BetZillion at the iGB Affiliate London and the ICE London 2024

BetZillion at the iGB Affiliate London 2024 and the ICE London 2024

BetZillion stays ahead of the competition by constantly participating in open ideas and experience exchanges through relevant conferences and workshops. Two such conferences are the recently concluded iGB Affiliate London 2024 and ICE London 2024.

This post provides a comprehensive report of BetZillion’s participation in these two events and highlights the brand’s commitment to meeting industry standards in delivering satisfactory products and services.

BetZillion at the iGB Affiliate London 2024

The iGB Affiliate London Conference is one of the biggest events in the gambling and betting industry. It is held annually to equip attendees with the tools and knowledge required to navigate the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing within the iGaming industry. The attractions at the event include a global exhibition, cutting-edge insights, and unrivaled networking, to name a few.

BetZillion at the iGB Affiliate London 2024

BetZillion participated in the latest edition of the iGB Affiliate London 2024 Conference between February 6 and 9, 2024. The brand joined thousands of other affiliate marketers worldwide at the ExCel Centre in London to discuss regulatory changes, technological advancements, and practical marketing strategies within the iGaming sector.

The event also presented an opportunity for the BetZillion team and its partners to converge and discuss matters of collaboration, emerging industrial trends, and their implications for marketing. This discussion yielded new perspectives and approaches that positively influence the partnership between the BetZillion community and its partners, both established and new betting companies.

BetZillion at the ICE London 2024

The latest edition of the conference is the ICE London 2024 event, a global engagement that unfolded simultaneously with the iGB Affiliate London 2024 at the ExCel Centre in London. The venue was packed with a record total of 811 exhibitors from 76 countries who met between the 6th and 8th of February. The aim of the ICE London 2024 is to create a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among industry professionals.

BetZillion at the ICE London 2024

Numerous software and technology providers, aggregators and representatives of various payment methods converge at the same location annually for learning, networking, and partnership. The ICE London conference was another crucial event that brought together all active participants within the gaming industry.

General Overview and Our Future Plans

The iGB Affiliate London and the ICE London are more than a sports betting conference. They are educational programs meant for betting brands, affiliate marketers, and other participants within the industry. These conferences help create an industrial growth environment that touches all stakeholders.

While it’s undeniable that the events support responsible gambling practices, they focus more on the proliferation of new ideas. These ideas help create more consumer protection strategies through the review and analysis of the objectives of past major betting events. The conference uncovers so much for industry leaders, hence its importance for all active members of the gambling society.

BetZillion is committed to updating its knowledge base by attending conferences like the iGB Affiliate London, the ICE London, the SIGMA Europe Summit in 2023 and many others. We understand the significance of these events in helping us stay at the top of developments in the industry. We also acknowledge the opportunities it provides for us to share our research insights with colleagues and learn from them.

On this note, we will continue to be a part of the conferences in the future for what it offers us and the industry at large.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is special about iGB Affiliate London 2024?
    iGB Affiliate London 2024 was a special event that had over 6,500 attendees from across the world, 200+ exhibitors, and over 50 networking opportunities.
  • Why is ICE London one of the most prominent events in the gambling industry?
    ICE London has become a prominent event because it is a platform for all gaming and gambling agents/agencies to form meaningful connections and stay updated on industry trends.
  • Why does the company participate in events like iGB Affiliate and ICE London?
    Participating in events like iGB Affiliate and ICE London helps active gambling industry members stay informed on key developments within the industry.
  • In what other events has our BetZillion team taken part?
    Recently our BetZillion team was a part of the SIGMA Europe Summit in 2023 – a program where experts and affiliates share ideas, discuss the latest trends, and network.
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