Some of the most popular past The Bachelorette (Australia) winners include:

  • Season 1 (2015) – Sasha Mielczarek
  • Season 4 (2018) – Taite Radley
  • Season 6 (2020) – Pete Mann
  • Season 7 (2021) – Darvid Garayeli

The Bachelorette Betting Apps

Betting from phones is slowly becoming the main way of betting, so, understandably, all bookies offer their customers a way to bet from their phones. However, while all have a mobile website, not all sportsbooks offer a mobile betting app.

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It might not sound like an issue for those who prefer to bet from a computer; however, if you’re a mobile bettor, it’s highly advisable that you use sportsbooks with a dedicated mobile betting app, and there are a couple of reasons for that. Mobile betting apps are more stable than a mobile website, work better, are more convenient to use, and even offer app-specific betting bonuses.

Although rare, some bookies will only have special promotions for those using a mobile betting app. With that in mind, it makes sense even for those who bet from their computers to consider registering with bookies with an available app.

It’s important to note that when downloading a mobile app, you have to do it either through the official account on App Store or Google Play or straight from the bookmaker. Although rare, some scam apps pretend to be the official version, and the only way to avoid them is by downloading apps from a reliable source.

The Bachelorette Overview

Before we conclude our article on Bachelorette betting, here are some interesting facts about the show you might need to learn about.

  • Charity Lawson was announced as the next Bachelorette; however, the bookmakers have yet to release betting markets on the next season.
  • Some of the most notable previous winners of The Bachelorette include Tino Franco, Nayte Olukoya, Dale Moss, and Garrett Yrigoyen.
  • The Bachelorette used to be filed in several countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, and India; however, only the USA version remains.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for betting on The Bachelorette are Bovada, Bet365, BetMGM, and Caesars.
  • Only the Bachelorette makes any money; the contestants compete for free.
  • Follow our novelty bet guides and win big.

Bottom Line

It concludes our article on The Bachelorette betting, where we provided answers to all the questions someone just starting to bet on The Bachelorette might have. Now that you know where you can bet on it and where to find the best The Bachelorette betting odds, you’re ready to register for an account and start wagering – but remember to approach betting cautiously and be aware of the dangers gambling addiction can bring.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there betting on The Bachelorette?
    Yes, anyone can bet on The Bachelorette, as it is possible to bet on many TV shows, as long as you have access to bookmakers who offer The Bachelorette betting markets.
  • Who is the fan favourite on The Bachelorette?
    Every season of The Bachelorette has a couple of fan favourites for many reasons, and the contestants’ popularity among the viewers often affects the offered betting odds.
  • Is It legal to bet on The Bachelorette online?
    Yes, betting on The Bachelorette is completely legal, just as legal as betting on any other TV show or sports, as long as you’re using legal online betting sites.
  • Who Is the next Bachelorette?
    The next The Bachelorette is Charity Lawson, who competed in The Bachelor Season 27 with Zach Shallcross.
  • Where can I bet on The Bachelorette?
    Anyone can bet on The Bachelorette on various online betting sites. Even though not all bookies have The Bachelorette betting odds, the largest bookmakers, who offer markets on other TV shows, do.
  • Should I use multiple The Bachelorette betting sites?
    Using multiple bookmarks to bet on The Bachelorette or any other TV show or sport is advisable. That is because having multiple accounts allows bettors to price shop and look for the best available odds before placing their bets.
  • Is betting on The Bachelorette different from betting on The Bachelor?
    Yes, even though the two shows often feature the same contestants, the Bachelorette features male contestants who compete for the love of a woman. In contrast, The Bachelor is the complete opposite, where women compete for the love of one man.
  • Is it easy to win money betting on the Bachelorette?
    Winning money betting on The Bachelorette can be easy if you use the right bookmakers, have a solid plan, and regularly watch the show.
  • What is the best type of bet to place on the Bachelorette?
    There is no one best bet to place on The Bachelorette, as both elimination bets and outright predictions can be useful for making money betting on the show. It depends on what you want to bet on and how regularly you follow the show.
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