BetZillion’s Responsible Gambling Research Is Now Live

BetZillion Published Responsible Gambling & Betting Research

Our BetZillion team published the responsible gambling research, which sheds some light on the topic and offers a clearer insight into why approaching betting and gambling on any sportsbook in a responsible way can reduce the risk of gambling addiction and problem betting.

Why We Decided to Conduct our Responsible Gambling Research

Responsible Gambling Research has been published to share important details about the initiative, unveil myths, and offer alternative ways to approach betting safely.

At BetZillion, we strive to support and promote safe gambling environment and initiatives. Betting and gambling can negatively affect anyone, depending on their personality, habits, and other factors or causes. Understanding that betting can quickly turn into an addiction disorder, we hope to shed some light on the topic, helping bettors better understand the threats and, more importantly, ways to approach betting and gambling safely.

Responsible Gambling Research Key Takeaways

The research published on our website offers an in-depth look into how betting and gambling addictions form, what causes them, the stages of addiction and problem betting, how to treat them, and ultimately, how to avoid turning betting and gambling into a problem.

According to studies, gambling disorder affects about 1% of the population, which is a relatively low number compared to what it used to be. And it’s all thanks to the initiative preached by any reputable bookmaker or other players in the industry. Yet, while a low percentage, no one is immune to it.

Our Responsible Betting Research’s main points showcase just that, highlighting the main factors that can lead to addiction, including what personality types are more prone to suffering from it and what myths bettors should be aware of.

The research also includes information about how we cooperate with trusted BetZillion’s partners to promote a safe betting environment for players worldwide. That includes posting comprehensive guides and resources for those in need, with helpful tips and preventive measures.

Bottom Line

Understanding the dangers of any activity, regardless of how immune you think you are, is a great way to approach life. Even though nowadays, gambling and betting addiction isn’t as prevalent as it used to be, it still affects the lives of millions of families, mainly due to a lack of knowledge about how to approach it safely.

To ensure you are approaching betting and gambling the right, safe way, read full Responsible Gambling and Betting Research and familiarise yourself with the causes, dangers, myths, self-help approaches, and treatment options.

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Jimmy is our on-duty tipster and writer. His favorite sports are cricket, tennis, and basketball. If you’re looking for the best betting tips in the business, Jimmy’s your guy. His tips and events previews are among the most read at BetZillion.

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