BetZillion and Other Industry Experts at the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 in Amsterdam

Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 (SGC 2022)

Following the responsible gambling and betting initiative, our BetZillion team has participated in the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022. The summit aimed to discuss this topic with leading industry experts in detail.

This year’s Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 once again gathered experts from inside and outside of the industry together. The gambling conference panelists discussed the following:
  • The vitality of responsible gambling and betting;
  • The psychology behind gambling;
  • Data on how to practice responsible betting.

Venue and Format

Leading industry experts gathered at the seventh annual conference which took place in Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam, on October 19, 2022. The main point of the discussion was to stress the importance of responsible gambling and betting.

Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 (SGC 2022)
Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 (Tables)

Kindred Group PLC hosted the event in Amsterdam in a hybrid format. Those who could travel visited the event offline. Others had an opportunity to attend it online via a live streaming mode.


With our BetZillion CEO Sergio in attendance, the following prominent headliners took part at the Gambling Conference 2022:

  • Karim Chikh – Head of Legal and Compliance Analytics, Kindred Group
  • Dr Mark Griffiths – Chartered Psychologist and Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction at the Nottingham Trent University
  • Maris Catania – Head of Responsible Gaming and Research, Kindred Group
  • Pontus Lindwall – CEO, Betsson AB
  • Harinder Gill – Chief Risk Officer, 888 William Hill
  • Arno de Jong – Chief Marketing Officer, Nederlandse Loterij
  • Johann Hari – Author of three New York Times best-selling books
  • Anouschka Laheij – Moderator
  • Hans Lord Skarplöth – CEO of ATG
  • Charles Lantieri – Deputy CEO, Française des Jeux
  • Peter-Paul de Goeij – Managing Director, Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA)
  • Rasmus Kjaergaard – ChiefExecutive Officer, Mindway AI
  • Mats Enquist – General Secretary, CEO, Svensk Elitfotboll (Swedish Football League)
  • Dr Jonathan Parke – Sophro LTD, Director
  • Matt Smith – Head of External Affairs, Betknowmore
  • Hubert Rovers – Founder of EFDN, international CSR and football development consultant
  • Melissa Etherington – Vice President of Partnerships at Gamban
  • Trung Huynh – Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Technology Officer, Actable AI
  • Henrik Tjärnström – Chief Executive Officer, Kindred Group
  • Brendan Dowell – Director of Security, Kindred Group
  • Maarten Haijer – Secretary General, European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA)
  • Claire Donegan – Founder and CEO of THRIVE Recovery
  • Johan Törnqvist – Chief Executive Officer, Play’n GO
  • Tom Banks – Head of Corporate Affairs UK/Global, Kindred Group
  • Evgeniy Levchenko – Chairman VVCS
  • Anna Westh Stenbro – Clinical psychologist and researcher at the Research Clinic on Gambling Disorder, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Silvia Paleari – Director of Public Affairs, The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA)
  • Jesper Jarl Becker – Producer and founding partner, Sweet & Savoury Film Company ApS
  • Feite Hofman – Addiction expert
  • Craig Cornforth – Harm Prevention Manager, EPIC
Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 (An Honest Conversation)

Safer Gambling – An Honest Conversation

This year’s topic of the Amsterdam gambling conference was “Safer Gambling – An Honest Conversation”. It was aimed at uniting those willing to transform the online gambling market into a trustworthy and safe environment that contributes positively to society. Panelists discussed why responsible gambling and betting are crucial to healthy gambling habits.

At BetZillion, we aim to spread the word about responsible gambling initiatives like the Sustainable Gambling Conference, which is held annually. Events like the SGC 2022 ensure all gambling patrons’ complete safety and transparency.

BetZillion Is a Part of the Responsible Gambling Community

To conclude our conference report, we would like to emphasize that we do our best to promote the betting industry as a welcoming and safe space for all. We regularly participate in events like the Amsterdam Sustainable Gambling Conference supporting fair and responsible gambling initiatives. Being a significant part of the sports betting community, we will use our voice and platform to amplify such positive experiences.

Bet responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where and when did the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 take place?
    In 2022 the gambling conference took place in Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam, on October 19.
  • What was the theme of the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022?
    This year’s theme of the Amsterdam gambling conference was Safer Gambling – An Honest Conversation.
  • Who organized the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022?
    The Kindred Group PLC organized the Sustainable Gambling Conference.
  • Who were the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 speakers?
    The speakers at the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 included key members in the spheres of sports, betting, gambling, medicine, psychology and others.
  • Why are events like Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022 important?
    At BetZillion, events like the Sustainable Gambling Conference are essential to promote a safe arena for gamblers and bettors and spread gambling addiction awareness.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts
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