The SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 Report

BetZillion Participates in the SiGMA Europe Summit 2023

The SiGMA Europe 2023, also known as Europe Summit 2023, returned on November 13-17, 2023. It is one of the biggest events in the betting and gambling industry and a place for the affiliates and leaders of the gaming world to meet.

Originally launched in 2015, the SiGMA summit has become inseparable from Malta’s iGaming industry. It makes it one of the most prestigious iGaming events in the world. Nowadays, SiGMA World is the leading authority in the gaming industry and a big name from an international perspective. It comes with a rich program of events showcasing the best in today’s gambling and betting landscape.

Here is our report on the 2023 SiGMA Europe Summit, what the BetZillion team experienced, and how it went.

General Overview & Highlights

The SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 was a conference in Malta on November 13-17. It was a gambling event for experts, affiliates, and leaders from the gaming industry to meet and discuss the latest trends in the industry. It also allowed them to share their experience and ideas on affiliate relationships and the gambling industry.

It featured over 25,000 delegates, 200 speakers, and more than 200 exhibitors. It was a must-visit event for any player in the gambling industry as one of the main stages for international iGaming innovation.

SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 General Overview & Highlights

Considering its importance, the BetZillion team decided to participate in the SiGMA 2023 conference and its main events. We also attended the affiliate marketing events over the four days. BetZillion took the chance to link up with our partners and build new connections to create fruitful partnerships.

While an important networking event, the conference has had many activities and events. Those included a football tournament, golf tournament, B2B and B2C awards, and more. It offered an enjoyable experience for all affiliate partners but focused on creating new connections.

On-The-Spot Activities & Events

Besides the conference, the SiGMA also hosted many engaging and captivating events and activities. It improved the overall experience at a beautiful location in Malta.

The conference was established to allow companies and individuals involved in online gambling to meet in one place. We would like to have a chance to discuss the online betting trends, the state of the industry and economy, and the past and future challenges.

However, while the SiGMA event is, in its essence, professional, it also ensures a laid-back environment for companies to cooperate with partner-friendly betting sites, share ideas, and more.

The SiGMA organized several events to take place over the courts of the Summit. These include award ceremonies, friendly football matches, and golf tournaments.

Sigma Cup by All-in Global

The SiGMA Cup by All-In Global was a five-a-side football tournament organized by a prominent iGaming company. It featured a dozen teams, and our BetZillion CEO Sergio, competed in a friendly football match.

SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 Cup by All-in Global

The SiGMA Cup by All-In Global played like a traditional football tournament but more of a friendly kickabout. The atmosphere at the SiGMA Malta conference always remained friendly and welcoming.

Vip Golf Tournament

Besides the SiGMA Cup by All-In Global football tournament, the Summit hosted an exclusive golf at the Royal Malta Golf Club on November 13.

Although not a professional sporting event, the tournament was held at the highly prestigious Royal Malta Golf Club and created in 1888, adding a bit more prestige to the SiGMA Malta event granted in the form of a friendly contest.

A sporting event sponsored by SiGMA Play offered another opportunity for the summit participants to relax in a friendly game of golf.

The Sigma B2B Awards

Another SiGMA Europe agenda event was the SiGMA Europe B2B awards ceremony. It celebrated the companies who managed to push boundaries and made a lasting impact on the industry – not just in 2023 but for years to come.

The B2B gaming awards ceremony proved to be as prestigious as the organizers promised. The Portomaso’s Hilton Malta hosted the event and focused on business solutions and innovations.

The awards ceremony ended with the charity auction from the SiGMA Foundation, hosted by Rick Goddard, adding to the playful energy. The SiGMA iGaming conference auction highlights include Dissent by Daria Fetisova, fetching a €25,000 bid by SoftConstruct’s Vigen Badalyan. In total, the charity ramped up €77,000.

The Sigma B2C Awards

The SiGMA celebrated an excellent first day of the conference with the SiGMA Europe gala awards. It was held with the support of BetConstruct at the Hilton Malta.

The SiGMA Europe B2C awards spotlighted some of the world’s top innovations and game-changing solutions. Especially those that served the customers directly. As talked about, a lot has been accomplished in 2023. All the newest industry leaders and entrepreneurial activities received recognition at the event.

The SiGMA Summit on Malta B2C awards evening provided excitement and good spirits. It offered prestigious rewards such as Best Affiliate Program of the Year, Best Head of Affiliates 2023, and Best Mobile Sportsbook Provider. – Exclusive Poker Tournament hosted a free-to-enter Poker Charity event. It was tailored for the iGaming industry leaders to spice up the Summit. The tournament offered more opportunities to engage with new potential affiliate partners and other players in the industry.

Like the football event, the poker tournament was intended as a friendly competition between attendees. It proved to be just that. But as the tournament neared the end, it proved far more competitive, spicing up the SiGMA Malta schedule.

Taking place at the Portomaso Casino in St. Julian’s, Malta, on November 14, 2023, the exclusive poker tournament added a competitive edge to the Summit. It proved an excellent addition to the event with bounties on noted players such as Robin Eirik.

Streamers Awards

For the second time ever, SiGMA hosted the SiGMA Streamers Awards. It returned to the calendar in 2023 at the Excelsior Hotel.

The 2023 Streamers Awards at the SiGMA event was made in collaboration with Matching Vision. The awards honored streamers at the SiGMA event in Malta for their hard work and excellent content.

The Streamer Awards included various categories for several streaming platforms, like Facebook and Twitch. Like other events of the betting summit, the night was full of surprises.

Some of the most notable awards at the event included Game of the Year, Crypto Casino of the Year, and Streamer of the Year. The gala raised over €6,000 for SiGMA Foundation projects through art auctions.

The most notable winners of the SiGMA conference Europe 2023 Streamer Awards included:

  • Doddy the Viking – The Best Content
  • Candy Spins – Best Female Streamer
  • David Plays Slots – Best Rising Streamer
  • Scratch Card Joe – Best Engaging Community
  • Haddzy Jr – Biggest Win On Stream
  • Haddzy – Streamer Of The Year
  • Wadzan – Game Provider Of The Year
  • Doddy The Viking – Most Entertaining Streamer
  • FunghiSlots – Most Interactive Streamer
  • Chipmonkz Slots – Most Responsible Streamer
  • Gamdom – Best Streaming Partner
  • Hacksaw Gaming – Game of The Year (Chaos Crew 2)
  • – Crypto Casino Of The Year
  • Haddzy – Most Innovative Streamer Of The Year

The SiGMA Streamers Awards worked on a special system. It started with an open call for nominations, allowing anyone to nominate potential winners, including registrations from the participants of the world’s biggest gambling events. Once the nominations closed, a shortlist of participants was announced. Votes were open to the public and judges who voted on who should win each reward for each available category.

The event celebrated the vibrant world of online streaming as a place where the community’s voice matters. The streamer awards have proven to be a success over the two years they’ve been hosted and will likely return with the 2024 edition of SiGMA’s event.

Networking Events and Dinners

The event did well with its plan to host several exciting activities to keep the participants entertained. All scheduled activities proved fruitful for building new partnerships. However, the SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 also hosted several networking events and dinners to enhance the experience.

The dinners were particularly useful. They offered chances to build new connections, for the participants to link with other players in the gaming industry. We find opportunities like that highly beneficial, not only for BetZillion and our partners but also for the global gambling industry.

The betting industry still has a long way to go, with numerous obstacles. But, events such as the SiGMA summit helped the situation greatly. It involves major companies meeting at SiGMA in Malta to discuss solutions and address issues.

It also explains why SiGMA has become popular and returns annually. It intends to bring together big names in the gambling world in hopes of finding new solutions and plans for the future of the betting industry.

Meeting With the Partners

The SiGMA summit proved to be a must-attend event for any serious players in the gaming industry. While its schedule was filled with exciting events, awards ceremonies, and charity, the Summit was for the participants to connect.

The plan behind the Summit was very simple. On the surface, it was an event to celebrate the most impactful players in the gaming industry. However, it was mostly an event to build on the sports betting partnership between the participants of the SiGMA event.

That will reinforce the bond between the companies and further strengthen the gambling and gaming industry.

Meeting With the Partners During SiGMA Europe Summit 2023

And it’s fair to say that all participants and partners took full advantage of the opportunity. Most linked up with other conference attendees to form a new cooperation. That only highlights how connected the gambling industry is.

The BetZillion team took the opportunity of the event in Malta to hold many meetings with betting operators. Primarily to work on and build sports betting partnerships. We found the meetings fruitful, contributing to the future development of existing partnerships. We linked up with new gambling operators, including some of the biggest names in the industry.

SpinBet Partners

At the SiGMA Malta summit, BetZillion linked up and met with representatives of SpinBet. SpinBet is a gambling and betting affiliate program owned by the direct casino and bookmaker advertiser SpinBetter.

We were happy that the SiGMA conference in Malta allowed us to meet with them. During our meetings, we discussed the current market and industry trends and agreed to strengthen our partnership further for years to come. We pride ourselves on our strong partnership with SpinBet, one of the biggest names in online betting industry.

The continued presence of SpinBet Partners at the SiGMA Summit proves its dedication to helping the industry grow.


22Bet is one of Europe’s leading online sportsbooks, established in 2007 to offer top-of-the-line online betting and gambling experience.

It offers excellent sports betting coverage and one of the industry’s best online betting experiences. 22Bet is a big name in the industry, and we at BetZillion are happy we had a chance to connect with their representatives.

Our team took the opportunity to discuss our ongoing partnership with 22Bet. We shared our ideas on the industry and the market as a whole. But most notably, during the sports betting conference we managed to strengthen our cooperation further.


Since founded in 2011, TonyBet has established itself as a major name in the betting industry and is now considered one of the world’s best and most trustworthy bookmakers.

Given its status in the gaming industry, it’s no surprise that TonyBet representatives were present at the Malta Summit. We met with our long-term partners to discuss plans and how to enhance our cooperation there.

The talks proved to be fruitful. We managed to agree to continue our cooperation and work more on responsible gambling initiatives.


The Malta summit welcomed many companies, individuals, and others involved in the gambling industry. That includes the WebPartners Betting Affiliate Program, one of the world’s most renowned marketing affiliate web agencies.

The BetZillion team met with WebPartners to discuss our companies’ plans for 2024. We shared our strategies, accomplishments in 2023, and obstacles we had to overcome amid the unstable industry.

During the talks, we discussed other important matters related to the gaming industry. With that, we strengthened our partnership for 2024 and years to come – like with all the best bookmakers` representatives.


FreshBet is one of the youngest names in the online betting industry. It was established in October 2020 by Ryker B.V. However, despite its young age, FreshBet has quickly become one of the best online bookmakers and gambling sites.

Having noticed the potential of FreshBet, BetZillion quickly partnered with the online bookmaker. We were happy to be able to meet with FreshBet’s representatives at the Malta summit, where we discussed important topics.

Those included plans for future growth and the state of the gambling industry. Most importantly, we used the opportunity to strengthen our gambling partnership.


During the Malta summit, the BetZillion team had a chance to meet with 1Bet representatives. We’ve been partnered with 1Bet for years, forming a strong bond and cooperation.

Being operational for over a decade, 1Bet has proven to be one of the most reliable bookmakers and gambling sites. It is one of the most visited bookmakers in the world, which only highlights its presence in the gambling world.

1Bet offers excellent market coverage and highly competitive odds. It makes it a perfect choice for new and experienced bettors.

That’s why we were glad to have met with 1Bet at the main Maltese sports betting scene event to discuss further how to strengthen our cooperation.


The Maltese event welcomed some of the biggest and most recognizable names in the online betting world, including prominent companies and anything from soft bookmakers, betting exchanges, and sharp bookmakers. So, it’s no surprise that Pinnacle also attended the event.

Known as one of the best and most accessible sharp bookmakers in the industry, Pinnacle left its mark at the Malta event. It shared its intentions to contribute to the health and development of the online betting and gambling industry.

As an official betting partner of some of the world’s biggest companies, Pinnacle was one of many prominent names and exhibitors. Others include Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Soft2Bet, Tom Horn, Vibra Gaming, EGT Digital, EvenBet Gaming, Evolution, FBMDS, and various online betting operators.

It’s no secret that Pinnacle plays a big role in the sustainability and continuous growth of the gambling and betting industry. And we’re pleased to say that Pinnacle is one of our most trusted, longest-standing, and most recognizable authorized betting partners.

With Pinnacle, we’ve formed a strong bond over the years and used the opportunities offered by Malta events to discuss our plans.


During the Malta event, the BetZillion team met with one of its longest-standing partners, Megapari. We took the chance to discuss important matters concerning both companies.

The talks were about the current state of the market, the challenges and obstacles, and our experience and plans for the future.

It helped us further strengthen an already strong bond between Megapari and BetZillion. We shared our ideas on how to affect the online gambling industry trends. But we also created plans for the future. Those were about how we can help one another and, ultimately, everyone involved in the gambling industry.


The SiGMA Summit proved to be a very fruitful event for everyone involved. That includes the BetZillion team, which had a chance to link up with new and existing partners.

Among all the companies we’ve met with during the Malta event is Everygame. It is a hugely successful and widely popular online betting site. It has proven to be a major player in the betting industry, with some of the best odds on major betting events.

Having already formed a solid partnership with Everygame, the BetZillion team met with Everygame representatives. We discussed trends, past and future challenges in the online gambling world, and we plan to strengthen our bond. Overall, we’re happy with our experience in Malta and couldn’t be more ecstatic with the changes we had to connect with our existing partners.

Bottom Line

The recently finished SiGMA event ran for just four days (November 13-17). But it proved to be an excellent experience for everyone involved.

The annual Summit, which travels worldwide, is set to return to Europe in November 2024. It is one of the essential big sports betting events that contributes to developing the gambling and betting industry. It plays a key role in helping companies and betting operators form strong and beneficial partnerships.

At BetZillion, we know the positive impact events such as this can have on the overall health and growth of the gambling and betting industry. And we regularly participate in SiGMA and plan to do so in future.

SiGMA Europe Summit 2024 World Tour

As supporters of the online gambling industry, we also participate in other events of a similar nature. That includes the Sustainable Gambling Conference. It is an event very similar to the SiGMA summit, which aims to facilitate a broad discussion on how the players in the gambling industry can ensure a sustainable and long-term industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SiGMA Malta?
    SiGMA Malta is one of the biggest events in the gambling and betting industry, where anyone involved can connect with other players in the gambling industry.
  • When was the SiGMA Europe Summit 2023?
    The SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 occurred in Malta on November 13-17, 2023. The four-day event is held annually and is set to return in November 2024.
  • What is special about the SiGMA Europe Conference 2023?
    SiGMA Europe Conference 2023 is unquestionably one of the gambling industry’s biggest and most impactful events. It’s a place for affiliates and gambling experts to meet and discuss the latest trends.
  • Who were the participants of the SiGMA Europe Summit 2023?
    SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 featured a huge list of participants. That includes over 25,000 delegates, over 200 speakers, and over 200 exhibitors. Besides that, it welcomed representatives of some of the world’s biggest betting brands and companies.
  • How long did the SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 last?
    SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 lasted for four days. The Summit started on Monday, November 13, and concluded on Friday, November 17, 2023.
  • What other events were there during the SiGMA Europe Summit 2023?
    SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 hosted many events during the four days. It also had a friendly football tournament Cup by All-in Global, a VIP Golf tournament, and awards ceremonies.
  • When will the next SiGMA Europe Summit be?
    The next SiGMA Summit is slated to take place in Malta in November 2024. It will welcome 800 sponsors, exhibitors, 25,000 delegates, and 250 speakers. It featured eight networking sports events, eight parties, and more.
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