Responsible Gambling Research 2023

Responsible Gambling Research 2023 by BetZillion

Over the years, playing online games and placing wagers on sports betting sites has become easier than ever before. Unfortunately, nowadays, many gamblers tend to become the problem ones. It causes them to struggle financially, lose their jobs, have health issues, and many more. While many people view online gambling as a fun and adrenaline-filled hobby, others believe it is a taboo activity that can cause several negative effects.

Problem betting, also known as gambling addiction, refers to any wagering activity, whether online or physical, that interferes with a bettor’s everyday life, like damaging relationships and vocational pursuits. In other words, it is when a bettor spends more resources gambling, even when they cannot afford to lose or when the odds are not in their favor.

Various betting and government organizations have implemented responsible gambling policies to combat problem wagering. Players can use multiple strategies to reduce their time spent or the amount they use on such platforms.

Our BetZillion’s team has conducted in-depth research to provide comprehensive details about their responsible gambling initiative.

Causes of Addiction

Anyone can become addicted to gambling, even the most experienced punters. It is because many are often excited to win money while gambling online. In contrast, others place bets without a strategy, leaving them vulnerable to getting sucked into the vortex of chasing losses.

The causes of gambling addiction vary. They could result from psychological, cultural, environmental, genetic, and biological factors. For instance, some factors that could lead to problem gambling include financial difficulty, seeking the social recognition of a successful bettor, a desire to engage in adrenaline-boosting activities, and the love of the mainstream betting scene, among many others.

It is worth noting that there are different stages in gambling addiction, which include:

  • Winning stage: This is when a player wins a huge payout for the first time. During this stage, the bettor becomes optimistic about gambling, leading them to bet more. If you land a big win on a sportsbook, it is vital to remember you will not always win since game results are random.
  • Losing stage: Unlike the winning phase, all players experience the losing stage at some point in their gambling experience. Remember not to chase losses while gambling to prevent you from entering an endless loop. If not careful, a gambler who loses loads of cash, especially after winning big, may invest more and more, leading them to fall into debt.
  • Desperation stage: Bettors enter this stage once they lose control over their gambling experience. Often, they are already in debt because of chasing losses and are usually restless and anxious. If you reach this stage, it is best to seek help from your family or professionals.
  • Hopeless stage: If you continue gambling once you hit the desperation stage, you will reach the hopeless stage, where the player has bet so much that they no longer have anything else to lose. Studies show that 20% of all gamblers in this stage attempt suicide. If you are or know someone in this stage, recommend them to gambling therapy as soon as possible.

However, betting addiction is not the sportsbook’s fault. Many wagering sites have tools to help those in need. Thus, if a player finds it challenging to ignore the thrill of betting, they can easily click on the appropriate options to prevent them from losing more money and avoid the trap that is the gambler’s fallacy.

Here are some statements on responsible gambling from some of our BetZillion`s partners in the betting industry.

Factors such as the increasing availability of online gambling and the expansion of the gambling industry may contribute to this trend. However, effective regulation and support for individuals with gambling problems can help mitigate wagering addiction’s negative effects.

1Win Sportsbook

Operators can no longer afford the luxury of choosing whether or not to take responsible gambling seriously. Safer gambling may have been a new topic some time ago, but as new markets open, regulators and society are putting responsible gambling at the forefront of their agenda. All stakeholders should be well-positioned to recognize and respond to impending changes. Also, operators must no longer wait for the regulators to act. Instead, they must level up and proactively go above and beyond responsible gambling requirements, or the consequences could be significant. All countries must study, enhance and measure their past year’s attempts to reduce or quit gambling among people nationally. Only strong collective efforts can bring responsible gaming messages directly to consumers and increase awareness exponentially, which is anticipated to have a positive impact on reducing gambling addiction.

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As you can see, our colleagues are passionate about preventing and helping reduce gambling addiction. Our team at BetZillion agrees that assisting those struggling with wagering addiction requires a collective effort to raise awareness among players. The more you send bettors responsible gambling messages, the more aware they will become. It will help them notice when they fall into the gambling trap.

Personality Types More Likely Addicted to Gambling

While some players may gamble for years and never develop a gambling addiction, certain personality types are more prone to gambling addiction.

They include:

  • Those with mental health disorders, including those struggling with depression, anxiety, drug misuse, or personality disorder
  • Age: Those who gamble during their younger or teenage years are more likely to become addicted to gambling. However, problem gambling is also common among young and middle-aged individuals
  • Sex: Men are more likely to become addicted to gambling than women. However, although women start gambling in their later years compared to men, they are also prone to problem gambling
  • Some personality types: People who are highly impulsive, competitive, and restless are more likely to engage in compulsive gambling

BetZillion’s partners, which consist of some of the leading bookies in the gambling market, prioritize taking note of signs of gambling addiction. For instance, if a new middle-aged player on their platform shows a trend of placing bets impulsively and losing money. Our operators will notify them with efficient countermeasures to prevent the gambler from becoming addicted.

Below are some statements from our colleagues from reputable sportsbooks on identifying gambling addicts on their platforms:

We have sophisticated in-house developed tools that analyze player activity and assess them from an RG perspective against the known markers of harm. Also, our teams are well-trained to identify and help players potentially at risk of gambling addiction.

Conquestador Sportsbook

We identify at-risk gamblers in many different ways, with a focus on data reporting to locate known indicators of risk of gambling related harm. Moreover, all of our departments are well trained in the recognition of RG concerns, particularly with regards to player communication.

LVBET Sportsbook

Our internal system allows us to identify players who systematically incur losses that could adversely affect their financial situation. Our customer support professionals contact such players to assess the situation and discuss the possibility of self-exclusion or choosing any other form of limitation or restriction.

Parimatch Affiliates

Thanks to various data reporting and analytics tools, bookmakers can easily identify addicts on their platform. Once identified, they provide them with practical options to reduce the risk of becoming problem gamblers.

Additional Factors That Influence Involvement

Besides the above mentioned factors, several other unobvious ones can lead to problem gambling. For instance, if a child grows up seeing a family member addicted to gambling, they are most likely to become a betting addict as well. Nonetheless, many countries have embraced legislative action to mitigate and prevent problem gambling.

For instance, some countries, like the UK, have launched groups to support those struggling with gambling addiction. In other jurisdictions, there are laws against underage gambling, limiting the time and amount spent on betting sites and policies on advertisements.

Here are some citations from our partners on government and legislative action in the fight against gambling addiction:

There is a growing trend globally of countries taking legislative action to tackle gambling addiction. For example, some countries have introduced regulations on advertising, set limits on stakes and prizes, and implemented measures to prevent underage gambling. Additionally, many countries have established national organizations and hotlines to support and treat individuals with gambling problems.

1Win Sportsbook

As per our observations, the primary measures taken to combat gambling addiction have been at the legislative level in countries in Central and Northern Europe. We have noted that the most promising practices, worthy of being implemented globally in the coming year, are the imposition of restrictions on addicts’ accounts, setting limits on gambling-related activities, timeframes, or spending, and exclusion from promotional materials.

Megapari Sportsbook

We have observed that several regions around the world are actively working at the legislative level to address gambling addiction. One region that stands out for its efforts is the United Kingdom. The UK has implemented robust regulations overseen by the Gambling Commission, which promotes responsible gambling practices. They have emphasized the importance of mandatory self-exclusion programs, age verification processes, and clear guidelines for operators to prevent addictive behavior. Another noteworthy region is Australia, where they have implemented effective measures to protect users from addictive behavior. The introduction of “Gambling Blocking Software” allows individuals to block themselves from accessing gambling websites and apps, creating a barrier and changing the environment for those struggling with addiction. Sweden has also made significant strides in combating gambling addiction. Their introduction of the Spelpaus self-exclusion register enables individuals to exclude themselves from all licensed gambling activities within the country. This proactive approach provides a tool for individuals to take control of their gambling habits and protect themselves.

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The UK has intentionally protected its gamblers from problem gambling by instituting a Centralized self-exclusion database. This system facilitates a single customer view approach, meaning bookmakers can get information on a specific gambler from one platform. Over the years, this has proved to be accurate and effective.

Conquestador Sportsbook

UKGC is probably the most proactive in legislation that combats the risk of gambling-related harm.

LVBET Sportsbook

Myths About Problem Gambling

There are numerous myths about gambling addiction. In fact, among the most popular myths about problem gambling is related to the bettor’s geographic location. For instance, individuals living in a state with easy access to online gambling activities are more prone to become wagering addicts. Countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Finland have the highest number of addicts, according to the survey. For instance, 1% of Australian adults struggle with gambling addiction, while 0.9% of Singapore adults suffer from the same habit.

It is worth noting that despite the government’s and other organizations’ proactive efforts to help those struggling with problem gambling, this addiction is still increasing quickly worldwide. However, through persistence and consistency in implementing responsible gambling initiatives, these numbers are bound to drop drastically and further safeguard the future of the gambling industry.

Below are some citations from our colleagues in the gambling industry on the future of responsible gambling:

2-5% of players from the population will remain as problematic gamblers; the growth or decline of this amount will depend on the further development of the regulations and the technology.

Conquestador Sportsbook

Responsible gambling will always be a concern for the industry due to human nature and the sheer accessibility the internet has provided. It is difficult to balance proactivity with respecting the freedom of choice adults are entitled to make.

MBet Sportsbook

We anticipate that the trend of initiatives addressing gambling addiction will surge in association with the rising problem, both amongst the existing customer base, and the emergence of new ones. Based on our subjective opinion, alterations to this trend will be influenced by more stringent local regulations, increased awareness of the issue in the community and mass media.

Megapari Sportsbook

We have witnessed a growing awareness and focus on gambling addiction initiatives in recent years. Moving forward, we anticipate that this trend will continue to develop, with increased efforts from the gambling industry to address addiction issues. We believe that the addiction statistics may experience changes as a result of these initiatives. One factor that may influence the future of gambling addiction initiatives is the collaboration and cooperation among bookmakers and gambling platforms. By working together, bookmakers can implement measures to identify and address suspicious accounts with high activity. This includes limiting or even banning such accounts to prevent individuals with addictive behavior from continuously playing across multiple accounts. Additionally, advancements in technology can play a significant role in the future of gambling addiction initiatives. With the use of data analytics and machine learning algorithms, gambling platforms can better detect patterns of addictive behavior and implement proactive measures to intervene and provide support. These technological advancements can help identify at-risk individuals and offer resources and assistance before addiction escalates.

1xBit Sportsbook

Although the gambling laws vary drastically across countries in the EU, only four countries have the most stringent regulation regarding responsible gambling measures – the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany. These countries and Cyprus and Malta have approved gambling expansion laws over the past few years, demonstrating a tendency to adopt legislation and regulations containing enhanced safer play measures.

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How BetZillion’s Partners Contribute to Reducing the Number of Gambling-addicted People

The key to preventing gambling addiction is by implementing responsible gambling initiatives, and BetZillion’s partners have done an excellent job. Practicing such initiatives protects players from troublesome gambling aspects while ensuring they get the most out of their gambling sessions.

As online gambling becomes more accessible, bookmakers must ensure that their players have readily available support.

Here are some statements from some of our partners on how they are reducing gambling addiction among their players:

We are affiliated and cooperate with various organizations that help gamblers, such as GamblingTherapy.Org, BeGambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, and RGF (Responsible Gaming Foundation).

Conquestador Sportsbook

Parimatch has partnered with Gambling Therapy (by Gordon Moody), a global service offering support to anyone affected by problem gambling. As part of the cooperation, our players can use an international online service that provides gambling addiction therapy and psychological support online.

Parimatch Affiliates

We have implemented responsible gambling measures, such as setting limits on deposits, offering self-exclusion options, and providing information and resources on responsible gambling.

1Win Sportsbook

We can only work harder with the correct department and communicate and educate punters more on the addiction and ways to get help.

Playa Bets Sportsbook

Special Hospital for Addiction disorders provides tailor-made training to our operators on yearly basis, as to instill their coping skills and boost knowledge on addiction matters. Also, as of March 2023, Mozzart Serbia introduced a help assistance program that offers confidential advice, support, and information on responsible versus problem gambling. The player is encouraged to address their challenge to the psychologist via Live Chat or e-mail, for free 3 times in 3 hours slot per week.

MozzartBet Sportsbook

In order to address gambling addiction, our dedicated support team is available to assist users who may be facing challenges with addictive behavior. When requested, our support team has the ability to set betting limits for individuals who require additional control over their gambling activities. By implementing these limits, we aim to provide a responsible and safe gambling environment. Furthermore, if necessary, we can also implement temporary or permanent bans for individuals who are struggling with gambling addiction. These measures are put in place to support users in refraining from engaging in potentially harmful behavior and seeking the necessary help and support.

1xBit Sportsbook


Self-help refers to using self-exclusion tools to limit yourself from accessing your preferred betting site for a specific duration. Suppose you feel that your gambling activity is becoming uncontrollable. In that case, you can access the self-help tool from a site’s responsible gambling page or communicate with the customer support team. However, using the self-exclusion tool, you must carefully exercise complete transparency and accountability.

Players must have in mind and be aware of controlling the money they spend, making sure only to gamble money that you can afford and to avoid chase losses… We incentivize those who think that they are getting any intentions resembling gaming addiction to contact the nearest addiction center as soon as possible.

SilverPlay Sportsbook

Developing comprehensive self-exclusion programs that allow users to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling platforms for a specified period is an effective way to protect users from addictive behavior.

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It can be difficult to determine whether you are a gambling addict.

Some common signs to watch out for include the following:

  • Constantly thinking about gambling and how to win
  • Placing impulsive bets worth huge amounts
  • A feeling of restlessness when you attempt to limit your gambling sessions
  • Constantly chasing losses
  • Lying about your gambling losses to friends and family
  • Negative effects such as job loss, bankruptcy, and damaged relationships due to gambling

You should seek treatment immediately if you have any of the symptoms listed above. Admitting that you are struggling with problem gambling is the first step to recovery as it opens up a healthy communication channel whenever you feel the urge to gamble. It could be talking to a family member or a close friend about your condition.

If you must gamble, ensure you do not place bets without a strategy. Set a gambling budget and carefully consider all the possible outcomes before placing a wager. It is also advisable to consider how you will feel if you lose your wager before submitting your bet slip. It is where self-exclusion tools come in handy.

But, if everything fails and the urge feels uncontrollable, consult expert help by visiting the bookmaker’s customer support team or other gambling professionals. Many sites provide responsible gambling services with plenty of information to help you beat the addiction.

Pathological gambling is a disorder that should be treated. As awareness among bettors grows and new generations of players are more open to accepting that they need help, we expect improvement in that field shortly.

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Players can also prioritize attending conferences, seminars, workshops, and training sessions to increase their awareness of gambling addiction and responsible gambling. Not only will this help them understand industry laws and policies against wagering addiction, but it will also help in promoting safe gambling practices in 2023 and beyond.

There’s an increased demand for technology tools, including new artificial intelligence software, which should become a best practice for all operators in the upcoming years. Operators, regulators, content providers, and affiliates must be aware of their impact and align with each other to develop coherent practices and policies. Standardizing KPIs and definitions, as well as setting common goals, are crucial for the development of sustainable practices… Our brand has sponsored and actively participated in the Safer Gambling Week conferences, a cross-industry initiative to promote safer gambling, and will continue to do so throughout 2023 and beyond.

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We are regularly involved in Seminars and Online training, which helps our team to enhance their knowledge of Responsible Gaming and keep up to date with industry and regulatory changes.

LVBET Sportsbook

One of the ways we stay connected with our users is through popular forums like Trustpilot, where they can share their experiences and provide feedback. This allows us to gain valuable insights and understand the needs and challenges faced by gamblers, including those struggling with addiction. We take these insights seriously and use them to continuously improve our platform and services.

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BetZillion’s Findings and Preventive Initiative

At BetZillion, we promote creating a safe and responsible gambling environment for players worldwide. We provide comprehensive resources on our website to help those in need. We also provide helpful tips and preventative measures to steer you away from trouble.

Our team also conducts research on current trends and statistics as well as surveys and also communicates with bookmakers to provide its readers with up-to-date information on responsible gambling. In addition, we participate in responsible gambling conferences and events, like the Sustainable Gambling Conference, where gamers can learn more about responsible gambling. Feel free to ask our team about problem wagering or responsible gambling.

Gratitude for Our Partners

Our BetZillion team would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our partners for the invaluable contribution to our joint research on gambling and betting addiction in 2023. Your participation and support have been instrumental in making this study a success. Throughout this collaborative endeavor, your insights, expertise, and dedication have played a pivotal role in shedding light on the complex issue of gambling addiction. Your willingness to share data, engage in fruitful discussions, and offer valuable perspectives have enriched the depth and credibility of our findings.

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