PointsBet Preparing for West Virginia Betting App Launch

Pointsbet Preparing For West Virginia Betting App Launch

Bettors living in West Virginia already have 2 sports betting apps. However, they’ll soon be able to pick from a third mobile betting option. Australian company PointsBet, which already works in New Jersey, is now preparing to launch its West Virginia operation before football season ends.

Patrick Eichner, PointsBet’s American director of communications, spoke about the impact and possibility of having a presence in West Virginia, stating that the company’s goal in West Virginia is to launch as rapidly as possible, potentially including the football season. Still, with such many outside factors coming into play, it’s difficult for the company to commit to a specific timeline.

Yet, although no definite timeline has been arranged, many bettors in WV are sure to be delighted to have more betting options available. Already, they can use either DraftKings sportsbook or FanDuel sportsbook, which launched in West Virginia in late August. With a third option on the horizon, WV bettors will benefit from an even better choice of odds.

Online Sportsbooks in Sure to Grow

Although PointsBet isn’t as famous as the other sportsbooks that have staked their claim in the Mountain State, it has already made some impressive inroads in America.

PointsBet also recently announced its unique working partnership in New Jersey with Topgolf, rebranding its bars as venues with the PointsBet name. The combination will create something brand-new within the mobile betting environment – an unofficial sportsbook with no traditional betting windows.

This deal will combine an entertainment venue with sports betting, so players can go out to see the game and drink a beer at the same time in a PointsBet brand bar area that includes:

  1. PointsBet rewards.
  2. Special offers.
  3. Live games odds.

PointsBet’s expansion to WV is part of the company’s recent deal with Penn National Gaming, which owns Hollywood Casino.

All WV properties are permitted to have 3 sports betting skins, with PointsBet WV securing one of the three. Eichner has said that his company is now preparing to capitalize on the deal, stating that the brand is diligently working on preparing its product to launch in the state and is keen to make a strong impact on the state’s market.

PointsBet is gaining access to West Virginia and gaining access to other states:

  • Missouri
  • Louisiana
  • Indiana
  • Ohio

Having one more sports betting application in WV might aid in further securing Hollywood Casino’s spot as West Virginia’s market leader in the sports betting arena.

Comparing PointsBet with Other West Virginia Sports Betting Applications

Although PointsBet offers traditional sportsbook opportunities, it provides unique betting options that differentiate it from other apps.

PointsBet refers to the brand’s sports betting platform. It also refers to a specific kind of wager that it offers. “Points bet” stakes are based on margins of either loss or victory.

In the NFL season’s first week, one bettor in New Jersey placed a huge wager on the Ravens, coming to an impressive $30,000 per point. When the team secured a 59-10 win in Baltimore over Miami, that bettor managed to scoop $600,000 (there was a cap at that exposure). Had he lost, he would have been out by the same $600,000 himself.

What Does This Move Mean for West Virginia Sports Betting?

Competing in West Virginia is the latest step in PointsBet’s plan to expand its USA presence. Since 2 apps have already gone live in WV, this platform must work hard to catch up with the others.

There is also a question to be raised about whether so many betting platforms will achieve success in the Mountain State. Since 3 skins are permitted per property, it’s possible that up to 15 different sports betting applications could be available for bettors at some future time.

If PointsBet can launch as early as possible, it could have the best possible chance at long-term success.

PointsBet recently opened their retail sportsbook in August at Burlington, Iowa’s Catfish Bend Casino. Plans are also underway to unveil their betting app in Iowa once it has gone through the process of regulation.

In June, PointsBet finally launched itself on Australia’s Stock Exchange as a publicly-traded company. However, Ron Shell, the company’s Vice President of customers and insights, still insists that expanding across America is one of the sportsbook’s major goals.

Although PointsBet is competing against huge brands like William Hill in the state of New Jersey, it’s hopeful about its chances of success. It plans to ensure its competitiveness in the crowded marketplace by capitalizing on some value-driving, unique pillars, including offering the highest limits, best prices, the simplest app, and best promotions.

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