BetZillion at the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2024

BetZillion at the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2024

As a part of our goal of working and promoting a responsible gambling initiative, the BetZillion team took part in this year’s Sustainable Gambling Conference 2024. There, we connected with leading actors from the gambling industry and talked about important topics related to our goal of creating a sustainable gambling industry.

Venue and Format

This year’s conference welcomed the world’s experts, leading academics, psychologists, gambling operators and regulators, therapists, researchers, and other actors. The event featured people of many backgrounds who all engaged in one important topic—how to create a sustainable gambling industry.

The conference took place at Kennington Oval, London, United Kingdom, on March 20. It marked the eighth Sustainable Gambling Conference but the first in London.

It was previously held at Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam, as the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2022.

Like the previous two events, this year’s conference was a hybrid. This means it was held offline as well as online. 

The hybrid format created more opportunities for actors, treatment agencies, and others to engage in a discussion on how to work together and create a long-term sustainable industry.


The 2024 Sustainable Gambling Conference welcomed many industry experts. But also many returning faces from previous conferences.

This year’s responsible gambling and betting event featured experts from numerous fields, including Yanica Sant, the group legal director at 888 William Hill; Terry White, co-founder of DBYLOI; and Gambling Regulatory Lawyer Melanie Ellis. There was also Dan Spencer, Director of Safer Gambling EPIC Global Solutions, and Chris Bonello, an award-winning writer and international autistic advocate and speaker.

Our CEO, Sergio, was also in attendance, as he regularly participates in the Sustainable Gambling Conference and other important events.

  • Matt Zarb-Cousin – Director of External Affairs, Co-Founder of Gamban
  • Daniel Maté – Award-winning composer, lyricist and author.
  • Daniel Brookes – Rdentify Founder
  • Dan Spencer – Director of Safer Gambling, EPIC Global Solutions
  • Melanie Ellis – Gambling Regulatory Lawyer
  • Ben Wade – Head of Gaming, TransUnion
  • Vasiliki Panousi – EU Affairs manager
  • Sonny Cott – Commercial Director, BeBetto
  • Tom Banks – Head of Corporate Affairs UK/Global, Kindred Group
  • Dr. Kasra Ghaharian – Senior Research Fellow at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Chris Bonnello – Autistic advocate and speaker
  • Craig Cornforth – Harm Prevention Manager, EPIC Global Solution
  • Adam Rivers – Managing Director, Alvarez and Marsal
  • Yanica Sant – Group Legal Director, 888 William Hill
  • Terry White – Co-Founder DBYLOI
  • Eleanor Collerton – Senior Advisor Behavioural Insight Team (BIT)
  • Dr Maris Catania – RG consultant. Researcher
  • Jean Patterson – Peer Aid Co-ordinator, Betknowmore UK
  • Matt Smith – Head of External Affairs, Betknowmore UK
  • Angela Mackover – Head of Legal & Compliance Analytics, Kindred Group
  • Rob Mabbett – Engagement Director, Better Change
  • Jeremy Lever – Head of Gaming, Armalytix
  • Vincent Perrotin – Sustainability and Responsible Gaming Director, FDJ Group
  • Leanne Downie – Director of Support Services, Betknowmore

Safer Gambling: A Look Into the Future

The main agenda of the conference was Safer Gambling: A Look into the Future. It focused heavily on the industry’s current state and future direction. The conference focused on sharing the message that all actors must stay updated with the new developments and work to secure a sustainable gambling environment.

We were pleased with the organisers. They did a good job welcoming various speakers, which contributed positively to the talks at the Sustainable Gambling Conference. This helped include second opinions from outside the industry.

Sustainable Gambling Conference Report 2024

We talked about many topics, but a burning theme was responsible gambling. A big part of the stakeholder discussion was how to create strategies which would contribute to well-being of customers and businesses. And how to create a safer and longer-lasting industry in years to come.

The rise in popularity of of AI was talked about as well, since its entry into the gambling industry will lead to big changes. While it can help the industry, the introduction of AI will also require a more responsible approach and a more educated public.

The event only confirmed our belief that focusing on the industry’s current situation and identifying new developments can help find ways to improve it. This is also the only way to protect vulnerable people and teach them how to enjoy gambling safely.

That is why we at BetZillion attend the annual event for leading gambling community representatives to stay up to date with developments. At the events, we also actively engaged in discussions about safer gambling and contributed to its development.

BetZillion Promotes Responsible Gambling Initiatives

The eighth edition of the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2024 is behind us, and we can take a lot from it. Like any SGC before, it has proven to be a productive event. It called attention to the importance of experts working together and sharing their ideas.

As attendees of the event, we can say we added to discussions and shared our experiences working in the gambling industry. While there is still work to be done, it’s fair to say that all attendees contributed to a more sustainable but, most importantly, safer gambling environment.

The main takeaway from our talks at one of the biggest events in the gambling industry was that BetZillion remains committed to a shared goal with other industry players. And ultimately, it confirmed that working on the safer betting initiative is crucial to the industry’s long-term health.

Sergio E Sergio

Yet, as one event ends, more conferences are scheduled in the coming weeks. At BetZillion, we’ll make sure to participate and continue to make a significant contribution to the cause.

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Betting Guru

Tim is our betting guru. Every gaming site needs one, and Tim’s our guy. He has plenty of experience in betting online and is quite successful at it. Tim’s favorite sports are hockey, baseball, and Esports. Tim believes the latter to be the future of betting.

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