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The Best Rugby League Betting Sites

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Rugby League
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Rugby League

This article explains where to find the best rugby league betting sites and teaches you everything there is to know about betting on rugby league.

Rugby league is one of the most popular sports in online sports betting, and there are many reasons for that. But most importantly, getting into rugby league betting is very simple because rugby league odds are available on most bookies. Learning how to bet on rugby league is pretty simple.

In this article, we will teach you about everything there is to know about Rugby League betting, including:

  1. Where to find the best rugby league betting sites?
  2. Which bookies offer the best online rugby league betting odds?
  3. What betting markets are available for gambling in rugby league?
  4. What are rugby league history and interesting facts about the sport?

List of the Best Rugby League Bookmakers

Before you can place your first rugby league bet, you need to find a gambling website where you will be able to do so. Luckily, that’s a fairly straightforward thing since most bookies worldwide cover rugby league and offer betting markets on the sport.

Suppose you’re looking for rugby league betting sites when no betting markets are available during the offseason. In that case, all you need to do is find a bookie with rugby union betting, and you can rest assured that it also covers rugby league. But realistically, you can never go wrong with big-brand sportsbooks such as William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral, and Sky Bet, which operate worldwide, from the UK to Canada, Australia, and even Tanzania.

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Even though finding a sportsbook that will offer rugby league betting is simple, you have to pay close attention to the quality of its offer. Most importantly, the rugby league betting sites must have competitive online rugby league odds and enough market depth.

You should also pick a bookie with gambling bonuses, a mobile betting app, and live betting markets with live streaming options.

Feature Sportsbook
⭐ Best Betting Site: William Hill
⭐ Best for Bonuses:
⭐ Top Mobile App: SkyBet
⭐ Best for Live Betting: Betfred
⭐ High Payout Bookie: 22Bet
⭐ Safe Bookmaker: Ivibet
⭐ Top for Extra Features: SpinBetter

Rugby League Betting Bonuses

Betting bonuses, promotions and other offers are the best and easiest ways to get extra value for your money. And the best part is that those are available on almost all rugby league betting sites you visit, but know that the variety and the quality of the bonuses will vary.

You must also know that bonuses are the best tool for bookies to attract new bettors. The quality of the offers doesn’t necessarily reflect the betting experience the bookie can provide you. A sportsbook with excellent bonuses might have worse online rugby league betting odds. It would be best to prioritise bookies with good odds and enough betting markets over those with great bonuses.

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However, plenty of sportsbooks check both marks, and in our guide, we will mention a few of them. Most notably, bookies with good odds and excellent bonuses include William Hill and Sky Bet. Still, those are just 2 of many rugby league bookies you should consider registering on.

Lastly, you need to check the terms and conditions for the available bonuses before placing our rugby league bets. Most are not that demanding, but in some cases, you won’t be eligible for the reward due to your residency, amount wagered, or other reasons.

How Does Rugby League Betting Work

Rugby league betting is not that different from gambling on any other sport. The same basic betting rules apply, and there are many wager types you will find when betting in rugby league that are also available in hockey, football, basketball, and other sports.

Still, there are some differences because rugby league is different; hence, you will find other betting markets, including tryscorer.

However, if you take time to familiarize yourself with rugby league, the players and the teams betting on rugby league aren’t that complex. It will become just as simple as betting on your favourite sport as long as you understand betting basics, such as reading the odds, what different bet types mean, and so on.

Rugby League Odds

Understanding what rugby league odds display should be straightforward if you understand how to read betting odds. But know that the online rugby league betting odds can be shown in 3 formats – American, Decimal, and Fractional.

Which format you will find on your bookmaker will vary depending on what bookies you’re using. An American sportsbook will use the American format (+400), and a UK bookie will have fractional odds (4/1), while all other sportsbooks generally prefer displaying the odds in a decimal format (5.00).

Luckily, all sportsbooks offer the option to change how the odds are displayed, so realistically, you only need to know how to read one. But it never hurts to know all 3.

The most important thing about rugby league odds and all online sports betting odds is that the offer won’t be the same on all bookies. Each sportsbook gets its odds from a different provider, creating a market discrepancy, where William Hill can have Wigan Warriors priced at 3/1 to defeat Salford Red Devils. In contrast, Coral will have Wigan Warriors priced at 10/3.

It also shows why having accounts with multiple bookies at once is beneficial to get the best price for any game you plan to bet on. In this instance, a $100 bet on Wigan Warriors on William Hill will earn you a $300 profit but a $325 profit if you bet on the same game with Coral.

Rugby league consists of numerous international, continental and regional competitions that happen worldwide. Although some no longer exist, there are plenty of rugby league competitions you can bet on. You can rest assured that there are enough rugby league handicap betting opportunities if you know where to find them.

Still, a few rugby league competitions and tournaments stand out as the most popular among spectators and bettors. And these tournaments usually receive the best coverage, with the most betting markets and even live rugby league betting opportunities.

The most famous rugby league competitions in the world are:

  • Rugby League World Cup
  • Rugby League Four Nations
  • Rugby League European Championship
  • Super League
  • National Rugby League

History of Rugby League

The rugby league started in 1895 when it was called the “Northern Union“, a league formed after rugby clubs from Northern England broke away from the rugby union. The decision was made after the RFU refused to pay the players to compensate for their time away from work, stating that if a player can’t afford to play, he shouldn’t compete in rugby.

It formed the rugby league, which also introduced some changes, namely the reduced team size (from 15 to 13 players) by eliminating 2 forwards. Furthermore, the rugby league introduced play-the-ball to lessen the need for scrums and effectively replace the rugby union’s rucks and mauls.

Interestingly, the changes made the rugby league a far more popular code among players, spectators, and even bettors. With increased popularity, rugby league also increased its profits, allowing it to pay the players more generously. As a league formed to change how the players are treated, rugby league is nowadays one of the world’s largest and most famous rugby competitions. And unsurprisingly, it’s also trendy amongst bettors, with its gambling revenue often surpassing the rugby union betting profits.

Rugby League Rules

The rugby league game starts with a kick-off, with one team kicking the ball into the opponent’s side of the field and then attempting to regain possession of the ball. Meanwhile, the team with the ball possession tries to move the ball up the area by either passing or kicking the ball forward.

Although a very simple idea, there are a few rules the players must follow:

  • The ball, when passed by hand, can not be passed backwards.
  • Teams have possession of the ball for 6 plays or tackles, after which they must hand it over to the opponents.
  • Players may pass the ball as often as they like until one is tackled (with the ball).
  • When a player is tackled, the ball carrier then passes the ball backwards by foot along the ground to his teammate.
  • If the player is tackled, the opponents must allow him to play the ball.
  • Like football, players can be penalized for various circumstances, including foul language, hitting an opponent, high tackles, tripping, etc. Players will also receive yellow or red cards, resulting in 10 minutes in the sin-bin – much like in ice hockey.
  • Rugby league also has offside calls if the player is in front of a teammate that has the ball and interferes with the play.

Rugby League Bet of the Day

Rugby league bet of the day refers to a wager with the highest probability of winning and offers rugby league bettors the best value bets. Bookies often promote these games as rugby league bet of the day or daily top predictions.


If you want to find the best rugby league bet of the day, follow our link above to the website with the best wager for today.

How to Bet on Rugby League

If you’re wondering whether it is possible to make money online betting on rugby league, the answer is a resounding yes, albeit you have to approach it the right way. And it all starts with taking the proper steps from the get-go.

Here are a few crucial things you need to know about making money while you bet on rugby league:

  • First, you need to find a reputable, safe, legal sportsbook that can provide you with competitive rugby league odds and enough betting markets.
  • Preferably you should pick a sportsbook with solid betting bonuses, but know that the quality of the offers is not as important as the quality of online rugby league betting odds.
  • Consider registering with multiple bookies, as only this way can you price shop and bet with the best odds while also taking advantage of any promotions, accumulator bonuses, and other offers.
  • Once you find a bookie to bet with, you need to figure out what to wager on, so research the teams and the players before making your choices.
  • Alternatively, you should check what betting experts have to say and read through their rugby league betting tips and previews.
  • Consider registering with bookies with live rugby league betting options and those that can also provide live streams. Even if you don’t plan to bet in-play, it’s nice to have that option available.
  • Similarly, you should pick between bookies with betting apps, allowing you to wager on the go, anytime and anywhere you, please.
  • Check which payment options the bookmaker has. For example, if you want to try out ruby league betting with Bitcoin or any other crypto, you should register with a bookmaker that accepts crypto deposits.
  • Once you pick a solid sportsbook and are familiar with the league, you should find betting systems or strategies that suit your style, including good bankroll management and the right mindset.
  • Once you’ve done all that, you’re set to place your first rugby league bet and set yourself up for long-term profits.

There are many different ways you can approach rugby league betting, and you can explore hundreds of various betting markets. Here we will look at some of the most popular bet types on any sportsbook or at any rugby league betting sites you visit.

Future Bets

A future bet is one of rugby league bets usually placed before a tournament, championship, league or any other rugby league competition begins. You’re predicting the outcome of a future event with it, hence the name “future bet”, which mainly refers to which team will win a league or any other competition.

Technically, all bets placed in advance on the outcome of a future event are future bets, including league MVP, top scorer of the World Cup, and more. And they all also share another similarity – high online rugby league betting odds with high potential payouts.

Match Bets

A match bet has many meanings, and it will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. But a match bet usually refers to a wager on a straight head-to-head encounter, where you’re simply betting on which team will win.

Other forms of match betting also include which team will lead after a certain amount of time passes, which team will win either of the 2 halves and more.

Margin Bets

Margin bets offer a unique way to approach wagering on rugby, albeit they are available on all rugby league betting sites. Punters can choose from a wide selection of betting markets with margin bets, including winning margin and the match result.

An example of a margin bet is for Team A to win by 1-12 points or Team A to win by +13. The actual numbers offered in margin betting will vary depending on the bookie you choose, but most commonly, they will be set at 1-12 and +13.

Try Scorer Bets

Tryscorer wager is a proposition rugby league bet and one of the favourite bets among prop bettors. Try Scorer bets are often paired with special bookies offers such as cash-back or odds boosts, mainly because they’re generally hard to predict.

The types of try scorer bets include any time try scorer win/try wagers, and multiple tryscorer, with bookies, often allowing you to combine the best for higher potential payout, ultimately offering better value bets.

Acca Bets

Acca bets (also known as accumulators or parlays) are bets combined with 2 or more single wagers. Most rugby league betting sites will allow you to add as many single stakes to an Acca bet as you wish, exponentially increasing the total rugby league odds.

However, with more games also comes a greater risk of the ticket failing since you must hit all your selections for the parlay to payout. That is why some of the best rugby league betting sites will offer special promotions in the form of cash-back if your accumulator misses by a single leg.

Handicap Betting

Rugby league handicap betting is available on all matches and is the most popular way to bet on rugby. However, it’s primarily used in games where one team is stronger than the other, in which case handicaps can offer much better value bets.

With handicap gambling, bookies set the betting lines (point lines), which they believe will level the playing field by giving one team a head start of X points and the other side a disadvantage of the same amount of points.

For example, suppose Team A is stronger than Team B. In that case, bookies will offer a -4.5 points handicap on Team A and a +4.5 points handicap on Team B. If you decide to bet on Team A, you believe that they will win with at least 5 points to spare, whereas a +4.5 handicap bet on Team B means that you’re predicting them to win, or not lose by more than 4 points.

Rugby league handicaps are pretty easy to understand and offer excellent value bets for those who know where to find them.

Rugby League Live Betting

Live betting is arguably the most exciting way to approach betting in rugby league and can be highly profitable. Admittedly, live betting is not for everyone, but everyone should try it.

With live betting, you’re essentially placing your rugby league bets while the game is happening, so suppose Team A is losing the match, but you can see Team B slowing down; you can place a bet on Team A. Although finding value bets on in-play betting markets isn’t easy, the benefits of getting it right are great.

To try in-play rugby league betting, you must first register with betting sites that offer in-play betting markets. Luckily, all rugby league bookmakers have live betting available in 2023, which should be an easy step.

However, not all bookies will have live streaming options, so keep that before you in-play bet. Although you can visit any website with live streams, having that option on the sportsbook you’re using is beneficial, as it saves you time and makes in-play betting far more convenient.

Rugby League Betting Tips & Predictions

Betting on rugby league and making a profit is about finding value bets, which is much easier said than done. You have to be very good at analyzing the games and using all the available information to find rugby league odds that don’t accurately represent the real probability of winning.

Finding these bets is quite time-consuming for a casual bettor, and most don’t have the time to do all the research on their own. So instead, most bettors prefer to visit betting sites that can provide them with all the stats, data, and information on the games in condensed form – in the form of betting previews and rugby league predictions.

Admittedly, you don’t have to follow the betting tips from expert rugby league bettors, but it is beneficial to do so even if you don’t plan to copy the wagers. Even though you should research the games, looking for a second opinion never hurts.

Therefore, having access to reputable websites that can offer you a betting preview on any rugby league match will greatly benefit you in your quest to profit from betting on the sport.

Rugby League Betting Strategies

No hidden betting systems or strategies guarantee you will win every stake, but you can take a few strategies and steps to put yourself in the best position to achieve profits.

Most importantly, you should thoroughly analyze the match, the teams, and the players before you make your bet. That includes looking through all the stats, data, and available information, including reading through the latest news.

Some online websites will also offer power rankings of the rugby league teams, which could be helpful. But make sure that you use only trusted and reputable websites with proven systems that accurately show the team’s strengths.

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to place bets, but before you do so, check through all the betting markets and all available bookies to find the best value. A moneyline bet might sound like the obvious choice, but sometimes, there is more value with rugby league handicaps.

Taking advantage of all available bonuses and promotions is obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Especially if you’re betting on bigger events such as the World Cup, bookies will almost certainly offer some bonuses, free bets and other goodies.

Admittedly, most tips we can give you for rugby league betting apply to any other sport. And that’s completely fine, as you can use them for wagering on football, tennis, basketball, or any other sport you desire.

Rugby League Overview

Before we end our article, here are a few interesting facts about rugby league, its history and exciting events in the past.

  • Some of the most famous rugby league competitions include the Rugby League World Cup, Rugby League Four Nations, Rugby League European Championship, the Americas Rugby League Championship, the North American Rugby League, and the World Club Challenge.
  • Some of the greatest and most popular rugby league players include Cameron Smith, Brad Fittler, Reg Gasnier, Andrew Johns, and Bob Fulton.
  • Rugby league has become increasingly popular worldwide, but it remains the most popular sport in England, Ireland, France, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Rugby league is most closely related to rugby union and American football.
  • The most popular legal online bookmakers for rugby league include William Hill, Sky Bet, Paddy Power, Coral, Bet365, and BetFred.
  • The Immortal of rugby league is a name given to the sports’ most outstanding players and is the greatest honor a player can earn for either impacting the game beyond his career or changing the game.
  • In 2004, rugby league was witness to a betting scandal when Sean Long and Martin Gleeson, who were playing for St. Helens, placed a bet against their team, knowing that the coach would leave out some of the team’s top players to give them rest ahead of the next matches. The duo received a 3 and 4-month suspension for their actions but were allowed to keep competing.

Bottom Line

We end our rugby league betting guide, which covers everything you need to know about gambling, where to find the best betting sites, and how to find smart bets. So now you’re ready to visit the best sportsbooks for rugby league and start betting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many leagues are there in rugby league?
    The British rugby league system is divided into 5 tiers, similar to its football league. That includes the Top Tier (league), National League One, National League Two, Rugby League Conference National Division, and the Rugby League Conference Premier Divisions.
  • How many players are in a rugby league team?
    Each Rugby league team consists of 13 players plus 4 substitutes. Each player is assigned a position, usually with a standardized number that indicates their role in defense and attack; however, the players are allowed to take up any place they like.
  • What is the difference between rugby union and rugby league?
    The rugby union has 15 players, whereas the rugby league has only 13. Moreover, each team can make 10 substitutions during a game in rugby league instead of only 8 in rugby union. The last most significant difference is how the points are scored – in rugby union, a try is worth 5 points, and only 4 in rugby league, although a conversion can earn you extra 2 points.
  • What is the most trusted rugby league betting site?
    Paddy Power is one of the most popular and trusted rugby league betting sites, with some of the best bonuses and odds. Other popular bookies include Sky Bet, William Hill, and Bet365.
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