Miss America Betting Odds

Miss America is one of the most iconic beauty pageants in the United States, celebrating talent, intelligence, and beauty since 1921. With its rich history, the competition has become a beloved tradition, watched by millions of fans yearly. Contestants from all 50 states compete not just for the crown but for scholarships and opportunities that can change their lives. The event includes segments like the talent show, evening gown, and the all-important interview, making it a comprehensive test of the contestants’ abilities and poise.

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Find the Best Place to Bet on Miss America
Rebecca E
Betting on Miss America has also gained popularity, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans. Like sports betting, people can place wagers on who will win the crown or excel in specific competition segments. Finding reliable and user-friendly online bookies is important if you want to join the fun. In this article, we’ll explore the best Miss America betting sites, helping you choose the best bookmaker to place your bets and enjoy the competition to the fullest.

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Miss America

Miss America is a very popular pageant in the USA, and as with any other competition, it is possible to be on Miss America. Admittedly, Miss America Vegas odds aren’t as readily available as betting odds on various sports such as the NHL or NBA; however, many bookmakers offer betting in Vegas on Miss America – or in any other state where betting is allowed.

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But the trick is not only to find bookmakers which offer Las Vegas odds on Miss America but to find betting sites that are good, reliable, and have all the features you would expect from a solid betting site.

  • When looking for a bookmaker to bet on Miss America, the first thing to remember is to check whether it has Miss America betting odds. Even though many do, not all bookies will allow you to place Miss America Vegas bets.
  • Once you’ve found bookmakers that will accept your Miss America picks, it’s time to focus on whether the sportsbooks are safe, legit, and have a valid betting license. You should always use only those betting sites that are safe and operate legally – as this is the only way to ensure your money will be safe.
  • Besides safety, focusing on the odds, quality, and market offer is important. Preferably you want to use sportsbooks with the best odds for winning Miss America and those that offer as many other markets as possible – so you can bet on whatever you like with the best available price.
  • The availability of betting bonuses and promotions is also a big plus. Even though less commonly available, some bookmakers will have various bonuses for Miss America betting, including enhanced Las Vegas odds on Miss America.
  • Other features, such as a mobile app’s availability, are also advantageous. Even if you don’t bet from your phone, having that option available is a big plus.
  • And lastly, you want to use bookmakers with solid customer support. Most bettors rarely need to contact a customer support agent, but when you need their help, it’s nice to know that a bookmaker can provide you with substantial assistance.

What Makes These the Best Miss America Betting Sites

We’ve mentioned a few things for anyone looking for a bookmaker to place Miss America Vegas bets. There are many things to keep an eye out for, and here are a few of the most important things to check.

Criteria Explanations
Great Bonuses Even though bonuses are not nearly as important as Miss America odds, having them available is a huge plus and can be a part of a profitable betting strategy. And even if the bookmaker doesn’t have Miss America-specific bonuses, such as enhanced Miss America Vegas odds, various reload bonuses, deposit bonuses, and other promos can be highly valuable.
Fast Payouts The bookmaker’s ability to offer fast payouts is often overlooked but no less important. If you profit from betting on Miss America and want to withdraw your money, you’ll naturally want to do it as fast as possible without any issues, so it’s wise to use bookmakers that can offer that.
Banking Options As of 2024, most bigger bookmakers do a fine job with their banking options, offering customers many ways to deposit and withdraw money. But it doesn’t hurt to double-check which payment methods are available on any betting site you want to register with and preferably pick one which has the payment method you want to use and is the most convenient to you.
Customer Support Most punters won’t need to contact a customer support agent, assuming they’re using a bookmaker with the latest updates that work without a problem. But if you stumble upon an issue, you’ll want to have reliable customer support available.

That’s why it’s wise to register with bookmakers known for having solid customer support – this is the only way you can ensure any problems you might have will be resolved quickly.

System Compatibility As of 2024, system compatibility is less of a factor than it used to be, and it mainly only applies to mobile bettors. Still, if you want to bet from your phone and use a bookmaker with a mobile betting app, it’s wise to check whether the app is compatible with your mobile device.
Other Entertainment Betting Options Miss America is an annual event, meaning it only happens once yearly. It essentially means there aren’t that many betting opportunities to bet on Miss America, regardless of how good the Miss America betting sites you’re using are.

But all solid Miss America betting sites have one thing in common – they accept bets and offer specials on other entertainment betting markets, including various TV shows, politics, pageants, or TV series such as Squid Game betting.

Miss America Odds

Finding Miss America odds is more complex than finding odds on the NHL, NBA, or other major sporting events, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. On the contrary, most of the punters’ favourite bookmakers and known betting brands will offer Miss America betting odds. If you’re using a solid bookmaker, betting your Miss America predictions will be easy.

But the trick is to find bookmakers with the best Miss America odds.

That isn’t as simple as registering with one betting site with the best odds – which isn’t realistic. Betting markets on any competition will constantly move, as with Miss America betting lines, which creates a situation where Miss America odds will differ depending on the betting sites you’re using.

So, for example, BetMGM might have the best odds on the leading favourite, whereas Caesars can have better odds on the second-most likely winner of the pageant. So depending on who you want to bet on, you’ll use one or the other bookmaker.

It explains why having accounts with multiple Miss America betting sites is advantageous, so you can bet with the best available Miss America odds on the picks you want to place. But not only that – having multiple accounts is the only way to place your Miss America predictions at the best odds.

Miss America Historical Odds

The historical odds are very important for serious bettors, regardless of what they bet on. Most will keep track of the odds by having a dedicated file to track their previous bets and closing odds, but most won’t.

It is where various online services which track historical odds come in handy, as they keep track of all previous Miss America odds and the line movements, helping punters better understand how the market behaved when the biggest odds movements happened and more.

Contestant Historical Odds
Miss Oklahoma 13/2
Miss Florida 12/1
Miss Georgia 12/1
Miss Mississippi 12/1
Miss Kansas 15/1
Miss Minnesota 15/1
Miss New Hampshire 15/1
Miss South Carolina 15/1
Miss Illinois 20/1
Miss Kentucky 20/1

Admittedly, keeping track of historical odds on more niche markets such as Miss America is trickier as there are fewer websites that do so. Still, if you look close enough and know where to look, that is easier than it may seem.

Offers & Promotions

Nowadays, it’s expected for all bookmakers to offer betting bonuses and promotions. What started as a tool for bookmakers to attract new customers to their platform is, as of 2024, considered a mandatory feature, so it’s more than fair to say that any bookmaker you register with will have some bonuses available.

But some will do a much better job than others, and the differences become much more noticeable when we talk about niche markets such as betting on Miss America. Very few bookmakers will offer Miss America-specific bonuses or promotions; however, there are still many we can take advantage of.

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Since most betting sites will have welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, enhanced odds, free bets, and other promotions, which are generally usable by all bettors, even those who bet on Miss America can benefit.

So instead of focusing on searching for Miss America betting sites with Miss America-specific bonuses, it’s better to register with bookmakers that have Miss America odds and solid offers of generic promotions and bonuses.

Miss America Specials

Miss America is a straightforward competition; therefore, there are fewer betting markets. Still, all fast withdrawal betting sites with Miss America odds will offer a bit of diversity in the offered markets beyond betting on the favourite.


Betting on Miss America’s favourite is the simplest thing a bettor can do, hoping that the bookmaker has priced the markets correctly and that by placing the bet, we stand the best chance to win money. However, this is only sometimes the smartest choice and often won’t offer any value.


Betting on a Miss America winner is the simplest way to bet on Miss America and works the same way as any outright betting market. You place a bet on whichever contestant you have the most faith in to win the contest, which can include the leading favourite or any of the underdogs.

Generous Miss America odds often accompany the winner market, as it’s the case with all outright betting markets, and therefore offer the highest potential payout.

Round Betting

Instead of betting on which contestant will win Miss America, we can also place separate bets on who will win any of the rounds. During the Miss America competition, the entrants are slowly eliminated through various rounds, with only the top 15 women making the final showcase performance.

So even if one of the contestants doesn’t win all the rounds, she can still win the whole event, and vice versa – which offers plenty of excellent betting opportunities on the round betting markets.

Podium Finish

Some Miss America betting sites will offer outright each-way betting markets, while others will have separate markets on a podium finish. As the name suggests, betting on the podium finish is betting on whether one of the entrants will end the competition inside the top three.

Although podium finishes betting markets offer lower Miss America odds than outright betting, they increase the chance of your bet hitting. And at the right odds, betting on the podium can offer better value than betting on the winner.

Bet of the Day

Betting on Miss America can be a bit thicker than betting on sports, as there isn’t as much information available, but we’re here to help. Below you can find a link to a website where you can find the best bet for today, which offers the most value for your money and has the highest chance of earning you a profit.


How to Bet on Miss America

Betting on Miss America is very straightforward and no different than betting on any other event – an entertainment event such as TV shows or sports events. And it all starts with registering an account with any Miss America betting site.

  • Before you can bet on Miss America, you need to have an account with a bookmaker offering Miss America odds and betting markets. Those aren’t difficult to find, but ensure you’re registering only with safe bookmakers with competitive betting odds.
  • Visit the bookmaker you want to register with and start the registration process – provide the required details, including date of birth, full name, email, and address.
  • Verify your account via a verification link sent to your email.
  • Make your first deposit with the bookmaker, but check if any bonuses and promotions are available. Most bookmakers will have a welcome deposit bonus, which you’ll want to take advantage of as it’s a one-time thing.
  • With money in your betting account, you can place your Miss America bets by navigating to the betting markets and finding the pick you like.
  • Before you place a bet, check if any other bookmakers have better odds on the selection you want to make.
  • Once you place your bet, you can only wait for the competition to end and hope you’ve made the right choice.

Remember that all betting sites require you to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before withdrawing your money. So you should complete it as soon as you set up your account and not delay it until you want to request a withdrawal. This way, you’ll speed up the withdrawal process.

Miss America Betting Tips & Predictions

Betting on Miss America is tricky and quite challenging. In contrast to betting on the NBA, which is much more straightforward due to heaps of information and betting data available online, there are fewer websites that offer valuable information that’ll help you find Miss America bets.

On a more positive note, online websites and services offer Miss America predictions written by betting experts who follow the competition closely and can offer valuable information to help you find the best betting picks.

Ultimately, it’s better to learn how to find bets on your own, but checking what betting experts say doesn’t hurt. At the very least, you should read through betting previews, often the best source of valuable information to help you better understand what to bet on.

Key Details for Miss America

Miss America was established in 1919 as an Inter-City Beauty Contest and has since developed to become one of the biggest pageants in the United States. Branded as “nation’s leading advocate for women’s education and the largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women in the United States, awarding millions of dollars annually in cash awards and in-kind tuition waivers,” Miss America is a very specific event with a few rulers.

The Miss America contest includes entrants who partake in live interactive sessions with judges, where they can speak about their achievements and how they intend to use their talents to perform their duties as the next Miss America.

The competition consists of several rounds, where the entrants showcase their skills via talent competitions –exclusive to Miss America and not included in the Miss USA. Moreover, all participants must be older than 17 and no older than 26.

Miss America Overview

Before we conclude our Miss America article, here are some interesting facts about the event you might need to learn about.

  • Miss America has no clear favourite to win the next event, which will remain until the full list of participants is revealed when the bookmakers can set the odds.
  • The last 4 winners of Miss America include Grace Stanke, Emma Broyles, Camille Schrier, and Nia Franklin.
  • Miss America only accepts participants from the United States; however, there have been more winners from New York (7) than any other state, including Oklahoma (6), California (6), and Ohio (6).
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for betting on Miss America are Caesars, BetMGM, bet365, FanDuel, and TVG.
  • New York is the most successful state in the history of Miss America, with seven winners.
  • Participants from Alaska, North Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana, Oregon, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, and Connecticut have won Miss America only once.
  • New York won back-to-back-to-back Miss America competitions in 2013-2015 with Mallory Hagan, Nina Davuluri, and Kira Kazanstev.
  • Nina Davuluri was the first Indian American winner
  • Marian Bergeron, who won in 1933, was the youngest winner in the history of Miss America at 15 and a half years of age.
  • In the history of the competition, there were only four 25-year-old winners.

Bottom Line

It concludes the article by our well-known bet enthusiasts, explaining everything you need to know about Miss America, how to bet on the event, and where to find the best bookmakers. Now you’re ready to find and register with the best betting sites and start betting on Miss America – but remember to take betting in moderation and never wager with more than you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Miss America?
    Miss America is an annual competition open for women only from the United States between the ages of 17 and 26. The idea behind the competition is for women to display various skills, including artistic talent and leadership.
  • Can you bet on Miss America?
    Yes, you can bet on Miss America the same way you can bet on the next US President or any sporting event. You’re free to bet on it as long as you have access to a bookmaker with Miss America odds.
  • Where can you bet on Miss America?
    You can bet on Miss America with most US bookmakers, including BetMGM and Caesars. Although it’s less well covered than sporting events, Miss America betting odds are regularly available on the best US bookies.
  • How to read Miss America betting odds?
    Miss America betting odds work the same way as any other competition. The higher the odds, the less likely the outcome but with a bigger payout, and vice versa.
  • Can I bet on Miss America from abroad?
    Yes. Even though Miss America only accepts women from the USA, anyone can bet on the pageant if they have access to bookmakers who offer Miss America odds.
  • Can I make real money betting on the Miss America competition?
    you can earn real money betting on Miss America competition, as you can bet on any sports competition.
  • What kind of bets can I Make on the Miss America pageant?
    Some of the most popular bets you can place on the Miss America pageant is a wager on the winner, with which you predict which contestants will win the event.
  • Does betting on Miss America online take a long time to get paid?
    The time it takes for the bookmaker to pay out your winnings depends on which betting site you use. Most bookmakers have fast withdrawals. However, any withdrawal via a bank transfer will typically take a couple of days.
  • Who won the last Miss America?
    Grace Stanke won the last Miss America pageant from Wisconsin.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts
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