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Find the Best Place to Bet on I'm A Celebrity
Rebecca E
In reality TV, few shows captivate audiences quite like “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” With its mix of celebrity drama, survival challenges, and jaw-dropping surprises, the show has become a global sensation. Yet, for some viewers, the excitement goes beyond mere entertainment – it extends to betting. Betting on the outcomes of reality TV shows is a growing trend, and “I’m a Celebrity” is no exception. From predicting the next King or Queen of the jungle to guessing who might get eliminated next, placing bets on the show has added a whole new dimension to the viewer experience.

Key points to know:

  • Diverse betting options
  • Dynamic odds
  • Informed decision-making
  • Social and interactive

Best Betting Sites to Bet on I’m a Celebrity

Betting on “I’m a Celebrity” can add an extra layer of excitement to your viewing experience, allowing you to engage with the show in a whole new way. With many online betting sites, choosing the right platform for your wagers is crucial.

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Here’s what you need to consider when selecting the best betting site for “I’m a Celebrity” bets:

  • Reputation and trustworthiness
  • Variety of betting markets
  • Competitive odds
  • User-friendly interface
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Live betting and streaming
  • Customer support
  • Payment method

Betfred I’m a Celebrity

Betfred is known for its comprehensive range of betting options and consistent promotions. Their “I’m A Celebrity” section provides an array of markets, including predicting the winner, elimination order, and specific challenges.

Betfred Review

The platform’s user-friendly interface and accessible navigation make it popular among reality TV betting enthusiasts.

Bet365 I’m a Celebrity

Bet365 boasts competitive I’m a Celebrity latest odds and a reputation for covering various markets. Their “I’m A Celebrity” betting section is often marked by dynamic odds that change in real-time based on viewer reactions and contestant actions. The platform’s live betting and streaming options make it a preferred choice for those interested in interactive betting during the show.

Ladbrokes I’m a Celebrity

Ladbrokes offers diverse betting markets and presents enticing promotions for reality TV bets. The “I’m A Celebrity” section is typically easy to locate on their platform and has user-friendly bet placement procedures. With its solid reputation and various betting tools, Ladbrokes is a go-to option for reality TV enthusiasts.

Paddy Power I’m a Celebrity

The Paddy Power bookmaker is known for its quirky and innovative promotions. Their “I’m A Celebrity” section reflects this spirit with creative betting markets and boosted I’m a Celebrity betting odds. The platform’s unique approach to reality TV betting adds an extra layer of entertainment to the experience.

SkyBet I’m a Celebrity

SkyBet’s intuitive interface and straightforward navigation appeal to bettors of all levels. The “I’m A Celebrity” section on their platform offers a variety of markets, allowing you to place bets on contestants’ performances, alliances, eliminations, and more. Sky Bet’s attention to user experience and competitive I’m a Celebrity elimination odds contribute to its popularity.

To find the “I’m A Celebrity” betting section on these platforms, follow these general steps:

  • Visit the bookmaker’s website.
  • Look for the “TV/Specials” or “Entertainment” category in the sportsbook menu.
  • In this section, you should find “I’m a Celebrity” or similar subcategories.
  • Click on the subcategory to access the available markets and odds for the show.

I’m a Celebrity Odds

Understanding the odds of winning I’m a Celebrity is essential. I’m a Celebrity next to leave odds indicating the potential payout you might receive and offering insights into the perceived likelihood of a specific event occurring in the show.

Reading I’m a Celebrity Odds

  • Fractional odds: These are presented as fractions, such as 5/1 or 2/3. The first number represents the potential profit, while the second is the amount you must bet to make that profit.
  • Decimal odds: Decimal odds, like 6.00 or 1.50, represent the total payout you’ll receive, including your initial stake. For example, if you bet $100 on odds of 6.00, you’d receive $600 (including your initial $100).
  • Moneyline odds: Commonly used in the US, moneyline odds are presented as positive or negative numbers. Positive numbers (e.g., +300) indicate the potential profit on a $100 bet, while negative numbers (e.g., -150) indicate the amount you need to bet to win $100.

Where to Find I’m a Celebrity Odds

You can access “I’m A Celebrity” odds through dedicated sections on sportsbooks. These sections usually fall under the “TV/Specials” or “Entertainment” categories. Once in the section, you’ll find a list of contestants and their odds for different betting markets, such as the winner, elimination order, and specific challenges.

I’m a Celebrity Historical Odds

Historical odds refer to the odds assigned to contestants in previous seasons of “I’m A Celebrity.” These I’m a Celebrity odds next to leave offer a retrospective view of how bookmakers perceived the likelihood of certain events, such as who would win the show, who would be eliminated first, and more. Analyzing historical odds can help you identify patterns, trends, and potential strategies for betting on future seasons.

Contestant Historical Odds
Mike Tindall 19/5
Olivia Attwood 21/5
Boy George 11/2
Jill Scott 6/1
Chris Moyles 10/1

Where to Find Historical Odds

Historical odds can often be found on betting-related websites, forums, and fan communities; some reputable betting sites maintain archives of past bookie’s odds on I’m a Celebrity for various events, including reality TV shows like “I’m A Celebrity.” These archives allow you to compare odds across seasons and draw insights from past trends.

Offers & Promotions

Betting on “I’m a Celebrity” isn’t just about predicting outcomes – it’s about embracing the excitement of the show in a whole new way. Top betting sites enhance this experience with various offers, bonuses, and promotions tailored to the show’s fans.

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I’m a Celebrity Free Bets

I’m a Celebrity free bets can add a layer of excitement and strategy to your betting experience. They allow you to explore betting markets, test strategies, and engage with the show without risking your funds.

How to Get I’m a Celebrity Free Bets

  • Sign up
  • Deposit
  • Place qualifying bet
  • Receive free bet

I’m a Celebrity Betting Markets

Betting on “I’m a Celebrity” goes beyond traditional wagers, extending into exciting special bets. These unique markets allow you to dive deep into the show’s dynamics, offering predictions that range from national favorites to the ultimate winner. Let’s delve into the various special bets for “I’m a Celebrity” and how they can enhance your viewing experience.

To Be on the Show

Among the diverse array of betting options for “I’m a Celebrity,” one of the most distinct is wagering who will appear on the show. This specialized market adds a layer of anticipation as viewers speculate on which celebrities will enter the jungle and face the challenges ahead.


Betting on favorites from different countries before the show even begins is a captivating aspect of I’m a Celebrity betting. This unique market lets you predict which celebrities, hailing from various nations, will join the jungle adventure.

Next Celebrity to Leave

Betting on the next celebrity to leave the jungle fuels the excitement by keeping viewers engaged throughout the show. As eliminations unfold, I’m a Celebrity Gets Me out of Here odds change dynamically, reflecting public sentiment and contestant actions.

First Celebrity to Quit

Betting on the first celebrity to quit offers a distinct perspective on contestant dynamics. You can put a bet on I’m a Celebrity, focusing on predicting which participant might leave the jungle voluntarily. Famous for its speculative nature, it prompts contestant resilience and adaptability discussions.

First Celebrity Voted Out

Betting on the first celebrity to be voted out is an engaging way to kickstart the show’s competitive atmosphere. This wager revolves around predicting who the public or fellow contestants might vote off first. It’s popular due to its initial impact on the show’s dynamics and alliances.


It’s thrilling to engage with the show by predicting who will emerge as the ultimate jungle champion. This market gains traction as the season progresses, with odds on I’m a Celebrity winner evolving based on contestant performances and public reception.

I’m a Celebrity Previous Winners

“I’m a Celebrity” is a global phenomenon with multiple versions broadcast in various countries. Here are a few winners from different countries and the respective years they emerged victorious:

Country Winner and Year
United Kingdom (UK)
  • Winner: Tony Blackburn
  • Year: 2002
  • Winner: Chris Brown
  • Year: 2003
  • Winner: Costa Cordalis
  • Year: 2004
  • Winner: Fiona O’Loughlin
  • Year: 2018

Top Male & Top Female

Betting on the Top Male and Top Female contestants in “I’m a Celebrity” injects a thrilling competitive edge into your viewing experience. This unique betting for I’m a Celebrity market lets you predict who will outshine their competitors in performance, challenges, and popularity.

Prop Bets

Prop bets, short for proposition bets, are a captivating aspect of betting that adds excitement and engagement to various events, including reality TV shows like “I’m a Celebrity.” These bets allow you to wager on specific scenarios or outcomes within the show that go beyond traditional win-or-lose predictions.

Bet of the Day

An “I’m a Celebrity Bet of the Day” is a specially curated betting recommendation that showcases a promising wager for the current day’s show. It’s designed to simplify your betting choices by highlighting a standout opportunity.


This feature makes making informed bets effortless, and you can quickly seize the latest odds for I’m a Celebrity.

How to Bet on I’m a Celebrity

Betting on “I’m a Celebrity… get me out of here” can add an exhilarating dimension to your viewing experience. Here’s a concise step-by-step guide on how to get started and increase your chances of winning money by betting on the show:

  • Select a reputable betting site
  • Navigate to the “I’m a Celebrity” section
  • Explore betting markets
  • Review odds and descriptions
  • Analyze and research
  • Choose your bet
  • Set your stake
  • Confirm your bet

I’m a Celebrity Betting Tips & Predictions

“I’m a Celebrity” betting tips, and predictions are expert insights and analyses that offer valuable guidance to those looking to place a bet on I’m a Celebrity. These tips give viewers informed opinions on contestant performances, challenges, alliances, and more, helping them make strategic betting decisions.

  • Stay updated on show developments, public opinions, and contestant performances.
  • Manage your bankroll by setting a budget for betting and sticking to it.
  • Consider combining multiple bets into accumulators for higher potential payouts.
  • Take advantage of special offers, free bets, and promotions to enhance your betting value.

I’m a Celebrity Betting Worldwide

“I’m a Celebrity” has transcended geographical boundaries to become a worldwide sensation, captivating audiences in various countries with its unique blend of challenges, camaraderie, and celebrity antics. This reality TV franchise’s popularity has led to adaptations being broadcast across the globe.

“I’m a Celebrity” is not confined to a single location – it’s a franchise embraced by different cultures and regions worldwide. Each adaptation retains the core premise of celebrities facing the wilderness, challenges, and their limits.

I’m a Celebrity UK Betting

“I’m A Celebrity” is a beloved reality TV show that has captivated audiences across the United Kingdom for years. Betting on the show’s outcomes adds extra excitement to the viewing experience.

  • Popular contestants: Celebrities like Scarlett Moffatt, Harry Redknapp, and Stacey Solomon have captured viewers’ hearts with their personalities and performances.
  • Winners: Notable winners include Tony Blackburn, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, and Jacqueline Jossa.

I’m a Celebrity Australia Betting

“I’m A Celebrity Australia” delivers thrilling challenges and unforgettable moments to Australian audiences. Betting on the show’s outcomes is a way to elevate the excitement even further.

  • Popular contestants: Celebrities like Shane Warne, Fiona O’Loughlin, and Pauline Curuenavuli have left a lasting impact on viewers.
  • Winners: Standout winners include Fiona O’Loughlin, Richard Reid, and Abbie Chatfield.

I’m a Celebrity Format & Rules

“I’m a Celebrity” follows a unique format that places celebrities in a remote jungle setting, challenging them to face physical and mental trials while striving to win viewers’ hearts.


  • Celebrities in the jungle: A group from various backgrounds enters a remote jungle camp.
  • Challenges: Contestants face a series of grueling challenges, which can involve tasks like eating exotic foods, navigating obstacle courses, and enduring physically demanding trials.
  • Public voting: Viewers at home vote to decide which celebrities stay in the competition and who gets eliminated.
  • Eliminations: Celebrities are eliminated individually after challenges and public votes until the final few remain.
  • Crowned champion: The last remaining celebrity is crowned the winner of “I’m A Celebrity.”


  • No Luxuries: Contestants live without luxuries and amenities, immersing themselves in the jungle.
  • Challenges: Celebrities must complete various challenges to earn meals, comfort items, and rewards.
  • Public Votes: Viewers vote for their favorite celebrities to stay in the show or be eliminated.
  • Teamwork and Solo Challenges: Some challenges involve teamwork, while others test individual skills and resilience.
  • Trial Immunity: Celebrities can win immunity from certain eliminations by succeeding in trials.
  • Camp Life: Contestants collaborate on camp chores, share stories, and build relationships.

The Biggest I’m a Celebrity! Stars

Here are some notable celebrities who have participated in “I’m a Celebrity” and either gained further recognition or became stars as a result of their appearances:

  • Harry Redknapp: Former football manager and sports personality, won the UK series in 2018.
  • Scarlett Moffatt: Gained fame through her participation and became a TV presenter.
  • Jacqueline Jossa: Acclaimed actress who won the UK series in 2019.
  • Stacey Solomon: Singer and television presenter who gained more prominence after participating.
  • Kian Egan: Member of the Irish boyband Westlife, won the UK series in 2013.
  • Vicky Pattison: Reality TV star who won the UK series 2015 and later became a TV presenter.

Fun Facts & Anecdotes

Here are some fun facts and anecdotes related to “I’m a Celebrity”:

  • Customary whispering: Contestants often speak hushedly about their strategies and decisions because they believe the cameras can’t pick up whispers. However, this is only sometimes the case.
  • Record viewer votes: The 2004 finale received 12 million viewer votes in the UK to determine the winner.
  • Banned from animals: The show’s early UK seasons featured live animals in some tasks. However, this aspect was later phased out due to animal welfare concerns.
  • Royal participants: Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, and Lady Colin Campbell, who has royal connections, have both participated in the UK series.
  • Temporary suspension: In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK series relocated to a castle in Wales instead of its usual Australian jungle setting.

I’m a Celebrity History

“I’m a Celebrity” first appeared in the early 2000s as a novel reality TV concept that combined celebrity entertainment with survival challenges. The show was initially created in the UK and quickly gained popularity due to its unique premise. Contestants, often well-known public figures, were placed in a remote jungle setting where they faced physical trials, ate unusual foods, and navigated the challenges of camp life. As the show progressed, it introduced viewer voting to determine eliminations and winners.

The success of the UK version led to the creation of adaptations in various countries, each tailoring the format to their own cultural and entertainment preferences. Over the years, “I’m A Celebrity” has evolved by introducing new challenges, refining voting mechanisms, and expanding the range of celebrities participating.

The show’s blend of adventure, camaraderie, and celebrity interactions has turned it into a global phenomenon with versions in multiple languages and regions.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Terminology

“I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” has introduced unique terminology that fans should know to fully immerse themselves in the show’s experience. Here are several important terms connected with the event.

Term Explanation
Bushtucker Trial A “Bushtucker Trial” is a challenging and often daring task that campmates must undertake to earn meals, rewards, or treats for the camp. These trials involve various uncomfortable or gross situations, such as eating unusual foods, facing creepy crawlies, or navigating physical obstacles.
Stars for Camp Stars earned during Bushtucker Trials represent meals for the camp. Each star won translates into a specific meal portion, providing sustenance for the campmates. In these trials, contestants often push their limits to secure as many stars as possible, ensuring their fellow campmates have enough food.
The Dunny “The Dunny” is the term used to refer to the camp’s outdoor toilet facilities. It’s a basic toilet setup often located away from the main camp area. Using the Dunny is essential to camp life, and contestants must navigate its primary conditions like other camp chores.
The Dingo Dollar Challenge The “Dingo Dollar Challenge” is a task that campmates participate in to win “Dingo Dollars,” a type of currency in the show. These Dingo Dollars can be exchanged for camp treats, luxury items, or rewards, enhancing the camp’s comfort and morale.
Snake Rock “Snake Rock” is a term used to denote a secondary campsite, usually reserved for contestants who have lost a challenge. Campmates sent to Snake Rock face more basic living conditions and fewer luxuries than those at the main campsite.
Care Parcel A “Care Parcel” is a special delivery to the camp, often containing comfort items or treats from home. Campmates appreciate these parcels as they provide comfort and connection to the outside world, offering a small respite from the challenging jungle environment.
King or Queen of the Jungle “King” or “Queen of the Jungle” is the title awarded to the show’s ultimate winner. This title signifies that the contestant has triumphed over the challenges, trials, and eliminations to become the show’s victor. The winner is determined by public voting, and achieving this title is a testament to their popularity and resilience.

I’m a Celebrity Overview

  • “I’m a Celebrity” is a captivating reality TV franchise that combines adventure, camaraderie, and celebrity antics in a remote jungle setting. Beyond entertainment, this global phenomenon has also sparked a surge in betting activities, allowing fans to engage with their favorite celebrities’ journeys on a new level.
  • “I’m a Celebrity” places well-known celebrities in challenging environments, where they face trials, demanding tasks, and public eliminations to emerge as the ultimate “King” or “Queen of the Jungle.” The franchise’s format has led to adaptations worldwide, from the UK and Australia to Germany, Spain, and beyond.
  • As with any competition, certain celebrities become fan favorites due to their charisma, resilience, or the challenges they overcome. Notable names like Scarlett Moffatt, Harry Redknapp, and Jacqueline Jossa have garnered immense support.
  • The show’s history is studded with memorable winners, including Tony Blackburn, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, and Abbie Chatfield, each leaving a distinct mark on the series.
  • “I’m a Celebrity” has reached audiences in various countries. From the UK’s original series to adaptations in Australia, Germany, and more, the show’s appeal transcends borders.
  • Betting enthusiasts have many choices when placing bets on I’m a Celebrity. Reputable online bookmakers like Betfred, Bet365, and LadBrokes, offer dedicated markets for the show. Read Paddy Power’s review to find out more.
  • Beyond its jungle escapades, “I’m a Celebrity” offers fans a chance to engage through betting. This dynamic blend of entertainment and wagering excitement adds an extra layer of suspense to the show.

Bottom Line

“I’m a Celebrity” seamlessly blends the thrill of adventure with the allure of celebrity entertainment, captivating audiences worldwide. The show’s popularity has given rise to a dynamic betting scene that allows fans to engage on a new level. From predicting the ultimate winner to anticipating surprise challenges, betting on “I’m a Celebrity” enhances the viewing experience, making every twist and turn even more thrilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you bet on I’m a Celebrity?
    Absolutely! Betting on “I’m a Celebrity” is a popular way to add excitement to your viewing experience. Many reputable online bookmakers offer dedicated markets for the show, allowing you to place bets on various outcomes and challenges.
  • Who’s the bookies’ favorite to win I’m a Celebrity?
    The bookies’ favorite to win “I’m a Celebrity” can change throughout the season based on contestants’ performances and public support. It’s a dynamic market, and the odds can fluctuate. Check with your chosen bookmaker for the latest odds on potential winners.
  • What are the odds on who will win I’m a Celebrity?
    The odds on who will win “I’m a Celebrity” can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and change as the show progresses. You can find up-to-date odds on potential winners by visiting reputable online bookmakers and navigating to the show’s betting markets.
  • Who are the past winners of I’m a Celeb?
    “I’m a Celebrity” has seen a range of winners across different seasons and versions of the show. Some notable past winners include Tony Blackburn, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, Jacqueline Jossa, and more.
  • What different markets can you bet on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?
    Numerous betting markets are available for “I’m a Celebrity,” including predicting the overall winner, the first celebrity to be eliminated, gender-specific winners, top male and female contestants, and even specific challenges and outcomes within the show.
  • Are there any bonuses for betting on I’m a Celebrity?
    Many bookmakers offer bonuses and promotions for betting on “I’m a Celebrity.” These can include free bets, enhanced odds, and other special offers. Be sure to explore the promotions section of your chosen bookmaker to see what bonuses are available.
  • What are the best I’m a Celebrity betting sites?
    Several reputable online bookmakers are well-suited for “I’m a Celebrity” betting, including Betfred, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, and more. These platforms provide dedicated markets, competitive odds, and a safe betting environment for show fans.
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